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    9 Popular Wedding Favor Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

    As the years go by, wedding favor trends are constantly changing. As we look ahead to 2024, it is exciting to see what new wedding favor trends will come into play. For couples planning a wedding in the upcoming year, it is essential to know the latest wedding favor trends to make the right choice for their special day.

    Based on our most popular products and feedback on our social media pages, we have gathered data to find the trendiest wedding favors for 2024. In this blog post, we will be exploring the wedding favor trends in 2024 and how to incorporate something old and something new into the mix.

    2024 Wedding Favor Trends: Something Old, Something New!

    1. Edible Wedding Favors

    Edible wedding favors have gained popularity and become trendy for several reasons. Firstly, they offer versatility and appeal to a wide range of guests. Couples want their guests to have a memorable and enjoyable experience, and edible favors provide just that. They engage multiple senses by offering a delightful taste and often an aesthetically pleasing presentation. 

    Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests and make them feel appreciated.

    Edible favors are also sustainable, coming in reusable jars, bags, or boxes which allows guests to be able to repurpose this favor after the treat is enjoyed!

    2. Candle Wedding Favors

    These scented soy candles make the perfect wedding favor for your special day. With a custom design, your wedding guests will be sure to love these beautiful keepsakes. 

    Simply select the scent that best fits your wedding theme, and we'll take care of the rest! Let your guests enjoy the sweet aroma of your special day with these unique and memorable favors.

    Candle wedding favors are undeniably the best choice to make any wedding celebration truly memorable and special. These elegant and charming gifts not only add a touch of romance and warmth to the event but also symbolize the eternal flame of love shared by the newlyweds. The soft glow and soothing fragrance of candles create a cozy ambiance, making guests feel cherished and appreciated. Furthermore, candle wedding favors are versatile and fit perfectly with any wedding theme, allowing couples to personalize them to reflect their unique style and preferences.

    3. Shot Glass Favors

    Shot glasses are a fun and memorable way to thank your wedding guests. These wedding favors will be a great keepsake for years to come. With various designs, styles, and sizes available, there is something for everyone in the 2024 wedding favor trends.

    Why not consider I'll Drink to That Shot Glass if you want a unique and practical wedding favor? Shot glasses are a great way to toast to the happy couple and remind guests of the special day.

    Our 2-ounce shot glasses are perfect for serving small shots of your favorite beverage. These personalized wedding favors are also great for mixing up small cocktails for your wedding.

    4. Honey Wedding Favors

    Honey jar wedding favors are trendy due to their natural and wholesome appeal. They align with the growing interest in eco-friendly and sustainable choices. Honey represents sweetness, and couples appreciate its symbolic meaning of love and unity. Plus, it can be personalized with labels, making it a stylish and memorable favor choice.

    Honey jar wedding favors are the best because they are natural, versatile, and symbolize sweetness and love. They can even be filled with homemade honey if you please! These hexagonal jars are a cute and petite favor guaranteed to put a smile on your guests' faces.

    These honey favors are also amazing seasonal favors for fall events and weddings! 

    5. Repurposed Wedding Favors

    Repurposed wedding favors are becoming very popular for several reasons. They promote sustainability by reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. They offer guests the opportunity to extend the usefulness of the favor, creating ongoing value and practicality. Repurposed favors also add a unique and personal touch, reflecting the couple's creativity and commitment to eco-friendly celebrations. By embracing repurposing, couples can leave a lasting impression while contributing to a greener future.

    Luggage tags are a great example of a repurposable wedding favor! These cute laser-engraved tags come with a special message on the outside and are completed with a personalized card on the inside. They serve dual purposes, functioning as both unique wedding favors and practical name cards. Repurposing them is effortless—simply add your name or remove the inside tag, transforming them into versatile luggage tags to secure your suitcase, purse, or bag with style and distinction.

    Mason jars are another great repurposable wedding favor! These trendy jars can be filled with a variety of treats like candy, cake, or even your favorite snack! These cute little jars can also be used as centerpieces or table decorations on your big day! Allow your guests to enjoy this delicious treat and then once they take it home, they can wash the jar out and reuse it however they please! Some ways to repurpose this are to pot a plant in it, store any small items in it, or even for more snacks! 

    Another repurposabe wedding favor is hand fans! These trendy fans are perfect wedding favors for any summer wedding, destination wedding, or hot climate wedding in general. The personalized tag also makes this favor unique and special to your wedding day. After the big celebration, guests can easily remove this tag and reuse this fan for any event or occasion making it the best repurposed favor! 

    6. Playing Cards

    Playing cards are an ideal wedding favor. They are practical, personal, and fun! In 2024, expect playing cards customized with a couple's names and wedding date or a unique design. We recommend choosing quality playing cards that will stand the test of time.

