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    Wedding Bubbles

    Browse our collection of bubble favors that your guests will adore. Whether for your bridal shower or your wedding day these bubble favors will be a hit with all your guests.

    Let your guests celebrate your special day as they blow the bubbles as your guests welcome you to the reception. It will not only look good in pictures but it’s a fun gift that will surely be loved by adults and kids alike. Let this bubble favor add more fun as you celebrate your wedding and as guests send you off to your honeymoon. It’s one wedding favor that’s a sure fun way to enhance your wedding.  


    32 Best Bubbles for Your Wedding 


    Unleash the inner kid in you and make your wedding even more magical with bubbles popping all around. Your guests will surely want to bring home the bursting treats so you might as well give some away as a token of your appreciation for their attendance.


    Bubbles are the best way for guest to send you off on your wedding day. Allow your guests to have fun and remember childhood memories on your special day. In addition, these bubble wedding favors also double as a decor that can accentuate your reception table especially when the design or color goes with your wedding theme. Do away with confetti's and replace them with these bubble favors for a classy but enjoyable way of celebrating your marriage. You can even have these bubble favors custom made and have the containers monogrammed or with your photos on them to make the perfect personalized favor.


    Here are 32 of the best bubble wedding favors you can choose from:  

    32. Champagne Bubble Bottles

    These Champagne Bubble Bottles are a fantastic way to have some “bubbly” at your event. Guests will love having some good, old-fashioned fun with these authentic-looking mini champagne bottles. They also double as party decorations! Set them on your tables and shelves for guests to grab and go. 

    31. Mini Heart Bubbles

    It’s one wedding favor that’s a sure fun way to enhance your wedding. This Mini Heart Bubbles add more fun as you celebrate your wedding. Guests would be delighted to use this as they welcome you to the reception or as they send you off to your honeymoon. This wedding favor is made of high quality plastic that’s easy to dispose and pre-filled with non-toxic, clear bubble liquid that is sure not to stain. 

    30. Diamond Bubbles

    It will not only look good in pictures but it’s a fun gift that will surely be loved by adults and kids alike. The diamond bubbles come in a clear diamond-shaped plastic capsule with a metallic gold stopper. Let your guests celebrate your special day as they blow the bubbles to send you off to your honeymoon. 

    29. Wedding Bubbles in Champagne

    Let your guests celebrate your special day as they blow the bubbles to send you off to your honeymoon. The Wedding Bubbles In Champagne can hold up to 22.5 ml of liquid bubble solution that is non-toxic and non-staining. It’s a fun gift that will surely be loved by adults and kids alike plus It will look good in pictures too. 

    28. Darice Heart Shaped Bottle Wedding Bubbles

     Guests young and old will love covering the couple in bubbles with this Darice Heart Shaped Bottle Wedding Bubbles. The bottled bubbles come packaged in eye-catching display boxes that look like mini crates. Boxes can be put out for guests to take, or bubbles can stand up on their own when placed on chairs or tables.

      27. Darice Bell Shaped Bottle Wedding Bubbles

      Let these Darice Bell Shaped Bottle Wedding Bubbles congratulate the newly married couple as they walk down the aisle together for the first time! These festive wedding bell-shaped bottle bubbles are ready to use – just twist the cap off and you have the wand! It makes for great wedding favors too!

      26. Wedding Bubbles Favor

      These Wedding Bubbles Favor are fun non-toxic wedding party bubble maker with white ribbons and faux pearl strings. Its also perfect for engagement party, wedding receptions and wedding anniversary parties. You can even match it  with other accessories.

      25. Mini Blowing Ceremony Favors

      This Mini Blowing Ceremony Favors measure 6.5cm tall. They have a decorative double heart on the lid. These are a great alternative to confetti for after your wedding ceremony, as often venues do not allow confetti to be tossed. You can fill a basket with them and have your junior bridesmaids or attendants hand them out to guests, or simply have them ready for guests to take from a basket.

      24. Best Day Ever 


      Your wedding is definitely going to be the best day ever! Let these Best Day Ever bubbles help you  celebrate. It’s a fun gift for any guest, whether young in age or young at heart. It comes in a clear tube with “Best day ever” printed in gold foil down the side. Each tube is capped off with a pretty white heart stopper and comes pre-filled with bubble mixture. Instruct your guests to blow their bubbles all at once as you and your groom depart from the reception for some great pictures!

      23. Wedding Bubbles in Wedding Cake 


      For those that love the classics, these Wedding Bubbles in Wedding Cake are the perfect fit for you. Guests of all ages will enjoy participating in this fun and popular way to celebrate your newlywed status with these adorable bubble favors. This item is sold in packages of 24 plus its non-toxic and environmentally safe.

