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    Vases & Container Favors

    Vase and container wedding favors are always in style for good reason. From being the perfect gift to display flowers or for a DIY favor browse our selection below and find the perfect container for your wedding.
    Tiny Bud Vase Sold Out

    Lovely to look at and definitely something they can bring home as a thank you gift from your wedding. These vases and containers also double as a beautiful addition to your table setting. Filled with sweet treats, infused oils or home-made wine, guests will be thrilled to bring home this wedding favor.  Guests will definitely reuse these bottles in their own kitchen. Personalize it by placing stickers, tags or labels with your names and wedding date.

    17 of the Best Vase Wedding Favors

    Events offer a wide variety of choices for favors, tokens, or giveaways. One of the most common and widely appreciated favor is a vase. It comes in different shapes, sizes, origins, and designs. Vases are lovely to look at and function as more than just a plant container. Nowadays, apart from being a table centerpiece, a vase can double as an event or party favor as it can be filled with sweet treats, infused with oils or homemade wines, or drizzled with little useful tokens. For your vase searching needs, here are the 17 Best Vase Favors for you to feast your eyes and choose from:

    17. Porcelain Leaf Vase



    For events that hold themes of Nature or Plants, this Porcelain Leaf Vase is a jackpot. It features a shiny white finish, a modern style, and textured details that add to its appeal. This vase may be filled with wedding florals or leaves and then display on center tables or any flat surface that is a part of the whole event decoration. This doubles as an event favor as guests may bring it home as they leave together with the content that you decide to put into it.

    16. Felt Vase 

    Give away something that tickles the heart and the hand with this Felt Vase . Made of wool, this organic pod-shaped vase is sure to bring delight in the eyes of those who will see it and joy to whoever gets to hold it and bring it home. This globe planter is a nice decorative addition to any event and a beautiful centerpiece to any table. Since its beauty and functionality can turn flower pots into perfect colored globes, these vases will pass as a great event favor too.

    15. Small White Favor Vase/Card Holder 

    Put this Small White Favor Vase/Card Holder  on the centerpiece of a wedding table, add a personalized card in it with the table number and names and you will have yourself a beautiful place cardholder. Not only does it add a simple touch to the decoration, but it can also double as a favor for guests to bring home especially. Your principal sponsors will love to have their names printed on a card with a vase and they will love it more if that vase will be their token of gratitude from you.

    14. Handmade Glass Stalagmite Vase 

    A beauty crafted from nature’s formed calcium salts makes for a fine favor. This Handmade Glass Stalagmite Vase  is a delicately colored glass with stripes and swirls across the body. It is a hand-blown decorative vase that adds an accent to a cabinet, living space, or any interior. Each vase is hand-made borosilicate glass with different colors, shapes, and patterns. Such a unique and unduplicable piece of art is the perfect whimsical favor for the guests of your special event.

    13. Bud Vase French Design 

    For the most exquisite events, a giveaway or favor such as this Bud Vase French Design  is a classy token of appreciation. Made of ceramic, each bud vase measures 2 ¾” tall and 1.5” wide. Bring France into your event with its French-inspired styles: Je Taime, Fleur de Lys, Paris, Eifel Tower, or your word choice. Color options are wide as you may choose from Beige Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Black, and more.

    12. Clear Glass Vase

    Add a magical touch to your event by placing a floral centerpiece inside this Clear Glass Vase. A single stem flower or any ornamental plant will be more gloriously beautiful in a clear container such as this vase. It brings elegance and vibrant feeling to any space it is placed into. The two vase options are both worthy to be an event favor and the tag options make it more fitting as a giveaway token.

    11. Handmade Small Ceramic Glazed Pitcher


    A dainty and glossy favor, this Handmade Small Ceramic Glazed Pitcher is not just a wise choice for a giveaway but also a great idea for your house decoration. If you have an aquarium or know someone who does, this pitcher-looking ceramic vase will be a good decoration. You may put small plants, add in a stick with a card or tag, throw in a cork and you have yourself a mini-plant giveaway. You may also choose to pour in some homemade wine so as the guests take a shot, they may bring it home after.

