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    Winter Wedding Favors

    Winter weddings can be a lot of fun, but it's important to decorate for the season. Here are some winter-themed wedding favor ideas that will be perfect for your big day!
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    48 of the Best Winter Wedding Favors

    Everyone is looking forward to your winter wedding. The one you have always dreamed to have. Your schedule can get filled up pretty fast but do remember to make time to choose the perfect winter wedding favor for your wedding. 


    It would be great to show appreciation by preparing a special gift that will always make them want to remember your wedding and how your love for each other made them feel.  They surely enjoyed every part of your wedding. Make your guests feel the warmth of your love and gratitude as you give them your thank you gift.


    Here are 48 winter wedding favors you can choose from:

    48. Frosted Snowy Tree Candle Holder

    Go for the classic and elegant look with one of these Frosted Snowy Tree Candle HolderFeaturing a snowy tree landscape design and a beautiful frosted-glass finish, this piece is sure to compliment your holiday seasonal décor. Display as a centerpiece to draw attention to the beauty, or add to an existing display to compliment your other decor. Illuminate the piece with real wax or LED candles. (Candles sold separately.)  

    47. Tea Time Heart Shaped Tea Infuser Spoon

      Let every guest remember the memories of celebrating your wedding day every time they make their cup of tea with this tea time heart tea infuser spoon. This wedding favor is placed in a clear-display box gift presentation with thin, silver stripes adorned with a white organza ribbon and bow.  

      46. Mini Photo Frames Magnet Set

      Your smiles on your wedding day will always be remembered when you give out these mini photo frames magnet set as a way of thanking your guests. This wedding favor can double as a table number or place marker and something the bride and groom can write their message to.   

      45. Personalized Wine Stoppers


      These personalized wedding stoppers make the perfect wedding favor for any wedding.  With 6 adorable designs to choose from, they have been one of the best sellers of 2019.  For around $2 per stopper, you can't go wrong with these for your custom wedding favors.

      44. Chic Personalized Lip Balm

        Like a loving balm on your wedding day, let this lightly scented lip balm with natural vanilla flavor be the gift your guests will remember your wedding by. This vintage floral lip balm can be personalized with your names and wedding dates printed on a stylish label.

        43. Heart Wine Bottle Stopper 

        This adorable heart-shaped wine bottle stopper is sure to stay with your guests for many years. It is made of high quality, food-grade silicone, and durable zinc alloy. It comes in a gift box complete with a nice package tag. Every bottle of wine preserved with this wine stopper is sure to bring memories of your wedding to mind.   

        42. Coconut Vanilla Under-Sea Mini Candle

        These handmade candles are crafted in small batches to ensure the quality of each. The Coconut Vanilla Under-Sea Mini Candle is made with real sand and lovely high-quality seashells. The sand and seashells are covered with clear gel wax with a touch of gold sparkles for that transparent view. The candle has blended fragrances that come from essential oils placed in an elegant-looking jar. Your guests would truly be delighted with this gift.    

        41. Beaded Photo Frame

        Make your table setting stand out with this elegantly designed beaded photo frame that doubles as a place cardholder. This beautiful gold glitter resin cube comes with the coordinating place card for your convenience. It’s a versatile gift that’s also a lovely wedding favor your guests will truly treasure.  

        40. Personalized Candle Favors

        Guests would love to take home these personalized candle favors. It’s made from all-natural soy wax, lead-free wick and is eco-friendly. It comes encased in a 4-ounce tin and has a burning time of up to 15 hours. It doubles as a perfect decoration and creates a romantic atmosphere for your wedding. This is one wedding favor that will bring all the warmth and love of your wedding day into the homes of your friends and loved ones.  

        39. Organic Loose Tea Favors

        A handmade item that is sure to leave a lasting impression, these Organic Loose Tea Favors are fully assembled. This gift is placed in a glassine envelope with a label that can be personalized. Choose from nine original herbal blends or the seven caffeinated tea blends. This is one of the best tea gifts you can give to your wedding guests. 

