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    27 Personalized Candy Wedding Favors for Your Sweet Celebration

    Are you looking for a unique and fun way to thank your guests for attending your wedding? Personalized candy wedding favors are the perfect way to show appreciation and add a sweet touch to your special day.

    From custom lollipops to personalized chocolate candy bars, there are plenty of options for creating the perfect customized candy wedding favor for your special celebration.

    27 of Our Favorite Personalized Candy Wedding Favors!

    1. Premium Malted Milk Balls

    Add a dose of dairy sweetness to the tastebuds and hearts of your guests with these Favor Cubes with Premium Milk Balls wrapped in a clear box and labeled with your name, monogram or initials together with your wedding date.

    This candy wedding favor makes for a great giveaway and "Thank You" token for your guests, friends, and loved ones.

    2. Wedding Candy Favors

    For uniquely saccharine candy wedding favors everyone will love, these Wedding Candy Favors are a sure hit.

    Choose from different candy buffet options: Colorful heart, Colorful Mix, Evil Eye, I&You, and Colorful Smile, to match any wedding theme and venue interior.

    These sugary treats may come in a transparent bag or a glass jar for your engagement party.

    3. Small Round Plastic Tin Filled with Sixlets

    Give a wedding candy and make it look elegant with these personalized wedding favor Small Round Plastic Tin Filled with Sixlets.

    These candy favors include a completely assembled silver small round plastic tin that can level up your wedding giveaway.

    Each candy buffet holds 110 pieces of these candies that make for a lot of memory-relieving goodies for your engagement party

    4. Personalized Bridal Lindt Truffle Organza Bag- Photo

    Let your guests bring home a piece of your sweetness shared on the altar with this Personalized Bridal Lindt Truffle Organza Bag- Photo.

    Who does not want a Lindt Truffle for a treat? Please place it in a stylish and thematic organza bag and add a little twist.

    Personalize these wedding candy favors! Not just with your name, wedding date, monogram, or initials, but level it up by putting your favorite couple photo.

    5. Clear Tube Filled with Just Candy Milk Chocolate Minis

    Hand over a dainty piece of handheld candy wedding favor when you choose these personalized wedding favors Clear Tube Filled with Just Candy Milk Chocolate Minis.

    These wedding candy favors include a completely assembled clear tube that sits comfortably in the hands and can be handled even for the entire wedding, a sticker that you can customize with your name and the wedding date.

    6. Premium Sparkling Prosecco Cordials

    Be sweet and healthy while treating your guests to both. Give away these personalized wedding favor Cubes with Premium Sparkling Prosecco Cordials and give your loved ones and friends a taste of bitter-sweet candy wedding favor.

    Dark chocolates are known to have more benefits than other chocolates, so these Sparkling Prosecco Cordials wrapped in an acrylic cube are a stylish and beneficial choice for a "Thank You" token. 

    7. Paint Can Filled with Hershey's Kisses

    Giving a paint can as a wedding favor may be unlikely, especially if it is dwarf-sized. But, if you fill it up with undeniably delectable treats, the narrative will have a plot twist.

    This Paint Can with Hershey's Kisses is a dainty and sweet option for a candy wedding favor as it is unique and clever.

    Make sure you personalize this candy buffet so they know your bridal shower gave away a paint can for a token.

    8. Personalized Mint Tin Last Fling

    Freshen the giveaway table at bridal shower with this Mint Tin Last Fling (12 Pack) custom wedding favor and make the guests go home with a sweet and minty treat.

    Each wedding candy buffet includes 12 completely assembled tins with mints in peppermint flavor and stickers that you can customize with your name and wedding date to label the top of the tin.

    9. Pillow Box Filled with Sixlets

    This Pillow Box Filled with Sixlets will be the right match for the right number of candies with the perfect touch of wedding celebration reminder.

    These wedding candy favors come in many colors, such as Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, and many more, to match your wedding motif and adapt to any interior.

    You may customize the sticker on top with your design and text.

    10. Jordan Almond

    A cube with candy-coated almonds is a compelling and delightful way of saying "thank you" for being there on your wedding day.

    These Cube with Jordan Almond wedding candy favors come with a customizable sticker that may contain your name, initials, or wedding dates.

    Wedding candy color comes in various choices, such as blue and pink, and the label design also has a lot of excellent options.

    11. Mints


    Mints wedding candy favors in a dainty and fully designed square canister make for a sweet treat and a breath-refreshing buddy in a pocket.

    Your wedding guests can take a few to clear their palate and freshen their breaths after the reception. It has various design styles to match your motif and venue interior perfectly.

    You may maximize up characters for personalization to 20 for the first and second lines.

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    12. Gummy Bears

    As the bridal shower guests chew in the wonderful treat of seeing your union with your beloved, let them bring home an equally sweet and delightful treat.

    These Cube with Gummy Bears candy favors will be a crowd favorite as it holds an all-time favorite dessert and wedding candy: Gummy bears.

    Label designs come in various choices, and the texts will be your preference.

    13. Candy Jelly Beans

    This Champagne Bottle Filled with Just Candy Jelly Beans is a clever trick they can lick.

