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    Rustic Wedding Favors for a Perfect Country Celebration

    Rustic wedding favors will charm your guests and leave them with lasting memories of your special day.

    Instead of handing out flimsy plastic tumblers or cheap trinkets, you can give away elegant gifts that match the aesthetic of your country wedding theme, like birdseed, wooden picture frames, or tea wedding favors for guests in rustic tins.

    With this collection of 53 rustic wedding favors to make or buy, you can give your guests something they will love without breaking the bank.

    A Touch of Country Charm: Rustic Wedding Favors to Fall in Love With

    1. Love Is Sweet Burlap Bag

    When it comes to adding a touch of rustic charm to your country wedding, "Love Is Sweet" Rustic Burlap Bags are the perfect choice for wedding favors.

    These adorable burlap bags are not only visually appealing but also practical for your guests. Fill them with your favorite sweet treats or small gifts to create a personalized favor that reflects your love and appreciation for your guests.

    2. Let The Adventure Begin

    Your adventure is about to begin! While you're flying high, make sure you're commemorating all of life's memorable moments with this beautifully detailed "Let the Adventure Begin" Airplane Bottle Opener, featuring a vintage antique bronze finish and charming airplane design.

    Hurry, before this bottle opener favor flies away for good!  

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    3. Sensational S'mores Box

    Introducing our delightful Sensational S'mores Box, a true treat for your guests! You can fill this charming box with all the essentials for a sensational s'mores experience.

    Indulge in the gooey delight of perfectly toasted marshmallows, creamy chocolate, and crunchy graham crackers, all in one convenient package.

    Crafted with love and care, these rustic wedding favors are designed to spark joy and create lasting memories at your event. Share the magic of s'mores and make your special occasion truly unforgettable!

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    4. Simply Elegant Wine Cork Favor

    These Personalized Wedding Favor Wine Corks are the perfect way to commemorate your special day. Crafted from natural cork, each cork is laser engraved with your names, wedding date, and a flower stem design.

    These corks make a great addition to any garden wedding, and they can be used to mark the special bottles that you open on your wedding day. These rustic wedding favors will be a great reminder of your special day.

    5. Fancy Floral Coaster Bottle Opener

    Open your favorite beverage with ease and leave behind a personal touch with the Fancy Floral Bottle Opener Coaster.

    This stylish coaster makes the perfect wedding favor not only because it looks great on any table, but the built-in bottle opener makes popping the top a breeze. Make your mark with your initials of choice!

    6. Customized Honey Sticks

    To grace your wedding with their presence is a sweet gesture that deserves a lot of appreciation. Let your guests know how much you value them by giving them this sweet treat of a Custom Honey Stick.

    This lovely rustic wedding favor includes two honey sticks with a custom tag tied with Ivory Tulle.

    7. Personalized Mason Jar Favors

    Trendy and versatile: these 8oz Glass Mason Jars can be used for a variety of uses. From table scrapes to shower gifts to wedding favors personalize them with your choice of labels. These cute little mason jars are the perfect accessory to any event and can be used for years to come.

    Choose from one of our 12 designs to personalize your unique wedding favors. The personalized labels will be delivered in a sheet for you to easily apply.

    mason jars

    8. Rustic Wood Card Holders

    Natural and organic defines your rustic wedding theme; nothing comes close to these Rustic Card Holders.

    What's more, guests can bring home this rustic wedding party favor as a reminder of the beauty of nature and a thank-you gift to remember your country wedding.   

    9. Rustic Mint Favors

    Friends and loved ones enjoyed your romantic rustic wedding.

    Relaxed and informal, there is no better time to hand out these Wedding Mints as a thank-you gift after they have enjoyed a hearty dinner at your reception.

    Personalize these rustic wedding favors with your name and wedding date!  

    10. Magnetic Leather Bottle Opener

    Not only does this Rustic-Styled Bottle Opener complement your summer wedding or bridal shower, but it also doubles as a magnet!

    These unique rustic wedding favors are the perfect way to say thank you to your guest, bridesmaids, or groomsmen. Personalize these favors with your choice from 5 different colors.

    Also, add your names, the date, and the last name so your guest will never forget your special day! 

