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    Breaking Down the Cost of Wedding Favors: What Our Data Tells Us?

    When it comes to wedding favors, the question of "How much to spend on wedding favors?" is one that couples often struggle with. When budgeting for your big day, it is essential to consider the wedding favors cost and the type you'd like to give out.

    In this blog post, we will explore the data on wedding favor costs and discuss what our findings tell us about how much you should spend on favors for your wedding party.

    If you are wondering how much you should spend on wedding favors, read on and find out!

    The Ultimate Guide to Deciding How Much to Spend on Wedding Favors!

    How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Favors?

    The Average Cost of Wedding Favors

    One of the most important decisions you'll make when planning your wedding is how much to spend on wedding favors. The cost of wedding favors can quickly add up, so setting a realistic budget for this aspect of your wedding is essential.

    Based on our research, we have found that most couples spend around $2 to $3 per guest on wedding favors. This can vary depending on the number of guests, the type of favors chosen, and other factors such as the location of the wedding party.

    While $2 to $3 per guest may seem small, it can quickly add up if you have an extensive guest list. For example, if you have 150 guests, you must budget $300 to $450 for wedding favors alone.

    What Does Our Data Tell Us?

    Our Forever Wedding Favors website provides us with insightful data about the most popular wedding favors that customers purchase.

    After analyzing the data, we found that bottle openers are the most commonly purchased wedding favor, followed by candles, playing cards, coasters, and shot glasses.

    While this information may seem irrelevant to the question of how much to spend on wedding favors, it provides valuable insight into how couples can make the most of their wedding favor budget.

    By choosing a popular and affordable favor, such as bottle openers or playing cards, couples can save money without sacrificing quality or guest satisfaction.

    How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Favors?

    Now that we have covered the basics of wedding favors, it Is time to dive into the question on everyone's mind: how much should you spend on them?

    At Forever Wedding Favors, we have had thousands of orders on our website, giving us a pretty good idea of what couples spend on their favors.

    To help you make an informed decision, we have put together a chart of our top-selling favors and the average amount our customers spend on them

    wedding favors cost

      As you can see, the cost per item varies widely depending on the type of favor. While hand fans, shot glasses, and playing cards might seem like a budget-friendly option at $2.00 per item, remember that you'll likely need to order a larger quantity to ensure all your guests receive one.

      Additionally, our data shows that couples are willing to spend anywhere from $1 to $5 per favor, with the average cost hovering around $3 per favor.

      Of course, the final wedding favors cost will depend on the number of guests, the chosen favor, and the overall budget for the wedding party.

      Overall, our data highlights the importance of selecting a party favor that is both affordable and appealing to guests.

      With careful planning and consideration, couples can make the most of their wedding favor budget and create a memorable experience for their guests without breaking the bank.

      Our Top 5 Best Selling Wedding Favors

      When deciding how much to spend on wedding favors, looking at what's popular on our site is helpful. At Forever Wedding Favors, our top five most-sold wedding favors are listed below:

      How much to spend on wedding favors

      Playing Card Bottle Opener are by far the most popular wedding favor, with over 90 sales. Leather Bottle Opener and Floral Candles follow closely, with over 60 sales, respectively.

      Hand fans are great for outdoor weddings or summer events, with over 70 sales. Playing Cards, although less popular than the other favors, still have over 30 sales.

      1. Playing Card Bottle Opener

      If you and your partner are avid card game players, consider giving your guests a Playing Card Bottle Opener as a wedding favor. This unique and practical gift will surely be a hit among your guests and leave a lasting impression on your special day.

      This bottle opener is made of stainless steel with a matte black finish, making it durable and stylish.

      2. Simple Personalized Hand Fans

      If you plan a summer wedding or outdoor ceremony, Hand Fans can be a thoughtful and practical favor option for your destination wedding.

      They will keep your guests cool and double as a fun and decorative element to your overall wedding aesthetic.

      Simple personalized hand fans are an excellent choice for couples on a tight budget. These fans typically come in five color options, featuring a personalized sticker for one side.

      3. Leather Bottle Opener

      For a rustic or vintage-themed wedding, a Leather Bottle Opener is a perfect favor option that guests will love.

