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    65 Delicious Candy Favors For Your Wedding

    Your guests truly enjoyed your wedding. Once again, they are reminded of how love transforms two very different people and allow their lives to be united in marriage. They have witnessed your special day and you can’t thank them enough how they have made your wedding so much better with their presence. Let every guest and loved one know how you truly appreciate their love and support as you prepare a special wedding favor for them. One cool way of doing that is by preparing something delightful and sweet that they can bring home with them. 

    Make your wedding favor sweet and thoughtful by giving one of these 65 delicious  andy favors and other sweet treats that guests will surely love:

    65. Artisan Chocolate Bon Bons

    These Artisan Chocolate Bon Bons are made to order. It is handcrafted to achieve perfect flavor and beautiful artistry. These chocolates are a celebration in a box. The ingredients are simple and all of these chocolates are free from gluten, eggs, nuts, and corn products. This is a 6 piece assorted box. 

    64. Black Stripes Candy Box

    This Black Stripes Candy Box is a nice choice and will add a happy atmosphere to your wedding table set-up. It can be filled with Macaroons, plain Oreo, fudge, or sweet chocolate. It is made of sturdy and safe paper paperboard with marble pattern. This item is perfect for holding little goodies you wish to bestow on guests for special occasions. 

    63. Bride and Groom Pugs Candy Jar


    Let your guest take this Bride and Groom Pugs Candy Jar home and have a blast getting caught with their hand in this amazing candy jar! Made of bright white porcelain, this candy jar has a brilliant luster that makes your photos, text, and designs look spectacular. 

      62. Personalized Chocolate Hearts

      Your names and date will be molded onto a smooth curved font, each packed in an elegant white light gold gift wallet (cardboard) box. This Personalized Chocolate Heart is also individually printed with your names and date. Give your guests a memorable memento to remember, your very own molded chocolate hearts. 

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      61. Love Heart Candy Gift Boxes

       These Love Heart Candy Gift Boxes are perfect for candies or small gifts. It is made of high-quality kraft card paper that can be filled with 6-7pcs Alpine sugar or 2pcs Ferrero, small candies, or objects. This gift box is composed of two different colors of paper and only takes seconds to assemble. 

        60. Thank You Cute Cartoon Stick Couple


        A cute cake pop to use as a favor at any of your wedding events will be remembered by your guests forever. Give then this Thank You Cute Cartoon Stick Couple that you can personalize with your names, wedding date, and custom message. Make your wedding pop with a dozen bite-sized desserts from Veronica’s Treats! 

          59. Greenery Wedding Chocolate Bar

           This Greenery Wedding Chocolate Bar wrapper can be customized for Hershey's 1.55oz and Aldi mini choceur 40g. You can edit, download, and print with Corjl app. You can work directly in your internet browser, no software download required. All fonts shown are available to use automatically. You also have the option to change the background color, font style, size, and placement. All texts are also editable. 

          58. Hexagonal Chocolate Treat Gift Boxes

           The fantastic marble print of these Hexagonal Chocolate Treat Gift Boxes features a  festival of patterns with "Thank you" letters. Exquisite and fashionable, it will surely create a beautiful atmosphere and add extra elegance to your wedding. This set includes 50 pcs marble candy boxes and 50 gold ribbons. It is made of sturdy and safe paperboard and can be assembled easily. 

            57. Dolphins & Love Heart Wedding Jelly Belly 

            This Dolphins & Love Heart Wedding Jelly Belly candy tin is one great keep sake gift idea. This cute metal and acrylic tin (0.80 oz) offers a sneak peek of its candy contents while brilliantly displaying your photos, artwork, and text. Whether you're planning a wedding in pink or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in blue, you can match your event with your candy tin!

            These pretty in pink Wedding Favor Candy Boxes are made of embossed paper and ribbon. You can easily put 8 Ferrero Chocolates or 20 HERSHEY'S Chocolates in it and you are all set to giving one sweet treat for your guests. 

              Satisy your guests sweet tooth by giving them these Assorted Chocolates in chocolate and caramel. Each box comes in a variety of Dark, Milk, White solid chocolate and some or filled with caramels.

              54. Navy Blue Gift Candy Box

              It's cute and creative. This Navy Blue Gift Candy Box is made of high-quality oily kraft boxes and is ultra-thick. The vintage style will definitely enhance the touch of elegance at your wedding. Give this to guests filled with candies or chocolates. 

