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    Vintage Creamer Assortment Favor Vase Set

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    Designed to have the appeal of 'flea market finds', this assortment of vintage inspired creamers will add a layer of personality to your décor. Fill with a casual bouquet of flowers and dot throughout your table top displays. Include a personalized tag and invite each guest to take one home. This is a favor idea that really works.

    •1: 11cm (L) x 6.2cm (W) x 8cm (H)
    2: 11cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 7.8cm (H)
    3: 11.3cm (L) x 8.4cm (W) x 8cm (H)
    4: 11.4cm (L) x 8.4cm (W) x 6.8cm (H)


    •Set includes 4 complementary creamers