    11. Thank You for Bee-ing Here Honey Jar

    Thank your guests with this sweet sentiment on your big day. These Honey Jars can be filled with honey of any kind and are sure to make all who bring them home smile every time they see them.

    Customized with the couple's name and wedding date, these unique favors are one your guests will never forget!

    12. Let Love Brew Burlap Bags

    Our coffee themed Burlap Bag Wedding Favor is the perfect addition to your special day. These high-quality burlap bags are the perfect way to thank your guests for being a part of your celebration.

    Whether used to store keepsakes or simply as a decorative item, these bags will bring cherished memories for your guests for many years to come!

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    13. Mini Mason Jars

    Mason Jars not only give that rustic charm to your wedding setup, but you can also use these rustic wedding favors in many different ways. It is one rustic wedding favor that defines the rustic theme of having DIY rustic favors.

    Place your favorite jam, honey, or special candies in these mason jars, and it doubles up as a wedding favor.

    14. Blooming Boho Fan

    Don't let heat dampen your special day! Keep your hair and makeup flawless with our darling Blooming Boho Fan.Stay cool, cute, and worry-free, as you dance the day away at your summer wedding.

    Say goodbye to makeup mishaps and hello to the sweetest solution for a picture-perfect celebration!

    15. Swing Top Glass Square Bottle

    Make your wedding favor extra special as you fill these Swing Top Glass Bottles with specialties from your kitchen, such as a favorite sauce, spices, infused vinegar or oils, liquor, and many other treats your guests will be delighted to have.

    Personalize these rustic wedding favors by placing stickers or tags with your name and wedding date.

    16. Luminous Mini Lantern in White

    These unique country wedding favors will impress guests and provide that romantic mood and ambiance as they light up your rustic wedding venue.

    Rustic and vintage at the same time, wedding guests will be delighted to know that they can bring one of these lovely, glossy White Mini Lanterns homes as a thank-you gift from you.

    18. Glass Vases with Rope

    The simplicity and homeliness of the visuals of these Glass Vases with Rope do them a perfect wedding favor for guests and loved ones during a rustic-themed wedding.

    Wrapped in ropes, these rustic wedding favors are made of only high-quality material and will never topple.

    Guests may then grab their vase and bring it home as a memory of the beautiful ceremony they just witnessed.

    19. Copper Key Bottle Opener

    Apart from its classic shape, these rustic wedding favors have an air of mystery and opens up the possibility of treasure, elegance, romance, and much more.

    So take the skeleton key design, amped it with an antique copper finish and a practical bottle opener edge, and you have a Copper Key Bottle Opener that is a great rustic wedding favor.

    bottle openers

    20. Mini Olive Oil Wedding Favors

    Olive oil is one of Nature's most natural oils, and a rustic wedding will be more thematic when it is graced with a token of appreciation such as this Mini Olive Oil Wedding party favors for guests.

    Sourced from the best olive oils from Northern California, this product is shipped internationally to reach rustic weddings that appreciate the value and benefits of olive oils.

    21. Love In A Box Matchbox

    These Matchbox Wedding Favors make a delightful addition to any wedding! These rustic wedding favors are carefully crafted and features a custom label that adds a unique touch to your special day.

    Filled with matches and the addition of your personalization, your guests will be sure to cherish these keepsakes for years to come. 

    Guarantee your wedding is lit with these matchbox wedding favors.

    22. Rustic Monogram - Metallic Playing Cards

    This Unique Custom Playing Card favor features a rustic monogram and wood design that ties into your Rustic wedding theme.

    Perfect for guests at a bridal shower or wedding reception, this unique custom deck of cards is the best party favor for your rustic-themed wedding that will entertain any card enthusiast for a low price.

    23. Rustic Candy Boxes

    Rustic Candy Boxes that can keep treats and small party favors from your wedding are just the thing you want to make your rustic-themed wedding even more thematic.

    These rustic wedding party favor boxes are made of exquisite, sturdy, and harmless paperboard and can be reused after all the contents have been devoured.

    Each rustic favor box can fill with ten Hershey kisses, small candies, jewelry, or other small objects.

    24. Rustic Wood Place Card Holders

    These Rustic Wood Place Card Holders are rustic round wood with swirl wire clip and brown kraft paper place cards accented with white laurel leaves.

