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    Add a Little Green to Your Wedding with Succulent Favors

    They are fresh and colorful and will be a great addition to your table. Your guest will truly feel your love and appreciation for them as you let them take home a gorgeous succulent favor.

    Not only are succulent wedding favors beautiful and eye-catching, but they also make lovely, long-lasting keepsakes. Succulents are an increasingly popular choice for wedding favors, offering fun and creative ways to add a touch of green to your big day.

    Read on to learn about the top 43 succulent wedding favors you can give your guests.

    43 Adorable Succulent Wedding Favors

    1. Blossoming Love Shot Glass

    Raise a toast on your wedding day with these simplistic, personalized, succulent themed shot glasses. With the phrase "Let Love Grow" and personalized with 2 lines of text, these laser engraved shot glasses are sure to be a hit during any of your wedding festivities.

    2. Scented Candle for Spa Home

    Eye-catching and relaxing wedding memorabilia. Who would think these are candles, with their intricate hand-crafted design? Scented Candle for Spa Home is petroleum-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free.

    Made from vegetable oil and beeswax that smells of vibrant spring blossoms, each party favor is poured with exclusive design, is quality hand-painted, and is clean-burning.

    3. Seed in compost

    Be an environmental advocate and support this eco-friendly & zero waste Seed in compost. This wedding favor is ideal for the eco-conscious bride & groom that want a low-impact wedding.

    Handmade from a recycled jam jar and compost, with a succulent seed, a parcel tie, and a recycled paper sticker.

    4. Succulent wedding favor

    Give a cute green token to those succulent lovers and collectors on your wedding day. These Succulent Wedding Favor are truly bewitching to be taken home.

    Each eco-friendly party favor is designed with one succulent cutting with roots and comes completely assembled and has pretty preserved moss added to each one for an excellent packaging presentation wrapped with jute ribbon.

    5. Succ In The Relaxation

    Since you are giving a wedding favor, you can always give Succ In The Relaxation. After a long night of partying, we all deserve tranquillity and rest.

    Give your guests or just your bride tribe the extravagance of this succulent favor set that will make their skin feel so soft and restored due to its fast-absorbing and calming, light scent.

    These eco-friendly wedding favors are made from nutrient-rich oils and Shea, coconut, and olive oil for superior hydration.

    6. Cactus & Succulents Pencils

    During this pandemic, it is now practical and safe to bring your pen and pencil to use. You can let your guest use these pencils for writing their dedication or personal messages, and they can keep these succulent favors with them for future use. 

    Cactus & Succulents Pencils party favor is an essential giveaway for kids or young at heart, teachers and office workers, and an added collection for pencil collectors.

    7. Artificial Green Assorted Succulents in Glass Jar

    A unique favor idea for a succulent-themed wedding is the Artificial Green Assorted Succulents in Glass Jar. A magnificent decoration to your wedding venue that doubles as a wedding favor as well, this refreshing plant in a glass will be worth the purchase.

    Guests will surely appreciate these different hanging succulent plants vibe as most succulents are just placed on the counter table and desk on a reception venue.

    8. Big Hoops Succulent earrings

    Adding to the boho and hippie wedding theme, Big Hoops Succulent Earrings are superb. Your bride tribe and lady guests will surely adore these wedding favors with tiny succulents in bloom to accentuate their outfits.

    Created with polymer clay, these succulent favors have an approximate drop length of 2 inches. They are incredibly lightweight - posts are hypo-allergenic and nickel-free.

    9. Succulent Soaps

    Soaps as a wedding favor are now vital and practical during this pandemic. This beautifully formed handmade glycerin Succulent Soap is the perfect favor gift. These glycerin soap favors are rich and foamy, leaving skin feeling supremely moisturized and wonderfully scented.

    A fully assembled ready to give so you no longer have to separate and pack them up. You can choose from various colors to match your wedding theme and scents you can combine, too.

    10. Let Love Grow- Custom Wedding Seed

    "Patience is a virtue" Your wedding will teach everyone such a lesson, and it will linger on as they try to let a plan grow from scratch.

    They can quickly start seedling this handmade Let Love Grow succulent wedding favors and practice patience to wait for the outcome on how beautiful the process of life is for these mixed wildflower seeds, just like every marriage would grow with care and maintenance.

    11. Succulent Cactus Tealight Candles in Glass 

    You can put your mind at ease about these Succulent Cactus Tealight Candles in Glass wax because they will melt but will not spill. The glass holder can catch the overflow and display and not cover the cuteness of the succulent candles.

    These eco-friendly succulent favors are a perfect ornament on reception venue and an additional display for their home.

    12. Succulents in Rustic Metal Container and Cage

    For people who have zero patience but want to see the succulent plants fresh and treat them as an ornament, Succulents in Rustic Metal Container and Cage is a perfect fit.

    This vibrant-looking embellishment will exceed their expectations for a wedding favor. The rustic cage suits those who rock house rustic designs.

    13. You Grow Girl

    Show your wedding guests and VIPs how much they mean to you by giving them tender loving care with You Grow Girl. The wedding favor set contains a scented candle and colorful matches in a glass jar to set the mood, a naturally scented bath bomb to soak in, a moisturizing lip balm, and a packaged with great care and locally grown live succulent as the centerpiece.