        38. Champagne Bottle Shaped Bubble Wand

        The Champagne Bottle Shaped Bubble Wand can hold up to 22.5 ml of liquid bubble solution that i non-toxic and non-staining. Let your guests celebrate your special day as they blow the bubbles to send you off to your honeymoon. It will not only look good in pictures but it’s a fun gift that will surely be loved by adults and kids alike.

        37. Swarovski Wine Charms

        Let your family and friends be charmed by these Swarovski Wine Charms. These charms are an elegant and unique way of saying thank you to your guests. One that is sure to remind them of the awesome time they had in your beautiful wedding. Guests and loved ones will truly be delighted with this gift. 

        36. Mini Swing-Top Glass Bottle

        Filled with sweet treats, infused oils or home-made wine, guests will be thrilled to bring home this wedding favor. It can be personalized with custom tags or labels depending on your wedding theme and set in a mini burlap and lace drawstring bags.

        35. Personalized Champagne Flutes  

        Time for the much-awaited wedding toast! Let these champagne flutes adorn your tables and let it double as a keepsake that your guests can take home. Make your wedding celebration one can happily reminisce on again and again. These braided-stem flutes can be customized with your names, wedding date, and printed design.  Your guest will truly treasure this wedding favor even as you present it to them with their favorite bottle of wine.

        34. Mr. and Mrs. Candle Favor

        Your guest and loved ones will certainly love these Mr. and Mrs. Candle Favor. This gift can be personalized. You can choose the color, font, and scent that suits your preference best. This candle favor is made of soy wax, cotton wick, phthalate-free fragrance oil. All you need to do is hand them to your guests and loved ones.

        33. Luminous Mini-Lantern in White

        Elegant looking and definitely a table accessory that’s perfect for your rustic wedding set up. These charming and practical mini-lanterns are set to impress guests and provide that romantic mood and ambiance as they light up your wedding venue. Rustic and vintage at the same time, guests will be delighted to know that they can bring one of these lovely, glossy white aluminum lanterns home as a thank you gift

        32. Loose leaf Tea Infuser Test Tube

        A handmade item that is sure to leave a lasting impression, this tea infuser test tube is fully assembled. You have the liberty to choose the design, color and type of loose leaf tea. This is one of the best tea gifts you can give to your wedding guests.  

        31. Personalized Shot Glasses

        Ready for the extended celebration of your wedding? With all the memorable moments of your special day, guests will be glad to bring home the fun with these clear shot glasses that are ready for personalization. You may choose from a variety of wedding designs and nine imprint colors depending on your wedding theme.

        30. Beeswax Candles

        This eco-friendly beeswax wedding candle favor is the perfect gift to thank your guests. These candles are made from hand-rolled pure beeswax sheet and 100% cotton wicks. It releases negative ions into the air when it burns and cleanses the air by attaching to positively charged particles. This is one gift your guests will definitely remember you by.

        29. Aqueous Personalized Lip Balm

        Like a loving balm on your wedding day, let this lightly scented lip balm with natural vanilla flavor be the gift your guests will remember your wedding by. This Watercolor Lip Balm can be personalized with your names and wedding dates printed on a stylish label.

        28. Decorated Candle Mini Lanterns

        Your guest and loved ones will certainly love these decorated candle mini lanterns. Choose from the available colors of your lantern - cream, black, silver, matte or gold. This lantern is made of sturdy metal including a white wax tea light, decorative patterned box, bow around the box with a printed thank you tag. All you need to do is hand them to your guests and loved ones.

        27. Mini Bud Vase 

        A gorgeous gift and attractive addition to any wedding table is this mini bud vase. Dainty yet functional, this vase is made of high-quality porcelain and will complement any wedding décor with three lovely colors to choose from. Each vase can be filled with wedding blooms of your choice and placed on each place setting. This ideal décor can easily double as a wedding favor that your guests simply can’t resist bringing home.

