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    Luggage Tags

    Looking for the perfect wedding favor that's both practical and memorable? Look no further than our luggage tag wedding favors! Your guests will love receiving these keepsakes, and they'll be reminded of your special day every time they travel.
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    21 Unique Luggage Tag Wedding Favors

    Luggage tag wedding favors are small tokens you can give to your guests on your wedding day as reminders of how special their presence was to you that day. These favors will also provide your guests with an easy way to remember how much fun they had and what it was like at your wedding.


    Here are 21 luggage tag wedding favors you can choose from that are sure to make your big day more memorable.

    1. Personalized Metal Luggage Tag


    Durable and stylish, this Personalized Metal Luggage Tag brings the beauty of seeing one's name engraved on a thin metal card.

    These luggage tags are a great gift idea for bridal parties, bridal showers, groomsmen gifts, weddings, and gifts for any other occasion.

    This luggage tag is available in Silver and Rose Gold colors, so you may opt to engrave the name of the men in your wedding tribe in Silver while the women will be in Rose Gold.

    2. Leather Luggage Tag


    Elegant, unique look, with no analogies anywhere else in the world, this Leather Luggage Tag is a minimalist but very in-demand luggage tag.

    Monogramming this luggage tag wedding favors are free, so go ahead and think of the most identifying information you can think of to put.

    They have many color options, so pick one that best fits your motif or the closest to your favorite color.

    3. Plexiglass Luggage Tag

    Bring the manly in the baggy with this Plexiglass Luggage Tag.

    Your groomsmen will surely love carrying a luggage tag that exudes elegance and macho in one swing.

    These luggage tag wedding favors are a discrete way for travelers to display their information.

    4. World Map Luggage Tags


    World Map Luggage Tags bring a vibe of wanting to travel the globe or at least carry it with you.

    This luggage tag has a replaceable information note for writing names and addresses. The personal information hides behind the tag while protecting the owner's privacy. It also has a flexible belt buckle strap for easy hold on the suitcase.

    A luggage tags set contains four world map luggage tag colors: Indigo, vintage, colorful, and mint.

    5. Summer Beach Bag Tags


    Your sun-kissed wedding will be more fantastic with these Summer Beach Bag Tags.

    With these luggage tags cuties, you will spot luggage at first sight. You will easily spot suitcases on the airport baggage claim, and it will lessen the waiting time.

    Per purchase is a pack of 5 tropical summer beach luggage tags.

    6. Funny Bag Tags


    Add a little humor to your wedding favor while giving away a lovely piece with these Funny Bag luggage tags.

    These suitcase tags come in colors that give a bag personality and make it easy to identify on the baggage carousel.

    Of course, it comes with a replaceable information card for writing names and addresses should a suitcase get lost, you can track it quickly, and authorities will know who and where to return it.

    7. Artists Collective Neoprene Luggage Tags


    Unique and made to withstand and last through many trips, even when handled by airline and cruise ship employees, these Artists Collective Neoprene luggage tags may be one of the most appealing tags one can own.

    These tags are stain-resistant and designed and manufactured with the highest quality neoprene materials that loop around your luggage handle and won't tear off.

    So there is no need to worry about spills or getting the ID tags dirty.

    8. TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag


    Rugged travelers deserve this TUFFTAAG Travel ID Bag Tag.

    TUFFTAAG designs and tests all their stylish and professional luggage tags to the most minor details to ensure your baggage arrives safely and securely at the final destination during travel.

    The unique look and bright colors make bags easy to spot in a baggage claim area.

    But more importantly, these luggage tag wedding favors are best for your wedding guests who travel a lot and go through a lot of luggage throwing.

    9. Translucent Acrylic Travel Bag Tag


    Scatter these Translucent Acrylic Travel luggage tags on your bridal shower party souvenir table, and your bride squad will surely book a trip at once.