    To make it more special, it also includes a beautiful greeting card with a personalized message from you to thank them for attending your matrimonial day.

    14. Succulent Comb 

    Another ornament that they can add to accentuate their outfit on their wedding day is the Succulent Comb. For the hair that elicits "Wow", this simple yet distinctively styled comb is a go!

    A simple comb like this has been used in the old times for tidying up and decorating the hair, not just for everyday use but as a decoration for every event. This greenery succulent comb will not overpower any other jewelry they will use.

    15. Succulent Lip Balm 

    No more chapped lips for everyone! Keep the guests' lips supple and luscious with this wedding favor: Succulent Lip Balm. Everyone deserves lip moisturization as lip balms are now used as gender-neutral and part of hygiene and beauty routines.

    The exciting part is it comes with a customary label that can match your wedding theme.

    16. Premium Varieties Succulents 

    You can give them this grown and charming Premium Varieties Succulent to simplify your wedding favour options. These party favors have various options to choose from in these bulk and colorful assortments.

    It has been proven that succulents are good at removing toxins from the air. It also boosts concentration, helps reduce stress by caring for houseplants, reduces blood pressure, calms the mood, and helps people recover from anxiety. Beneficial and beautiful, these succulent wedding favors are indeed a must-have.

    17. Colorful Succulent Cuttings

    These Colorful Succulent Cuttings are composed of 30 colorful succulent cuttings, including Crassula, Aeonium, Sedeveria, Sedum, Jade, Pachyveria, and Echeveria, ranging From 1 to 3 inches in size.

    As much color as possible may be included, but note that color is seasonal so that the succulent cutting package will come in colors depending on the season and availability.

    18. Small Succulent Plants

    They will surely love to take these beautiful succulent plants home. Perfect for your beach wedding, these Succulent Plants are sure to last longer than the real ones.

    Potted in their miniature ceramic containers, these small faux succulents can be used as a place card holder, a centerpiece and even double as a wedding favor for your guests.

    19. Mini Succulents

    These Mini Succulents are perfect for party favors to say thank you to your guests on your big day! It is easy to wrap as all paper and twine are already cut, and it has a link with the video on how to do it.

    The price is for 12 pieces 2". Your guests would surely love to bring these succulent favors home.

    20. Succulent Wedding Favors

    This is one wedding favor that will last beyond your wedding. Succulents and cactus are beautiful, fun, and easy to grow and care for.

    Your guests and loved ones will love these Succulent Wedding Favors encased in a mini glass container. Choose from the available colors of your lantern - cream, black, silver, matte or gold.

    21. Haworthia Terrarium Making Wedding Favors

     These Haworthia Terrarium Making wedding favors are perfect for your wedding guests. You can be sure you are providing premium quality succulent plants for your succulent wedding.

    Succulents need light to survive, so take these wedding favors out of the box as soon as they arrive so they can prosper! Your friends and loved ones will surely be delighted!

    22. Live Succulents

    These succulent planters are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. These Live Succulents will have you sending guest home with something that can adorn their gardens or living area.

    These succulent wedding favors are easy to grow and need very little maintenance to survive. Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers, and flower boxes.

    23. Succulents Wrapped in Burlap

    These Succulents Wrapped in Burlap are tied up with twine and topped with moss. You will receive a 2" succulent pot wrapped in burlap.

    If the local temperature is below 40, please purchase a heat pack and upgrade the shipping to priority. These wedding favors are perfect for bridal showers, succulent weddings or party favors.

    24. Succulent Wedding Favor

    This Succulent Wedding Favor comes with a free downloadable "Please Take a Succulent" sign to put out on display.

    Each succulent favor is 2 inches and comes potted in a plastic terracotta pot with lace trim. There are two designs for the succulent plants sign available. Be sure to include any personalized information.

    25. Succulent Aromatherapy

    It doubles as a perfect thank-you gift and creates a romantic atmosphere for your wedding. Guests would love to take home these Tealight Cactus Candles. It is made of high-quality paraffin wax candle material.

    The holder ensures that it won't spill while burning and extends the burning time. What's more, it is environment-friendly at a very affordable price for your succulent wedding.

    26. Echeveria Robin x Wild Colorata

    This Echeveria Robin x Wild Colorata will go well with your garden wedding and the red motif. Expect to receive the goods 7-10 days after shipping.

    No need to be nervous ordering this product online, even if you are across the country, as 99% of the succulents arrive just fine. These premium-quality succulent plants will impress your succulent wedding guests. 

    27. Succulents

    Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers and flower boxes. Give your guest something that can adorn their gardens or living area with these eco-friendly Gorgeous Succulents.

    This perfect gift comes with how-to-care for your succulents. These low-maintenance succulent planters are easy to grow, save water, and look lovely as it bolts when it blooms. 

    28. Succulent Bridal Shower Favor

    This Succulent Bridal Shower Favor is fully assembled and ready to be given away to your guests. These cute succulent scented soap favors will give your guests a refreshing thank you.

