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    Wedding Bell Wedding Favors

    Kissing bells wedding favors add charm and beautifully accentuates your table set up. They also double as a place holder or photo holder. The best part about wedding bell favors is they can be used to request a kiss every now and then from the bride and groom.

    Wedding bell favors come in different designs and colors depending on your wedding theme. All you need is a tag and a pretty ribbon and you’re all set to give these bells away. It's one thank you gift guests will truly appreciate. 


    The 15 Best Wedding Bell Favors

    That sweet kiss on the altar is worth repeating all throughout your wedding celebration! Let guests, family, and loved ones have the power to replay that in their very hands with the best kissing bells that they can also bring home as a thank you gift from you. Choose the ones that will beautifully adorn your wedding tables and match your wedding theme too. You can even have these bells personalized with a favorite saying or have it hand-painted with designs that are close to your heart. Guests would be delighted to remember your fun-filled wedding with this special gift from you. 

    Here are 15 of the best kissing bell wedding favors you can choose from: 

    15. Decorative Hand Painted Wedding Bell

    It's one colorful favor and its hand-painted! This Decorative Hand Painted Wedding Bell will surely bring a smile on your guests face. This one is made from wood (birch) and uses art oil paints with four layers of glossy varnish. It is packaged individually in a cardboard box ready to be handed to your guests and loved ones. 

    14. Wedding Kissing Bells - Gold Ribbon

    Let family and friends call for a kiss every now and then with this Wedding Kissing Bells - Gold Ribbon. These dainty gold kissing bells definitely celebrate the bliss of a kiss in style. Its a gleaming, gold-finish metal bell place card/photo holder with braided, openwork bow handle with coordinating place cards included. 

    13. Mini Kissing Bells

    You would love to let your guest have fun and bring a little something that will make them remember your wedding day. Let these little golden metal kissing bells add charm to your wedding day and give them out as wedding favors. All you need is a tag and a pretty ribbon and you’re all set to give these bells away.

    12. Kissing Bells Place Card Holders

    Let these Kissing Bells Place Card Holders ring in unison and see the happy couple kiss each time. This gift is simply perfect for your wedding. Guests would be more than delighted to bring these bells home as a thank you gift from you. This wedding favor also doubles as a place holder that beautifully accentuates your table set up.  

    11. Fall Leaf Kissing Bell 

    This gift is simply perfect for your fall wedding. It’s a classic combination of an openwork autumn leaf and the kissing bell in a bronze finish. Guests would be more than delighted to bring these bells home as a thank you gift from you. This wedding favor also doubles as a place holder that beautifully accentuates your table set up.  

    10. Mini Kissing Bells - Silver 

    Let these Mini Kissing Bells - Silver add a little charm to your wedding favors. It's a versatile gift that is fun for giveaways. Your guests will have a blast ringing these bells to celebrate the both of you. Complement this gift with a personalized tag and pretty ribbon, and ring in your nuptials in style.

    9. Ring for a Kiss


    These Ring for a Kiss are white colored bell that can have any saying you choose written on it. It is hand painted, using a screening process making them similar but not identical. Your guests can ring every time they want to see you get a kiss with our made and printed cowbell. These bells are available in three colors. 

    8. Wish Them Well Mini Metal Bells

    Let guests send you off with the sound of beautiful bells! These Wish Them Well Mini Metal Bells are adorable and comes with pennant shaped card stock tags attached to them. Your guests will love letting their love ring, and they will be happy to take home their bells as favors after the reception!

    7. Personalized Cowbells Cow Bells

    Guests would love to see you kiss as often as can be now that you are married! Let these Personalized Cowbells Cow Bells add fun and excitement to your wedding day. Not only will they remember your sweet kisses but would even be able to bring home these bells as a special gift from you. 

    6. MINI SIZE Blown Glass

    These MINI SIZE Blown Glass are approximately 1 1/2" inches in height and sold in a set of 2 bells. It's a super cute clear lamp worked glass MINI bell ornaments. It comes with a separate attached clear glass "clapper" ( the center of the bell).Pictures are taken outdoors in full sun from different points of view. These bells are handmade making each piece unique.

    5. Wedding Bells with Tag


    These Wedding Bells with Tag are specially made for your guests. Have your guests ring in your new life together in style with these celebration Bells. Perfect for handing out to wedding guests or setting on the table, these bells include printed tags with adorable saying.

    4. Kissing Bell with Handle

    These Kissing Bell with Handle is made from high quality cowbell and permanent vinyl. Let family and friends remember your special day as they take home these bells that made both of you kiss each other as often as they want on your wedding day. These bells are the perfect thank you gifts for your family and friends. 

    3. Rough Hewn Gold Bells w/ Wooden Clappers

    These antique looking, charming bells have an aged, old world appeal! The Rough Hewn Gold Bells w/ Wooden Clappers come in a rustic gold color with a wooden clapper to make a sweet ringing sound. They are sturdy and hand made from a mix of recycled sheet metal, brass, and tin. They have a wide holding ring at the top for securing to any twine, jute or hemp. 

    2. Rustic Kissing Bell 

    They don't just look great but this Rustic Kissing Bell is a very sweet rustic kissing cow bell for your special wedding moment. It is personalized with the words Kissing Bell on a wood heart, and graced with a beautiful ribbon of your color choice shown in the ribbon chart.

    1. Ring for a Kiss

    It's one Ring for a Kiss the newly weds will definitely want to hear over all the mingling! Seriously as loud as some dinner bells. Bell is refinished in a slight weather black paint. It also comes with a red ribbon that perfectly accents the bell. 

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