    Confetti Heart Cards are a great way to show your love and appreciation for your wedding guests.

    These luxurious wedding favors come in the shape of a heart and can be personalized with a message. The cards are made from high-quality paper and printed with your special message or design.

    These unique custom playing card favors make any card game fun! Perfect for guests at a bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding reception, this unique custom deck of cards is a timeless party favor that will entertain all of your guests for years to come.

    Perfect for the couple who loves to play cards, this popular wedding favor idea is sure to make your wedding stand out.

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    7. Bottle openers

      Bottle openers are the perfect way to give your guests something valuable and memorable that can be used for years. These unique wedding favor ideas come in various styles, colors, and designs that can match any wedding theme.

      Add a touch of adorable glam to your special day with the Royal Love Ace OpenerPerfect for any wedding favor or bridal shower, these bottle openers will surely be the perfect accessory to your glamorous day. Designed to be the perfect favor, they are crafted from sleek stainless steel with a smooth white finish and a cute spade-shaped opener. But here's the best part – they're wallet-sized, making them incredibly convenient! Personalize them with your names, a heartfelt message, or your wedding date for that extra special touch. Cheers to unforgettable memories and stylish sips!

      This next bottle opener is made of a water-resistant synthetic faux leather material in a beautiful white marble color. These wedding favor ideas can be personalized with a laser-engraved message of your choice. Cheers to the Toast To Love Bottle Opener!


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      8. Wedding Koozies Favors

      Regarding wedding favors, wedding koozies are a popular choice. Koozies come in various materials and sizes, so they will surely be a hit with guests of all ages.These wedding party favors also make great keepsakes that guests can take home as reminders of your special day.

      Modern Love Wreath Koozie is a perfect option for a modern wedding favor trend in 2024. These koozies are made from 1/8" thick faux leather and have a sleek and sophisticated look for your rustic themed wedding.

      This is one of our favorite wedding favor ideas that come in various colors, making matching any wedding color scheme easy.

      Regarding wedding favors for 2024, one of the most unique and eye-catching options is a"Happily Ever After" party favor.

      These creative wedding favors are made of high-quality faux leather and are designed to hold a 12 oz can or bottle.

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      9. Wedding Sunglasses

      Wedding sunglasses are a great way to make your special day more fun. Not only do they make for a great keepsake, but they can also help shield your guests from the sun's glare, making the event more comfortable for everyone.

      TheseShining Love Sunglasses are made from sebring wood grain, making them durable and fashionable.

      The lenses also provide maximum UV 400/CE protection for your guests' eyes. And can be personalized with your names and wedding date to make this favor more personal! 

      Love is definitely in the air regarding wedding favor trends for 2024. Give your guests a favor they'll use beyond your big day and that will serve as a memory for years to come. These simple personalized sunglass wedding favors won't break the bank and will make your wedding a little more classy. Your photographers will especially love these.   

      The lenses are rubberized, and UV400-rated, providing 100% UVA and UVB protection from the sun.

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      More On Reusable Wedding Favors

      Q: What are reusable wedding favors?

      A: Reusable wedding favors are gifts that can be utilized multiple times, extending their usefulness beyond the wedding day. They are often practical, eco-friendly, and designed to be repurposed or enjoyed for an extended period.

      Q: Why should I consider reusable wedding favors?

      A: Reusable wedding favors offer numerous benefits. They are environmentally conscious, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. They provide guests with lasting mementos, allowing them to enjoy the favor long after the celebration ends. Additionally, they showcase your thoughtfulness and commitment to creating a meaningful experience for your guests.

      Q: What types of reusable wedding favors are available?

      A: The possibilities are endless! You can choose from a variety of options such as personalized drinkware (such as reusable water bottles or coffee mugs), eco-friendly tote bags, seed packets for planting, reusable kitchen items (like tea towels or food storage containers), or even potted plants or succulents.

      Q: How can I personalize reusable wedding favors?

      A: Personalization adds a special touch to reusable favors. Consider customizing them with your names, wedding date, or a meaningful message. You can also match the favors to your wedding theme or incorporate elements that reflect your personalities.

      Q: How do reusable wedding favors contribute to sustainability?

      A: By opting for reusable favors, you minimize waste generation and reduce the environmental impact associated with single-use items. They help conserve resources and promote a greener lifestyle, aligning with the global movement towards sustainability and eco-conscious choices.

      Remember, reusable wedding favors not only convey gratitude but also reflect your commitment to a more sustainable and meaningful celebration. By choosing reusable options, you can create a lasting impact and inspire others to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle.