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    35 Unique Wedding Favor Boxes That Your Guests Won't Forget

    When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most important tasks is selecting the perfect wedding favor boxes for your guests.

    Wedding favor boxes are an ideal way to thank your guests for attending your special day and show them how much you appreciate them. From elegant to fun, there are countless options, so picking the right ones for your big day is important.

    To simplify your search, we’ve rounded up some unique wedding favor boxes your guests won’t forget.

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    1. Clear Acrylic Favor Boxes

    Package your most saccharine treats such as macaroons, candies, chocolates, gummy bears, or any other small edible treats in these durable and Clear Favor Boxes.

    Made from acrylic, these wedding favor boxes may be embellished with customizable tags to make it a nice event favor or token.

    Choose your label colors from White, Blush, Dark Pink, Coral, Lilac, Mint, Taupe, Black, Grey, and Navy to match your wedding theme!

    2. Greenery Wedding Favor Boxes

    These Greenery Wedding favor boxes are perfect for your outdoor wedding.

    The wedding favor bags set comprises 50 empty favor boxes you can fill with treats or items your guests would love to take home.

    What is more, you can choose colors of these favor containers that match your wedding motif. 

    3. Personalized Rose and Gold Floral Favor Boxes

    It is not just the gift inside that matters. The wedding favor box where you place your gift should shout thank just by looking at them.

    You can fully personalize this Personalized Rose and Gold Floral Wedding Favor Box to include the name of the Bride and Groom and the date of the wedding as a unique memento for your special day.

    You can customize these wedding favor boxes designs to suit your wedding color scheme. 

    4. Diamond Favor Boxes

    The Diamond Motifrepresents the most perfect wedding. These stylish favor boxes are absolutely gorgeous.

    These wedding favor boxes are accented with metallic silver, adding a touch of glamor to these precious little boxes.

    5. Love Wreath Favor Boxes

    The meticulous details in this exclusive Love Wreath Favor Box will add instant style wherever it appears.

    These wedding favor boxes can be used to package a sweet treat or miniature trinket or other wedding favors. It is one box you can be assured your favors will not be overlooked.

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    6. Mini Wooden Treasure Chest Favor Boxes

    Add a touch of charm and nostalgia to your wedding with Mini Wooden Treasure Chest favor boxes. These adorable little wedding favor boxes are perfect for a rustic-themed wedding, giving your guests a unique and memorable gift to take home.

    Made from real wood, these treasure chest wedding favor boxes have a beautiful natural grain and a vintage look that will enchant your guests.

    Fill them with small trinkets, candies, or heartfelt messages for a personalized touch. Your guests will be delighted to open up these little treasures and find a piece of your love story inside.

    7. Double Heart Design Square Favor Boxes

    Double Heart Design Square Favor Boxes are a stunning choice for any wedding celebration. These miniature wedding favor boxes feature an elegant double heart design, symbolizing the love and unity of the newlyweds.

    These wedding favor boxes are available in gold, silver, or rose gold and add a touch of luxury to your special day. Made from high-quality coated paper stock, they are both durable and beautiful. Fill them with small treats or trinkets to thank your guests for sharing in your joy.

    These Double Heart Square Wedding Favor Boxes are the perfect way to show appreciation and leave a lasting impression.

    8. Floral Garden Design Miniature Favor Boxes

    Add a touch of whimsy and romance to your wedding with our Floral Garden Design Miniature Favor Boxes.

    These adorable wedding favor boxes are adorned with a beautiful floral print featuring delicate pastel pink, purple, periwinkle, green, and navy blue colors. These favor boxes are stunning and durable and made from high-quality coated paper stock.

    Fill them with small trinkets, sweet treats, or other wedding favors for your guests to take home as a keepsake from your special day.

    9. Uniquely-Shaped Palm Leaf Favor Boxes

    Add an eco-friendly and tropical touch to your wedding with our Uniquely-Shaped Palm Leaf Favor Boxes.

    These wedding favor boxes are made from high-quality paper, giving them a natural look that will impress your guests. The unique shape and texture of these favor boxes will surely catch everyone's attention. Fill them with small goodies or personalized notes to show your appreciation.

    Give your guests a taste of paradise with our uniquely shaped Palm Leaf Favor Boxes.

