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    Weddings that fall during the Holidays become festive as it becomes a double celebration. The relatives, friends, and loved ones are more available for the wedding because the entire country honors the Christmas vacation. So if your wedding is about to happen alongside the most celebrated event in the world, or if you simply want to theme your special day with it, the best way to go is to give away something your guests may use for the season as well. Whether they wish to put it on their trees or display it as a part of the theme, you are good to give ornaments. So here is a list of the 17 Best Christmas Ornament Wedding Favors you may choose from.

    It's one of the pre-wedding events your bride tribe is really looking forward to - your bridal shower. They have made all arrangements that comes with it - venue, food, who to invite, the program and everything that will make it extra special for you. Make it equally unforgettable for them as you remember to thank them with beautiful bridal shower favors. 


    We are all looking forward to having marvelous “Cheers”, “Congratulations” and “Best Wishes” on your most awaited matrimonial day. Your hands may get sweaty in excitement and from being overwhelmed on this day moving forward. Do not worry, you have the love of your life and all your most important people with you on your day but don’t let their hands get cold. Here are 17 Great Wedding Favor Koozies for them to have and to hold to keep the “Toast” drinks cold.
    A great wedding is not measured by how grand or lavish it is and how bountiful you are with the event and the party. Yet, it will be manageable to be a little generous with your wedding favor to leave your guest not just with a perfect impression but with a big smile on their faces to leave them a memory to last. Here are the 17 Great Wedding Favors For Small Weddings you can show them your benevolence of heart.
    You and your beloved are a match made in heaven. Let your favors be an additional treat and taste for your guests’ food and memory by giving them another partnership that has been proven effective, a salt and pepper tandem. But of course, as you found the perfect one in your eyes, you need to find the best when it comes to your favors. Here is a list of 17 Best Salt And Pepper Shaker Wedding Favors you may choose from:
    Oh, la la! Here comes one of the wildest dreams you could ever have, a wedding in Vegas!. With a few spins and a turn of luck of your milestone with your “beloved partner in crime” make sure that what happens in Vegas, will not just stay in Vegas but will run over time and for a lifetime. Make it even more extraordinary by spreading the vibe to your guests and loved ones. After all, not everyone can manage to say “I Do” in Las Vegas. Here is the 17 Best Las Vegas Wedding Favors you may giveaway, just so they can bring home joy and fun.
    Weddings are meant to be romantic. How can it not be? It is a ceremonial union of two people who have found love and decided to share their lives. Let your guests bring home a piece of such romance with a giveaway that touches their hearts as well.
    The matrimonial place had been chosen nicely and you have confirmed your guests attending. Now you need to ponder on what wedding favor to give them as a token of your appreciation as they took part in your most special day. Of course, you need to make sure your wedding favor will complement your theme and greenery garden surrounding. Here are the 17 Best Garden Wedding Party Favors to help you simplify your choices.
    Planning a wedding with all its intricate details is already challenging enough. Set it on a different location and the work doubles but the satisfaction of saying “I do” in a beautiful destination will make everything worth the effort. Aligning the theme to the venue will not be a walk in the park but you can always count on suggestions and a list of ideas presented to you to make your special day even more extraordinary. So, if you are pondering what to give to your guests and loved ones, here is a list of 34 Best Wedding Favors for Destination Weddings:
    They are fresh, colorful and will definitely be a great addition to your table set up. Your guest will truly feel you r love and appreciation for them as you let them take home a gorgeous succulent favor. Make sure you choose one that will blend well with your wedding theme and motif, Not only that, choose the packaging carefully making sure your succulents are well protected and your guests get to see just how beautiful your thank you gifts are for them.  Arrange them separately in a table or have them as a decorative piece in every table. 
    Although wedding favors are usually small, choosing what to give is a big decision! Aside from being a reminder of this milestone in your life, it also serves as a token of appreciation to your guests who celebrated this special day with you. In this guide, we’ve put together 53 of the best unique wedding favors you can give that allow your personality as a couple to shine through, from the classic to the unconventional!