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    A Warm Welcome: 23 Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

    Wedding welcome bags are a great way to greet your guests and make them feel special as soon as they arrive at your destination wedding.

    Whether you are looking for something simple, luxurious, or a little bit of both, there are plenty of options for Wedding Welcome Bags.

    We will look at some different Wedding Welcome Bags that will help spoil your guests and make them feel special on your big day.

    1. Elegant Welcome Bags

    Welcome your guests with a personalized touch to your wedding by offering them an Elegant Bag filled with goodies.

    To make it extra special, adorn the bags with a beautiful satin ribbon, bow, and names of each guest. It will make them feel appreciated for being part of your special day.

    This welcome bag is a simple way to show appreciation and welcome them.

    2. Kraft Favor Bags - Floral

    If you have already decided what treats or small presents you wish to distribute on your bridal shower, engagement party, or wedding day, then these Personalized Kraft Bags may come in handy. Not only can these customizable bags be a pocket that envelops your favors but also serves as an enticing first look for your “Thank You” tokens. Since the label can be edited, the power to put any name or message is upon you and it matches the white or charcoal floral silhouette designs too.

    3. Gold Monogram Bags

    Adding an elegant touch to your wedding welcome bags is easy with these Gold Monogram Bags.

    These wedding welcome bags are made of a high-quality white canvas and feature gold foil monogramming with your initials, names, or wedding date printed on the front.

    Each welcome bag also includes handles made of beautiful satin ribbon.

    4. Custom Wedding Hangover Kit

    Welcome your guests to your special day with a custom wedding hangover kit!

    Create a Personalized Bag with your name and wedding date, then fill it with all the essentials they will need to battle the post-wedding blues.

    Start with the basics: water bottles, aspirin, and snacks like granola bars or candy. Make sure to include something fun too.

    5. Fiora Tote Bag

    Guests may expect smaller treats inside their welcome tote bags, but some may seek and hope to see a dainty addition to their outfits.

    These Fiora Tote Bags are bonus welcome totes inside a wedding welcome bag for your bridesmaids or entourage.

    These wedding welcome bags are beautifully printed on one side with the names of the recipients you wish to surprise.

    6. Foil Favor Bags

    In terms of personalized wedding favors, nothing beats something that you do, cook or bake yourself. So gather your baking tools and unleash your oven expert prowess to create treats that you can distribute as your token of appreciation for the people who will stand by you as you say “I do”. Oh, and when you are done, put them in these Personalized Foil Favor Boxes. Boxes stand on their own and have a scallop edge fold-over design that ensures a sturdy, secure and nice packaging presentation of your goods.

    edible wedding favors

    7. Customizable Wedding Tote Bags

    Lay it over the floor of your hotel room and let your bride squad see their gift bags filled with gift boxes from you.

    You can put water bottles, bride's favorite snacks or other treats inside these Customizable Wedding Tote Gift Bags from your wedding location.

    These wedding welcome bags may have only one neutral color to match any theme color, but the letterings have various color options.

    8. Welcome Cardboard Bag Favor

    If you are looking for a sophisticated yet affordable way to show your wedding guests how much you care, look no further than the Welcome Cardboard Bag Favor.

    This mink-colored cardboard bag is exquisitely decorated with a beautiful gold gilding print and an elegant gold satin ribbon handle, making it the perfect accessory for your wedding day.

    Inside each welcome bag, you can customize your thoughtful gifts to surprise and delight your guests.

    9. Black & Gold Welcome Bags

    Looking for a classy and luxurious way to greet your wedding guests? Our Black & Gold Wedding Welcome Bags with satin ribbon handles are perfect!

    This stunning welcome bag features an elegant black and gold design, complete with stylish satin ribbon handles that add an extra touch of luxury.

    These stylish welcome bags are perfect for making a great first impression on your guests.

    10. Baby Pink Brides Gift Bags

    This Gorgeous Baby Pink Brides gift bag is the perfect addition to any wedding welcome bag. These welcome bags are perfect for a feminine touch and feature a beautiful floral design, complete with a satin touch.

    The fabric is lightweight and durable, making it the perfect option for carrying any items guests may need throughout their stay.

    These brides' gift welcome bags will make your wedding welcome bags stand out from the rest!

    11. Floral Candy Favor Bags

    Bring out the candy aficionado in you and find your most desired candies for your wedding. As you gather them up, place them in these Candy Favor Boxes and align them with your garden-themed wedding. Fear not though, as the wide array of style, label, and box options will make your wedding favor preparation an exciting one.

    12. Boho Beach Bag


    Roll it up or place it in a pouch. Either way, this Boho Beach Bag will be a great surprise that your out-of-town guests will unveil from the wedding welcome bags.

    Made from cotton rope, this wedding welcome bag is a trendy accessory that any woman can carry as they stroll around the beach and buy something from your wedding location.

