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    Picture Frame Favors

    Picture frames are perfect wedding favor to give an everlasting reminder of the happy couple.

    A picture says it all. Make guests remember the happy moments at your wedding and the love you and your spouse share as you place your favorite couple picture in your picture frame favors. Your smiles on your wedding day will always be remembered when you give out these picture frames as a way of thanking your guests. This wedding favor can also double as a table number or place marker and something the bride and groom can write their message to.   

    17 Unique Picture Frame Wedding Favors in 2024

    Your wedding is about to commence and you are in search of the best favors for your guests and loved ones. Giving a picture frame as a token not only rekindles the memory of an amazing ceremony you will have but also reminds the recipients to capture their own moments and frame them to immortalize each one. To help out in choosing the most fitting one for your celebration, here is a list of 17 Best Picture Frame Wedding Favors:

    17. Sylvan Inspired Resin Frame

    Branch out that magnificent love you share with this equally awesome wedding favor. This Sylvan Inspired Resin Frame features intricately detailed tree branches that form a sylvan-inspired resin frame. It includes a tiny bird that is subtly perched on one of the inner twigs. Your guests will be delighted to bring home such an elegant reminder of your autumn or rustic-themed wedding as they may also place their photos in this wedding favor and look as grand.

    16. Beach Themed Light House Design Placecard Frame

    Let your guests come aboard your wonderful beach wedding experience and allow them to bring home a treat that will continue to delight them refreshingly. This Beach Themed Light House Design Placecard Frame is the perfect favor for a nautical or beach-themed wedding as the stunning lighthouse design makes for a unique visual and a modern place for images. Crafted in polyresin and finished in sand color, this photo frame may be a table decoration during the wedding that doubles as a giveaway for the guests. Raised seashells, palm trees, and seagulls are molded into the detailed design of the lighthouse which makes this token all the more exquisite.

    15. Miniature Chair Frames

    Place chairs on top of the tables during your wedding day and make it look even more decorated. This Miniature Chair Frames is a dainty place card idea that may also be brought home by the guests after the event. They may place their photos in these polyresin-made wedding favors and be reminded of how amazing the wedding was while also encapsulating their memories. Sit on the idea of getting this frame for your wedding favors and be relaxed about your decision.

    14. Chuppah Glass Shards Mosaic Picture Frame

    In honor of a Jewish wedding tradition, breaking of glass, this Chuppah Glass Shards Mosaic Picture Frame came into view. It is an authentic, elegant, and meaningful gift that will surely be treasured by the recipients for a long time. The mosaic frame is made exclusively with blue Chuppah glass shards, a glowing branch of gold leaves a heart and gold painted initials grouted in white and sealed for protection. It may be an elegant “thank you” gift to the principal sponsors so they may bring home a sweet and heartwarming reminder of a traditional Jewish wedding they just graced.

    13. Mini Pewter Victorian Frames

    So you decided to have a Victorian-themed wedding or you just want to have a vintage feel for the celebration. This Mini Pewter Victorian Frames will surely abide by your taste and will be very much appreciated by your guests and your entourage, should you wish to give it before the wedding. Made in metal, these vintage keepsakes come in different designs that are all equally classic and elegant. Each of these frames comes in a white box for that perfect gift-giving moment.

    12. Music Design Glass Photo Frame

    This Music Design Glass Photo Frame will surely make your guests hear the wedding bells even up until the time they get home. The photo frame is designed with a traditional black and white keyboard on the right area of the frame. Scattered around the frame is an array of white musical notes that adds to the playful and dainty visual of this photo keeper. Now your musically inclined guests will celebrate with you as you surround your wedding with sounds and looks of music.

     11. “Love Birds” Double Bell Photo Frame

    Love Birds are an amazing symbol of eternal love as one will not survive without the other. The design placed in this “Love Birds” Double Bell Photo Frame matched with double wedding bells makes it a loving and symbolic wedding favor. Made in polyresin, this frame features two love birds seemingly embracing each other on the center top, just above the roses, and two bells stuck together for that wonderful double-image presentation. Surely this will be a great decoration on the tables and the homes of your guests.

    10. Sea Starfish Frame

    Of course, you are the start of your sandy wedding and this Sea Starfish Frame will be a great complimentary gift to your loved ones and guests. Made from wood, this photo frame may serve as a nice place card, a table number holder, or a thematic keepsake that the recipients can use to place their beach-themed image on. Apart from its wonderful frontal view, the reverse side is finished with black velvet making this photo keeper an eye-catching décor in every angle.

