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    Lip Balm Favors

    Give your guests a practical favor that they will appreciate long after the wedding. Lip balms never go out of style and your guests will always have a useful reminder of your special day.

    Like a loving balm on your wedding day, let lip balms be the gift your guests will remember your wedding by. This classic and memorable wedding favor is sure to keep each lip moisturized, soft and supple. It’s one thoughtful gift that speaks of how thankful you are for guests and loved ones who have shown love and support for your special day. Have it personalized with the bride and groom’s names and your wedding date. 


    13 of Our Favorite Chapstick Wedding Favors


    Thinking of a practical, adorable, and handy gift rolled into one can be quite challenging. You would want something that is useful, lovely to look at and something guests will always remember your wedding by no matter where they are. Choosing to give them lip balm as a wedding favor is the perfect solution for this. Choose one that comes in their favorite flavor. You can even be creative with the color and design of your labels that can go with your wedding theme. What's more, this lip balm gift can be personalized with your names and details of your wedding day. 


    Here are 13 of the best lip balm wedding favors you can choose from:     


    13. Floral Garden Lip Balm

    Guest will be delighted with these useful and lovely to look at Floral Garden Lip Balm. It's the perfect gift for your bridal shower or spring wedding. Choose from 3 different flavors including-mint green, cherry pink, and vanilla ivory. You can also from 2 different colors for your label-blush or mint. Have your lip balm personalized with a note to make them even more special. 

      12. Cute and Shiny Lip Balm 

      Let this Cute and Shiny Lip Balm add a little sparkle to your gifts that your guests will absolutely adore. These lip balm tubes are all-natural and infused with organic oils and shea butter. They are available in 3 flavors/ color options: vanilla ivory, cherry pink, and mintgreen. You can also have the labels personalized with a choice of many different label designs, label colors, and label patterns. 

        11. Personalized Lip Balm

        Put a smile on their faces with this special gift from you. Scented with natural vanilla flavor, this classic and memorable lip balm wedding favor is sure to keep each lip moisturized, soft and supple. You can choose from two floral designs. The label can also be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date. 

        10. Summer Time Twin Personalized Lip Balm 

        It's the perfect summer wedding favor! This Summer Time Twin Personalized Lip Balm will definitely pamper your favorite gals. This party favor features a customized label that shows a perfect splash of color and tropical flair. These handy little bridesmaid or shower favors are perfect for easily slipping into a purse or pocket, and of course to eliminate dry lips!  Grab a set of these, throw your girls' names on them, and they will be adored by all.

        9. Rustic Garden Lip Balm


        Surprise your guests with these Rustic Garden Lip BalmThere are five different floral-design styles and seven color options to choose from for your personalized sticker. It's sure to keep their lips moisturized all throughout your special day. 

        8. Chic Personalized Lip Balm

        Like a loving balm on your wedding day, let this lightly scented lip balm with natural vanilla flavor be the gift your guests will remember your wedding by. This vintage floral lip balm can be personalized with your names and wedding dates printed on a stylish label.

        7. Aqueous Personalized Lip Balm

        This Aqueous Lip Balm is a perfect favor for your wedding guests. It's one gift they can practically use way after your wedding day but without missing out on on all the lovely memories of your special day. Printed on a stylish label, this lip balm can be personalized with your names and wedding dates. 

        6. Floral Lip Balm 

        This lightly scented Floral Lip Balm comes in a choice of mint green, cherry pink or vanilla ivory flavor. This lip balm can also be personalized with your names on a stylish label. It's one gift your guests will surely remember your wedding by. 

        5. Floral Design Lip Balm

        This Floral Design Lip Balm is a great choice for a thank you gift. Every single tube of lip balm is handmade to create all of the magical flavors you prefer. It's one practical and handy gift they can always remember your wedding by. 

        4. Navy and Coral Lip Balm

        This Navy and Coral Lip Balm are handmade especially for your guests. This makes it possible for your guests to experience the magical flavors your prefer. Put a big smile on your guest's face as you hand them these wonderful lip balm favors. 

        3. Floral Wreath Chapstick Favors


        These Floral Wreath Chapstick Favors include bride and groom monograms! It's a great bridal shower or wedding favor that will surely be appreciated by your guests. These delicious lip balm tubes will leave their lips soft and moist. Personalize these lip balm tubes with your wedding colors and two monograms. 

        2. Watercolor Design

        TheseWatercolor Design lip balms are made with the best natural ingredients - beeswax, sunflower oil, castor oil, and essential oil blend.
        The labels are printed on high-quality glossy paper. You can be sure guests will be happy to bring home these adorable favors. 

        1. KRAFT PAPER Lip Balm

        These KRAFT PAPER Lip Balm have a very classy, eco-friendly, minimalist look that makes them stand out. The designs are in black ink - the pale, matte brown Kraft paper look works well with these designs to compliment the ink. The labels are designed with black, blue, or red ink. It's also perfect for guests who are environmentally responsible (these are made with recycled paper), and those that prefer a more natural / minimalist look. 

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