    Each macrame welcome bag is either pink or white and may be embroidered with either "babe" or "bride."

    beach wedding favors

    13. Champagne Satin Small Welcome Bag

    The small and Personalized welcome bag is an elegant and thoughtful way to greet your guests at your wedding.

    These small wedding hotel bags come with champagne satin ribbon handles for a touch of luxury and can be customized with the bride and groom's names, the wedding date, or any other detail to make it truly special.

    14. Wedding Monogram Welcome Bags

    Welcome your guests in style with these beautiful Black and White Wedding Monogram welcome bags.

    Each welcome bag is carefully crafted and features a customized monogram with each guest's name printed on the front.

    The handles are made from satin ribbon, adding a luxe touch to the overall look of this welcome bag.

    15. Hangover Recovery Kits

    Hangover Welcome Bag recovery kit is the perfect wedding welcome bag addition for your wedding guests!

    You can include headache medicine, vitamin B12 or electrolyte tablets, and snacks like protein bars, gummy bears, and pretzels.

    You can also add small bottles of water or sports drinks, an eye mask, and personal care items like hand sanitizer and lip balm in your hangover kit.

    16. Totes Went To The Wedding Tote Bag

    Totes Went To The Wedding is a stylish, reusable tote bag that is the perfect addition to any wedding welcome bag.

    These high-quality canvas tote bags come in two sizes: large and medium, and are customizable with your choice of name or text.

    These tote bags are perfect for wedding welcome bags, bridesmaids' gifts, engagement party favors, or any other special occasion.

    wedding favors

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    23 Ideas for Wedding Welcome Bags to Make Your Guests Feel Special!

    The welcome bags are filled with practical items, treats, and souvenirs that guests can use and enjoy during their stay.

    Here are 23 welcome bag ideas to help create the perfect bag for your destination wedding guests:

    1. Wedding Can Coolers

    A great way to welcome your guests to the wedding and keep them cool during the wedding weekend is to provide them with Personalized Can Coolers.

    Personalize these wedding welcome bags favors with your names and wedding date to make them extra special.

    Your guests will appreciate having something practical that they can use to stay cool throughout the day.

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    2. Rose Wedding Candle

    Consider including a Rose Wedding Candle in your welcome bags if you want to give your guests a personalized gift to commemorate your special day.

    Rose is the classic symbol of love and adds a romantic touch to your wedding day.

    These candles for wedding welcome bags are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere during your reception.

    3. Personalized Wine Cork Stopper

    Welcome your wedding guests with a unique, Personalized Wine Cork Stopper.

    These fun and practical wedding favors are perfect for adding a special touch to your welcome bags. Personalize them with the couple's names, wedding date, or even a special welcome note.

    Guests will love having them in their wedding welcome bags so they can repeatedly use as a reminder of your special day.

    4. Simple Personalized Hand Fans

    Hand Fans are a great way to make your wedding guests feel special.

    You can personalize them with the couple's names, wedding date, and other personal note. The fans come in white and have a simple design that matches any wedding theme.

    These fans to add in your wedding welcome bags are also perfect for keeping your guests cool in the summertime.

    5. Heart-shaped Magnet with Bottle Opener

    Are you looking for a unique and practical way to give your guests a special touch? Look no further than wedding souvenir Heart-shaped Magnets with Bottle Openers!

    These magnets in your favorite bags are a great way to give your family members something they can use after the wedding and to make sure they always remember your special day.

    It is a perfect combination of fun and practicality, and your guests will surely appreciate them in their wedding welcome bags.

    6. Wedding Favors Chocolate

    Nothing says "Welcome to the wedding" more than a Delicious Piece of Chocolate in your wedding welcome bags.

    Whether you opt for individually wrapped truffles, artisanal bars, or mini-filled chocolate wedding welcome box, adding this sweet treat to your wedding welcome bag will surely be appreciated by your guests.

    Whatever type of chocolate you choose for wedding welcome bags, your guests will surely enjoy it.

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    7. Mint to Be Wedding Favor

    These are a great way to thank your guests, especially and memorably!

    Personalized Mint to Be Wedding Favors are a creative way to give your guests a sweet treat on your special day.

    These wedding welcome bags favors will surely be a hit with your guests!

    8. Personalized Flower Seed Paper

    Personalized Flower Seed Paper is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to create a lasting memory for your wedding guests.

    These wedding welcome bags favor will decompose when placed in soil and watered, and the seeds will grow into beautiful wildflowers.

    To make it personal, add your name, wedding date, or any other message you would like.

    9.Wedding Bowl Favors

    When it comes to giving wedding favors, bowls are a unique and affordable way to show your appreciation.

    Wedding Favors Bowls for welcome bags come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, so you will easily find the perfect bowl to match the theme of your wedding.

    10. Custom Logo Face Mask


    Your guests will probably be wearing one as they attend your wedding weekend but reminding them every day that the couple who got married cares for their welfare is one of the many benefits of putting this Custom Logo Face Mask in your welcome bag.

    Days after your special day, they can still use the mask and reminisce how unforgettable your "I do" moments were.

