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    27 Wedding Favor Koozies That Will Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

    Wedding Favor Koozies are one of the best ways to thank your guests, and they are also an affordable way to add that extra touch to your wedding.

    With wedding season quickly approaching, now’s the time to start planning how you’re going to make your favors memorable for everyone in attendance.

    Here are 27 of my favorites that will make your wedding unforgettable.

    1. To Hold To Keep Your Drink Cold 

    The best gift for a lean and green wedding theme is the To Hold To Keep Your Drink Cold.

    It fits most 12 oz cans and bottles and is made collapsible to fit in any pocket or bag easily.

    These custom wedding koozies are available in premium foam and neoprene.

    2. Bachelorette Party Bridesmaid Can Sleeve Set

    Bachelorette Party Bridesmaid Can Sleeve Set is dedicated to your Bride Tribe can holder set.

    It is specially made as a perky wedding favor as it has a different description that would describe your maid of honor and bridesmaid's personality, with pop fizz designs.

    The unique design has labels such as Wife of the Party, Maid of Dishonor, Designated Drunk, Truly Tipsy, White Claw Wasted, Party Animal, and Day Drinker.

    3. Sandy Toes Salty Kisses 

    Sandy Toes Salty Kisses is a superb beach-themed wedding favor.

    These custom wedding koozies are available in premium foam and neoprene and measure 4 inches H x 4 inches.

    You can put your mind at ease that your selection will not run out of stock because this is provided in bulk order.

    4. Custom Photo Can Cooler

    Don't just customize the name and wedding date; you should also include your nice and sweet nuptial photos on your can coolers. 

    Custom Photo Can Cooler is a can hugger made from high-quality and thicker neoprene that is more durable and of higher quality than typical can coolers.

    These custom wedding can coolers fit a 12oz can and hold their shape over time.

    5. To Love Laughter And Happily Ever After

    Another bulk wedding favor you can get is the To Love Laughter And Happily Ever After.

    For either small or big weddings, these wedding koozies will suit the count well as you can take a minimum count of 25 up to 1,000.

    You have a variety of color selections and a one-color screen printed with your name or initials together with your wedding date.

    6. Scalloped Can Cooler Sleeve

    The prime koozie wedding favor you can give for either garden or beach wedding is a Scalloped Can Cooler Sleeve.

    The wonderful and attractive vibrant colors will make everyone enjoy an ice-cold beer or soft drink without reaching room temperature within minutes.

    They serve as can coolers, and the insulator is machine washable, lasting for years.

    7. 4-IN-1 Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Can Cooler with Lid

    For a military nuptial, this 4-IN-1 Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Can Cooler with a Lid is one perfect wedding favor meant to honor the service.

    These can coolers feature Double-Walled stainless steel with an extra copper layer that keeps your drinks cold for 12 hours.

    No matter how cold or hot your drink inside is, the exterior of the can cooler remains superbly dry and cool.

    8. Koozie Cool All

    For a simple wedding favor yet a tasteful choice of personalized can koozie, you better go with Koozie Cool All.

    These custom wedding koozies are made with a quality Faux leatherette material to insulate and keep beverages chilled to perfection.

    The light material makes it easier for everyone to carry it everywhere.

    9. Collapsible Reusable Thermo-coolers

    Collapsible Reusable Thermo-coolers are so bubbly that your young heart wedding guest cannot resist these super cute patterns in vibrant colors, and reinforced stitching helps to maintain its cozy shape over time.

    These wedding koozies are made of 3 mm thick neoprene to keep your drink ice cold and your hands warm and dry.

    These different colors make it easy to identify your drink and are suitable for all 12oz cans.

    10. Ring Finger Can Cooler

    The neoprene drink holder sleeve in rose gold and sparkling white colors will have your wedding or bachelorette party well-lit.

    The Ring Finger Can Cooler provides two styles five rose gold drink holders with white print plus five white drink holders with rose gold foil.

    Add this to your bridesmaid proposal gift box or a mesmerizing wedding favor.

    11. Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat

    The eco-friendly Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, and Repeat will surely be striking at your wedding.

    These can coolers is also perfect for weekend getaways, bachelor's or bachelorette parties, bridesmaid parties, and more.

    These will be an astounding wedding favor piece as you hold all your beers to post on your social media.

    12. Cheers to Love Laughter and Happily Ever After

    The straightforward design of  Laughter and Happily Ever After says it all.

    Made to be an eco-friendly wedding beer cooler as each can cooler is made durable and has a decorative exterior.

    These can coolers are very practical and useful to give as a wedding favor.

    13. 4-in-1 Triple Insulated Can Cooler

    For a small wedding you wish to pursue, you can be generous and give a 4-in-1 Triple Insulated can coolers as a wedding favor.

    The Color Iceberg White complements your dress as its slim feature fits all standard cans and beer bottles without an adapter and doubles as a 14 OZ tumbler due to a BPA-free flip lid.

    No matter how time goes by and how the season transforms, your last sip is as same and fresh as the first.

    14. 12 Ounce Double Wall Can Cooler

    12 Ounce Double Wall Can Cooler Cup with Silver Lid is the pre-eminent wedding favor for those outgoing bride and groom.

    These can coolers koozies will be a pound for those guests who are dedicated to hiking, climbing or fishing, and camping.

    It is durable and worth the value as an investment for indoor or outdoor use.

    Surprisingly fits with any 12oz canned and bottled drinks.

    15. Green Botanical Wedding Cozies

    These elegant floral drink coolers take your wedding favor to the next level.

    It is truly glorious to see all these Green Botanical Wedding Cozies complementing natural colors that everyone is holding for a serene Snapshot or Instagramable look.

    These can coolers is made from high-quality, durable foam to keep hands dry and the drinks cold.

    16. They Lived Happily Ever After Fairytale 

    Guess we all tried to believe and hope to live with the ending of They Lived Happily Ever After Fairytale.

    Let your wedding party favor have this happily ever after by giving them the advantageous experience of keeping their drinks cold and their hands dry.

    So, your koozie wedding favor is covered as this comes in bulk, and you have a variety of customization and color selections.

    17. Aloha Buddy

    Now for a tropical and/or Hawaiian-themed wedding, the leak-proof and easy-to-hold Aloha Buddy is the prime among all these wedding favor koozie selections.

    These can coolers is made from lightweight stainless steel with a slim design that fits your favorite 12oz can, slim can, and bottle all in one.

    The lid and internal design allow you to switch drinks seamlessly.

    18. Personalized Wedding Cheers to Love

    Custom wedding favors are a unique way to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming out to celebrate with you and your partner.

    These thoughtful Cheers to Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After tokens of gratitude come in many shapes and sizes.

    The best part is that they are all reasonably priced!

    19. I Do BBQ Wedding Favors

    For your next event, consider getting I Do BBQ custom wedding can coolers!

    They make personalized gifts that are a fun way to add a splash of color to any party. The koozies come in a variety of colors and designs.

    Visit their Amazon website for more information about wedding favors today!

    20. Drunk in Love & Just Drunk

    No wedding is complete without a signature drink. So, why not add a little something extra to your drinks with custom Drink in Love & Just Drunk koozies?

    They are a great way to remember your special day and they're so easy to make!

    21. About Damn Time Can Coolers

    They know how important it is to have an unforgettable wedding, which is why they offer a variety of wedding favor koozies for guests.

    Whether you are looking for something elegant and classy, or something that will be sure to bring the laughs, these can coolers have you covered.

    Their best seller is the About Damn Time Can Coolers which are perfect for your bachelorette party or wedding.

    22. Shit Just Got Real Koozie

    Made from premium neoprene, this Shit Just Got Real wedding koozie is designed to keep your drink cool for hours.

    These can coolers are also dishwasher-safe, so you can throw it in the top rack without worrying about melting any of the graphics.

    A great wedding favor for your big day!

    23. Retro Drink Koozies

    These Retro koozies are perfect for your wedding, especially if you are looking to set a specific theme like retro.

    These wedding koozies are great because they can be used as wedding favors or gifts for your guests.

    The design of these bottle coolers koozies is timeless, making them suitable for any occasion.

    24. Personalized State Silhouette

    If you are a Southern bride, these custom wedding koozies are perfect!

    With their slim, sleek design and the option to customize them with your State Silhouette, these bottle coolers are sure to be a hit at any party or your big day.

    You can even add your name and date in colors that match your wedding theme for an extra special touch.

    25. Let Love Brew Koozies

    Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with a Let Love Brew cold one koozie? These bottle coolers koozies are handmade and come in various colors! 

    They also make great gifts for friends or family and will make the day of your wedding unforgettable!

    Be sure to check these wedding koozies out on Etsy here.

    26. Golf Wedding Can Coolers

    If you have a golf theme wedding, these Golf Wedding Can Coolers are the perfect favors for your guests. They come in green color and can be personalized with your name and event date.

    Golfers will love these custom wedding koozies because it allows them to play their favorite game all year round!

    27. Newly Weds Koozies

    Newly Weds favors are a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming out to celebrate with you.

    These custom wedding koozies are also a nice way to give the family and friends who couldn't make it something that reminds them of your special day.

    Perfect for your big day!