    10. Personalized Large Metallic Favor Boxes

    Add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your wedding with our Personalized Large Metallic Favor Boxes.

    Available in gold, silver, or rose gold, these wedding favor boxes are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your special day. Choose from polka dot or diagonal designs to match your wedding theme.

    For a truly unique touch, personalize these metallic wedding favor boxes with the couple's initials or wedding date. Fill them with small treats or mementos to thank your guests for celebrating with you.

    11. Personalized Mr and Mrs Square Favor Boxes

    Add a touch of elegance and personalization to your wedding with our Personalized Mr and Mrs Square Favor Boxes.

    These stylish wedding favor boxes come in gold, silver, and rose gold foil colors, adding a luxurious touch to your special day. These favor boxes are durable and stunning and made from high-quality coated paper stock.

    Customize them with the couple's initials or wedding date to make them unique. Fill them with small treats or trinkets as a thank you to your guests.

    12. Personalized Love Wreath Initial Favor Boxes

    Make your wedding favors special with our Personalized Love Wreath Initial Favor Boxes. To match your wedding theme, these charming wedding favor boxes are available in various colors, including gold, silver, and rose gold. These miniature boxes are made from high-quality coated paper stock, durable and elegant.

    Customize them with the initials of the newlyweds to add a personal touch. Fill these personalized wedding favor boxes with small treats or tokens of appreciation for your guests.

    13. Beach-Themed Wooden Favor Boxes

    Enhance the beach vibes of your wedding with our Beach-Themed Wooden Favor Boxes. These charming wedding favor boxes are perfect for a seaside or destination wedding.

    Made from real wood, they have a natural and rustic feel. The lid features a starfish and seashells, adding a touch of coastal elegance. Fill these beach-themed wedding favor boxes with small trinkets or treats that reflect the oceanic atmosphere of your wedding.

    Your guests will love these unique favor containers, a lasting reminder of your special day by the shore.

    14. Personalized Wedding Favor Cake Boxes

    Make your favors extra special with Personalized Wedding Favor Boxes. These unique wedding cake boxes allow you to add a personal touch to each gift, making your guests feel even more appreciated.

    Whether you have your names and wedding date printed on the boxes or include a heartfelt message, personalized wedding favor cake boxes are a wonderful way to show your guests how much you value their presence on your special day.

    15. Custom Rectangular Cake Wedding Boxes

    Rectangular Cake Wedding Boxes are popular for couples looking for a sleek and elegant favor presentation. These wedding cake favor boxes are typically 6x3x2 inches, providing ample space for various wedding favors.

    Made from sturdy cardstock, they offer durability and protection for your gifts. The rectangular shape allows for easy stacking and storage, making them convenient for you and your guests.

    Whether you fill them with delicious treats or small trinkets, these wedding cake favor boxes will impress your loved ones with their sophisticated design.

    16. Black and White Favor Boxes

    Black and white never goes out of style! If you want classic and timeless wedding favor, look no further than The Black and White favor boxes.

    These elegant wedding favor boxes can be filled with candy, treats, or small gifts for your guests to enjoy after the big day.

    These square unique favor boxes make great keepsakes, as well, with their classic colors and sophisticated look.

    17. Bride and Groom Wedding Favor Boxes

    These Wedding Favor Boxes are incredibly cute! Just fill them up with candy, chocolates, or a small souvenir. They also add to your wedding decor.

    The wedding favor boxes are made of textured card stock. The 'Groom Box' has been made to represent a tux, while the 'Bride box' represents a Bridal gown. The groom's box has a tag saying, "Thank you for sharing this day with us."

    The Bride wedding favor boxes have a tag with the name of the Groom and the Bride, along with a date.

    18. Wedding Bonbonniere

    Choose from 11 different favor containers colors, one that would readily blend into your wedding theme and motif.

    These Bonbonniere Wedding favor boxes are ready for candies, cookies, or bonbonniere. It comes complete with a satin ribbon, your name, and your wedding date.

    These favor boxes are one easy way to thank your guests for making your baby shower special. 

    19. Boho Wedding Favor Boxes

    For the boho chic wedding theme, Boho Wedding Favor Boxes are perfect for showing off your unique style.

    The unique floral design of these favor boxes will transport your guests to a different world and make them feel like they are in an enchanted garden.

    With their intricate detailing, these Boho Boxes will make a statement at any wedding and will be sure to wow your guests.

    20. Clear Foil Favor Boxes

    Put candies in a box and make sure it’s clear, add a shimmering foil label and you can be sure it will look dear.

    These Clear Favor Boxesmay be customized to label each with your names, monogram, initials, or message printed on a foil with your choice of color.

    Pick from Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver to match your wedding theme and the candies you will decide to put inside. 

    21. The World Is A Box

    Their presence meant the world to you; you must let them know with these gorgeous wedding favor boxes.

    There is nothing like a gift that lets the whole world know the gratitude inside your heart. The World is a Box is a unique favor box with a map-print cover that can be varied.

    These favor bags are vintage, have a kraft slide drawer, and are tied with a double, natural twine bow, making them perfect for your baby shower.

    22. Simple Floral Favor Boxes

    Fill these Personalized Floral Boxes with goodies your guest will love. These wedding favor boxes are perfect for any garden-themed occasion.

    Personalize the label of your favor box by choosing either black or white and add a personal note. The minimum order amount for this product 24.

    The guests will enjoy their spring wedding favors inside these beautiful boxes.

    23. Gold Ribbon Wedding Favor Box

    It is the perfect favor box to adorn your gold-themed wedding. These Gold Ribbon Wedding gift bags are made of ultra-thick, oily coated paper (Cube shape).

    These wedding favor boxes can store 5-8 Alpenliebe candies, 2 Ferrero Rocher, or 5-8 Dove chocolates. The original boxes for summer wedding favors are flat and only take seconds to assemble. 

    24. Hearts Cube Favor Box

    It will bring a smile to their faces. Make this Hearts Cube Favor Box an added item to your guest's fun and romantic collection.

    These wedding favor boxes feature that symbol of love right in the middle, surrounded by eye-catching colors for a more festive look.

    Fill it with special goodies and readily hand them to your guests. 

    25. Star Favor Boxes

    You can personalize these Star Favor Boxes with any information you would like. You can fine-tune all wordings, colors, fonts, and sizes to match your baby shower.

    You can also print it in a different language. It is one favor gift box you would delight your guests with.  

    26. Rose Favor Box

    Pretty, natural, and romantic. Complete the look of your rustic chic table setting at your bridal shower with this Rose Favor Box.

    The material is made from smooth text paper and can be wrapped around a 5 cm x 5 cm/2" x2" white or black paper box. These favor bags are everything a guest wants for a thank-you gift!

    Choose from various colors and transform your simple favor boxes into one unique gift box.

    27. Now Chic Coated Favor Boxes

    These beautiful, Now Chic Coated Paper favor bags are perfect for giving your guests a special treat on your big day!

    The elegant white color of these favor bags and the satin ribbon accent adds a chic touch to any baby shower or wedding celebration.

    These unique favor bags will leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests.

    28. HappyMoments Personalized Favor Box

    Are you looking for a way to make your wedding favors extra special? Look no further than The Happy Moments Personalized Favor Box!

    These luxury wedding favor boxes feature a stunning gold or silver hot foil print design with your choice of personalized text.

    These unique favor boxes are an excellent way to thank your friends and family for attending your baby shower.

    29. Rustic Wedding Box

    This Rustic Wedding Box would be the perfect favor at any rustic, vintage, or country wedding!

    One look is all it will take for guests to think back to the days when they carved their loved one's initials in a tree. Fill these favor containers with sweet treats or candy wedding favors!

    These unique favor boxes are not too large to take up a lot of room at the reception, but just large enough to show your guests how much you appreciate that they made it to your wedding. 

    30. Custom Cone Box

    If you are looking for a creative and unique way to show appreciation to your guests at your wedding, a Custom Cone Box is perfect.

    This wedding favor bags are simple yet elegant and can be customized with different colors and materials to make it truly special.

    These custom cone favor bags are an excellent addition to any wedding; your guests will love this thoughtful favor.

    31. Deco Rectangle Wedding Favor Boxes

    Deco Rectangle wedding favor boxes are a unique and elegant way to show your guests how much you appreciate them for attending your special day.