      Made from stainless steel with laser-engraved leatherette handles, these bottle openers are both stylish and functional.

      These favors can be customized with the couple's initials or wedding date, making them a personalized and thoughtful gift.

      4. Floral Garden Candles

      Floral Garden Candles make a stunning and unique party favor that guests adore.

      The candles are beautifully designed, with intricate flower patterns that add an elegant touch to any wedding décor.

      Not only do these candles look stunning, but they also come with the bonus of a personalized sticker.

      5. Floral Garden Playing Cards

      If you and your significant other are big fans of games and cards, then why not gift your guests a deck of personalized playing cards?

      These Floral Garden Playing Cards come in five beautiful designs and are perfect for your garden wedding party. You can customize the design with many sticker colors available to match your wedding theme.

      These top five sold wedding favors are just a few examples of endless possibilities.

      Remember to choose a favor that is personal to you and your partner and will make your guests feel appreciated for celebrating your special day with you.

      Tips for Staying Within Your Budget

      Wedding Favor ideas and tips

      Wedding favors can be one of the most memorable and cherished elements of your big day, but they can also add up quickly in cost.

      However, there are several tips you can follow to stay within your budget when it comes to wedding favors.

      1. Set a Budget

      Before you start shopping for wedding favors, setting a budget for this expense is essential. Your budget should be based on the total cost of your wedding party and what you can afford to spend on favors.

      Some couples allocate 3-5% of their wedding budget towards wedding favors, but ultimately, the decision is up to you.

      When setting a budget, consider the number of guests you'll have and the type of favor you'd like to give.

      2. Look for DIY Options

      Consider DIY options if you are on a tight budget or want to add a personal touch to your wedding favors. With creativity, you can create unique and meaningful favors that your guests will love.

      One of the easiest DIY options is to make edible favors, such as homemade jams or cookies. You can buy small mason jars or bags and fill them with tasty treats.

      3. Buy in Bulk

      Buying wedding favors in bulk is a smart way to save money if you have a long guest list.

      Most retailers offer discounts for bulk purchases, so shop for the best deals. You can also check with your venue or caterer to see if they have any suggestions for bulk purchases or can offer discounts themselves.

      4. Affordable Packaging Options

      Regarding wedding day favors, packaging can significantly affect the overall cost.

      However, affordable options can help you save some money while still making your wedding favors look great.

      Here are some ideas:

      I. Simple Gift Bags or Boxes: One of the most accessible and affordable ways to package wedding favors is by using simple gift bags or boxes.

      II. Mason Jars or Mini Bottles: If you plan on giving edible favors or mini drinks, consider using mason jars or mini bottles as packaging.

      These can be found in bulk at a discounted price and tied with a ribbon or label to match your wedding decor.

      III. Tulle or Organza Bags: Tulle or organza bags can be an elegant and affordable way to package your wedding favors.

      IV. Brown Kraft Paper: Brown kraft paper is a versatile and budget-friendly packaging option that can be used for a rustic or minimalistic wedding theme.

      5. Donate to a Charity

      Consider incorporating that passion into your wedding favors if you and your partner are passionate about giving back.

      Instead of giving out traditional trinkets or treats, consider donating to a charity that means something to you both.

      This is a meaningful way to show your guests that you care about something larger than yourselves, and it can also help spread awareness for your chosen cause.

      6. Combine Your Favors with Another Element

      One creative way to stay within your budget for wedding favors is to consider combining them with another element, such as your table centerpieces.

      Not only will this save you money, but it will also make your tables look cohesive and intentional.

      One idea for this is to incorporate your favors into your table centerpieces. For example, if you give out small succulent plants as favors, you could use larger succulent plants as your centerpiece and then place the smaller plants at each guest's seat.

      7. Choose the Type of Favor Wisely

      Consider practical and useful options, such as small succulents, candles, or personalized coasters.

      These options are more affordable than lavish gifts and are more likely to be appreciated by your guests.

      8. Take Advantage of Sales and Discounts

      One great way to save on wedding favors is by taking advantage of sales and discounts.

      Most stores have periodic sales throughout the year, so keep an eye out for them. You can ask your wedding planner to check for any discounts on bulk orders.

      Another tip is to buy off-season. If you are planning a summer wedding party, try buying winter-themed favors in the off-season, when they will be discounted.

      The Dos and Don'ts of Budgeting for Wedding Favors

      Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Favors

      When it comes to budgeting for wedding favors, there are a few key dos and don'ts to keep in mind.

      Following these guidelines will help you stay on track with your spending and ensure you can give your guests a meaningful token of appreciation without breaking the bank.

      Do: Set a Budget

      The first step to budgeting for wedding favors is determining how much you will spend.

      Consider your overall wedding budget and allocate a percentage for favors. This will help you avoid overspending and stay on track.

      Don't: Get Caught-up in Trends

      It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to give your guests the latest and most excellent favors, but trendy items can often be expensive.

      Instead, focus on selecting meaningful and personal favors your guests will appreciate.

      Do: Shop Around

      Be bold and compare shops when it comes to wedding favors.

      Look for deals and discounts, and consider buying in bulk to save money. Consider shopping online for lower prices.

      Don't: Overspend on Packaging

      While presenting your wedding favors attractively is essential, you want to spend the packaging wisely.

      Please keep it simple and choose cost-effective packaging options like gift bags or boxes.

      Do: Consider DIY

      If you are creative and have the time, DIY favors can be a great way to save money. Not only are they cost-effective, but they also add a personal touch to your wedding party.

      Don't: Forget about Practicality

      While it is important to choose meaningful favors, you also want to make sure they are practical. Avoid giving guests items that they won't use, or that will take up space.

      By following these dos and don'ts, you can successfully budget for wedding favors and ensure that your guests feel appreciated without overspending.

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      Other Things to Keep in Mind

      1. Wedding favors should be meaningful. Choosing to give wedding favors should not be out of obligation. You should give them because they have significance and meaning to you. It should represent you as a couple.

      2. Wedding favors should be useful. Find something that they can use at home. Candles are a good example of a useful wedding favor.

      Aside from being easy to personalize, they’ll surely remember your wedding party every time they light it up.

      3. Wedding favors should be beautifully presented.Arrange your wedding favors beautifully in a table for another picture-perfect spot for your wedding day.

      Or you can opt to have it distributed on each table adding to the aesthetics of your reception.

      4. Wedding favors should contain a sweet note from the couple.Don’t just send away your bridal party and guests with an item.

      A simple note of gratitude for their presence, time and support will cause you to be remembered more than just having to take home a gift.

      5. Wedding favors should be bought in bulk.Want to save money on your wedding favors? Then choose to buy items in bulk. This is especially true for the edible items.

      6. Wedding favors can be given as a donation for charity.This is an out of the box way of distributing wedding favors for your guests.

      Instead of buying the items, you donate your budget for wedding favors to your favorite charity or cause in place of a gift that guests can take home.


      1. Is There a Rule of Thumb for Wedding Favor Costs?

      The wedding favors cost can vary depending on various factors, including the number of guests, the type of favors, and your budget.

      However, a general rule of thumb is to allocate around 3-5% of your wedding budget for wedding favors.

      2. How Much Do Wedding Favors Cost?

      The average cost of wedding favors is around $2-3 per guest. However, this can vary depending on the type of favors you choose.

      For example, personalized or customized wedding favors cost more than generic ones.

      3. How Many Wedding Favors Do You Need?

      The number of wedding favors you need depends on the number of guests you have.

      Generally, you should order one favor per guest plus a few extras. So, if you have 100 guests, you should order 110-120 favors.

      4. What are Some Budget-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas?

      Many budget-friendly wedding favor ideas include homemade favors like jam or candles, bulk candy or chocolates, or small succulents or bottle openers.

      Another option is to look for discounts or sales on favors online or in stores.

      5. What Should You Consider When Choosing Wedding Favors?

      When choosing wedding favors, you should consider your budget, the theme or style of your wedding, and your guests' preferences.

      Choosing practical, memorable favors that reflect your personality as a couple is essential. Additionally, consider the packaging and presentation of your favors to make them even more special for your guests.


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