    Names of guests meant for a particular table can be placed on this table setting supply as it presents earthy, relaxed, and natural visuals perfect for rustic-themed weddings.

    25. Vintage Pink Glass

    Made from timeless vintage glass, this ­­­Vintage Pink Glass can be both a reception table decor and lovely rustic wedding favors.

    These vintage wedding favors are commonly used as a tea light holder, but their purpose is wider than the preference of your guests and loved ones.

    26. Hessian Burlap Lace Cutlery Holder Pouch

    Dress in a rustic theme for your wedding and make the whole "I do" crew do the same.

    When it comes to your cutleries, let their cover be thematic, too, with this Hessian Burlap Lace Cutlery Holder Pouch.

    These rustic country wedding favors make perfect party favor bags for a bridal shower, spring wedding, birthday, reception, and other events.

    27. Custom Engraved Wood Coaster

    You chose the rustic theme for your wedding because you want to be surrounded by nature-inspired and wood-designed peripherals.

    For your rustic wedding favor, let this Custom Engraved Wood Coaster gives you the feeling that you are around trees indeed.

    28. Bamboo Wood Tea Light Holder

    Give your guests a gift that radiates cozy farmhouse vibes with this Bamboo Wood Tea Light Holder.

    Designed with weddings, events, and long dinners in mind, these country wedding favors can hold 6-8 hour tea light candles for country wedding receptions.

    As the wedding guests bring it home, they also get your gratitude and love.

    29. Compass Wedding Favors

    Using an old navigating tool may be considered obsolete but giving it away as a favor for rustic-themed weddings will still be classy and elegant.

    These Compass Wedding party favors are made of aluminum alloy and are sturdy and durable.

    Hang it on a twig on a table or spread it like an added ambiance in the venue, then announce that guests may get one for themselves.

    30. Succulent Plants

    Let your table setting get as rustic as can be with these Small Faux Succulent Plants.

    Surprise guests as you let them take it home to thank them for making your wedding day extra special.

    This rustic wedding favor is made of plastic, ceramic, and natural pebbles.

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    31. Blooming Thanks Burlap Bag

    Our Burlap Bag Wedding Favor is the perfect addition to your special day. These high-quality burlap bags are the perfect way to thank your guests for being a part of your celebration.

    Whether used to store keepsakes or simply as a decorative item, these country wedding bags will bring cherished memories for your guests for many years to come!

    32. Tiny Drops Watering Can

    This decorative silver watering can is the epitome of rustic charm. The Tiny Drop Watering Can doubles as a beautiful wedding favor and a decorative addition to any wedding table.

    This charming watering can features a galvanized metal finish and a convenient handle.Fill each can with flowers or small wedding favors, place one at each place setting, and you have a pretty favor each guest is sure to love.

    Attach a favor card or ribbon (sold separately) for a personal touch.

    vases and containers

    33. Just Hitched Bottle Opener 

    People who live in the countryside are often seen wearing boots.

    So, as you get hitched, let your rustic wedding theme be graced with acute and cowboy inspired Just Hitched Bottle Opener.

    Place these rustic wedding favors on reception tables, hang it around the venue for an added rustic feel or hand these bottle openers out to guests.

    34. Modern Love Wreath Koozie

    These Koozie Wedding Favors are the perfect way to commemorate your special day.

    Laser engraved and made of faux leather, these country wedding favors will keep your guests' drinks cold and their hands warm. Featuring your personalized design, these favors make a great addition to any wedding reception.

    Give them out as special keepsakes or as party favors, and your guests will be sure to remember your special day.

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    35. Personalized Sparkler Stick Tags

    Sparkler Stick Tags are personalized paper tags that can be attached to sparklers as a gift.

    This personalized tag is printed on 100% recycled paper; each set includes 50 tags, which is enough for big rustic weddings!

    These rustic wedding favors are the perfect way to say Thank You at the end of your wedding.

    36. Wedding Tea Favors

    Tea favors are an excellent idea for a rustic wedding.

    You can customize them to suit your favorite flavors and colors; they are a sweet way to thank your guests.

