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    27 Creative Wedding Favor Boxes to Impress Your Guests

    Wedding favor boxes are a great way to show your guests your appreciation for being part of your special day.

    Whether you are looking for something classic and timeless or something more unique, there are plenty of creative wedding favor boxes.

    Here are 27 of our favorite wedding favor boxes that impress your guests.

    1. Greenery Wedding Favor Boxes

    These Greenery Wedding favor boxes are perfect for your outdoor wedding.

    The gift bags set comprises 50 empty favor boxes you can fill with treats or items your guests would love to take home.

    What is more, you can choose colors of these favor containers that match your wedding motif. 

    2. Personalized Rose and Gold Floral Favor Boxes

    It is not just the gift inside that matters. The favor box where you place your gift should shout thank just by looking at them.

    You can fully personalize this Personalized Rose and Gold Floral Favor Box to include the name of the Bride and Groom and the date of the wedding as a unique memento for your special day.

    You can customize these favor boxes designs to suit your wedding color scheme. 

    3. Pomegranate Box

    This Pomegranate Box would be a beautiful gift for your bridal shower guests!

    Not only will these favor boxes adorn your table set up, but they will also be a beautiful reminder of your fun-filled wedding once guests start to place this on their dining tables.

    Personalized tags and tassels are also available upon request. 

    4. Butterfly DIY Gift Boxes 

    Want a chic table setting? This Butterfly DIY Gift Box would beautifully adorn your table setting at your baby shower.

    These gift bags are made from durable, high-quality paper. These favor boxes are perfect containers for candies or small gifts. Pretty, natural, and romantic.

    It is everything a guest wants for a thank-you gift!

    5. Rustic Wedding Box

    This Rustic Wedding Box would be the perfect favor at any rustic, vintage, or country wedding!

    One look is all it will take for guests to think back to the days when they carved their loved one's initials in a tree. Fill these favor containers with sweet treats or candy favors!

    These gift bags are not too large to take up a lot of room at the reception, but just large enough to show your guests how much you appreciate that they made it to your wedding. 

    6. Casamento Heart Laser Cut Favor Box

    These are fashionable favor boxes. Make your guests feel extra special with these Casamento Heart Laser Cut gift bags are perfect for your wedding party.

    Have it filled with candies, mints, chocolates, or any special small gifts you would like to present to your guests. 

    7. Wedding Favor Boxes

    These Wedding Favor Boxes are incredibly cute! Just fill them up with candy, chocolates, or a small souvenir. They also add to your wedding decor.

    The favor boxes are made of textured card stock. The 'Groom Box' has been made to represent a tux, while the 'Bride box' represents a Bridal gown. The groom's box has a tag saying, "Thank you for sharing this day with us."

    The Bride favor boxes have a tag with the name of the Groom and the Bride, along with a date.

    8. Gold Ribbon Wedding Favor Box

    It is the perfect favor box to adorn your gold-themed wedding. These Gold Ribbon Wedding gift bags are made of ultra-thick, oily coated paper (Cube shape).

    These favor boxes can store 5-8 Alpenliebe candies, 2 Ferrero Rocher, or 5-8 Dove chocolates. The original boxes are flat and only take seconds to assemble. 

    9. Palm Tree Favor Boxes 

    These Creative Palm Tree favor boxes will give your guests fond memories of a tantalizing taste of the tropics kind of wedding.

    Palm fronds in subtle shades of green and ripe brown coconuts sit atop a trunk just waiting to be filled with treats for your baby shower.

    These favor boxes are sold in sets of 24. Some assembly is required.

    10. Butterfly Hollow Candy Box Cookie Gift Box

    Perfect for your garden wedding, these Butterfly Hollow Candy Box Cookie gift bags are enough to put 4 Ferrero ROCHER, 14 Dove chocolate, or 15 Hershey's chocolate.

    These gift bags are made of high-quality paperboard with a smooth surface and moderate thickness. The top of these favor boxes are a butterfly shape.

    These favor boxes are a flower pattern, symbolizing happiness and sweetness for your bridal shower.

    11. Wedding Bonbonniere

    Choose from 11 different favor containers colors, one that would readily blend into your wedding theme and motif.

    These Bonbonniere Wedding favor boxes are ready for candies, cookies, or bonbonniere. It comes complete with a satin ribbon, your name, and your wedding date.

    These gift bags are one easy way to thank your guests for making your baby shower special. 

    12. The World Is A Box

    Their presence meant the world to you; you must let them know with these gorgeous wedding favor boxes.

    There is nothing like a gift that lets the whole world know the gratitude inside your heart. The World is a Box is a unique favor box with a map-print cover that can be varied.

    These favor bags are vintage, have a kraft slide drawer, and are tied with a double, natural twine bow, making them perfect for your baby shower.

    13. Zinnia Bloom Favor Box

    The material used is made of smooth text paper. The Zinnia Bloom favor boxes feature lush zinnia blooms in many vibrant colors.

