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    17 Adorable Succulent Wedding Favors

    They are fresh, colorful and will definitely be a great addition to your table set up. Your guest will truly feel you r love and appreciation for them as you let them take home a gorgeous succulent favor. Make sure you choose one that will blend well with your wedding theme and motif, Not only that, choose the packaging carefully making sure your succulents are well protected and your guests get to see just how beautiful your thank you gifts are for them.  Arrange them separately in a table or have them as a decorative piece in every table. 

    Here are 17 of the best succulent wedding favors you can choose from: 

    17. Colorful Succulent Cuttings

    These Colorful Succulent Cuttings are composed of 30 colorful succulent cuttings including crassula, aeonium, sedeveria, sedum, jade, , pachyveria, and echeveria, ranging From 1 to 3 inches in size. As much color as possible maybe included but note that color is seasonal, so the package will come in colors depending on the season and availability.

    16. Small Succulent Plants

     They will surely love to take these beautiful low maintenance and pretty succulent plants home. Perfect for your beach wedding, these succulent plants are sure to last a long time compared to the real ones. Potted in its own miniature ceramic containers, these small faux succulents can be used as a place card holder, a centerpiece and even double as a wedding favor for your guests.

    15. Mini Succulents

    These Mini Succulents are perfect for party favors to say thank you to your guests on your big day! Its easy to wrap as all paper and twine are already cut and has a link with the video on how to do it. The price is for 12 pieces 2". Your guests would surely love to bring these treats home. 

    14. Succulent Wedding Favors

    This is one favor that will last beyond your wedding. Succulents and cactus are beautiful, fun, easy to grow and care for. Your guests and loved ones will certainly love these Succulent Wedding Favors encased in a mini glass container. Choose from the available colors of your lantern - cream, black, silver, matte or gold. 

    13. Haworthia Terrarium Making Wedding Favors

     These Haworthia Terrarium Making Wedding Favors are perfect for your wedding guests. You can be sure you are providing the premium quality plants. Succulents need light to survive so be sure to take them out of the box as soon as they arrive so they can prosper! Your friends and loved ones will surely be delighted! 

    12. Live Succulents

    They are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. These Live Succulents will have you sending guest home with something that can adorn their gardens or living area with. They are easy to grow and need very little maintenance to survive. Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers, and flower boxes. 

    11. Succulents Wrapped in Burlap

     These Succulents Wrapped in Burlap are tied up with twine and topped with moss. You will receive 2” succulent pot wrapped in burlap. If the local temperature is below 40, please purchase a heat pack and upgrade the shipping to priority. These are perfect for bridal showers, wedding or party favors.

    10. Succulent Wedding Favor

    This Succulent Wedding Favor comes with a free downloadable “Please Take a Succulent” sign to put out on display. Each succulent is 2 inches and comes potted in a plastic terracotta pot with lace trim. There are 2 designs for the plant sign available. Be sure to include any personalized information. 

    9. Succulent Aromatherapy

    It doubles as a perfect thank you gift and creates a romantic atmosphere for your wedding. Guests would love to take home these cactus tea light candles. It’s made of high-quality paraffin wax candle material. The holder ensures that it won’t spill while burning and extends the time of burning. What’s more, its environment-friendly at a very affordable price.

    8. Echeveria Robin x Wild Colorata

    This Echeveria Robin x Wild Colorata will go so well with your garden wedding and the red wedding motif. Expect to receive the goods in 7-10 days after SHIPPING(SHIP EVERY FRIDAY). No need to be nervous ordering this product online even if you are across the country as 99% of the succulents arrive just fine. These premium quality plants will definitely impress your guests. 

    7. Succulents

    Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers and flower boxes. Give your guest something that can adorn their gardens or living area with these gorgeous succulents. This gift comes with a how-to-care for your succulents. They are easy to grow, saves water and they are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. 

    6. Succulent Bridal Shower Favor

     This Succulent Bridal Shower Favor is fully assembled and ready to be given away to your guests. Give your guests a refreshing thank you with these cute succulent scented soap favors. These beautifully formed handmade glycerin soaps are the perfect favor gift for your next party. The glycerin soap is rich and foamy and will leave skin feeling supremely moisturized and wonderfully scented. Your guests will adore this gorgeous little gift.

    5. Echeveria Laui Succulent

     The white with a touch of pink color simply matches your wedding motif! Complete the joy of your guests and delight them with this Echeveria Laui Succulent. These plants need light to survive so be sure to take them out of the box as soon as they arrive so they can prosper. 

    4. Decorative Succulent Cactus Tealight

    This is one wedding favor that will bring all the warmth and love of your wedding day into the homes of your friends and loved ones. Your guests would love to take home these Decorative Succulent Cactus Tealight. It’s made from unscented paraffin wax candle material. It produces no black smoke making it safe to use indoors. It comes in a variety of different shapes and has a burning time of up to 5 hours.  

    3. Assorted Succulent Favor Gifts

     These Assorted Succulent Favor Gifts come in 20 packs with personalization option. The plants are in 5.5 cm (2.2inches) pots. The healthiest and best quality plants are selected from nursery and packed with unique packaging method. The packages reach your address without any problems. Depending on the condition of the plants, changes can be made in plant species by choosing the fullest and healthiest plants.

    2. Live Succulents

    They are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. Give your guest something that can adorn their gardens or living area with these Live Succulents. They are easy to grow and needs very little maintenance to survive.  Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers and flower boxes. As these succulents grow and mature they spread to create a carpet of colors and contrasts, reminding your guest of the wonderful feeling they felt on your wedding day.    

    1. Echeveria Pink Champagne

    The color of this succulent favor will definitely remind your guest of your wonderful wedding. Not only that , these Echeveria Pink Champagne will be easy to take good care of and will surely adorn any home nicely. Guests would be delighted to bring home this gift.