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    Salt & Pepper Shaker Favors

    Give your guests a wedding favor they will enjoy using over and over again. These salt and pepper favors come in many different styles and types. Browse our selection below and choose a favor that matches your theme. Make your wedding day even more special with our adorable salt and pepper wedding favors. Sprinkle a little love on your big day with these sweet favors.

    17 Unique Salt and Pepper Shaker Wedding Favors

    You and your beloved are a match made in heaven. Let your wedding favors be an additional treat and taste for your guests’ food and memory by giving them another partnership that has been proven effective, a salt and pepper tandem. But of course, as you found the perfect one in your eyes, you need to find the best when it comes to your favors. Here is a list of 17 Best Salt And Pepper Shaker Wedding Favors you may choose from:

    17. Birds Of A Feather Salt And Pepper Shakers 


    They say birds of the same feather flock together but in the case of these Birds Of A Feather Salt And Pepper Shakers, they will really be a perfect pair. It features a sleek, minimalist bird design and beautiful porcelain construction. The simple design and shiny white finish are sure to make a classy addition to any wedding or interior. It also comes in decorative packaging for easy gift-giving. Savor your meal and the succeeding ones of your guests with a reminder of how you and your loved one will sail on the wings of love.

    16. Light Bulb Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Light Bulb Salt and Pepper Shakers are artistically designed in the shape of a lightbulb, the design shed new light on one of the most traditional and iconic table setting pieces. Each shaker is made of thick glass and comes with a stainless-steel lid that is shaped like a threaded lightbulb and can also be used for garlic salt, cinnamon, and other finely ground spices to give your tables a glowing array of spices. The set of 2 salt and pepper shakers can be personalized to be a match-made wedding favor and it measures in diameter: of 2 ¼ inches, height: of 4 1/5 inches, and 4 oz capacity.

    15. Bear Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers


    In this time of Pandemic, you may not be able to hug each of your guests as you say “Thank you” to each of them. Giveaway these Bear Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers and they will have taken home a sweet gesture from you without spreading the virus. Featuring high-quality porcelain and a locked “bear hug” style, these table must-haves will be a welcomed addition to any household. It comes in a beautiful gift box for easy gift giving.

    14. Black And White Rings Salt And Pepper Shakers


    If you are looking for a unique and stand-out design for wedding favor, your best pick is the Black And White Rings Salt And Pepper Shakers. Make dinner table look so amusing with this set of black and white, ceramic matte glazed, stoneware salt and pepper shakers. It is made with slip-cast with silicone rubber food-safe stopper and the set is shipped in boxed pairs. The size per ring: 4 inches in diameter, 0.75 inches high.

    13. Pineapple Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


    Set your wedding in a tropical location and worry not about the food being bland because this Pineapple Salt & Pepper Shaker Set will shake its way into your wedding. Custom designed to sit atop one another, each pineapple piece stacks together to make the cutest salt and pepper shaker set that is both practical, thematic, and affordable. Each shaker set comes labeled with a removable gold foil and a pineapple-shaped sticker for an added accent.

    12. Heart Shape Mr. and Mrs. Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Made of quality ceramic, these Heart Shape Mr. and Mrs. Salt and Pepper Shakers will surround your wedding with so. much love and taste. It is a set of heart-shaped salt and pepper shakers that comes in black and white and includes “Mr” and “Mrs” printing in front. This set will be the perfect gift for newlyweds who will be starting to experiment with cooking. While the taste will be a hit and miss, their love will not be especially if their shakers remind them of such a lovely day.

    11. In Bloom Ceramic Flower Salt and Pepper Shakers


    While flowers surround your wedding, let this In Bloom Ceramic Flower Salt and Pepper Shakers be a part of the decoration and let it double as your wedding favor too. Your guests and loved ones will love to bring home a flower from your wedding that will never wilt nor die. Not to mention, these lovely shakers will make their food seasoned in every way. It comes with a gift box and a card to make your “Thank You” a gesture that will always be in bloom, just like your love.

    10. Puzzle Groom and Bride Salt and Pepper Shakers


    For some people, life can be quite simple, like a jigsaw puzzle that is not that difficult to put together. Yet, for others, however, it might take more time, patience, and effort, to complete it and find all of those missing pieces and then put them where they belong. Just like how you have found your missing pieces and have someone complete them for you. The Puzzle Groom and Bride Salt and Pepper Shakers symbolizes your puzzle and it will be the greatest wedding favor to give. These are also used to be unique cake toppers. Each salt and pepper shaker set is made out of fine porcelain clay and comes glazed in contrasting finishes of glossy white, and rough matte very dark brown-black. Side by side (interlocked) the set measures 5.25" Wide and 4" High. 