    Our favorite tea favors for country wedding include chamomile, lemon balm, rose, and mixed tea.

    37. Custom Fridge Magnets

    One of the most popular rustic wedding favors is a set of Custom Fridge Magnets.

    These rustic wedding favors are a small gift that is easy to create and doesn't take up a lot of space.

    When choosing your design, remember to keep it simple. You want guests to refrain from hunting for a specific word or phrase on their fridge!

    48. Rustic Wedding Puzzle Favors

    Rustic Puzzle wedding favors are a great way to provide a memorable keepsake for your guests.

    A puzzle is something that most people enjoy doing, and this makes it an excellent favor for your country wedding.

    All you have to do is personalize these rustic wedding favors with a message, name, and wedding date.

    39. Rustic Theme Kisses Stickers

    There is nothing better than these Rustic-themed Kisses!

    Kisses Stickers are an adorable way to say thank you to your guests. You can use them as country wedding favors or other decorations.

    These rustic wedding favors come in many designs, so you will find one that suits your wedding theme.

    40. Wood Bottle Opener

    The Wood Bottle Opener is an excellent choice for a rustic wedding favor.

    These rustic wedding favors are handmade, and you can personalize them with couple's names, making them perfect for your big day.

    These beautiful and functional bottle openers are made from stainless steel and wood for your country wedding.

    41. Magnet Favors for Guest

    Flower Favors is a great way to celebrate the season, brighten up your wedding decor, and give guests something to take home with them.

    The dried flowers are thoughtful and beautiful, and they eliminate the need for additional seating and tables at your country wedding reception.

    Consider using these rustic wedding favors at your next wedding party and making those who attend feel special.

    42. Rustic Candle Favors

    Candles are a classic wedding favor, and these rustic candles will add a touch of country charm to your country wedding party.

    Whether you want to create your labels or buy pre-made ones, these Rustic Candles will make your guests feel special and honored.

    Plus, these rustic wedding favors will make a great addition to any décor you choose.

    43. Rustic Wood Grain Sunglasses

    Add a touch of rustic charm to your wedding with our Sebring Wood Grain Sunglasses. These wedding party favors feature a unique wood grain design that perfectly complements any rustic theme.

    Not only do they add a stylish element to your wedding photos, but they also provide UV400 protection for your guests' eyes. Your friends and family will love receiving these trendy and practical favors they can use long after your special day.

    Make a statement and let your guests enjoy the sun with these country wedding favors.

    44. Mini Wooden Treasure Chest Favor

    Looking for a unique and rustic wedding favor? Look no further than our Mini Wooden Treasure Chest Favor. These adorable little chests are the perfect way to thank your guests for participating in your country wedding.

    Made from high-quality wood, each chest is beautifully handcrafted and features intricate details. Fill them with small trinkets or treats that reflect your personality and style.

    Your guests will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful and charming favor that they can cherish as a keepsake.

    45. Personalized Rustic Lip Balm

    Give your guests a practical and personalized favor with our Rustic Lip Balm. These charming lip balms feature a rustic design and can be personalized with the bride and groom's names or a special message.

    Not only do they add a touch of country charm to your wedding, but they also keep your guests' lips soft and moisturized. Choose from five different floral designs to match your country wedding theme.

    Your guests will appreciate this thoughtful and useful favor they can use long after your special day.

    46. Rustic-Themed Mint To Be Favors

    Looking for the perfect favor to complete your country wedding? Look no further than our Rustic-Themed Mint To Be Favors. These individually packaged mints for your country wedding come with a beautifully designed rustic-style label that adds a touch of charm.

    Whether you choose to place them on the reception tables or add them to your guest's gift bags, these party favors with a personalized tag will be a hit.

    Your guests will love the refreshing taste and adorable packaging, making them the perfect little treat to thank them for being a part of your rustic wedding celebration.

    47. Fall Harvest Mason Jar with Tags

    Embrace the cozy vibes of the fall season with our Fall Harvest Mason Jar with Tags. This thick glass mason jar, complete with an airtight bamboo lid, is dishwasher safe and perfect for preserving the flavors of your favorite seasonal treats.

