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    Wedding Decoration Ideas are a great way to bring your dream wedding to life. We will explore 47 amazing decoration ideas to make your big day perfect!
    Wedding welcome bags are a fun way to greet your guests and make them feel special as soon as they arrive at your destination wedding. Check them out!
    Wedding favor boxes are a great way to show your guests your appreciation for being part of your special day. Here are some great ones for your guests!

    Popcorn wedding favors are a great way to add a unique, fun touch to your reception. Check out these 17 popcorn favors that will pop at your reception!

    Edible wedding favors are a great way to make your special day memorable for all your guests. Here are tasty edible favors your foodie guests will love!

    S'mores Wedding Favors are a great way to thank your guests for attending your special day. Here are 19 best s'mores favors for your guests to devour!
    Beach wedding favors are a great way to add a special touch to your special day. Here are 39 of the best beachside favors that will make your guests smile!

    These wedding favor koozies are one of the best ways to thank your guests, and they are also an affordable way to add that extra touch to your wedding.



    Unique wedding favors are a great way to show appreciation to your guests for attending your special day. Here are 39 amazing favors to make your day!
    Coffee wedding favors are a great way to make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated at your wedding day. Here are some of the best wedding favors!
    Eco-friendly wedding favors are an excellent way for the eco-conscious bride to show her commitment to sustainability on her special day. Check them out!
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    Personalized favors are a great way to add a special touch to your event and show your guests that you appreciate their presence. Check them out!

    Add a touch of festivity to your New Year's Eve wedding with these 17 creative and fun favors. From personalized champagne flutes to confetti poppers, these ideas are sure to be a hit with your guests and help them ring in the new year with style.
    Rehearsal Dinner Favors are an essential part of your wedding rehearsal dinner. They are a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate them!

    Christmas Ornament Wedding Favors are a fun and creative way to add some extra sparkle to your special day. Here are some of the best ornament favors!

    Are you looking for a unique and fun way to thank your guests for attending your wedding? Personalized candy wedding favors are the perfect way to do it!

    Wedding ring boxes are one of the unique touches you can add to your special day. To help, here is a list of 17 unique ring boxes you may choose from!

    Surprise your wedding guests with these elegant wedding favors that will go down in history as one of the best wedding gifts of all time! Check them out!

    Keychain wedding favors are a great way to show your wedding guests how much you appreciate their presence on your special day. Here are some ideas for you!

    Making your wedding special comes down to the little details, and with these 25 mini lantern wedding favors, you will have little touches for your big day!

    What if we told you there are funny wedding favors that will have everyone ogling the presentation and appreciating the sentiment? Check them out here!

    These hand sanitizer wedding favors will help keep germs and sickness at bay while adding an elegant, unique touch to your wedding day. Check them out!

    Are you looking for the perfect wedding favors? Mint to be! Our selection of Mint to Be wedding favors will add a refreshing touch to your wedding day.

    Rustic wedding favors will charm your guests and leave them with lasting memories of your special day. Here are some that will make your guests swoon!
    These 30 fun and creative wedding seating chart ideas will have your guests talking about your reception long after it ends! Make sure you must read!
    Engagement Party Favors are both thoughtful and personal, so you want to make sure you choose the perfect one that reflects your tastes and personality!

    Wedding favors are a great way to add your personal flair and style to your wedding. With these 17 DIY wedding favors, you can wow your guests!

    Luggage tag wedding favors are small tokens you can give to your guests on your wedding day. Here are 21 luggage tags favors you can choose from!