                53. 3 Fancy Champagne Flavored Lollipops

                These 3 Fancy Champagne Flavored Lollipops come with strawberry slices and a sprinkling of edible pink glitter hearts. The lollies are 3". These pretties are perfect for a thank you gift for guests at your wedding. It does not contain actual champagne but uses a candy extract that has a very delicate taste and cooks down clear. These are a real treat! Each lollipop will come individually wrapped, branded, and tied with a satin ribbon.

                52. Bride and Groom Shortbread Cookie

                Let guests recall that moment when the minister said, "You may now kiss the bride" with this Bride and Groom Shortbread Cookie. It has a classical elegant design to enhance your wedding set-up. This image is part of the Bride and Groom collection by Off the Path Creative.

                51. Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles

                There's nothing like giving away Lindt LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles. The box contains 60 individually wrapped truffles perfect for gifting, sharing, or savoring one at a time on your wedding day. Let your guests enjoy a classic milk chocolate flavor, inspired by the secret recipe. This one is made with premium ingredients from world-renowned regions. 

                50. Personalized Chocolate Minis Labels Trio

                You can choose the color and place your names on these Personalized Chocolate Minis Labels Trio. This set comes with 36 adhesive labels, designed by Andaz Press (12 labels of each design). The label can fit Hershey's Miniatures Chocolates. Purchase includes adhesive labels only. Perfect to add to the dessert table and add a unique touch to your wedding.

                49. M&Ms Just Married - I Do - Blend

                Delight your guests with these  M&Ms Just Married - I Do - Blend. Great as a thank you gift for your guests these M&Ms classic are candy coated chocolate candies with printed designs. What a sweet treat!

                48. Milk Bottle Favor   

                Place your delicious candy favors in this adorable milk bottle-shaped favor jars. It is sealed with a cork stopper and can be filled with your favorite mints or special candies. Have this wedding favor personalized by customizing a sticker that blends well with your wedding motif and theme.  

                47. Hugs and Kisses Favor

                Perfect for your fall wedding, this Hugs and Kisses from the new Mr. and Mrs. Favor kit simply speaks of how grateful you are for the presence of your guests at your wedding. Placed in a clear cello bag and tied with jute twine, this favor can even be customized with your names and your wedding date. 

                46. Buttermint Candy

                The best thing about these Buttermint Candies is that they are not just fresh and easy wedding favors, they also double as lovely table decorations too. Choose the design to match your theme and use these buttermints to fill clear glass jars at your candy buffet. Hand these sweet treats to your guests and you'd be sure to let them bring home the love and romance they felt at your wedding.

                45. Pink Butterfly Lollipops

                No, you won't see them flying on your wedding day, but they sure will satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests and loved ones. Give them these Pink Butterfly Lollipops that use only the best ingredients and the highest quality flavor oils and food coloring, to ensure the best-tasting candies. It includes free individual wrapping and matching curling ribbon that is sure to delight your guests. 

                These Custom Butterfly Hard Candy Sucker with multiple butterflies encasped for a whimsical treat are perfect for wedding favors. Each round hard candy lollipops come with a cellophane wrap and tie. Colors come clear or lightly colored. Flavoring is available too! Guests would be happy to bring home this one of a kind confectionery creations! 

                43. Personalized Life Savers Candies

                It's sweet and it's personalized! Each individually wrapped Life Savers® comes personalized with a message to commemorate your special day. With two lines of text to write out a message, you can share a special message with each sweet favor. It comes in five flavors (cherry, raspberry, watermelon, orange, and pineapple) and is a great way to share your special day.

                42. Sea Salt Lollipop

                You and your groom are definitely a perfect combination! And you want your guests to remember just that as they leave your wedding. Send them off with this Sea Salt Lollipop, a perfect balance of salty and sweet. It is sprinkled with coarse sea salt and a taste that is unforgettable much like your wedding day.  

                41. Sugar-Free White Jordan Almonds 

                As pure as your love for each other, these Sugar-Free White Jordan Almonds won't fail to remind your guests how special your wedding day has been. These are made with selected large flat almonds and a very thin sugar coating. It is skillfully crafted with delectable fruits and nuts, artistically decorated and thoughtfully packaged ready to be handed to guests and loved ones. 

                  40. Wedding OREOS

                  Chocolate covered OREOs with gold sprinkles

                  Who can refuse to bring home some Wedding OREOS? These oreo's are covered in a chocolate glazed and topped with gold sprinkles. All products are wrapped individually in a cello bag and tied with curly ribbon to keep products fresher for a longer period of time. 