      22. Touch Her Heart 



      This Touch Her Heart heart-shaped bubble blower is totally chic and makes the perfect wedding favor for your bridesmaids and others attending your big day. This elegant offering will be appreciated by your favorite girls.  Each time they use this practical gift, memories of your wedding will bring a smile to their face.

      21. White Heart Wedding


      These White Heart Wedding bubbles will be perfect for injecting a little bit of fun into your special day. Get guests mingling, laughing and interacting with each other in no time. These will also be great if there are little ones in attendance as they’ll keep them occupied for hours. The wedding bubbles come in a stylish tube with heart motif on top.

      20. Purple Glitter Bubble Bottles

      These Purple Glitter Bubble Bottles will shower the newlyweds in shimmering bubbles. A popping addition to wedding party favors, these bubble bottles come clad in a glittering purple hue. With these, your guests will love having some good, old-fashioned fun during the wedding send-off. Or, just set them on your reception tables and shelves for guests to grab and go! 

      19. Personalized Blue Heart Bubble Tubes

      Let these Personalized Blue Heart Bubble Tubes add some romance and fun to your wedding reception. Ask your guests to blow bubbles to escort you out of the church or out of your reception as you embark on your new life as a married couple. Pick a color that goes with your wedding theme and add a personal message to each tube. Place the tubes in bowls for guests to grab or hand them out. 

      18. Heart Bubble Tubes

      These Heart Bubble Tubes are fun wedding favors for your gold wedding theme. Use them to give the happy couple a bubbly send off or put a bottle on each guest's table setting for fun favors that double as wedding decorations. Each plastic bubble tube contains .17-oz. of bubbles with a wand.

      17. Personalized Monogram Mini Bubble Bottles

      Make that personal touch to your wedding favors with these Personalized Monogram Mini Bubble Bottles. Hand them out at the send-off or keep them near the guestbook for your wedding guests to grab. Each 1 3/4" plastic bottle with wand holds .3-oz. of bubbles. It features the newly weds monogram available in a variety of colors to match or complement your wedding colors. 

      16. Custom Photo White Mini Bubble Bottles

      Give your guests something with which to to send you off after the ceremony. Make the moment even more unforgettable with these Custom Photo White Mini Bubble Bottles available in all your favorite colors. Easily add your own digital photo and special message to give each sticker a personalized message Personalize this with 2 lines of 18 characters/spaces per line and a digital photo. Each 1 3/4" plastic bottle with wand holds .3-oz. of bubbles. 

      15. White Church Bubbles Bridal Favor

      For weddings that solemnly took place in a church, this24 Pieces White Church Bubbles Bridal Favor is a set of giveaways that will make guests commemorate the ceremony and go home in a bubbly mood. A box of these favors contains 24 2” tall bottles that can hold up to 0.6 once of a bubble forming liquid. Lined together in a box or a table, your souvenir set will look like a diorama of churches in one glance because of its 3 dimensional visual that opens to a magical world of bubbles.

      14. Diamond Bubbles

      The diamond in your fingers sealed the deal of your engagement and your wedding. Let your guests take home some diamonds after your event and add a gold accent for a subtle touch of elegance. This Diamond Bubbles is a classy souvenir idea that comes in a clear diamond-shaped plastic capsule and is sealed with a dainty metallic gold stopper. Guests may blow their bubbles all at the same time to create a more magical moment during your wedding as these favors are pre-filled with bubble mixture and are ready to be enjoyed anytime.

      13. Wedding Bubbles in Champagne

      The guest and your loved ones have probably drunk the champagne during the reception but surrounding them with a bubbly thing in a bottle need not make them tipsy. This Wedding Bubbles in Champagne is a miniature champagne bottle that has a bubbly liquid inside ready to be blown and create some delights that pop. These favors are sold in quantities of 24 and are made of non-toxic and environmentally safe materials. Now that’s one joyful and safe wedding favor to choose from.

      12. Touch Her Heart

      Touch the hearts of your guests and warm them as well using this heart-shaped bubble blower. Touch Her Heart may be a giveaway for your wedding so that everyone gets to experience a bubbly bath or enjoy their alone time with popping treats. It can also be a token for your bridesmaids during your bridal shower, this way they may use the 7 ml bubble mixture before and during your special day. Either way, this hearty piece of your gratitude and celebration will surely bring a smile to their faces every time they blow a bubble.

      11. Wedding Gown Bubbles

      You are the only one who gets to wear a wedding gown on your wedding day but the rest of your guests may hold one in their hands with this Wedding Gown Bubbles.  Now you can walk in the aisle surrounded by bursting clear treats as your guests blow this bubble maker and enjoy the entire activity. Whether you choose to give it as memorabilia, place it on tables as an added decoration or have your loved ones use it as part of the event, these bubble blowers are worthy favors indeed.