    A great wedding is not measured by how grand or lavish it is and how bountiful you are with the event and the party. Yet, it will be manageable to be a little generous with your wedding favor to leave your guest not just with a perfect impression but with a big smile on their faces to leave them a memory to last. Here are the 17 Great Wedding Favors For Small Weddings you can show them your benevolence of heart.
    Oh, la la! Here comes one of the wildest dreams you could ever have, a wedding in Vegas!. With a few spins and a turn of luck of your milestone with your “beloved partner in crime” make sure that what happens in Vegas, will not just stay in Vegas but will run over time and for a lifetime. Make it even more extraordinary by spreading the vibe to your guests and loved ones. After all, not everyone can manage to say “I Do” in Las Vegas. Here is the 17 Best Las Vegas Wedding Favors you may giveaway, just so they can bring home joy and fun.
    Weddings are meant to be romantic. How can it not be? It is a ceremonial union of two people who have found love and decided to share their lives. Let your guests bring home a piece of such romance with a giveaway that touches their hearts as well.
    The matrimonial place had been chosen nicely and you have confirmed your guests attending. Now you need to ponder on what wedding favor to give them as a token of your appreciation as they took part in your most special day. Of course, you need to make sure your wedding favor will complement your theme and greenery garden surrounding. Here are the 17 Best Garden Wedding Party Favors to help you simplify your choices.
    Looking for the perfect wedding favors for your destination wedding? Check out these 34 ideas that are both thoughtful and practical for your guests. From personalized travel essentials to local treats, these favors will make your big day even more memorable.
    They are fresh, colorful and will definitely be a great addition to your table set up. Your guest will truly feel you r love and appreciation for them as you let them take home a gorgeous succulent favor. Make sure you choose one that will blend well with your wedding theme and motif, Not only that, choose the packaging carefully making sure your succulents are well protected and your guests get to see just how beautiful your thank you gifts are for them.  Arrange them separately in a table or have them as a decorative piece in every table. 
    From the minute you fell in love up until the day you said “Yes” to the proposal, everything around you will be filled with sweetness beyond you can bear. So as you prepare for your wedding, a treat for your guests must be aligned to the saccharine moments you will be having. Sure, you can always opt for candies and chocolates, but for a healthier and more elegant choice, why not use Honey? Worry not as your options are not limited to just a jar and a dipper. Here are 17 Best Honey Wedding Favors you may choose from:
    Whether your wedding date happens to land during the fall or summer season, the sunflower is one of the best flowers to have in such an event. It may be the bouquet of choice, the floral decoration, or the theme for the entire wedding. In case you want your special day to be filled with a flower that blooms most beautifully in the presence of sunlight, here is a list of 15 Best Sunflower Wedding Favors you may choose from to give to your wedding tribe, guests, and loved ones.
    We can be practical and lavishly give Wedding Favors that are more even advantageous after the most awaited matrimonial day. Olive Oil with its variety of beneficial use in our everyday lives comes in handy and is precious. It has been in the service of every single household from ancient times up to now. Not only for cooking and oil to light traditional lamps but considerably for soaps, medicine, cosmetics and even has its multi-purpose use for us to live by to keep our health to stay in good shape. Sounds amazing to share for health-conscious, too. Here is a list of 17 Best Olive Oil Wedding Favors for a simplified selection you can choose from different origins:
    If you are getting married or planning such an anticipated and long dreamt event in advance, you will know by now that majority of the wedding essentials are to be bought. The dress, the shoes, the rings and so on. But one thing in the celebration can be made by you that will not diminish its value but add up to its heartwarming effect. Your wedding favors. Nowadays buying the most fitting giveaway to your guests and loved ones become harder and harder as they become generic for most. Creating those tokens with your hands will add a personal touch to your “Thank you” present. Because of the emergence of such an idea, materials and ingredients are available almost everywhere. Couples all over the globe have jumpstarted it from repurposing used bottles to painting oyster shells just to hand over a special and unique gift to everyone. Below is a list of 17 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas including guides on how to accomplish them. 

    The season of cheer is coming near and the cold breeze that the holiday brings cannot bother two people who are in love. It may even be an added attraction and special reason to hold the ceremony during these times. People are extra happy; vacation leaves are easy to file, and it is easy to make everybody merrier. So, if your wedding is happening along with a holiday, you need to align your favors to the season. Choosing the most fitting ones might be tricky, so here is a list of 17 Best Holiday Wedding Favors you may gladly choose from.

