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    Shot Glass Wedding Favors

    17 Best Shot Glass Wedding Favors

    While you can't expect everyone on your wedding to get drunk (well why not?), guests would truly be delighted that you are all set to do so with shot glasses set at their tables waiting for the best wines to be poured. The best part is these shot glasses can easily accentuate your reception table as tea light holders or as a votive. Plus you can have them engraved with your wedding details, a caricature or a short message to thank your guests for taking time to be a part of your special day.

    Here are 17 of the best shot glass wedding favors you can choose from:   

    17. Caricature Shot Glass Wedding Favor

    It's a two-person caricature drawing printed in high quality ink on shot glasses. These Unique Shot Glass Wedding Favors purchase includes the JPEG of the Caricature drawing. The designs and wording are printed on the cup and does not use vinyl or stickers. Guests would love to bring this home as a thank you gift from you. 

    16. Personalized Shot Glasses

    With all the memorable moments of your special day, guests will be glad to bring home the fun with these Personalized Shot Glasses. These glasses are ready for customization and you may choose from a variety of wedding designs and nine imprint colors depending on your wedding theme, making them one of the best personalized wedding favors out there.  

    15. Engagement Shot Glasses

    Let these Engagement Shot Glasses say thank you in style with these bride and groom shot glasses. Perfect photo piece and a perfect way to kick off the celebration of your wedding day! The design is made of a strong outdoor durable vinyl and glitter is fully sealed. Your guests would truly be delighted with this gift. 

    14. Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses

    These Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses is a perfect thank you gift for your wedding. You can add the perfect touch with your own personalization. They have a salty taste which is great with your choice of alcohol! This gift is sure to put a big smile on the face of your guests. 

    13. Stainless Steel Shot Glasses

    It's stainless and elegant looking. These Stainless Steel Shot Glasses come in several Varieties (12, 50, or 100). These glasses are made of high grade stainless steel.  Tell your guests that you appreciate their presence by giving them a real gift with meaning. “The best is yet to come” translates to “Tomorrow is going to be Awesome! Thanks for celebrating with us!” It's also individually wrapped ready to be handed to your guests. 

    12. Wedding Shot Glasses - Game Over

    The best game over ever is on your wedding day! These simple Wedding Shot Glasses - Game Over is a great gift idea for your guests. Especially great for receptions and wedding parties. Take your shots of liquor from these great novelty shot glasses. 

    11. Take a Shot Dessert Shooter Cups

    These Take a Shot Dessert Shooter Cups are beautifully engraved wedding favors. You can add your monogram or wedding logo for a beautiful single serve dessert shooters as wedding favors at the reception. Each shot glass is made in house and engraving is included for the price you pay. You'll be amazed at the elegant simplicity these glasses can bring to your wedding. 

    10. Shot Glass/Votive Holder

    These Shot Glass/Votive Holder will be perfect for any wedding theme you have chosen. The glass measures 2 1/2" h x 2" in diameter. It's ready for personalization with nine imprint colors available, you'll be able to match your wedding color palette, too! Go ahead! Take a shot!

    9. Leather Shot Glass

    This Leather Shot Glass is an awesome party favor gift for your wedding day! You may also add it to a bigger gift set for your groomsmen or bridesmaid to remember that special day they spent with you! The 2 ounces stainless steel shot glass comes with a leatherette wrap. Each one can be personalized with something special.

    8. Shot Glass Wedding Favor

    Add a splash of panache — along with your unique message to your guests  with this Shot Glass Wedding Favor. It can hold up to 18-1/2 oz of their favorite drink plus it has a lifetime warranty on the engraving. ZIUt's one gift your guests will always remember your wedding by. 

    7. Personalized Mini Stainless Steel Shot Glass

    These Personalized Mini Stainless Steel Shot Glass are crafted from high quality stainless steel then finished with a brushed surface! They are durable and will never break. It's great for traveling, camping, and outdoors. Their compact size lets you stack these glasses with ease for discreet storage and convenience. Makes an amazing gift for wedding guests!

    6. Engraved Bridesmaid Shot Glass

    These Engraved Bridesmaid Shot Glass can be highly personalized and designed. It's made from high quality thick glass molding and has a sleek, modern shape and style. It's has a permanent engraving too so you can be sure guests would be able to use and remember fond memories from your wedding day.  

    5. Personalized Etched Monogram

    This Personalized Etched Monogram shot glass is great for serving up whiskey or any popular spirits. With clarity and a thick sham, you will love the way this shot glass feels in your hand. Each glass is hand engraved making the image sharp and clean. It's a great thank you gift for your wedding guests.

    4. Bride and Groom Shot Glass Set

    This Bride and Groom Shot Glass Set is sure to make your guests happy! These shot glasses will not just be a great table accent but a gift your guest would be happy to take home with them. Aside from being functional, these shot glasses would always remind them of your awesome wedding day! 

    3. Personalized Typical Shot Glass

    These Personalized Typical Shot Glass are ink printed and has a capacity of 1.5oz. These typical shot glasses are made of high quality frosted glass that will not easily chip or become damaged. It can function as a personalized votive for your wedding and give it away as a thank you gift as well. 

    2. Drunk In Love and Just Drunk

    These stylish double sided design Drunk In Love and Just Drunk shot glasses are the perfect thank you gifts! Each Shot Glass has a decorative “Just Drunk” or "Drunk In Love" on both sides. It's made to last all day and night for your wedding celebration. Your guests can even take these home as party favors!

      1. Glitter Shot Glasses

      These Glitter Shot Glasses will let your guests take a shot in style. These glam shot glasses comes in a set of 3 decorated glasses that can be personalized with your names and/or phrases. Each glass comes with glitter bottoms. Vinyl will be color coordinated to match glitter color.