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    How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Favors?

    You’ve been very busy with the wedding preparations and all are going well. Most of your budget is moving really fast on the major expenditures of your wedding, but hopefully, you won’t forget this seemingly small gesture of giving wedding favors.  While wedding favors are often considered optional, including it in your list need not hurt and take up most of your wedding budget.

    The best way to show your gratitude for all the support, time and generosity your bridal team and your guests have shown is by sending them away with a gift they can remember you by. Here are some helpful tips to help you answer the question as to how much should you set aside for your wedding favors.

    Things to Consider

    All aspects of your wedding have been well thought of. This includes how much you will be spending for your venue, reception, food, drinks, accommodation, transportation, wedding attire, rings, and honeymoon. As for the wedding favors, there are two things you should consider before coming up with the price you would be willing to pay on a per head basis:

    One is your budget. Are you working on a tight budget? Surely there are wedding favors that can suit the amount you have in mind. Do you have a handsome amount to shell off for your wedding favors? Then there are gifts you can definitely choose from depending on how glam and fab you wanted it to be.

    Second, the number of guests you have. Naturally, if your wedding will be a huge celebration, then the cost for your wedding favors should be lesser per person as compared to an intimate wedding. However, even if your guests aren’t so many, but you do have a tight budget for your wedding, you can opt to set a decent amount for your wedding favors.

    The question now is how much is a decent amount? The amount spent for wedding favors range from $2 to $3 each. This amount may vary depending on the considerations set above.

    Your Options

    Personalized.To personalize could mean two things. One is that your wedding favors contain your guests' name or initials on the gift itself or you made it more personal by giving something you have sacrificially made for them or the DIY favors. DIY favors allow you to cut on cost but not on the significance and meaning of your gift. You can also go for a personalized wine bottle opener and stoppers or personalized salt and pepper shakers.  There are many personalized items to choose from including vases and container favors, hand fan favors and many more.  


    Edibles. Fill this simply silver mason jars with your homemade baked goods or candies. Not only are edibles affordable but guests would surely enjoy it too on their way home. It can be just about anything like a bag of popcorn or chips or a delicious local specialty. For those with higher budgets, the options abound as well. Send off your guests with personalized mini bottles of wine and champagne, a jar of jam or honey, basket of goods and even bags of coffee or tea.    


    Non-edibles. The non-edibles can also save you a lot. Candles would be a popular choice for this category. Votive candles in holders can be bought for as low as $1.15 to $2.50 each. You can also opt for potpourri sachets or these small faux succulent plants that double as a centerpiece and as a takeaway favor for your guests. Another option is a customized CD with your favorite songs as a couple.

    Other Things To Keep In Mind

    Wedding favors should be meaningful. Choosing to give wedding favors should not be out of obligation. You should give them because they have significance and meaning to you. It should represent you as a couple. Your guests should be able to remember your wedding and your gesture of gratitude.

    Wedding favors should be useful. Find something that they can use at home. Candles are a good example of a useful wedding favor. Aside from being easy to personalize, they’ll surely remember your wedding every time they light it up.

    Wedding favors should be beautifully presented.Arrange your wedding favors beautifully in a table for another picture perfect spot for your wedding. Or you can opt to have it distributed on each table adding to the aesthetics of your reception. The timely distribution of your wedding favors also matters a lot. Make sure you have ordered 20% more to ensure everyone will be given one.

    Wedding favors should contain a sweet note from the couple.Don’t just send away your bridal party and guests with an item. A simple note of gratitude for their presence, time and support will cause you to be remembered more than just having to take home a gift. Keep your note simple, short but heartfelt. 

    Wedding favors should be bought in bulk.Want to save money on your wedding favors? Then choose to buy items in bulk. This is especially true for the edible items.

    Wedding favors can be given as a donation for charity.This is an out of the box way of distributing favors for your guests. Instead of buying the items, you donate your budget for wedding favors to your favorite charity or cause in place of a gift that guests can take home.

    Remember that it does not really matter how much you are spending for your wedding favors. Most guests are not really expecting a gift they can take home. After all, you’ve already shared a very special moment in your life, dined, danced and created lots of memories with them all throughout your wedding day. However, the wedding favor you choose to give is a token of appreciation that should speak of gratitude from the bottom of your heart. It should be something that represents you both as a couple.   

    Make your gift even more memorable by choosing something useful. Present your wedding favors in a picture-perfect manner and make sure all of your guests are given one. Buy them in bulk so you get to save a lot of money. Don’t forget to place your sweet note of thanks on each and lastly, if you’re really not a fan of wedding favors, be open to donating to charity your allotted budget for it.

    How much are you spending on your wedding favors? Your allotted budget will really depend on the size of your wedding list and how much you are willing to spend on a per head basis. Choose from the personalized, edible and non-edible gifts that not only fit your budget but will delight your bridal team and guests. The cost of your wedding favor will depend on the kind of favor you have chosen, how many you will order, how you want it presented and if you opt to personalize it.

    In the end, what would matter is not the amount you spent but the thoughtful gesture that you remembered to thank your guests for sharing and making your wedding day extra special because of their presence. You are not just giving them a token but something they can remember you by long after your wedding day.