      10. Pink Glitter Bubble Bottles

      A pink-themed wedding is never a scarcity in the industry. The more thematically aligned the stuff is, the better. This Pink Glitter Bubble Bottles will be a great addition to that rosy hue wedding you are about to have. These glittered bottles resemble a champagne bottle that adds to the celebratory vibe it already brings. Decide when and where these shimmering bubble blowers may be used for it holds .8 oz. of bubble mixture that guests can blow and float in the air.

      9. White Cowboy Boot Bubbles Bridal Favor

      Country-themed weddings are classic and fun but aligning the stuff to such a theme may be a challenge sometimes. This White Cowboy Boot Bubbles Bridal Favor is a perfect giveaway token for your guests that might arrive in boots and cowboy hats during your special day. It may be an added decoration to the tables as the mini plastic bottles will not break easily. Each one can hold up to .6 oz of bubble potion that will add up to the refreshing look of your wedding venue.

      8. Custom Photo White Mini Bubbles Bottles

      Make your wedding day even more memorable with this Custom Photo White Mini Bubbles Bottles that not only blows popping treats but also holds an image your guests will surely remember. Simply add a photo or special message to this bottle for a more personalized giveaway to guests. It may also be an added feature to your tables as this bubble blower comes in other different colors that will adapt to your motif. Each purchase comes with 48 pieces of these goodies.

      7. Large Wedding Soap Bubbles with Label “YES I want it”

      Keep away the confetti and exit from your wedding venue in a literal bubbly way. These Large Wedding Soap Bubbles with Label “YES I want it” are bigger than usual bubble blowers which makes them create bigger and cooler bubbles. The large puddles inside measure 10.5 cm in height and 3 cm in diameter. Upon lifting, the puddles are already filled and are ready to make beautiful bubbles that may either be for your wedding or themselves as they get to bring home these bottles with labels that scream “YES I want it”

      6. Wedding Bubbles in Wedding Cake

      Slice that big cake and give some to your guests, if they seem to want more, these Wedding Bubbles in Wedding Cake might satisfy their “cake” cravings and even give them something more. Made in non-toxic and environmentally safe plastic, these bubble blowing bottles are crafted in a wedding cake figure with a twin heart topper. Guests will be delighted as they hold the hearts and unscrew the puddles to unleash the bubbles during your event. As a token or giveaway, these miniature wedding cake figures will be a nice addition to any wedding favor collection.

      5. Personalized Gold Heart Bubble Tubes

      A gold bubble puddle topped with a twin heart and inserted in a clear tube, now that is an elegant giveaway. Personalize this wedding favor with your choice of message or dates with up to 20 characters per line and you have yourself an unforgettable treat for your guests. Display its sophisticated looks all over your venue or gather them in one place, whichever way you choose this Personalized Gold Heart Bubble Tube will stand out. Make it a Bridal shower favor to your bridesmaids with their names on it and your event will be filled with glee.

      4. Wedding Bubble Mini Touchable Heart Bubbles

      Place it in a thematic loot bag, or give it individually, place it around the tables or hand it over to guests upon entrance. However, you wish to give away these Wedding Bubble Mini Touchable Heart Bubbles will surely bring a sweet surprise to the recipients. This mini bubble blower is small enough to be kept in pockets for an accessible bubble-blowing scenario. It may also be dainty and a simple thank you token for your little guests and entourage such as your flower girls and ring bearer. The child in them will not resist this kind of charming treat.

      3. Double Heart Wedding Bubbles

      Two hearts are now one and your guests will remember how amazing your wedding was. Make the memory last a little longer with these Double Heart Wedding Bubbles that will make them see how your hearts united every time they unscrew the puddle top of this bursting treat. They may use it on your actual day or they may enjoy a hot bath with surrounding bubbles. The white color is a neutral approach to ensure it will match any motif or theme.

      2. Bow or Veil Bubbles Wedding Favors

      Be clever on your special day and exceed expectations on being thematic and aligning your wedding paraphernalia with your preferences. These Bow or Veil Bubbles Wedding Favors are cute giveaway suggestion as it is a nice token for guests before leaving the party. Each plastic container has a bubble blowing wand with a heart-shaped handle that is filled upon dip and is ready to blow bubbles upon lifting. Not only can these treats be used during the wedding to add a majestic touch to the event but also it may very well be a display or decoration all over the venue. Place it on the tabletops, hang or stick it on the wall, either way, it will add a clever style as it may be fashioned with either a mini bow or mini veil attached to each bottle. Guests can pick up which side they are from or whichever they wish to bring home.

      1. Best Day Ever

      Your best day ever will be written in history, make it more memorable with this Best Day Ever bubble wedding favor and see those great words written in gold. These wedding favors come in a clear tube with “Best say ever” wordings printed in gold foil down the side. Romantically, each container is capped with a white single heart  stopper that is connected to a wand that will be filled with bubble mixture upon lifting. Bubble up your exit from the church or entrance to the reception area with a nice handheld favor for your most special day ever.

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