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    17 Best Coffee Wedding Favors

    If you and your betrothed are both coffee aficionados, then your wedding will probably be caffein induced in most aspects. However, the emergence of so many coffee-themed favors made the choosing part a little harder. To help ease the process, check out this list of 17 Best Coffee Wedding Favors.

    17. Starbucks inspired whipped Coffee Soap

    Lavishly treat the bodies of your guests with a famously known coffee shop brand-themed soap. This Starbucks inspired whipped Coffee Soap comes in scents that are familiar to coffee drinkers such as Caramel Frappe and Peppermint Mocha. Paraben and MPG Free, these bath treats come wrapped with cellophane and a little wooden spoon for that right amount of soap in every shower. They are made with 4 oz of whipped soap that is scented perfectly for any season and event.

    16. Coffee Wedding Favor in Tube

     Give your guests this Coffee Wedding Favor in Tube and they will take home a funky one-shot tube of coffee and milk powder featuring a cute personalized message. It comes with a printed tag attached to the tube with rustic twine, as well as a message on the tube itself. The contents are layered aesthetically to give that sleek visual even for something they will consume later. You can also choose between brown or pink twine, to suit the theme of your party. 

    15. BLACK COFFEE Body Wash Bubble Bath

    Fill the hearts of your guests with this BLACK COFFEE Body Wash Bubble Bath favor that will surely make their dip more lavish. Made with Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamide MEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Methylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Fragrance, Citric Acid, and Sodium Chloride, this body wash can fill the bathtubs or your guests with bubbles and coffee-scented thrill. They will not need to take a sip to energize their mornings, because a dip in the tub with this coffee-inspired bath essential will wake their senses just right.

    14. Leaf Handle Coffee Spoon and Dessert Fork Set

    This beautiful Leaf Handle Coffee Spoon and Dessert Fork Set is a gorgeous way to present a party favor to your guests. Coffee spoons are a must-have for coffee lovers as they add to the experience of enjoying their favorite roast. Plus, a pretty spoon can add a touch of delight to an otherwise ordinary coffee. The dessert fork is but an added luxury that you will allow your guests to enjoy after your wedding. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these make the perfect addition to your friend's and family’s cutlery drawers.

    13. Handmade Coffee Scented Natural Candle With Coffee Beans 


    The scent of coffee is universally enjoyed and its aroma brings an invigorating vibe to people.  Rich, smokey, and mouth-watering, give your friends and family the gift of Handmade Coffee Scented Natural Candle With Coffee Beans . These gorgeous coffee-scented candles make for a unique gift your guests will be able to enjoy over time.

    Every time they set the candle to burn they’ll be reminded of your special day and how amazing it was.  Make sure your guests burn these on a plate or in a candle holder as the little beans will melt with the wax. Isn’t that just a treat?!

    12. Coffee Chocolate Wedding Favors

    These Coffee Chocolate Wedding Favors will be a sweet treat you can give to your party guests that they will remember you by.  A combination of chocolate and Turkish coffee, these adorable gift boxes are simply a must-give and a must-have. Each box is packaged with dried flowers, rustic twine, and a personalized message that makes it perfect for coffee and chocolate lovers alike. Change the color of the dried flowers to suit your event theme. The chocolates are packaged in a lovely glass jar with a cork and the coffee is next to them in a sealed packet.

    11. Personalized Anniversary Coffee Gift in Tin

    Treat your wedding guests with this Personalized Anniversary Coffee Gift in Tin that they can take home and keep in their kitchens – or at work! Available on their own or with a 150g bag of freshly ground coffee these fun tins are sure to be a fitting “welcome” and “thank you” gift. They are customizable, with the label available in a range of colors to suit the theme of your party. If you select the coffee bag option your guest will receive an Omni ground coffee – a universal grind that they can use in a French press, AeroPress, filter machine, etc. Now that is a true favor handed to them.

    10. Coffee Scented Soap Favors 1 oz

    Coffee Scented Soap Favors 1 oz are a fun idea for a party gift, that your guests can take home to use in the shower the next morning. Whether they opt to stay in the hotel or go home after the wedding, these bath essentials will enrich their bathing routines with the fresh scent of coffee soap and will give them a unique experience that will remind them of your party. Personalize the label with your choice of names, dates, or any text you prefer. Other scent options for this soap are Beer, Salt, Charcoal, Peach & Oat, Lavender, Oat & Honey, Peppermint, Coffee, Apple Butter, Lemon, Cinnamon Latte', Pumpkin Spice, Salt & Sage, Almond, Unscented, or a variety of each.