    It is a champagne bottle, but the contents will not make them drunk but more energetic as the sugar rush will amplify their adrenaline.

    Wedding candy flavors come in Green Apple (Green), Black Cherry (Black), Pineapple (White), Blueberry (Light Blue & Dark Blue), Strawberry (Pink), and Cherry (Red).

    14. Premium Sugar Cookie Bites

    Sugar Cookie Bites are not a common candy wedding favor, so giving away a few wrapped in a clear and styled box makes for a nice token of gratitude.

    This Favor Cube with Premium Sugar Cookie Bites is a set that includes a fully assembled acrylic cube, sticker, and cookie bites.

    Choose your design from various options and customize the label with your name, wedding date, monogram, or initials.

    15. Candy Sparkle Wedding Favor

    Sparks are flying during your wedding, and your eyes are glimmering with love and romance. Let this Candy Sparkle Wedding Favor align with what you feel.

    This stunning rose gold-colored wedding candy has edible gold glitter throughout, making it sparkle when the lights reflect.

    These party favors are individually wrapped and sealed with a matching ribbon.

    16. Premium Rum Cordials

    Put a naughty little special in the candy wedding favors on your guests' table with this Favor Cube with Premium Rum Cordials.

    This acrylic cube contains a wedding candy with a rum-flavored center surrounded with dark chocolate for that liquor-ish delight.

    Bridal shower guests will not get drunk even if they finish the entire box, but they will be teased and pleased simultaneously. 

    17. Personalized Life Savers Candies

    Bring back the child in every person on your wedding list with these Personalized Life Savers Candies.

    Some had probably used a lifesaver while others miss eating and seeing a wedding candy they used to devour when they were little.

    These edible favors come in 5 flavors: Cherry, Raspberry, Watermelon, Orange, and Pineapple.

    18. Personalized Candy Bag

    Baby shower candy is a favorite treat and personalizing the favor bags is a great way to add a special touch to your rehearsal dinner.

    Personalized Candy Bags make for excellent wedding favors that guests will surely enjoy. We offer 100g wedding candy bags that you can personalize with names, photos, or any other design you can think of.

    19. Customized Engagement Chocolate

    Are you looking for a way to add a personal touch to your wedding celebration? Look no further than personalized candy wedding favors with special offers!

    Chocolate is always a crowd-pleaser, and what could be sweeter than Customized Engagement Chocolate?

    Personalized candy wedding favors can be as straightforward or elaborate as you like.

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    20. Chocolate Truffle Favor

    Whether you opt for something classic like Chocolate Truffles, or something unique, your guests will love receiving something special from your engagement party.

    If you want to take it up, consider personalizing your wedding candy favors. Acrylic candy boxes offer a simple and sweetest way to give guests a sweet treat with a personal touch at rehearsal dinner.

    Each edible favors box can be custom printed with a design and initials of your choice, adding a touch of whimsy to the occasion.

    21. Almond Chocolate Favors

    These delightful and delicious treats are the perfect combination of sweet and savory and are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

    Our Custom-crafted Chocolate Almonds come in an array of colors and flavors, from traditional dark chocolate and white chocolate to unique combinations like our gold and white option.

    Make sure to make your event truly memorable with these customized almond chocolate party favors!

    22. Mini Love Hearts Wedding Favors

    One of the best ways to show your guests how much you appreciate them is with a personalized wedding favor.

    This Tiny Candy with Hearts Design is individually wrapped and can be personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date.

    Your guests will love these tasty treats as they reminisce on a fall wedding day. 

    23. Turkish Coffee and Candy in Box

    These Turkish Coffee and Candy Boxes are the perfect way to make your wedding favors memorable and delicious!

    These handmade boxes are decorated with traditional Middle Eastern motifs that bring back memories of shared experiences.

    Each fall wedding candy contains flavored Turkish coffee, chocolate, and a metal spoon.

    24. Chocolate Heart Wedding Favor

    Chocolate Hearts are one of the most popular options, as they can be tailored to suit any couple’s style and tastes.

    Eye-catching chocolate hearts make an ideal wedding favor, as they have a classic, romantic look that will delight your guests.

    Plus, with personalized labels and packaging, you can put your stamp on them.

    25. Foil-Wrapped Belgian Chocolate Hearts

    Are you looking for the sweetest way to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence on your rehearsal dinner?

    Foil-wrapped Belgian Chocolate Hearts in favor bags are the perfect personalized candy wedding favors.

    Delicious and thoughtful, these baby shower chocolates make a sweet statement of love and gratitude! 

    26. Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Marshmallows

    One of our favorite personalized wedding favors is these delightful eye-catching Mr. and Mrs. Marshmallows!

    Made from delicious vanilla marshmallows, each is individually with cute fonts and your choice of custom messages.

    Add a special touch to your celebration by giving your guests a few packs of these delicious treats as a thank-you for being part of your special day.

    27. Cotton Candy Favors

    Cotton Candy is a classic sweet treat that can make any occasion special.

    Cotton candy favors are perfect for weddings, showers, birthdays, and other celebrations.

    Not only do they make an impressive display, but they also provide a delicious treat to thank your guests for joining you on your special day.