    10. Ceramic Lace Square Vase 

    Bring out the candies or some other treats, then line up a bunch of this Ceramic Lace Square Vase  on the table and you have yourself an event favor. This vase has been handcrafted and high-fired in quality porcelain. Guests will be clamoring to finish the treats and then bring them home as they can also be used as a container for salt and pepper holders and many other small things. It can also be used as a place for air plants, the keeper of your pieces of jewelry, and other use you may discover.

    9. Miniature Tulip Vases 

    If your wedding happens to choose Tulips as its main flower, then these Miniature Tulip Vases  will be a matching favor. You may put on small plants or treats in this vase as it already aligns with your floral theme on its own. It is hand-painted and has colors red, yellow, purple, green, and blue so it will still match other motifs that have said colors. This vase is hollow and waterproof so it can be filled with any liquid you may choose. 

    8. Ceramic Vases in The Shape of A Hedgehog And Cacti 

    Although a hedgehog may not be the most visually appealing animal on the planet and a cactus also shares that trait, when adapted into a vase design, these two make a delightful transformation. These Ceramic Vases in The Shape of A Hedgehog And Cacti  are meant for small succulents and sage green tillandsia. Perfect for decorating a home shelf, these green canisters are each handmade in the smallest details, working on the surface to remember a spiny mammal and a thorny plant.

    7. Personalized Bud Vases 

    A modern accent for your event will surely surface when you bring in these Personalized Bud Vases . Each bud vase is individually stamped with you and your future spouse’s initials for a more heart-warming touch. It can be a decorative addition to the venue interior, and it may double as a wedding favor. The 6 different variations along with their staggered heights make these vases work equally great together, in small groupings or individually.

    6. Mini Stoneware Vases


    Stop the searching and start the placing. These Mini Stoneware Vases are perfect wedding favors for your beach wedding. Its light grey and sand brown color combination are sold out for the token you are looking for. These miniature stoneware vases are partially glazed and are handmade. You may put on some miniature flowers, a one-stemmed plant, or even a collection of wild leaves. This may be in your giveaway table, or you may opt to put it in each seat with a note.

    5. Handmade Ceramic Pomegranate Vase 

    Pick a wildflower and weed it out a bit, then let the magic of the beauty of this Handmade Ceramic Pomegranate Vase  do the trick for you. Handmade without any wheel or form, this vase is simply an added attraction to any room. It may hold a flower, a leaf, a pen, or a pencil. Wherever you place this and whatever you put into it, it will be a standout because of its cute design and vibrant color. At weddings, if you give this away, it will be like giving a piece of your joyful heart to everyone.

    4. Miniature Pottery Vases 

    It is not every day that guests get to hold a handmade piece of art. So, on your special day, treat your guests with these Miniature Pottery Vases . These vases vary in size so it will most likely be a delight for guests and loved ones to hold unique ones in their palms. Colors may be white/light, blues, white/pink, white/reds, dark colors, or your choice depending on the theme and motif of your wedding.

    3. White Ceramic Matte Vase with Hemp Rope

    Choose a style and size, then pick a box to wrap it with. This White Ceramic Matte Vase with Hemp Rope is a beautiful event favor for the most important guest at the party. A vase as simple, elegant, and lovely as this, speaks volumes of gratitude to the people who will be receiving this. Add in a few seed packets and let them grow their plant in this ceramic planter.

    2. Henna painted Vase 

    Make your already vibrant day more colorful by surrounding your event venue with this Henna painted Vase . This vase and the painting that embellishes it are sealed with non-flammable sealant to prevent from flacking. The design may be customized with your choice of color. It can be used as a wall decoration, wall art, floor art, wedding décor, and many more. The colors are adaptable to your event motif.  

    1. Vintage Creamer Assortment Favor Vase Set

    Your vintage wedding has found its appropriate favor with this Vintage Creamer Assortment Favor Vase Set. It is designed to give the “flea market finds” appeal and add a layer of personality to your interior decoration. More than using it as an actual vintage centerpiece, you may add a little personalized note for each of the guests so they know they can bring it home as a “Thank You” for witnessing your special day commence.

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