    You have envisioned your vintage themed wedding a long time ago! No wonder you are going the extra mile looking for a wedding favor that will go well with it. You are marrying the love of your life!!! It is one of the best things that can happen to anyone. Your vintage themed wedding will mark the beginning of your life together. You definitely can't be lax on every detail of this special day. Choose the sentimental, functional and most vintage looking  favors that will impress and make your guests go home with a big smile on their faces because of your vintage inspired thank you gift. 
    You have dreamed of a country themed wedding all your life. Now that dream becomes a reality!!! You're marrying the love of your life. And on your wedding day, you will be surrounded with family, friends and loved ones. What more can you ask for! Let them know just how much you appreciate their presence on your special day by giving them something they bring home and remember your wedding by. Choose a gift that will not only remind them of your wedding but also the fun and romance that filled your special day. 
    A baby shower favor is an essential element to consider when planning a pre-birth party. Since the number of choices will drown you in cuteness overload, here is a list of 17 Baby Shower Favor Ideas to screen the most fitting event favor you may give away before your precious little one comes out into this world.

    Whether you are proposing or sayings “thank you” to your gal pals for being there on your wedding day, a gift of great value not of price is a much-needed essential. Choosing the best ones for your best friends might be a little bit tricky that is why we have listed 19 Best Bridesmaids gifts you can choose from to help you give only the nicest, most heartwarming, and most ideal present and token of appreciation to those women who stood by you when you said I do.

    Memories of your bachelorette party will forever remain in their heart and soul! Good or bad, this is one pre-wedding revelry that is filled with both awful and delightful stuff that makes it more unforgettable. It's that night when everyone gets drunk to a point of passing out, pillow fights, kinky stuff, and even strippers! It's also the night you get to have those awkward gifts until your cheeks bleed. Keep the fun and excitement up as you choose the best bachelorette party favors for your favorite ladies in the world.
    Your guests truly enjoyed your wedding. Once again, they are reminded of how love transforms two very different people and allow their lives to be united in marriage. They have witnessed your special day and you can’t thank them enough how they have made your wedding so much better with their presence. Let every guest and loved one know how you truly appreciate their love and support as you prepare a special wedding favor for them. One cool way of doing that is by preparing something delightful and sweet that they can bring home with them. 
    More than just being pretty and useful, a wedding favor should be well-packaged too. How do you plan to present your favors? Where will your wedding be held? The packaging of your gift plays a very significant role. Wedding favor bags and boxes are the most common packaging for wedding favors. Place your candy favor inside an organza bowtie candy gift pouch or burlap gift pouches. Beautifully designed wedding favor boxes can also double as a wedding décor too. Packages help enhance your table settings and create the best set up for your wedding.
    Getting married is both an exciting and challenging endeavor. For women, it is a great excuse to go shopping and stay longer in stores hoping to find the best purchase of what they need. For men, the thrill of entering a new chapter of their lives supersedes all possible stress lining up in stores or merely waiting for their bride-to-be to get the perfect pick. Luckily, online shopping provides a great exit from all the line-up in stores. There are so many essential “must-haves” in a wedding list. Some of the main ones are the bridal gown, the groom’s coat or barong, wedding shoes, accessories, and the ceremony elements. If you are feeling extravagant, you may also want to buy some “proposal” gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, one item is usually on the bottom of the list: the wedding favor.

    It’s that part of your wedding when you are thinking of how you can thank your guests and loved ones for taking time out to be part of your wedding day. While some may consider giving wedding favors as something optional, it is still worth it to allot a portion of your budget for this seemingly small gesture that can really go a long way. Not only is it something to remember your wedding by but an attitude of gratitude that will make a big difference.


    Different options for favors? Who receives wedding favors? How much is spent on wedding favors? Types of favors and why would they want it for their wedding? The best way to thank your guests and loved ones for all the support, time and generosity they have extended for your wedding is by sending them away with a gift they can remember you by. In preparing a thank you gift, you will have to consider two things: your budget and the number of guest you will have on your wedding day.