    These beautifully formed handmade glycerin soaps are the perfect favor gift for your next party. The glycerin soap is rich and foamy, leaving skin feeling supremely moisturized and wonderfully scented. Your guests will adore this gorgeous little gift.

    29. Echeveria Laui Succulent

    The white with a touch of pink color matches your wedding motif! Complete the joy of your succulent wedding guests and delight them with this Echeveria Laui Succulent.

    These succulent plants need light to survive, so be sure to take them out of the box as soon as they arrive so they can prosper.

    30. Decorative Succulent Cactus Tealight

    This wedding favour will bring all the warmth and love of your wedding day into the homes of your friends and loved ones. Your guests would love to take home these Decorative Succulent Cactus Tealight. It is made from unscented paraffin wax candle material.

    It produces no black smoke making it safe to use indoors. It comes in various shapes and has a burning time of up to 5 hours, making it a perfect gift giving favor for your succulent wedding.

    31. Assorted Succulent Favor Gifts

    These Assorted Succulent Favor corporate gifts come in 20 packs with a personalization option. The succulent plants are in 5.5 cm (2.2 inches) pots. The healthiest and best quality plants are selected from the nursery and packed with unique packaging methods.

    The packages reach your address without any problems. Depending on the plants'' condition, plant species can be changed by choosing the fullest and healthiest succulent plants.

    32. Live Succulents

    They are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. Give your guest something that can adorn their gardens or living area with these eco-friendly Live Succulents. These low-maintenance succulent planters are easy to grow and need very little maintenance to survive.

    Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers and flower boxes.

    33. Echeveria Pink Champagne

    The color of this succulent favor will remind your guest of your wonderful wedding. Also, this Echeveria Pink Champagne will be easy to take good care of and adorn any home nicely.

    Guests would be delighted to bring home this perfect gift. 

    34. Wooden Succulent Pots

    For a truly unique and stylish wedding favor, consider giving your guests eco-friendly Wooden Succulent Pots! This party favor comes in various shapes and sizes and make an excellent addition to any woodland wedding theme.

    Not only will they look fantastic displayed on your tables, but they can also be used as place cards, with a name card for each guest tucked into the Pot.

    35. Elegant Live Succulents

    Live succulents are a beautiful, unique way to add a touch of nature to your special day. These eco-friendly succulent plants are hardy, easy to care for and make great conversation starters.

    For an extra-special touch, you can customize each Elegant Pot with a sticker featuring the happy couple's names and the wedding date.

    36. Rustic Live Succulents

    For a unique and rustic wedding favor, consider providing your guests with a live succulent in a Rustic Wooden Planter. You can find a variety of rustic-style succulent planters online or at home improvement stores made from wood or other natural materials.

    These wedding favor ideas make a stunningly attractive addition to any wedding table and allow your guests to take home a living gift.

    37. Succulent Magnet Favors

    If you want a unique wedding favor idea, why not consider Succulent Magnets? Succulents are becoming increasingly popular, a great way to add green to your special day.

    Succulent magnet favors are a great way to add greenery to your wedding day. They are affordable, easy to make, and a unique way to show appreciation for your guests.

    38. Desert Cactus Scent Candle

    If you want a unique wedding favor your guests will love, you can’t go wrong with Desert Cactus-scented Candles. This type of candle is made from coconut wax and features a beautiful light green color with cacti and succulent details.

    These candles are perfect for outdoor weddings since they bring in a bit of the desert without being too overpowering.

    39. Personalized Mini Pot Favors

    When looking for fun and rustic wedding favours, why not add some unique Wooden Pots to your special day? Mini wooden pots make the perfect succulent wedding favors, and they are cute, tiny and easy to personalize!

    Perfect for any rustic wedding, these eco-friendly mini pots are ideal for showing your guests how much you care.

    40. Colorful Ceramic Succulent Pots

    Attractive and stout, your wedding guests cannot resist and will have difficulty picking from these Colorful Ceramic Succulent Pots.

    Indeed, a part of nature and adding positive energy, whether indoors or outdoors, these succulent plant pots are painted with a Bohemia element picture.

    41. Cactus Shaped Cork Coasters

    These cactus-shaped cork coasters bring a unique and fun touch to your special day! This beautiful Coaster Set is perfect for adding a little green to your wedding decorations.

    The cork material is all-natural and absorbent, making it the perfect addition to any party or special event. Not to mention, the personalized feature of this product allows you to add the bride and groom's names along with their wedding date for an extra special touch.

    42. Succulent Soaps

    Give your guests something unique to remember your special day with Succulent Soaps. Succulent soaps are a unique and fun way to give guests a meaningful wedding favor.

    These soap favors are made of high-quality organic shea butter, coconut oil, and other natural ingredients. Guests will surely love the personal touch that comes with this eco-friendly favor.

    43. Tile Pot with Live Succulent

    This gorgeous and unique succulent favor will leave a lasting impression on your guests. A Handmade Tile Pot with a live succulent is one of the creative ways to give your guests something special to remember your big day.

    The tiles are handcrafted from ceramic and feature intricate designs, adding a touch of classic elegance to your wedding reception.