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    Fairytale Wedding Favors

    Looking for a unique and enchanting way to show your appreciation to your wedding guests? Look no further than fairytale wedding favors! These charming little gifts are sure to delight everyone who receives them, and are the perfect way to commemorate your special day.
    Our Adventure Begins $2.69 - $3.99
    Box of Sweets $2.15 - $3.60
    Fairy Tale Candle $2.99 - $5.39
    Kissing Bells - Gold $33.60 - $58.80
    Vintage Pink Glass $1.69 - $3.19
    Queen Crown $2.49 - $3.89
    Whether it’s in a garden, a castle, on the water, wherever it may be, you certainly want to feel like a princess ready to marry her one and only prince on your wedding day. Adorn your wedding with fairytale flowers, décor, cake, dresses and even favors - just about every way you can celebrate the royal way. Let your favorite elements be specially infused on your special fairytale wedding and remember that every detail counts.