    Any female or male guest of yours will also be delighted to attach this tag to their suitcase that is printed with their names on the left side of one face and their details on the other.

    These luggage tags wedding favors are available in Dark Gray and Transparent and has a metal attachment ring.

    10. Small Heart Luggage Tag


    This Small Heart luggage tag needs to be included in the option because it is heart-shaped and will instantly give a romantic vibe.

    The luggage tags straps are reinforced with stainless steel, and the length of the strap is more prominent, so it can be attached to more giant bags.

    Made of 100% genuine leather, these luggage tags wedding favors are soft to the touch but is highly durable.

    11. Flip Flop Luggage Tags

    Let your guests bring their slippers with these Flip Flop luggage tags without consuming so much space.

    Measuring 4" x 2.5", this travel must-have is a rubberized luggage tag in the playful and fun shape of a flip flop, complete with a modern white bubble patterned design.

    The back of the flip-flop has a clear plastic window-covered slot for an included ID card that features fields for Name, Address, and Telephone Number.

    12. Bridesmaid Luggage Tag

    When deciding about wedding favors, brides usually think of their squad first.

    So, for her beloved gal pals, this Personalized Bridesmaid luggage tag will be the signal they are waiting for to book a flight and go on a trip.

    You can personalize this luggage tag with the names of her tribe written in a very stylish font.

    13. So the Adventure Begins Travel

    When you are planning a wedding, it can be easy to get caught up in choosing favors that are cost-effective, unique, and fun.

    While these luggage tags are great criteria for any wedding favor, you should also consider how practical your favors will be.

    With this in mind, I present to you my favorite luggage tag in this list: So, the Adventure Begins luggage tags!

    14. Leather Luggage Tags for Bridesmaid

    If your bridesmaids are anything like mine, they are probably tough as nails and have even tougher cases for their phones.

    To make sure their luggage arrives at its destination safely, get them each a Leather Luggage Tag that they can attach to their bag with ease.

    They will thank you later!

    15. Handmade Luggage Tags

    A luggage tag wedding favor can be as simple as attaching a tag to your guests’ bags with instructions on how to contact you on your honeymoon.

    If you want something more elegant, consider having Handmade Luggage Tags created by this Etsy seller who specializes in high-quality printing and craftsmanship.

    16. Champagne Luggage Tags

    The next time you throw a wedding, consider handing out these adorable Champagne Luggage Tags!

    These luggage tags look elegant and sophisticated, making them perfect for an adult reception.

    Plus, they are small enough that guests can easily store them in their suitcases or luggage until their next trip!

    17. Happily Ever After Luggage Tags

    Create matching luggage tags for you and your spouse-to-be, or for each member of your bridal party.

    These Happily Ever After luggage tags will add a personal touch that your guests will always remember. Choose from dozens of different designs!

    18. See-ya Luggage Tags

    You have spent countless hours planning your big day.

    Guests will notice all your hard work, and you can ensure that they will remember it for years to come by giving them Luggage Tags in their wedding favor boxes.

    These luggage tags feature See-ya and the peace sign, making them perfect bridesmaid wedding favors!

    19. Personalized 3D Name Tag

    An easy way to personalize your wedding is by adding a luggage tag as a wedding favor with your guest's name in 3D by purchasing these Personalized 3D Name Tag.

    This way, all of your new and old friends will remember you for years to come! 

    20. Acrylic Luggage Tag

    For your wedding day, order a custom Acrylic Luggage Tag that is engraved with your guests' names and their roles in your marriage.

    These acrylic luggage tags are especially cute ideas for guests who will be traveling home in lieu of giving traditional gifts.

    21. Custom Luggage Tag Favors

    Do not settle for generic party favors. Buy these high-quality Luggage Tags and customize them with guests' initials.

    Guests can take home a memento that will last far longer than a mere piece of candy or a cheap trinket.

    With free shipping on bulk orders and dozens of colors to choose from, they are both classy and affordable.

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