    Zinnia is a symbol of lasting love, goodness, constancy, and a daily remembrance of good memories, much like what your guests would remember from your wedding.

    The wedding favor bags your guests will truly remember you by. 

    14. French Whimsy Cube

    It's easy to assemble, and you have a variety of colors to choose from that will easily blend with your wedding motif.

    Wrap this French Whimsy Cube around your box and transform it into one unique gift box.

    These favor bags fit a 2x2 white or black paper box that you can easily personalize and give as a thank-you gift for your wedding guests.  

    15. Hearts Cube Favor Box

    It will bring a smile to their faces. Make this Hearts Cube Favor Box an added item to your guest's fun and romantic collection.

    These favor bags feature that symbol of love right in the middle, surrounded by eye-catching colors for a more festive look.

    Fill it with special goodies and readily hand them to your guests. 

    16. Star Favor Boxes

    You can personalize these Star Favor Boxes with any information you would like. You can fine-tune all wordings, colors, fonts, and sizes to match your baby shower.

    You can also print it in a different language. It is one favor gift box you would delight your guests with.  

    17. Rose Favor Box

    Pretty, natural, and romantic. Complete the look of your rustic chic table setting at your bridal shower with this Rose Favor Box.

    The material is made from smooth text paper and can be wrapped around a 5 cm x 5 cm/2" x2" white or black paper box. These favor bags are everything a guest wants for a thank-you gift!

    Choose from various colors and transform your simple favor bags into one unique gift box.

    18. Now Chic Coated Favor Boxes

    These beautiful, Now Chic Coated Paper favor boxes are perfect for giving your guests a special treat on your big day!

    The elegant white color of these favor bags and the satin ribbon accent adds a chic touch to any baby shower or wedding celebration.

    These unique favor boxes will leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests.

    19. HappyMoments Personalized Favor Box

    Are you looking for a way to make your wedding favors extra special? Look no further than The HappyMoments Personalized Favor Box!

    These luxury favor boxes feature a stunning gold or silver hot foil print design with your choice of personalized text.

    These unique favor boxes are an excellent way to thank your friends and family for attending your baby shower.

    20. Black and White Favor Boxes

    Black and white never goes out of style! If you want classic and timeless wedding favor, look no further than The Black and White favor boxes.

    These elegant favor bags can be filled with candy, treats, or small gifts for your guests to enjoy after the big day.

    These favor gift bags make great keepsakes, as well, with their classic colors and sophisticated look.

    21. Boho Wedding Favor Boxes

    For the boho chic wedding theme, Boho Wedding Favor Boxes are perfect for showing off your unique style.

    The unique floral design of these gift bags will transport your guests to a different world and make them feel like they are in an enchanted garden.

    With their intricate detailing, these Boho Boxes will make a statement at any wedding and will be sure to wow your guests.

    22. Custom Cone Box

    If you are looking for a creative and unique way to show appreciation to your guests at your wedding, a Custom Cone Box is perfect.

    This wedding favor box is simple yet elegant and can be customized with different colors and materials to make it truly special.

    These custom cone gift bags are an excellent addition to any wedding; your guests will love this thoughtful favor.

    23. Deco Rectangle Wedding Favor Boxes

    Deco Rectangle wedding favor boxes are a unique and elegant way to show your guests how much you appreciate them for attending your special day.

    These gift bags also make great keepsakes for your wedding guests to remember your bridal shower.

    Your guests will surely be impressed with the thought and care you put into making their wedding favor boxes!

    24. Marble Large Favor Box

    Consider using The Marble Large Wedding Party Favor Box for an upscale, modern look for your wedding.

    These elegant gift bags have a modern marble texture, making them perfect for a classy, stylish wedding. 

    Use these favor bags to make a lasting impression on your guests and give them something special to take home from your special day.

    25. Diamond Shape Favor Box

    Consider the Awcmtpsyol Diamond Shape Favor Box for a classic and sophisticated look.

    These gift bags are made with high-quality material and feature a delicate diamond-shaped design. They are perfect for a classic bridal shower celebrating your special day with timeless elegance.

    These unique favor boxes will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding and give your guests a memorable keepsake!

    26. Bowknot Handbags Favor Boxes

    These unique and stylish Abaodam Bowknot Handbags Favor Boxes are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and charm to your special day.

    These beautiful wedding favor gift bags are made from soft leather and feature a timeless bowknot design that adds a unique flair to your wedding favors.

    These charming favor boxes will be a great addition to any wedding, bridal shower, or special event.

    27.Floral Gold stamped Favor Boxes

    A perfect favor box for your wedding day, the Floral Gold Stamped Colorful Favor Boxes will impress your guests.

    Ideal for small gifts or trinkets, these favor gift bags are the perfect way to thank your guests for joining you on your bridal shower.

    With their unique and colorful design, these favor boxes are the perfect way to add a touch of charm and elegance to your wedding accessories.


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