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    Ribbon Wand

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    Ribbon wands are a beautiful, elegant prop to use in any wedding send-off - they’re accepted in any venue as an alternative to confetti or sparklers, and they look amazing in photos. Give one to each of your guests to help them celebrate your special day along with you.

    The Ribbon Wand Kit comes with everything you’ll need to assemble 12 ribbon wands: 12 dowels, 12 bells, pre-cut ribbon, and gold twine. Assemble each wand yourself before the wedding, or give the kits out to guests as a fun DIY project.

    • This item is sold in packages of 12
    • Satin Ribbon/Polyester Twine/wood dowel/metal
    • Kit includes: 12 dowels, 12 bells, precut ribbon, gold twine for 12 wands
    • Tag sold separately