    The mason jar comfortably holds eight fluid ounces, ideal for serving delicious soups, hearty stews, or even homemade apple cider. And to add that extra touch of country wedding charm, each mason jar comes with rustic brown twine and a personalized tag.

    48. Personalized Kraft Hand Fan Favors

    Keep your guests cool and stylish with our Personalized Kraft Hand Fan Favors. These country-themed wedding hand fans are made from high-quality kraft paper and can be personalized with the bride and groom's names or a special message.

    Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and usefulness of this unique party favor that they can use to stay cool during the ceremony and take home as a keepsake.

    Perfect for those warm outdoor weddings, these hand fans are practical and add a rustic touch to your special day.

    49. Wildflowers Seed Packet Favors

    Looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your country wedding favors? Our Wildflowers Seed Packet Favors are the perfect choice. Wildflowers are a beautiful addition to any garden and symbolize love, growth, and new beginnings, the perfect sentiment for a country wedding.

    These adorable seed packets are customizable with your names and wedding date, allowing you to create a personalized favor that your guests will adore.

    These country-themed wedding seed packets are a thoughtful and unique favor that your guests can take home and plant, allowing them to enjoy the beauty of your special day.

    50. Dried Flower Bouquet Magnet Favors

    Dried Flower Bouquet Magnet Favors are the perfect way to add a touch of rustic charm to your wedding or bridal shower.

    These unique party favors feature real natural dried flowers, preserved to maintain their beauty for years to come. Each bouquet is delicately arranged and attached to a magnet, making them a functional and decorative gift for your guests.

    Add a personalized tag or a jute rope bow tie for an extra special touch. These favors are not only beautiful but also a wonderful way to bring a piece of nature into your celebration.

    51. Personalized Wedding Chocolate

    If you are looking for a delicious and personalized favor for your rustic wedding, look no further than Personalized Wedding Chocolate.

    With options to customize the wrappers with your names, wedding date, or a special message, personalized wedding chocolates are a unique way to incorporate your rustic wedding theme into every aspect of your celebration.

    Plus, they can also be a delightful favor for other occasions like a baby shower. Treat your guests to a sweet and memorable gift with these rustic party favors.

    52. Rustic Wedding Pashmina Shawl

    Complete your country-themed wedding with a cozy and stylish touch by gifting your guests with Rustic Wedding Pashmina Shawls.

    These party favors are not only keep your loved ones warm during the celebration, but they also make for a stunning accessory. To make them even more special, add a personalized tag with a heartfelt message or the couple's names and wedding date.

    Your guests will appreciate this thoughtful and practical favor, and it will serve as a cherished memento from your special day.

    53. Rustic Mini Wedding Soap Favors

    If you're looking for a unique and practical favor for your rustic wedding, consider Rustic Mini Wedding Soap Favors.

    Each party favor is handmade and comes in a variety of rustic-inspired designs, from delicate floral patterns to country-themed shapes, to add a touch of charm to your wedding details. You can even personalize them with a custom tag featuring your couple's names and wedding date.

    These rustic party favors for guests are not only perfect for weddings, but they can also be a great choice for other occasions like a baby shower.

    wedding favors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is a normal amount to spend on wedding favors?

    The amount spent on wedding favors can vary depending on your budget and the number of guests. A good range to aim for is around $2 to $4 per favor. This allows you to choose unique and personalized gifts without breaking the bank.

    Q2. What are some good ideas for wedding favors?

    There are plenty of creative ideas for wedding favors! Some popular choices include personalized coasters, mini succulent plants, and customized bottle openers.Other unique options include homemade jam or honey, wildflower seed packets, and burlap favor bags.

    Q3. Is it rude not to have wedding favors?

    While wedding favors are a nice gesture, they are not mandatory. It is ultimately up to the couple to decide if they want to include favors as part of their wedding day.

    Some couples may choose to allocate their budget to other aspects of the wedding, such as the venue or entertainment.

    Q4. Do you still give out wedding favors?

    Wedding favors are still a common tradition, but many couples are opting for more unique and personalized gifts. The trend has shifted towards favors that reflect the couple's personality and can be used or enjoyed by guests.

    Whether it is mason jar drinking glasses or s'mores kits, couples are choosing favors that are memorable and reflect the rustic charm of a country wedding.