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    70 Great Wedding Favor Bags and Boxes

    More than just being pretty and useful, a wedding favor should be well-packaged too. How do you plan to present your favors? Where will your wedding be held? The packaging of your gift plays a very significant role. Wedding favor bags and boxes are the most common packaging for wedding favors. Place your candy favor inside an organza bowtie candy gift pouch or burlap gift pouches. Beautifully designed wedding favor boxes can also double as a wedding décor too. Packages help enhance your table settings and create the best set up for your wedding.

    Make it a wedding favor that’s both lovely to look at with items inside that are delightful to their taste buds too. Here are 53 great wedding favor bags and boxes that you can choose from:  

    70. Vintage Green Treat Box

    Many couples nowadays choose a strong-colored theme wedding and this Vintage Green Treat Box will stand put in that choice. It is made of exquisite and safe, sturdy, and quality paperboard that also comes with polyester ribbons and can be assembled easily. With an elegant pattern, this gift box will make your wedding party memorable. The rectangle favor box measures 4.52 inches x 1.77 inches x 3.93 inches / 11.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 10 cm which is just the perfect size for holding candies, chocolates, cookies, jewelry, and other small gifts.

    69. Octagon Wedding Favor Box

    If your theme is more of a traditional and magnificent Chinese wedding,  then the Octagon Wedding Favor Box is a perfect fit. This is one of the greatest ways to complement the traditional ceremony and a great box to put candies, cookies, chocolates, or other favorite goodies. The octagon Double Happiness Traditional Wedding Favor Box with Tassel measures approximately H 5 cm x L 6.5 cm x W 6.5 cm and is available in the colors Purple, Blue, and Pink.

    68. Personalized Jelly Bag 

    For an adorable keepsake bag, you can give your lovely bridesmaids, give them these Personalized Jelly Bag . They will surely be happy to receive something more useful than edible. Made from durable plastic it is fantastic that they will not worry if it gets wet. It measures 8.25 inches x 9.25 inches and is available in colors natural, pink, and mint. Personalize it by indicating their cute nicknames per bag color of preference.  It can easily be assembled and there will be a given video as a guide. The chic design welcomes your beach or garden wedding.   

    67. Mexican Themed Cotton Linen Jute Cloth Sack Muslin Bag

    The mini Mexican Themed Cotton Linen Jute Cloth Sack Muslin Bag is made from natural unbleached 100% high-quality muslin cotton, non-toxic, safe to use, soft, durable and reusable, chemical & fragrance-free. It is perfect for a Mexican-themed wedding decoration. The set of 25 pieces of cloth gift bag comes with more than 4 printed fashion designs, the bag size: is 3.9 x 5.5 inches (10x14 cm). It is also called a Fiesta Bag made of high-quality 100% cotton, lightweight and easy to carry, thick and sturdy, durable and reusable, and machine washable.

    66. Embroidered Designer Potli Favor Bag

    The Embroidered Designer Potli Favor Bag is perfectly suited for a traditional and fancy Indian wedding. This certainly complements and enhances the beauty of the alluring Saree dress. A handmade designer Potli bag with floral golden embroidery comes with a pearl beaded handle. The lightweight Potli is easy to carry and can be wrapped around your wrist using its drawstrings. Made of gold and white embroidery, silk fabric, woven gold thread drawstrings, raw silk lining color. Available in orange, ivory, light or pink, green or sea green, sky blue, peach, and yellow. It is also big enough that measures 8 x 8 inches which are big enough for your guest to put their necessary stuff.

    65. Mini Suitcase Sweet Bag

    So, if you wish to match a European-style wedding, the attractive Mini Suitcase Sweet Bag is a wonderful pick. Striking with its expensive-looking and elegant design that is perfect for every wedding. Available in colors blue, pink, red, and purple. The small bag measures long 8 cm, wideupper1.5 cm, wide (below) 4cm, high 6.4 cm / long 3.14 inches, wideupper0.59 inches, wide (below) 1.57 inches, high 2.52 inches, and the big box measures long 11 cm, (wide upper2.2 cm, wide (below) 6.5 cm, high 8.3 cm / long 4.33 inches, wide upper 0.866 inches, wide (below) 2.55 inches, high 3.26 inches.

