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    17 Fun and Affordable Graduation Party Favors

    Graduation Party Favors are the perfect way to show appreciation to your guests for coming to your special celebration.

    Whether you want something unique, memorable, or affordable, we have compiled a list of 17 fun and inexpensive Graduation Favors that will surely be a hit! From practical to trendy, these favors are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face.

    17 Memorable Graduation Favors That Guests Will Love

    1. To The Aces Bottle Opener

    Made from stainless steel with a smooth white finish and a spade-shaped opener,  not only is this bottle opener unique, but it is the perfect size to fit in your wallet. How convenient! Add your own personal touch with names or a special message!

    2. Graduation Cigar Label

    Elevate your graduation celebration with our exquisite Custom Graduation Cigar Labels. Designed exclusively for you, these labels feature your name, adding a touch of sophistication to your special day. Treat your guests to personalized keepsakes that can be elegantly wrapped around premium cigars. Each label is carefully crafted to reflect your individual style, leaving a lasting impression on all. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand affair, our Custom Graduation Cigar Labels bring an air of elegance to any graduation event. Present your guests with a luxurious memento that will spark memories of joy and achievement.

    3. Custom Graduation Photo Magnet

    One of the best ways to celebrate a graduation milestone is by having personalized party favors. If you want to give your guests a practical and fun keepsake reminding them of your graduation day, consider making Custom Graduation Photo Magnets.

    Not only will they have a special reminder of your graduation day, but these graduation favors will also have a fun and functional magnet to use on their fridge or other magnetic surfaces.

    4. Engraved Bamboo Hand Fans

    We've all been to an event where the sun is scorching and we wish there was something we could do to stop the sweat. After doing a full face of makeup or getting all dressed up, the worst feeling is breaking a sweat on a special day. These hand fan favors are the perfect fix! Engraved with up to 24 characters of your choice of text, your guests will be so thankful for these favors.

    5. Photo Cupcake Toppers

    Regarding graduation party favors, nothing beats something sweet and delicious! And what could be better than some delicious cupcakes with Personalized Photo Toppers? These toppers for graduation favors are a fun and memorable addition to any graduation party.

    You can personalize the sash and tassel with school colors. It is an easy and affordable graduation party favor everyone will love.

    6. Graduation Water Bottle Label

    Water is a must-have at any party, and customizing the bottles can make a statement. Celebrate your grad with Personalized Water Bottle Labels to be handed out as graduation party favors.

    Choose a template that matches your party's theme and include your graduate's name, school, and graduation year.

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    7. Personalized Face Cookies

    If you want a fun and unique party favor, consider getting Personalized Face Cookies made for your guests. These graduation favors can be decorated with the graduate's face, making them the perfect way to celebrate their achievements.

    You upload a photo of the graduate, and they'll turn it into a delicious cookie. Not only are these cookies a great conversation starter, but they also make for great Instagram posts.

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    8. Mint Favors

    Are you looking for a refreshing party favor for your grad party? Consider giving your guests some mints to help keep their breath fresh and their spirits high throughout the night.

    And to make these graduation favors even more unique, add a clever pun and call them "Achieve-mints" as a nod to your recent accomplishment. So, go ahead and add some Achieve-mints to your perfect party favor list!

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    9. Graduation Favor Bags

    Why not opt for a reusable and eco-friendly option for party favors? These 100% natural Cotton Favor Bags are perfect for filling with treats and trinkets for your guests to take home.

    Plus, they are customizable with your graduation theme and can double as decorations at the party. Your guests will love having a valuable and sustainable reminder of your grad party.

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    10. One Degree Hotter

    The One Degree Hotter graduation party favor is perfect for those who love a little spice. These graduation favors come in a 1.7 oz bottle and will surely add a kick to any meal.

    Not only is it a fun and unique favor, but it also serves a practical purpose for your guests. Its cute graduation cap design will fit right in with the graduation party theme.

    11. Graduation Cap Treat Box

    Looking for a unique way to send off your party guests in style? Look no further than these adorable Graduation Cap Treat Boxes! Not only are they super cute, but they are also practical. They can hold anything from candy to small gifts.

    One of the standout features of these boxes is the movable tassel on top. This adds a fun touch of whimsy to the overall design. And, when you need to access the contents of the box, lift the cap, easy as that!

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    12. S'more Graduation Favor Tags

    S'mores are a classic campfire treat that's loved by many. It is a simple yet delicious dessert perfect for any occasion, including graduation parties. S'mores can be a fun and creative way to thank your guests for celebrating your perfect party.