    11. Love Wreath Personalized Hand Fan


    Whether it is a beach or garden wedding, as long as your special day falls in warm weather and will commence outside a fully air-conditioned venue, a Love Wreath Personalized Hand Fan for your wedding welcome bags is a much-needed addition.

    This way, you can ensure that everyone will have extra help feeling refreshed and keeping cool while having something they can use even after the wedding.

    12. Personalized Wedding Hand Sanitizer

    In this time of paranoia about viruses and germs, wedding welcome bag does not have alcohol or hand sanitizer inside them.

    This Personalized Wedding Hand Sanitizer will keep your guests and loved ones protected which is your priority upon including them in the celebration.

    Personalize this wedding welcome bags favor with your names, wedding dates, monograms, or any text, and guarantee good hygiene, soft hands, and great-smelling palms.

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    13. Mint Favors with Personalized Tag

    As the guests wait for the program to begin, many of them, especially those who know each other, shall engage in many conversations.

    Add these Mint Favors with Personalized Tag to your wedding welcome bag to ensure that every mouth-opening and breath-releasing scenario is fresh and delightful.

    The guests will undoubtedly love this wedding welcome bags favor.

    14. Sparkling Water


    Weddings take more than just a few hours. Most attendees, especially those part of the entourage, will dedicate their entire day to it.

    As the plans unfold and become a reality, time passes, and activities occupy everyone, making them forget to eat or even drink water.

    It will be an excellent addition to your wedding welcome bags for all your guests to have accessible Sparkling Water to chug down after a day of thirst.

    15. Chocolate Favor Gift Box


    Whether you intend to stir up energy and sweetness around the whole venue as the guests wait for the program to start or you simply want to give a sentimental treat, this Chocolate Favor wedding welcome box is a great choice.

    You may place these inside the wedding welcome bag, as they come in the beautiful wedding welcome boxes with a nicely tied ribbon bow.

    16. Wedding Cookies


    An easy-to-grab piece of snack inside the wedding welcome bag is not only convenient but also practical.

    Guests and loved ones need not go out and purchase some treats to keep their energies up or to give a quick fill on their stomachs as they wait, as these Wedding Cookies will do the trick for them.

    This wedding welcome bag favor is made from vanilla extract, milk, eggs, flour, butter, and sugar and can be crafted with your choice of design. 

    17. Honey Jar Favors


    Perhaps after the party, some out-of-town guests will go home immediately while some will take a detour to get some local snacks or fresh fruit.

    With these Honey Jar Favors inside the wedding welcome bag, they will brew their own and drink their warm beverage at home.

    A healthy treat such as these mini bottles are unique gift ideas, especially from someone who had just said "I do" on the sweetest day of her life.

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    18. Cedar and Lavender Sachet


    Some gift bags are delightful to the eyes and palate, and some tickle the sense of smell.

    This Cedar and Lavender Sachet is a wedding welcome bag great idea and is a fragrant reminder of how the scent of romance and love surrounded your destination wedding.

    You can tuck it into a linen wedding welcome bag, and they will release a lovely smell of cedar and lavender.

    19. Personalized Tea Favors


    A sachet of tea with the names of the newlyweds and a few love-inspired messages is something anyone would love to pull out of a welcome bag.

    These Personalized Tea wedding welcome bag favors come in two different designs that you may adjust for any destination weddings.

    Your fantastic destination wedding will join the conversation while the guests sip their brewed teas at home.

    20. Eco-friendly Glassine Wedding Favor Seed Bags


    Your love grew and will soon be celebrated via wedding.

    Give your guests a welcome bag wedding favor they may nurture and grow with much love and care with these Eco-friendly Glassine Wedding Favor Seed Bags that may contain any flower or plant seed of your choosing.

    Each wedding welcome bag is see-through glassine that is self-seal and eco-friendly.

    21. Mini Wedding Soap Favors


    Soap is usable and will always be an appreciated gift, welcome bag favor, or giveaway token at any destination weddings.

    These Mini Wedding Soap wedding welcome bag favors are made from coconut oil, corn oil, soybean oil, water, organic shea butter, lye, fragrance, and essential oil.

    Choose your soap color, shade, and tone as the scent and messages you shall put on the personalized label.

    22. Throw Blankets

    If you planned a garden, beach, or an outdoor wedding location, Throw Blankets might be one of the treats you want to put inside your wedding welcome bags.

    Ladies may wrap it around them as the breeze gets colder or the sun starts to touch their skin.

    Men may use it to protect their ladies or for any purpose. It may serve them best during the destination wedding.

    23. Vintage Floral Handkerchiefs


    Women are the ones who cry during the wedding weekend, well at least they shed happy tears.

    With that in mind, add these Vintage Floral Handkerchiefs to your female guests' wedding welcome bags so they have something to catch and wipe the waterworks.

    These wedding welcome bag favors are decorated with floral embroidery and are crafted in a retro vintage style.

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