                  39. Gourmet Peppermint Taffy Chews 


                  Your red and white wedding won't be complete without these Gourmet Peppermint Taffy Chews! Guests and loved ones would be delighted to bring home this wonderful treat. Each of these delicious gourmet classic peppermint-flavored taffy chews is individually wrapped. It's one sweet, chewy and flavorful way of thanking your guests for making your day extra special. 

                  38. Strawberry Rosemary Lollipops

                  A combination of roasted organic strawberry, locally grown rosemary, organic pure cane sugar, organic light corn syrup and that main ingredient of love! This is what guests bring home with them with this Strawberry Rosemary Lollipops. Each set has 10 lollipops with 3 sizes available and individually wrapped in a clear bag ready to be handed to guests and loved ones.   

                  37. Chocolate Coconut Truffles

                  It's one irresistible treat that guests would love to take home as they remember your wonderful wedding. These Chocolate Coconut Truffles are gourmet made fresh to order. It's one thank you gift that is sure to bring a smile on the faces of your wedding guests. 

                  36. Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

                  Everybody loves chocolate and everybody at your wedding just fell in love with you and your groom as a couple. What better way to send off your guests with everything they love than these Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows! This set comes with a dozen gourmet white chocolate covered marshmallow pops with color chocolate drizzle. It is wrapped individually in a cello bag and tied with curly ribbon to keep the product fresher for your guests. 

                  35. Gourmet Cotton Candy

                  This Gourmet Cotton Candy is hand-spun and made from organic cane sugar. It is naturally flavored with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Available in different colors: Green Apple, Lemon, Mango, Pina Colada, Strawberry, and Watermelon. You can be sure that each order is spun fresh for that light and airy texture your guests will really love! 

                    34. Bride and Groom Chocolate Covered Pretzels

                    It's the memory of you and your groom that you would want guests to remember as you sen them off from your special day. As you give this  Bride and Groom Chocolate Covered Pretzels, you would have made a lasting impression on each of them. This custom gourmet chocolate and caramel pretzels are homemade, especially for your wedding. It is made of high-quality ingredients with an option to choose from the following: chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, charms, color, designs, nuts, ribbon, candy, and much more.

                    33. Cherry Blossom Chocolate Candy Mold

                    This Cherry Blossom Oreo Cookie Mold is designed to embed double-stuff Oreo Sandwich Cookie. It is a 6 Cavity Plastic Mold with each cavity measuring 2" in diameter x 0.95". It is perfect for chocolate covered Oreos, filled chocolate candy, jello, melt & pour soap, bath bombs & many more. It's the perfect mold for a DIY wedding favor you've always wanted for your guests. 

                      32. California Cashew Toffee 

                      Want to make a lasting impression to your guests when it comes to giving your wedding favors? Well then, give them a signature item. This California Cashew Toffee is specially made for all those toffee lovers and will definitely become their favorite toffee at first taste. It brings the sweet blend of soft buttery toffee and the smooth taste of cashews blended with a touch of coconut with the finest white chocolate. Each package is professionally hand-packed and ready for gift giving. 

                      31. Wedding Candy Bride and Groom Suckers


                      The Wedding Candy Bride and Groom Suckers are decorated with details from a groom’s tux and a bridal gown. This wedding favor will be an elegant addition to a candy buffet or dessert table. It is hand-decorated and has a mixed fruit flavor. Each lollipop is individually wrapped. Surely, your guests will love taking these sweet treats home as wedding favors! 

                      30. Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel Favors

                      It's sweet and salty coming together! The Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel Favors is the perfect favor creating an undeniably irresistible way to say thank you to your guests and loved ones. It's crispy and crunchy pretzels that melts-in-your-mouth with creamy milk chocolate and then decorated with a wonderful white drizzle design. Your guest will definitely find this heavenly!

                      29. 12 Counts of Brigadeiro with 3 Different Flavors


                      Let your guests enjoy the 12 counts Brigadeiro gourmet chocolate gift box. These authentic delicious sweet treats from Brazil are hand-made chocolate covered in sprinkles. The traditional desserts are one of Brazil's favorite delicacies. They have a velvety smooth chocolate interior and are available in several delectable flavors. Your guests would enjoy a Brigadeiro with a cup of coffee, warm milk or hot chocolate.

