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    17 Fun and Creative Las Vegas-Inspired Wedding Favors for Your Big Day

    Oh, la la! Here comes one of the wildest dreams you could ever have, a wedding in Vegas!. With a few spins and a turn of luck of your milestone with your “beloved partner in crime” make sure that what happens in Vegas, will not just stay in Vegas but will run over time and for a lifetime. Make it even more extraordinary by spreading the vibe to your guests and loved ones. After all, not everyone can manage to say “I Do” in Las Vegas. Here is the 17 Best Las Vegas Wedding Favors you may giveaway, just so they can bring home joy and fun.

    17. Rainbow Stainless Steel Hip Flask

    You were never in Vegas if you did not even sip their finest and probably most expensive liquor. This Rainbow Stainless Steel Hip Flask will give your guests a memorable taste of such beverage and bring home a souvenir, of the wedding, not of being tipsy. Wink! Measuring 5" high, 3-3/4" wide,  and  1" deep, this stainless steel flask makes for a perfect giveaway for any occasion.

    16. 50 LAS VEGAS WEDDING Magnetic Poker Chips


    Going to a place like vegas means you have to visit their casinos and roll your dice to fortune, or simply have fun. These 50 LAS VEGAS WEDDING Magnetic Poker Chips are the amazing replicas of actual Las Vegas Casino chips, only you cannot exchange them for actual money. But if souvenir and gambler feel is your intention, this does the trick. Full crisp color and larger text formatting make these the ultimate Poker Chip wedding favor and these are printed on heavy-duty and high-quality vinyl so you may play with them or keep them for long.

    15. Glow in The Dark Rave Party Glasses

    Make your wedding guests feel like they are partying like there is no tomorrow with these Glow in The Dark Rave Party Glasses. None of them will want the sun to come up yet as these cool glowsticks formed into eyewear are just stunning and fun to display. They will glow super bright for hours of illumination to outlast any event or festivity. Plus if your guests did not crack or activate the sticks, they may bring them home and use them whenever they feel like reliving their time in Vegas.

    14. Disposable Flasks 

    The guests are already in Las Vegas, they might as well get wasted! It might be the only place they will be proud to be drunk in but just to make sure that no one can keep count of the brewski or grapes they took in, giveaway these Disposable Flasks . They can all just fill it with their choice of poison and they are good to go roaming around and partying all night. The next day, no one’s gonna know where the rinks have been and how many they have taken in.

    13. Funny Fanny Packs

    Your wedding tribe is as jubilant as you to roam around the busy streets of Vegas. Equip them with these Funny Fanny Packs and they will have their essentials at arm’s length. Such essentials include, but are not limited to, their phones, spray mist to sober up a bit when they are drunk and a few casino chips they may want to bring home as souvenirs. An oil-based gold glitter paint is a silkscreen printed on each bag by hand, creating a high-quality finished product. Party and be ready, that’s the goal!

    12. Married In Las Vegas Shirt

    They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But if it’s a bogus wedding, then people can flaunt this Married In Las Vegas Shirt as a pun to their friends and loved ones. Of course, your wedding must be legit. As for your guests, well this wedding favor can make them a humorous traveler to Vegas or an actual married person in Vegas. Made of 100% ring-spun cotton, this shirt is pre-shrunk and has shoulder-to-shoulder taping.

    11. Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit

    Now, this Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit wedding favor is not for your guests’ use but for taking home to their loved ones and friends who might want a taste of Vegas too. This cocktail kit is ideal for airplane rides, hotel rooms, and on-the-go excursions or as a gift to someone who just loves to drink anywhere. Since the drinks are inside a compact portable-sized box, traveling with them will be a breeze.

    10. Las Vegas Wedding Lip Balm 

    Try drinking a lot. Your mouth will dry, and your lips will chap. Give this Las Vegas Wedding Lip Balm  to your wedding guests and prepare them for what is about to come. Made with the best organic stuff, this balm may be personalized so your bride tribe will be some of the people who will benefit from your care and love, not to mention a gallant wedding destination. So, go ahead and give them all a taste of Vegas and a glide of Beeswax, Sunflower oil, & Essential Oil Blend on their lips.