    64. Elegant gift box with Satin Ribbon

    This Elegant gift box with Satin Ribbon will complement your magnificent wedding. With a high-quality bonbonniere, your guest will surely be impressed. You can choose box colors in white matte, white pattern, ivory, black, navy blue, light pink shimmered and silver, same goes with the ribbon color options pink or light pink, purple, lavender, mint, light blue, navy or royal blue, silver, gold, black, white, ivory, champagne, red, yellow, blush, burgundy, coral, orange, and light or dark green. You can also personalize the tag with your name and wedding date and it measures 3 x 3 x 2 inches (7.5 x 7.5 x 5 cm).

    63. Cherry Blossom Drawstring Gift Bag

    You cannot say no to using this cute Cherry Blossom Drawstring Gift Bag for your wedding favor. The pink cherry blossom processing bag is made of new oriented polypropylene (PE), odorless, lightweight, durable, and reusable. A pink satin ribbon drawstring closure design helps you store things quickly and pack and disassembly easily and the ribbon can be tied into a beautiful bow to decorate the gift bag. The size of the treat bag is about 6x9.3 inches.

    62. Non-woven Reusable Gift Bags with Glossy Finish 

    For an eco-friendly, premium-quality, long-lasting, splash proof and big-capacity reusable bag as well as price worthy, you better choose this Non-woven Reusable Gift Bags with Glossy Finish . Perfect for putting wine bottles and bridesmaid or groomsmen wedding favors. It measures 8(W) x 4(D)x9.7 inches (H), a medium-size gift bag that has a tough cardboard card to prevent the bottom from curving and maintains the shape of the bag. Your guest can use this durable bag even after the event.

    61. Personalized Wedding Favor Gift Bag

    We all love to receive personalized or customary items, same goes with the wedding favor and its container. The pretty Personalized Wedding Favor Gift Bag bag measures 8.26 inches high including the handle (5.91 inches up to handle), 4.72 inches wide x 2.56 inches deep. This is supplied with 2 tags one of which can be personalized with the name of a message from the sender. If no name is supplied the words " Thank you for coming " will be added rather than sending it out blank. It can easily be assembled and no special skills are required to set it up.

    60. Bride Dress & Tuxedo Gift Box

    Bride Dress & Tuxedo Gift Box is the most appropriate to some who want it the old-fashion way and style. The set includes 50 Dress boxes + 50 Tuxedo boxes, for a total of 100 pcs for one pack. It is made of hard cardboard and the ribbon material is durable. Each candy box is made of an exquisite paperboard, not easily deformed, spacious enough to fill with small candy, jewelry, or any small object for a simple and pleasing way to give presents. It measures 2.5 inches X 1.5 inches X 3.5 inches (L x W x H) 6.4 cm x 3.7 cm x 9 cm.

    59. Tropical Aloha Themed Treat Bag

    Here is the best choice for your selection for a Hawaiian-themed ceremony. The Tropical Aloha Themed Treat Bag with summer and tropical Palm Leaves with Hibiscus design confidently represents it. Each tropical aloha-themed candy bag measures 27.5 x 12.5 cm / 10.8 x 5 inches, with a clear bag body design so you can easily see what is inside and convenient to carry and easy for you to put in or take out sweets.

    58. Travel Theme Airplane Air Mail Gift Packaging Box

    Travel Theme Airplane Air Mail Gift Packaging Box is a rustic design for a wedding with an out-going and traveler-bride and groom. The set of 50 Pieces boxes vintage box is made of light-weight natural kraft cardstock or paper that includes 50 jute ropes, 50 round hanging decor either a map or compass pendant. It measures 6X3.5 X 4.5 cm and is sturdy enough to store candies, chocolates, small jewelry, and some little wedding favors.