                      28. Sugar Scrubs Favors

                      Your guests deserve this unique and sweet treat! The Sugar Scrubs Favors are set in a clear jar (set of 4) with a personalized label. The square jar contains 2.7 oz. worth of sugar scrub cubes. You can even choose from 4 metallic ribbon colors, 4 scrub scents, 18 colors, and 9 different background patterns, and several different wedding icons.

                      27. Small Cotton Candy


                      Whether it comes in a single or combined flavor, these Small Cotton Candies simply rock! Each order comes with your own customizable labels! You are sure that your guests get them on top quality as they don't make up the cotton candy until the night before it ships, so it's as fresh as possible!

                      26. Gold and Silver Lollipops

                      Perfect for your gold themed wedding, these Gold and Silver Lollipops are sure to remind your guests how beautiful your wedding is. They will truly be delighted to bring home these beautiful crystal clear candy with a gold and silver sugar crystal design. It is individually wrapped and comes with a matching ribbon. 

                      25. Candy Sparkle

                      Let your guests remember all the sparkling moments of your wedding day with these Candy Sparkles. It's a stunning rose gold colored candy with gold edible glitter throughout. This wedding favor comes hand-stamped with #LOVE tags and matching ribbons included.

                      24. Cinnamon Spicy Rock Candy

                      Spicy, hot and sweet! It's the perfect way to describe the love you share with your spouse. And it's the kind of love you want your guests to remember as they come home from your wedding. Give your guests these Cinnamon Spicy Rock Candy and you can be sure your wedding is one they won't easily forget. 

                      23. Personalized Life Savers Mints

                      personalized wedding favor mints 

                      It's fully assembled and ready to be given away to your guests. These Personalized Life Savers Mints can have your design on it plus your message for your guests. Each clear pack, individually wrapped, peppermint-flavored Life Savers arrives labeled with your custom design.

                      22. Personalized Jumbo Smore Marshmallows

                      These deliciously soft and fluffy Personalized Jumbo Smore Marshmallows are customized to your specifications and can include either text, graphics or both. Each marshmallow comes individually packaged and is great for any celebration, or as a fun favor for your guests to take with them!

                      21. Chocolate Seashell 

                      chocolate seashell favors

                      Give your guests the best homemade handmade chocolates by using the freshest ingredients. These assortments come with cute 1 oz solid seashell favors and edible sand to match. Each Chocolate Seashell is packaged in a cellophane bag and tied with a raffia ribbon. It's one wedding favor your guests will surely love!

                      20. Gourmet Cotton Candy  

                      They are sweet and white as sweet and pure as your love for each other. These Gourmet Cotton Candy Favors come with a clear cellophane bag and wedding white or cream-colored wide lace, sheer with satin, satin or tulle ribbon. This wedding favor can also be customized to make it extra special for your guests. 

                      19. Marshmallow Treats  

                      You want them to remember every part of your sweet wedding day. Make them bring home this bride and groom Marshmallow Treats as a thank you gift from you. These treats are customizable depending on your preferred color or wedding theme. It is wrapped individually in a cello bag and tied with curly ribbon to keep products fresher longer.

                      18. Snowflake Winter Wedding Favor

                      This wedding favor is perfect for your dream winter wedding! Let your guests enjoy these Snowflake Winter Wedding Favors. These are mallows covered in sprinkles and sparkles for glam. Each mallow is hand decorated with a solid white chocolate frozen snowflake and sugar pearls! Your guests won’t want to miss a single delicious bite!

                      17. Marshmallow Pops

                      These Marshmallow Pops are dipped in decadently delicious dreamy white chocolate. Each mallow is hand-decorated with 4 red solid chocolate hearts and is individually wrapped in cello bags for freshness and quality. They also come tied with a red ribbon for that elegant presentation especially for your guests and loved ones. 

                      16. Personalized LifeSavers

                      Give your guest their favorite Life Saver candy flavor. Choose from watermelon, orange, pineapple, cherry or raspberry. Make this favor complete with specially designed stickers you can choose from. The hard candies are individually wrapped and would require some assembly so it can be readily handed to your guests and loved ones.

                      15. Sweet Treat Mini Glass  

                      Remember those candies in big glass jars? Walk down memory lane as you hand this wedding favor to your guest and loved ones. Fill this sweet treat mini glass with special candies that are as sweet as your way of saying thanks for the presence and support of each guest on your wedding day. 

                      14. Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel Favors

                      Sweet and salty come together in this gourmet chocolate pretzel favor. The perfect wedding favor that your guests won’t be able to resist.  These crispy, crunchy a full-sized pretzels are drenched in creamy milk chocolate and decorated with a white drizzle design. It is individually wrapped for freshness complete with adhesive labels.