    9. Modern Geo Salt & Pepper Shakers


    The mismatched geometric design of these Modern Geo Salt & Pepper Shakers simply symbolizes you and your partner but still together and made to be with each other. The set style is contemporary to be in every table, moreover, it will not supersede any table set and design. It also comes in a chic gift box with copper foil print for easy, and ready for gift-giving. Made from durable porcelain and measures 6 cm (L) x 5 cm (W) x 4 cm (H).

    8. Wedding Salt and Pepper Shakers


    Why choose one when you can have more? These Wedding Salt and Pepper Shakers are collections or choices of porcelain shakers that are sure to add spice to your wedding and taste in your food. Designs include wedding gifts in boxes, white wedding cars, wedding bells, wedding cakes, and love birds. Such wedding symbols will be a feast in the eyes of your guests and loved ones. Everyone will clamor to have a reminder of your special day that will also make their meals tastier.

    7. Olive Wood Salt And Pepper Shakers With Placeholder


    Who can say no to this rustic Olive Wood Salt And Pepper Shakers With Placeholder as a wedding favor? These are sustainably sourced from olive trees that are more than 300 years old. These trees have ceased to produce olives and with their olive-producing days behind them, yet they still turned out to be made useful. These olive trees are harvested in Bergdorf of Carcassonne, in the south of France, and handcrafted in Germany. These are hand-made from olive wood trees; the pepper is marked with a P and salt with an S, plus it comes with a placeholder container and measures approximately 6x3 inches.

    6. Tux Wedding Dress Set Of Salt And Pepper Shakers


    For a prominent genre to complement a vintage wedding, gift your guests this Tux Wedding Dress Set Of Salt And Pepper Shakers. It will be an eye-catcher for all your guests and loved ones and you will be seeing them grab one or an entire pair for themselves in no time. The set of bride dress groom tuxedos is nothing but a perfect table decoration. It is made of ceramic and measures 6.2 x 4.6 x 4.5 cm / 2.44 x 1.81 cm.

    5. Desert Salt & Pepper Shakers


    While you will never desert each other after your wedding day, these Desert Salt & Pepper Shakers will be the cutest and most exquisite favor on your guests’ tables. Featuring high-quality porcelain, a fun mismatched style, and textured molding, these shakers will be the perfect giveaway for summer or desert-themed weddings. These adorable cactus-shaped salt & pepper shakers are sure to add flavor on your wedding day that will last even after that.

    4. Happy Avocado Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers


    Make your wedding favor a youthful glow and give the table a zestful experience with this earthenware and hand-painted Happy Avocado Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers. It measures approximately 3 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. The set of two comes with easy to open plastic stoppers on the bottom of each. Delicately made and only requires hand wash with mild soap and not dishwasher safe.

    3. Wisdom Owl Salt And Pepper Shakers


    Beautifully crafted in white porcelain, these Wisdom Owl Salt And Pepper Shakers will make the eyes of your guests and loved ones wide as theirs. The exquisite packaging that is modern and sleek, with the two Owls comfortably nesting inside makes this giveaway a cute and dainty pair. To make it more special, personalize this gift using the Owl Paper Band and write a “Thank You” note to everyone. Each owl measures 10.3cm (W) x 5cm (D) x 4.4cm (H).

    2. Ring and Marriage License Salt and Pepper Shakers


    Talk about an exquisitely accurate and useful wedding favor, these Ring and Marriage License Salt and Pepper Shakers is like hitting the nail on the head. Derived from the 1950s vintage marriage license and engagement ring, this pair is sure to elicit a “Wow” and “Yum” at the same time as they represent two of the most essential peripheral of a wedding and two of the most needed spices in the kitchen rack. Married or not, each of your guests will be bringing home their own engagement ring and license, or at least just a taste of it.

    1. Seashell Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


    A matching “seashell from the seashore” table experience is prime with the Seashell Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. Each set of porcelain salt and pepper shakers includes a white and blue refillable shaker and is presented in a blue and white gift box perfect for personalizing with a sticker or tag.  It is made of high-quality porcelain and comes in a nice gift packaging so it is presentable as a wedding favor It measures 4.2cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 4cm (H) so it comes in handy.

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