        26. Pashmina Scarf

        Make your guests blush with delight as they get to take home these eco-friendly pashminas made from silky soft bamboo fiber. These pashminas can be customized from a choice of 31 shades and 17 options for tags. Tags are already assembled together with your pashminas and are ready to be given away to your beloved guests.

        25. Wine Bottle Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

        Designed as a miniature wine bottle, this wedding favor is truly one of a kind.For a wedding favor idea that guests will love, this wine bottle-shaped corkscrew and opener has it all. This charming wedding favor includes a sleek presentation package that can be easily dressed up with a personalized sticker or tag for the perfect finishing touch.

        24. Frosted Votive Glass

        Your guests have taken time to celebrate with you and your spouse on your special day. And it’s only right to thank them with a special gift. There’s no better gift than this classic frosted votive glass which can be personalized. You can also choose the design and color that will easily blend with your wedding theme. This gift is elegantly presented in a sheer organza bag with a satin drawstring.    

        23. Frosted Glass Photo Coaster

        Say thanks creatively in these frosted glass photo coaster. Place your favorite couple photo, use it to hold a place card or table number or your personal message of thanks in these coasters. It comes with a clear display gift box tied with a white organza ribbon and bow. Guests will certainly be delighted to take home this keepsake from your wedding.   

        22. Mercury Glass Tealight Holder - Blue

        It will definitely cast a soft glow and give that romantic feel to your wedding set up. This mercury glass tea light holder in blue is antique-inspired and has a decorative gold border. It’s one gift that will make your guests fall in love again each time they light up this special gift from you.  

        21. Winter is Here

        Say thank you to your guests with this candle favor. Guests can have this handy gift and create romantic moments anytime, anywhere. This compact candle tin can even be personalized with the bride and groom’s name and the date of the wedding.

        20. Wedding Blankets  

        The love you share with your spouse made your guest feel the warmth of love from the inside. Let them feel warm on the outside too as you hand them these wedding blankets as a thank you gift. Perfect for your outdoor wedding, these blankets can be simply plain or adorned with initials.   

        19. Winter Wedding Can Cooler

        Make your thank you gift fun and unique with these winter wedding can coolers. They are beautiful and creative mementos made available in 51 colors in foam and 30 colors in neoprene, with 26 imprint colors to choose from. You can have this gift personalized making it extra special for your guests.   

        18. Bear Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker   

        Let this bear-shaped salt and pepper shakers remind your guest of the great love you and your spouse share. It’s made of high-quality porcelain in a locked “bear hug” design. This gift comes in a beautiful gift box ready to be handed to your guests.

        17. Porcelain Tealight

        This miniature version of the finest China simply speaks of elegance. The porcelain teacup light holder has a silvery floral pattern and comes with a saucer. It also doubles as a beautiful detail to your table setting. It’s one gift that is sure to delight your guests and loved ones.     

        16. Indian Jewel Lantern

        They won’t just light up your table setting but these Indian Jewel lanternsare sure to add pattern, color and an exotic global vibe to your guest’s porch or patio. This lantern has an exotic design with antique gold finish and sapphire blue glass. You may hang these lanterns or place them on your table setting as a free-standing lamp.

        15. Hot Chocolate Favor

        Let your guests enjoy this Hot Chocolate Favor. Ordered in sets of ten, this gift comes complete with a white ribbon, chocolate powder, marshmallows, and morsels. Each cone can serve up to 2 hot chocolate cups. Your gift can also come with a sticker with your names and wedding date, choice of ribbon color, toppings and label design.   

        14. Snowflake Soap 

        This Snowflake Wedding Favor is perfect to end your celebration with holiday cheer. This gift can come in the color of your choice, the one closest to your wedding theme. Your guest will truly appreciate this gift one that they can truly remember your wedding by. These soaps are handmade and come in full size. It comes complete with a tag that can say your thank you message for guests and loved ones. 