    57. Flap Microfiber Jewelry Pouch

    If your wedding favor is an ornament or jewelry the Flap Microfiber Jewelry Pouch will be suitable as you have the option to personalize and maximize or minimize the size. It is made of a high-quality microfiber envelope bag to protect your wedding favor from scratches and it is degradable or eco-friendly unlike plastic bags and water-resistant containers. Available in colors light or dark pink, ivory, light gray, black, dusty blue, orange, green, violet, and white.

    56. Welcome Wedding Bag

    Welcome Wedding Bag is ideal for hotel weddings and a perfect gift holder for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, or wedding guests. Made of white kraft paper 200 grams, the bottom and handle are very durable and strong, it can hold 8 lbs. item easily. An eco-friendly bag with 100% wood pulp that can be recycled, reused, and composted. This bag measures 10 inches H x 8 inches W x 4 inches D, excluding the handle.  It is about the size of small to medium as it can easily hold two bottles of water and snacks and more.

    55. Camera Candy Box

    Another bulk wedding favor box option is the Camera Candy Box. This is to match your youthful, bubbly design and is perfect for your captured moments’ wedding theme. Available in 50 or 100 pieces per order and you can choose in colors pink and blue. It measures 8*2.8*5.5 cm / 3.14 inches x 1.1 inches x 2.1 inches. Handmade from high-quality paper material and durable to hold small treats.

    54. Rose Peony Floral Gift Treat Bag

    For a rosy or floral-themed wedding day, the Rose Peony Floral Gift Treat Bag will simplify your selection among all these bags or boxes of favors. A high-quality gift bag with a drawstring made from natural jute burlap, this bag can be used for a long time and is very practical. It is non-toxic and odorless, lightweight, absorbent, and breathable, plus it is machine-washable and dryable, too. The cute bag measures 4 inches x 6 inches / 10 x 15 cm and comes in a set of 20 packs, including 2 styles: 10 pieces rose and 10 pieces small calico, together with 20pcs cute heart-shaped DIY tag cards. 

    53. Botanical Pouch

    It's one adorable Botanical Pouch that your guests will surely love to bring home. It is made of high quality polyester fabric in beautiful light beige color. It features high resolution prints that will not fade or peel. Best part is it can be customized to your preference.  

    52. Personalized Mini Greenery Favor Bag

    This Personalized Mini Greenery Favor Bag is perfect for your celebration to pop in that special gift. The personalized details are on the front of each box and the ribbon and tag complete the look. They will surely love not just the gift inside but the packaging too. 

    51. White Wedding Gift Bag

    It includes 50pcs of white favor candy box boxes in bulk and 50 gold silk ribbons, made of sturdy and safe paper. It is made of safe cardboard, non-toxic and odorless, eco-friendly and biodegradable, sturdy and durable, easy to set yet hard to fall apart. This White Wedding Gift Bag is perfect for packaging cloth, toy, book, tie, candy and so on. 

    50. Personalized Rose and Gold Floral Favor Boxes

    This Personalized Rose and Gold Floral Favor Box can be fully personalised to include the name of the Bride and Groom and the date of the wedding as a unique memento for your special day. These designs can be customized to suit your wedding color scheme. 

    49. Red Heart Organza Bags

    This Red Heart Organza Bags are perfect to carry your wedding favor. It's the perfect candy bag rganizer for all tewh sweet treats you want your guests to bring home while remembering all the love and fun they;ve had at your wedding. 

      48. Casamento Heart Laser Cut Favor Box

      It's one fashionable favor box. This Casamento Heart Laser Cut Favor Box is perfect for your wedding party. Have it filled with with candies, mints, chocolates or any special small gifts you would like to present to your guests. 

      47. Embroidered Monograms Favor Bags

      It's very elegant looking. These Embroidered Monograms Favor Bags are refined little HANDMADE gift bags. Add a touch of charm to your special day with these cotton favor bags. Have it filled with candy, potpourri, or other special stuff you would love your guests to take home.