                      13. Belgian Chocolate Wedding Favor  

                      This favor is sure to bring a smile on their faces. Give your guests this 100% gourmet Belgian chocolate coin as a wedding favor. On one side of the coin is the wedding couple while on the other side are the words, “To a lifetime of love.”  It’s one gift your guests will remember you by.

                      12. Swing Top Mini Glass

                      It looks good on the outside but what’s inside is even better! This personalized mini glass favor bottle is one unique way to present sweet treats as your way of expressing your gratitude to your guests. Our mini favor bottle has its own charisma, and the candy is simply the sweet side of this special attraction! 

                      11. Wedding Bonbonniere

                      These wedding Bonbonniere boxes come ready for your candies, cookies or bonbonniere. It comes complete with a satin ribbon and your names and the date of your wedding. This is one awesome way to thank your guests for making your wedding day extra special. Choose from 11 different colors, one that would readily blend into your wedding theme and motif.    

                      10. Circular Wedding Favor Box

                      Perfect for saying thank you to your guests and loved ones!  Place your small items like soap, jewelry, cookies, macaroons and yes candies in this great packaging box. This handmade wedding favor can be purchased by 10 and is available in colors white, cream, silver, mint, and salmon. The special box also comes with customized tags.

                      9. Glass Votive Cups

                      Decorate your table setting with these Personalized Glass Votive Cups. Make it even colorful as you place colored special candies in them. Have it personalized with a choice of 10 designs together with your names and the date of your wedding. This wedding décor can also be given away to your guests as your way of saying thank you. 

                      8. Boubounieres Wedding Favor  

                      No. It’s not just another set of special candies. The 5 smooth candy-coated almonds are bonbonnieres representing wealth, health, prosperity, happiness, and long life. Placed in a white sheer bag, this wedding favor comes complete with a tag explaining the meaning of a bonbonniere ready to be given to your guests and loved ones. 

                      7. Personalized Lollipop

                      Versatile and beautiful is the best way to describe this personalized lollipop. Elegant and fancy, this wedding favor will be an item your guests won’t be able to resist. Place your names on it and choose the color closest to your wedding theme and motif. Sweet, simple and elegant - closest to the best way your wedding can be described by your guests.   

                      6. Lollipop Wedding Favor

                      Handmade painted that’s what makes these lollipops truly unique. It is 100% customizable so feel free to add your names, wedding date or a small quote. It can be purchased in 24’s and you can also choose the color or design of the lollipop. Each lollipop is individually wrapped in clear cellophane and ready to be handed to guests and loved ones.     

                      5. Customized Lollipops

                      Give your guests these gold and pink sparkle lollipops. It's simple and elegant and something your guests will remember your wedding by. It's the perfect complement for your wedding. Have it personalized by placing your names on it. These lollipops can be bought by 6 and are individually wrapped, labeled and tied with a ribbon.     

                      4. Mr. & Mrs. Lollipops

                      Accented with Rolkem gold, these Mr. and Mrs. Lollipops are the perfect gift for your wedding guests. These gorgeous lollipops are individually wrapped and tied with a ribbon and can be bought by sets of 10. Choose from the following flavors: bubblegum, strawberry, cherry, tutti-frutti, and raspberry. All these lollipops are made fresh, are vegan, gluten-free and made with Kosher ingredients.

                      3. Peanut Butter Cups 

                      What a delicious treat! Make your guests happiness complete with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups complete with a customized sticker ha simply says it all, “So Many Reeses To be Thankful.” Instantly download these stickers and attach to a jar or bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Reese’s Pieces plus a hang tag to tie to your candy package and you’re all set for a tasty treat.  

                      2. Mr. and Mrs.Chocolate Favors

                      Nobody can refuse an M&M treat. After you have perfectly packaged this candy treat in a beautiful box and tied it with a ribbon of your choice, complete your wedding favor’s look with this Mr. and Mrs. Chocolate Wedding Tag on kraft brown car stocks. You may choose from 3 different sizes of the card.  

                      1. Chocolate Dipped Oreos

                      They don’t just delight kids but adults as well. Let these one dozen chocolate-dipped Oreos with sprinkles perfectly put a smile on your guests face as you hand them this sweet treat. Each Oreo is drizzled with chocolate and sprinkles and can be made in any color you like. It is individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a colored ribbon of your choice and you are all set for the sweetest treat for your guests and loved ones.