        13. Scented Candle 

        Choose your favorite fragrances and hand these scented candles to friends and loved ones. You can choose the cap for this lovely gift. Choose between a=sh cap or olive cap. It's simply the perfect gift for your winter wedding. 

        12. Snowflake Ceramic Wine Charm

        Let your family and friends be charmed by these Snowflake Ceramic Wine Charm. These charms are made from natural white clay chosen for its rustic and imperfect quality. Guests and loved ones will truly be delighted with this gift. 

        11. Mini Bottle with Natural Pine Cones 

        Let your guests get that winter cozy feeling as you hand them this thank you gift. This Mini Bottle with Natural Pine Cones is perfect for your winter wedding. This is one gift guests can treasure for a long time. 

        10. Personalized Christmas Tree Decor

        Guests would be happy to include this ornament on their Christmas tree as they remember yout beautiful winter wedding. Show off your new married surname and the year you were married. This Personalized Christmas Tree Decor is made of unglazed white ceramic in heart shape and comes complete with a jute string ready for hanging.   

        9. Winter Light Snowflakes Tealight Holder

        Your guests deserve the warmth of candlelight, especially on frosty winter nights. This Winter-Light Snowflakes Tealight Holder are beautifully adorned with winter blue inspired snowflakes. Let it adorn and complete the look of your winter wedding table set up. It comes packaged in a clear display box complete with sheer snow-white organza ribbon, bow, and a tag.   

        8. Light Pink Mercury Glass 

        Let this Light Pink Mercury Glass cast a soft glow and give that romantic feel to your wedding set up. This wedding favor is a gorgeous addition to your table set-up. It’s one gift that will make your guests fall in love again each time they light up this special gift from you.  

        7. Snowflake Wine Bottle Stopper 

        Small favor gifts are greatly appreciated by friends and loved ones. This winter theme stopper comes in a stylish gift box with tag and is ready to be handed to your guests. It is made of alloy metal and aluminum with chrome plating. It simply is the perfect thank you gift for your outdoor or winter wedding. 

        6. All That Glitters 

        Light up your table set up with these glittery gold candle holders. This one is wrapped in chunky gold glitter and comes with a gold-accented rope and a tag. Let it provide the aesthetic glow and put a smile on your guests face as they can actually bring these lovelies home as a thank you gift from your special day.

        5. Winter Wonder 

        This Snowflake Place Card Holder simply fits any winter occasion. You actually give your guests a choice of how they want to use it when they take it home. The stand on the back of the snowflake creates the place card holder for your winter-themed table decor. It comes complete with a magnet at the back and an elegant black ribbon. The silver-tone, beautifully designed snowflake is one ornament that will be treasured for a long time. 

        4. Simplistic Silver and Gold 

        Your smiles on your wedding day will always be remembered when you give out these simplistic silver and gold frame as a way of thanking your guests. This wedding favor can double as a table number or place marker and something the bride and groom can write their message to.    

        3. Vineyard Notepad 

        Your guests will definitely be delighted to bring home this Vineyard Notepad. They can fill it with to-do-lists, daily reminders, drawings, and even personal reflections. This gift has 200 thick blank pages. The cover is customized with you and your groom’s names and your wedding date. It comes with two clear stickers to secure the front and back inside covers of the notepad.  

        2. Love Forever 

        LOVE wins! Let your guests have that thought forever in their minds as they remember your wedding day. Give them this Love Forever Glass Coasters packaged in a clear display gift box. It also comes complete with a white organza ribbon, a bow, and a "Love" tag.   

        1. Powerful Teal Blue 

        This frosted glass coaster in teal blue is the perfect way to thank your guests and loved ones. This gift comes with an opening so you can place your favorite couple photo inside. It also comes with a padded "feet" for surface protection. This awesome gift is packaged in a clear display gift box accented with sheer-organza ribbon and bow. 


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