      46. Wedding Gift Boxes with Ribbons

      Saying thank you to your guests will never be the same with these Wedding Gift Boxes with Ribbons. It includes 50pcs Pink favor candy box boxes in bulk and 50 gold rubber bands with bow-knot ribbons. It is made of sturdy and safe paper. You can have it filled with 2 Ferrero Rochers, 8-10 Hershey's Kisses, or 4-5 Dove Chocolates.

        45. Cupcake Favor Boxes

        A cupcake as a give away would look extra special with these Cupcake Favor BoxesThese wedding favor boxes are designed to hold one cupcake per box, but that's not all, you can fill them with all sorts of wedding favors. These are just a few ideas - chocolates, personalized cookies, Macarons, sweets, candy, honey jar with personalized label, even a candle with a sweet smell would be fitting.

        44. Winter Wedding Favor Box

        It's the perfect give away box for your winter themed wedding. This Winter Wedding Favor Box features coordinating gift tags and ribbon making these 12 snowflake party favor boxes a complete treat bag party kit that everyone will love. Fill them with baked goodies, party trinkets or thank you gifts for an adorable Winter Wonderland favors!

        43. Diamonds Candy Box - Hotel Wedding Bags

        It's shaped like a diamond. This Diamonds Candy Box - Hotel Wedding Bags come in tiffany blue or light pink color with a matching ribbon in your preferred color. The box and content only speaks of your utmost gratitude for the time spent by your guests on your wedding day.  

        42. Gold Ribbon Wedding Favor Box

         These Gold Ribbon Wedding Favor Boxes are made of high quality oily coated paper, ultra thick (Cube shape). It is can store 5-8 Alpenliebe candies, or 2 Ferrero Rocher, or 5-8 Dove chocolates. The original boxes are flat and only takes seconds to assemble. Its the perfect favor box to adorn your gold themed wedding. 

        41. Burgundy Wedding Favor Box

        This Gold Ribbon Wedding Favor Box comes with satin ribbon bow and custom tag. It makes a great packaging for your favors and a unique way to thank guests for attending your bridal shower or wedding. These uniquely serve as favor boxes for candies, cookies, or your other favorite goodies for an unforgettable party favor that your guests are sure to enjoy!

        40. Laser Cut Pearl Paper Wedding Favor Box

        It's classic and elegant looking. This Laser Cut Pearl Paper Wedding Favor Box comes with satin ribbon for you to tie them together or attach tags. These hollow carved style boxes come flat packed and can be easily assembled. It won't just adorn your wedding table but will also delight your guest as they get to take them home too. 

        39. Butterfly Hollow Candy Box Cookie Gift Box

        Don't you just love that color! This Butterfly Hollow Candy Box Cookie Gift Box is enough to put 4 Ferrero ROCHER, or 14 Dove chocolate, or 15 Hershey's chocolate. It is made of high-quality paperboard, with smooth surface, and moderate thickness. The top of the box is a butterfly shape, the box is a flower pattern, symbolizing happiness and sweetness.

        38. Gold Sheer Organza 

        Give your guests this Gold Sheer Organza as your way of saying thanks for gracing your wedding. This bag is made from organza and has an intricate design in gold. Fill it with potpourri, candy, candle, or jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces) and let your guests carry with them something they can always remember your wedding by.  

        37. Wedding Gift Bags with Satin Ribbon

        Complete the look of your favors table setting with these wedding gift bags with satin ribbon. Made from paper with matte lamination, these gift bags are perfect containers for thank you gifts and more goodies. Pretty, natural and romantic. It’s everything a guest wants for a thank you gift!

        24. Butterfly DIY Gift Boxes 

        Complete the look of your chic table setting with this Butterfly DIY Gift Boxes. Made from durable high-quality paper, these boxes are perfect containers for candies or small gifts. Pretty, natural and romantic. It’s everything a guest wants for a thank you gift!

        23. Bomboniere For Wedding with Cork

        These gorgeous handmade favors are made with cork, the natural alternative leather. It is durable and definitely the perfect favor for a vegan wedding. It is stylish, minimal but definitely one that shines on your wedding day. It can be dyed to the color you prefer with a matching cord.  