    9. The Perfect Blend Mini Coffee Bag Wedding Favor

    If you and the man you are about to marry happen to have a favorite kind of coffee from a special source that is unique and hard to find, then The Perfect Blend Mini Coffee Bag Wedding Favor will be a fitting giveaway for your wedding. You will be giving your party guests 2 oz of whole or ground coffee that is vacuum-packed in resealable bags for freshness. Whether you intend to give it during bridal showers or actual wedding day, your coffee-loving guests and loved ones will grab one on the way.

    8. Premium Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Coffee Beans

    Coffee-themed weddings are naturally invigorating and aromatic. Let this Premium Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Coffee Beans give a taste of gourmet treats to your guests while still being aligned to your theme. Chocolate and coffee lovers alike will enjoy the merger of taste in this unique snack. You may opt to wrap it and add a label, or include it in a treat bag or gift box to join other coffee-inspired treats. Either way, this chocolate coffee treat will be a mouthful. 

    7. Body Scrub - Coffee + Mint

    This Body Scrub - Coffee + Mint is an Invigorating, aromatic blend of organic ‘Cafecito Organico’ coffee beans that stimulates blood flow and combat cellulite and stretch marks. The said beans are paired with nourishing butter, and vanilla-infused organic sugar crystals to gently exfoliate the skin plus peppermint and vanilla essential oils that awaken the senses as they tone and nourish the skin; improving circulation for smooth & firm healthy skin. If these benefits do not make this favor a perfect treat for your guests, it will be hard to define what will.

    6. Fika Roasted Hazelnut Coffee Spiced Vanilla Oil Blend

    Make your guests inhale the aroma of roasted coffee beans, spiced vanilla, & maple almonds with this Fika Roasted Hazelnut Coffee Spiced Vanilla Oil Blend. The caffeine and antioxidants in coffee bean oil can soothe inflammation, puffy eyes, acne, and even insect bites. It comes in a glass bottle with a stainless steel roll-on ball, glass-eyedropper bottle, or a glass bottle leak-proof euro dropper. The oil absorbs into your skin and diffuses the scent better than if applied to dry skin.

    5. Personalized Name and Initial White Floral Travel Mug

    Travel mugs are great as they are practical and everyone needs one. Whether your guests enjoy coffee or tea (or a hot soup!) a travel mug is a great choice for the morning commute, a hike, or a road trip. That is why this Personalized Name and Initial White Floral Travel Mug is one of the best Coffee-themed wedding favor ideas there is. Thermal lined to keep your drink piping hot, it is designed to fit upright, in your vehicle cup holder and comes with a non-spill lid. 

    4. Espresso & Cream Perfume

    This Espresso & Cream Perfume is a sexy blend of Organic Espresso Beans, Madagascar vanilla beans, heady Vanilla Bourbon, and a touch of Cardamom that is as delightful as that perfect cup of coffee in the morning from your favorite cafe. Made with 98% organic ingredients, this perfume is lovingly hand-blended using only the finest essential oils, absolutes, hand-made tinctures, resins, and CO2's. The concoction and process of doing this perfume entail strict attention to detail that results in exceptionally aromatic and aesthetically pleasing blends.

    3. Coffee First Shower Steamers

    Relieve the stress of a whole day’s work with an invigorating shower using these Coffee First Shower Steamers. These bath bombs are blended with Essential Oils that will have you feeling refreshed and at peace in no time. Your guests and yourself can indulge in a relaxing and aromatherapy experience that also helps with concentration and mental focus. Whether they prefer to start their day pumped up or end the night relaxed, these bath steamers will be a delight to use.

    2. Coffee Whipped Body Butter

    Melt the hearts of your coffee-loving party guests with this Coffee Whipped Body Butter that spreads the scent of coffee and goodness of moisture in their skin with such delight. It smells like an aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans with a hint of vanilla and sugar crystals. Plus, it will help keep your skin from drying out and give it the moisture it needs. Your guests will love how it leaves their skin feeling afterward. Place it in your souvenir table and your wedding tribe, loved ones and guests will certainly not miss their chance at a coffee moisturizing goodness.

    1. Coffee Syrup Bottles

    Line up these Coffee Syrup Bottles in your souvenir tables with a sign “Take your pick” and all the coffee aficionados in your wedding will be holding one each before the party ends. Fill it up with syrup if you want to or let them be the ones to do so. Either way, these favors will be useful for them. Choose from 8 ounces, 16 ounces, or 25-ounce apothecary-style bottles with either a silver or gold rubber-weighted spout. They come with a white waterproof label so they can easily wash and refill.