    These favor bags also make great keepsakes for your wedding guests to remember your bridal shower.

    Your guests will surely be impressed with the thought and care you put into making their wedding favor boxes!

    32. Marble Large Favor Box

    Consider using The Marble Large Wedding Party Favor Box for an upscale, modern look for your wedding.

    These elegant gift boxes have a modern marble texture, making them perfect for a classy, stylish wedding. 

    Use these favor bags to make a lasting impression on your guests and give them something special to take home from your special day.

    33. Diamond Shape Favor Box

    Consider the Awcmtpsyol Diamond Shape Favor Box for a classic and sophisticated look.

    These gift bags are made with high-quality material and feature a delicate diamond-shaped design. They are perfect for a classic bridal shower celebrating your special day with timeless elegance.

    These unique favor boxes will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding and give your guests a memorable keepsake!

    34.Floral Gold stamped Favor Boxes

    A perfect favor box for your wedding day, the Floral Gold Stamped Colorful Favor Boxes will impress your guests.

    Ideal for small gifts or trinkets, these favor gift bags are the perfect way to thank your guests for joining you on your bridal shower.

    With their unique and colorful design, these wedding gift bags are the perfect way to add a touch of charm and elegance to your wedding accessories.

    35. French Whimsy Cube

    It's easy to assemble, and you have a variety of colors to choose from that will easily blend with your wedding motif.

    Wrap this French Whimsy Cube around your box and transform it into one unique gift box.

    These wedding favor boxes fit a 2x2 white or black paper box that you can easily personalize and give as a thank-you gift for your wedding guests.

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    What to Put in Wedding Favor Boxes?

    Wedding favor boxes are the perfect way to show your appreciation to your guests for being a part of your special day. But once you've chosen the ideal wedding favor box, you might wonder what to put inside.

    Fear not! We have curated a list of ideas to help you fill your wedding favor boxes with memorable and thoughtful gifts.

    1. Macarons

    These delicate French pastries taste heavenly and add a touch of elegance to your wedding favor boxes. Choose an assortment of flavors and colors to match your wedding theme.

    2. M&Ms

    Everyone loves these classic chocolate candies. Customize them with your wedding colors or even personalize them with your initials or a sweet message.

    3. Almonds

    Traditional and symbolic, almonds are a timeless choice for wedding favors. Package them in small organza bags or mini boxes for a charming presentation.

    4. Hershey's Kisses

    Another crowd favorite, Hershey's Kisses is a sweet and simple treat to include in your wedding favor boxes. Choose from various flavors and colors to coordinate with your wedding palette.

    5. Homemade Cookies

    Add a personal touch by baking your own cookies to include in the favor boxes. You can even tie them with a ribbon or place them in individual cellophane bags for a special touch.

    6. Tea Bags

    Consider including various tea bags in your wedding favor boxes for a calming and comforting touch. Choose from a selection of flavors and package them in elegant envelopes or tins.

    7. Customized Bottle Openers

    Bottle openers are a practical gift that your guests can use for years. Personalize these wedding favors with your names and wedding date for an extra special touch.

    8. Personalized Keychains

    Give your guests a practical and sentimental gift by including personalized keychains in your wedding favor boxes. They can cherish these keepsakes long after the celebration.

    9. Seed Packets

    If you are a nature lover or want to encourage your guests to grow their own garden, consider filling your wedding favor boxes with seed packets. You can choose flower seeds or even herbs that reflect your wedding theme.

    10. Miniature Perfumes or Colognes

    Miniature perfumes or colognes are a luxurious gift that your guests can enjoy long after your wedding day. Choose scents that you love and think your guests will appreciate.

    11. Personalized Luggage Tags

    If you are having a destination wedding, personalized luggage tags make for a practical and thoughtful gift. Your guests will appreciate the gesture and be reminded of your special day whenever they travel.

    12. Succulent Plants

    Bring a touch of nature to your wedding favors by including small succulent plants. These wedding favors are adorable and remind you of your special day when placed on a windowsill or desk.

    These ideas are just the beginning when filling your wedding favor boxes. Get creative, think outside the box, and remember to personalize the items to make them even more special for your guests.


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