        22. Moleya Pack of 20 pcs DIY Wedding Favors

        Give your guests this unique hard cardboard small boxes. It has a delicate vase-like design with an artificial flower and a small card printed with "We are married."  You can have it filled with small candies, chocolates or treats for a simple and pleasing way to give presents.

        21. Butterfly Candy Box


        Complete the look of your chic table setting with this Butterfly Candy Box. Made from durable pearl paper, these boxes are perfect containers for candies or small gifts. Pretty, natural and romantic. It’s everything a guest wants for a thank you gift!

        20. Burlap Drawstring Bags

        Made of 100% burlap fabric, this mini gift tote bags are eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable.  This is one durable tote bag that you can easily fill with treats for your guests.

        19. Circular Wedding Favor Box

        Perfect for saying thank you to your guests and loved ones!  Place your small items like soap, jewelry, cookies, macaroons and yes candies in this great packaging box. This handmade wedding favor can be purchased by 10 and is available in colors white, cream, silver, mint, and salmon. The special box also comes with customized tags.

        18. Small Cube Turquoise Candy Treat Boxes

        The Small Cube Turquoise Candy Treat Boxes are high-quality oily craft boxes with a classic design. It helps present your charming favor with grace with its elegant aqua blue color. It comes complete with 50 pieces of white ribbon for gift bows. This is one wedding favor that guests and loved ones will truly remember you by.

        17. Mini Suitcase Favor Box

        There’s nothing like a gift that lets the whole world know the gratitude inside your heart. The Mini Suitcase Favor Box is made from high-quality kraft card paper. It comes complete with kraft tags and jute twine. Its the perfect wedding favor for your travel themed wedding. Their presence meant the world to you and you definitely have to let them know with this gorgeous wedding favor.

        16. Striped Purse Favor Box

        This Purse Shaped Favor Box is designed with black and white stripes and pink handle. The flap of the purse is pink with gold foil details and is tied with 0. 5 cm wide pink ribbon. Send your guest home with this striped purse favor box filled with goodies, candies and other small gifts.  

        15. Boubounieres Wedding Favor  

        No. It’s not just another set of special candies. The 5 smooth candy-coated almonds are bonbonnieres representing wealth, health, prosperity, happiness, and long life. Placed in a white sheer bag, this wedding favor comes complete with a tag explaining the meaning of a bonbonniere ready to be given to your guests and loved ones. 

        14. Elegant Candy Box

        Place your delicious candy favors in this Elegant Candy Box. It is sealed with a crystal lid, a tassel and can be filled with your favorite mints or special candies. Have this wedding favor personalized by customizing a sticker that blends well with your wedding motif and theme. 

        13. Wedding Bonbonniere

        These Wedding Bonbonniere Boxes come ready for your candies, cookies or bonbonniere. It comes complete with a satin ribbon and your names and the date of your wedding. This is one awesome way to thank your guests for making your wedding day extra special. Choose from 11 different colors, one that would readily blend into your wedding theme and motif.    

        12. Watercolor Tote Bag

        Handmade and designed by a local artist, this lightweight, natural colored, 100% organic cotton fabric is perfect to carry all your stuff in a lovely tote bag. Designs are made directly into the fabric and would not crack or peel. You can even have this gift customized, wrapped as a special gift with a note and sent to your guests. 

        11. The World Is A Box

        There’s nothing like a gift that lets the whole world know the gratitude inside your heart. The World is a Box is a unique favor box with a map-print cover that can be varied. It’s vintage, has a kraft slide-drawer and tied with a double, natural twine bow. These boxes can also be personalized and are sold in sets of 24. Their presence meant the world to you and you definitely have to let them know with this gorgeous wedding favor.

        10. Rustic Burlap Bags

        Made from 100% burlap jute fabric, this vintage-inspired burlap bag completes the rustic look of your wedding. It comes with a thick handle, a clear plastic pocket for name tags or cards and even your favorite couple picture. The imprint area can also be embroidered or printed with your names and wedding date. Functional, strong and durable, this is one wedding favor your guests will treasure and use for a long time. 