    S'more Graduation Favor Tags are an excellent option for those on a tight budget and looking for affordable and unique graduation party favors.

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    13. Caps Off Party Shot Glasses

    As the party winds down and the celebration ends, send your guests home with a fun and practical party favor: A Shot Glass! These Happy Graduation Caps Off Party Shot Glasses are the perfect way to cheer to the end of an era and the beginning of a new journey.

    These graduation favor ideas feature a graduation cap design with the words "Happy graduation" in a playful, celebratory font.

    14. Wood Slice with Name Magnet

    If you are looking for a unique and rustic party favor for your graduation party, consider gifting your guests an Engraved Wood Slice with their name and graduation information. This personalized favor will make a beautiful keepsake that your party guests will cherish for years.

    Each wood slice is laser engraved with a graduation cap design and the graduate's name, year, and school.

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    15. Graduation Thank-You Tag

    After all the celebrating is over, don't forget to say "Thank you" to your guests for coming to your graduation party! These graduation favor ideas are a perfect way to show appreciation and send them off with a little souvenir.

    Here's how you can make them: Purchase a digital file, personalize the tags, and print them out on your home printer or at a local print shop.

    16. Custom Stickers for Hershey Kisses

    Adding a sweet touch to your graduation party, Custom Stickers for Hershey's Kisses make for a delightful favor your guests will love. These stickers are an affordable way to customize a classic treat, adding a personal touch to the celebration.

    Overall, custom stickers for Hershey's Kisses are a creative and affordable way to add a personal touch to your graduation party favors.

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    17. Custom Graduation Keychains

    One of the best ways to commemorate a special event like a graduation is by handing out personalized party favors. Custom Graduation Keychains make the perfect keepsake to remember the big day and show off college or school spirit.

    A teddy bear wearing a graduation cap is one of the most popular keychain designs because it adds cuteness and reminds the graduates of their childhood.

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    A Guide to Hosting the Best Graduation Party 

    Q: What are graduation parties?

    A: Graduation parties are celebratory events held to commemorate a person's completion of an educational milestone, such as high school or college graduation. They are often organized to honor the graduate's accomplishments and provide an opportunity for friends and family to celebrate together!

    Q: Are party favors necessary for a graduation party?

    A: Party favors are not necessary for a graduation party, but they can be a thoughtful gesture to express appreciation to guests for their attendance and support. Party favors can serve as mementos of the occasion and add a festive touch to the event.

    Q: What are some popular party favor ideas for graduation parties?

    A: There are numerous creative party favor ideas for graduation parties. Here are a few popular ones:

    1. Customized keychains or personalized items with the graduate's name and graduation year.
    2. Miniature graduation caps or diploma-shaped cookies.
    3. Graduation-themed photo frames or magnets.
    4. Customized water bottles or mugs.
    5. Inspirational quote bookmarks or notepads.
    6. Graduation-themed chocolates or candies.
    7. Miniature bottles of champagne or sparkling cider (for adult guests).

    Q: How do I choose the right party favors for my graduation party?

    A: When choosing party favors, consider your budget, the theme of the party, and the preferences of the guests. It's important to select favors that are meaningful, practical, and relevant to the occasion. Personalized items or favors that reflect the graduate's interests or future plans can make the event more memorable.

    Q: Should I provide party favors for all the guests or just the close friends and family?

    A: The decision to provide party favors for all the guests or just close friends and family depends on your budget and personal preference. While it's common to offer party favors to all attendees, it's also acceptable to limit them to a select group of close friends and family members. Consider your guest count and budget when making this decision.

    Q: When should I distribute the party favors?

    A: It's best to distribute party favors towards the end of the graduation party, just before guests leave. This allows them to enjoy the celebration fully and take the favors home as a final reminder of the event. You can organize a small presentation or thank-you speech before handing out the favors to express your gratitude for their presence.

    Q: How can I personalize the party favors for my graduation party?

    A: Personalizing party favors adds a special touch. Consider incorporating the graduate's name, graduation year, or even a personalized message on the favors. You can also choose colors and designs that match the graduate's school colors or incorporate elements related to their future plans or interests.

    Q: Where can I find party favors for my graduation party?

    A: Party favors for graduation parties can be found in various places, both online and offline. Some options include party supply stores, online marketplaces, specialty gift shops, and even DIY options. Search for "graduation party favors" online to find a wide range of options and ideas.

    Remember, graduation parties are a time to celebrate achievements and create lasting memories. Party favors can be a delightful addition that adds a touch of appreciation and thoughtfulness to the event. Enjoy planning your graduation party and have a wonderful celebration!