    9. Lucky Elephant Frames-Gold

    Marrying the love of your life proves your luck and this Lucky Elephant Frames-Gold is but a thematic declaration for your guests and loved ones. Perfect for Indian themed wedding, this frame may pass as sophisticated addition to a collection of charms, a dainty decoration for tabletops, or simply a nice photo keeper. This frame features an antique gold resin finish and exquisitely embossed decorative detail. More than gratitude, let your guests bring home a piece of your lucky declaration for them to keep.

    8. Wood Cube Photo Display Holders

    Talk about a unique and simple yet classic wedding favor for your rustic-themed celebration. These Wood Cube Photo Display Holders that come in 4 pieces every purchase is a great photo holder for those Polaroid pictures or old-aged printed ones that are waiting to be displayed. Made from 100% cherry wood, these image display holders may also function as a place card or table number as their rustic design makes for a great center table. Hand it out to guests and have them figure out that this cube is not a paperweight but a wooden picture display favor for them to use and enjoy.

    7. Fruity Pineapple

    Splash some fruity favors to your tropical-themed wedding with this Fruity Pineapple photo frame. More than its elegant and refreshing look, the choice of design symbolizes friendship and hospitality which boosts the credentials of this golden photo keeper as a nice wedding favor. Made from resin, glass, and cardboard, this home décor, and image display is self-standing and includes an easel back. Give it to your guests after your wedding or hand it to your entourage during the bridal shower with their photos in it as a “thank you” token for saying “YES” to being in your bride squad.

    6. Mini Magnet Back Aluminum Heart Photo Frames

    This Mini Magnet Back Aluminum Heart Photo Frames comes in 3 with every purchase which means you get to give more to your guests with a single purchase. The simple white aluminum picture frames feature a magnetic back which makes them multipurpose and functional. They can be a save the date wedding favors so that guests will always see it in their refrigerators and remember your wedding date, or they may double as a place card holder or escort card. Simply print out the names and table numbers and you have a nice wall décor that may also be a giveaway for guests.

    5. White Baroque Ornament/Picture Frame

    A beautifully crafted poly resin in a Baroque design wedding favor is a nice and elegant addition to your collection of keepsakes. This White Baroque Ornament/Picture Frame can be hung up using a white satin ribbon or as a traditional picture frame using the attached easel stand at the back. The white finish and intricately fashioned design allow this image keeper to adapt to any wedding theme and to be used as a place card, an escort visual frame, or a giveaway token to guests. Either way, handing a gift wrapped in a light silver bottom box with a black diamond design and a clear acetate display embellished in a silver metallic ribbon, is and will always be an appreciated gesture.

    4. Personalized Bridesmaid Frame

    The date is set and your bride squad is complete. As a memoir of her loyalty and love for you, give this Personalized Bridesmaid Frame and fill it with the names of your bridesmaids but make sure to make her stand out. It is a simple way of reminding her that she is and will always be one of the most special women in your life, especially on your wedding day. This frame is fashioned in black and white with words of your choice and the font of your preference. Her Bridesmaid photo may be inserted in this frame or your group image, the decision is hers but her support is yours.

    3. Mini Photo Frames Magnet Set

    Treat your guests with a collection of your most astonishing pre-nuptial photos and put it in this Mini Photo Frames Magnet Set. Let the thrill last by allowing all invited to take a pick of their most adored photos and bring it home along with the magnetic frame. This way, they get to see your stunning images and then use the frame for their own if they may. It is sold in a package of 3 and may also be used as a “save the date” giveaway or a place card.

    2. Rustic Resin Frame

    Let the butterflies out and spread the flowers in the aisle. Complete your nature-inspired wedding with this Rustic Resin Frame favor. It is a square resin frame with a light wood print that comes with a heart-shaped space in the center for photos or wordings of choice. Surround the tables and makeshift walls with these lovely rustic frames and use them as a multifunctional table centerpiece, escort card, or place card that leads guests to their tables. However, this image holder is best given as a giveaway so guests may also enjoy the beauty of placing their photos in a classy frame.

    1. The Royale Wedding

    An Image captured from a wedding s regal as yours is but fitting to be immortalized into something with equal grandeur. A perfect addition to an elegant celebration, The Royale Wedding photo frame is not only a sophisticated giveaway material but also a classy centerpiece addition. This beautifully crafted and intricately detailed resin Baroque frame in matte-gold finish seals the royal wedding theme of your dreams. So bring out the Queen in you and the King in your beloved, strike a pose and insert that image into this golden keepsake.

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