        9. Aqueous Favor Box

        The Aqueous Favor Box makes use of original color washes giving it that contemporary, chic appeal. What makes it really unique is the calligraphic font style that turns this ordinary box into personalized art. This gift box is available in 5 ombre color options that can match your wedding motif. Another amazing feature of this box is that it is designed to create a fold that extends above its surface. Add the ribbon, jewel or other accessories and you’re all set to hand out this amazing wedding favor. Make it a wedding favor that guests and loved ones will truly remember you by.

        8. Lavender Scented Sachets

        Hand this pre-filled Lavender Sachets that are highland organic and naturally dried as your way of saying thank you to your guests. Lavender represents grace, refinement, and elegance. It holds a sacred place in nature and is considered as the most precious and delicate. Affordable and useful, guests can use them as drawer sachets, closets, car, beauty bags, pillow, nightstand, storage bins and even for relaxing as they go to sleep. They can even reuse the easily re-sealable craft bag. This is one thank you gift that will truly delight your guests and loved ones.   

        7. Zinnia Bloom Favor Box

        The Zinnia Bloom Favor Box features the lush zinnia blooms that are available in many vibrant colors. Zinnia is a symbol of lasting love, goodness, constancy and a daily remembrance of good memories, much like what your guests would remember from your wedding. It can be assembled easily by simply wrapping this to an ordinary gift box. The material used is made of smooth text paper. It can be used on a white or black paper box and still look as trendy as can be.  A wedding favor your guests will truly remember you by.  

        6. Linen Draw String Gift Bag

        Add that glamorous finishing touch as you hand these lovely linen drawstring gift bags to your guests. Flowers can be added to the bags and be used as a wedding décor that guests can bring home as a thank you gift from you. Fill it with goodies that your guest will love and you can be sure that this is one gift that will truly delight your guests.

        5. French Whimsy Cube

        Wrap this French Whimsy Cube around your box and transform it into one unique gift box. It’s easy to assemble and you have a variety of colors to choose from that will easily blend with your wedding motif. This one fits a 2x2 white or black paper box that you can easily personalize and give as a thank you gift for your wedding guests.   

        4. Hearts Cube Favor Box

        Make this Hearts Cube Favor Box an added item to your guest’s fun and romantic collection. It features that symbol of love right in the middle surrounded by eye-catching colors for a more festive look. Easily transform your box by wrapping this 5 cm x 5 cm/2”x2” to your black or white paper box, fill it with special goodies and readily hand them to your guests. It will definitely bring a smile on their faces.

         3. Rose Favor Box

        Complete the look of your rustic chic table setting with this Rose Favor Box. A rose symbolizes love, life, and light. It also means universal understanding, order, and inclusion. These are the very things you wish your wedding guests would remember as they go home from your wedding. Choose from a variety of colors and transform your simple box into one unique gift box. The material is made from smooth text paper and can be wrapped around a 5 cm x 5 cm/2”x2” white or black paper box. Pretty, natural and romantic. It’s everything a guest wants for a thank you gift!

        2. Wedding Favor Bags

        These Wedding Favor Bags are made from polyester fabric which is very lightweight. It has an elegant design with black writing in a colorful floral frame. This wedding favor bag can be customized with an infused high-quality print that will not fade, peel or crack.  You also have the option to buy between 6 or 12 piece packs. It’s the perfect wedding favor bag that is sure to impress guests!  

        1. Welcome Gift Bags

        Welcome your guests by letting them know how thankful you are for their time, effort and support to your wedding. They surely made your day extra special and these Welcome Gift Bags are sure to make their day too. This mini jute bag has a natural coloring on the front and back with a white jute coloring on the handles and sides. It has a luxurious satin ribbon and is designed with the word “welcome” written using premium non-shed glitter vinyl. This burlap gift bag is simply perfect to fill with goodies for out of town wedding guests. Hotel guests will be happy to receive this as their welcome bag!