    9. Las Vegas Sign Beverage Can Cooler

    Serve the beers and canned beverages, your guests will love your Vegas wedding more as they hold their liquor with a dry hand as it is maintained cold by this Las Vegas Sign Beverage Can Cooler. It is available in 31 colors Gold, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Coral, Peach, Orange, Burnt Orange, Dusty Rose, Blush, Tangerine, Strawberry, Red, Crimson, Maroon, Raspberry, Hot Pink, Orchid, Eggplant, Purple, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Cerulean, Neon Blue, Robins, Egg Blue, Frost, Placid Blue, Teal, Mint, Lime Green, Pistachio, Emerald, Kelly Green, Sage, Olive, Forest Green, Camel, Sandstone, Taupe, Camo, Ture Life Camo, Gray, Charcoal, White, Brown, and Black so pick one that suits your wedding theme.

    8. Vegas Baby Hair Tie

    Never underestimate the power of a Vegas Baby Hair Tie, especially for women who are always on the go. This favor will give you 2 Hair ties and a backing card of your choice. These are presented on a gorgeous PEARL card stock that can be customized with your special date, hashtag, or name! So whether your guests aim to gamble or drink after your wedding, these ties will come in handy as they pull their hairs up and get going.

    7. Pain Reliever

    Traveling itself can cause stress and headache. Add a hangover or lack of sleep due to all-night gambling and your guests will have guaranteed migraines. Well, show your love and care by giving away an advanced potion, to an inevitable ailment that is the common side effect of having fun. Plus, this Pain Reliever is also a great stock pill for menstrual aches and muscle pain. It reduces fever too. Now, this should be in every guest’s traveling kit. Thanks to you, it will be.

    6. Las Vegas Keychain

    After a day or two of having fun in Vegas, let your guests, and loved ones bring home a reminder of how fun your wedding was. How? By letting their keys hang in this Las Vegas Keychain wedding favor. Measuring approximately 1.3 x 1.3in, this favor comes with a 1-inch flat keyring. Now they can swing it, attach it in their waists or hold it with pride as they feed on the envy of those onlookers who did not get the privilege of attending your wedding in Vegas.

    5. Cheers Bottle Stopper

    Anything that sparks and glitters will depict a time in Vegas. Let this Cheers Bottle Stopper FWF be a true epitome of a cheerful time that your gusts had on your special day. It comes in a Bokeh design bottom box with a black interior stage and a clear display top. The box is wrapped with an ecru color organza ribbon and bow for a cute gift-giving effect. Attached to the ribbon is a matching Bokeh design 'For you' tag.

    4. Mini Red Gumball Machine

    A cute and sweet way to imitate a slot machine that is famous in Vegas is to give away this Mini Red Gumball Machine as your wedding favor. Guests and loved ones will have a feel of holding a switch and watching a prize go down and be released for their enjoyment. This way, they don’t need to gamble their finances, just the strength of their jaws. There will be a lot of chewing involved when gums are in the picture.

    3. Personalized Foil Playing Cards

    Okay. It’s a deck of cards. You are in Vegas. Is there any more explanation needed? Your guests and loved ones will enjoy receiving and playing these Personalized Foil Playing Cards, as it will not only remind them of your wedding but will also make them feel they will always be in the location of your special day. Bets on or off, the owner of these numbered papers are sure winners already.

    2. Wedding Bubbles In Champagne

    Pop up something bubbly on your wedding day and give away a take-home of such fun with this Wedding Bubbles In Champagne. It’s sold in quantities of 24 so more and more guests can enjoy being playful on your wedding day and the days after. Measuring 8.6cm in height and 2.5cm in diameter, this favor is made of plastic and is non-toxic and environmentally safe, even kids can enjoy it, or adults that want to act like ones.

    1. Playing Card Bottle Opener

    This Playing Card Bottle Opener is a great wedding favor for a Las Vegas-themed wedding or bridal shower. How can it not? It features a card design that just reeks of casino and games and a bottle opener that, well, opens a bottle of Vegas-inspired beverages. Made from stainless steel with a matte black finish and a spade-shaped opener, this favor can be personalized with names, last names, special messages, and your wedding date.