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    17 Best Wedding Favors for Destination Weddings

    Planning a wedding with all its intricate details is already challenging enough. Set it on a different location and the work doubles but the satisfaction of saying “I do” in a beautiful destination will make everything worth the effort. Aligning the theme to the venue will not be a walk in the park but you can always count on suggestions and a list of ideas presented to you to make your special day even more extraordinary. So, if you are pondering what to give to your guests and loved ones, here is a list of 17 Best Wedding Favors for Destination Weddings: 

    17. Let the Adventure Begin

    As your adventure begins, let your guests bring home a favor that will give flight to their joy in joining your ceremony. This Let the Adventure Begin bottle opener will make everyone open a bottle of the celebratory drink and commemorate the special event and union they just witnessed. Featuring a vintage antique bronze finish and charming airplane design, this favor will be something they will enjoy bringing home after attending your destination wedding. It comes with a display case that features a map background for a more “travel” vibe.

    16. Personalized Destination Wedding Room Key Holder and Itinerary – Palm

    Most destination weddings take place on beaches or places where the sleeping quarters are far from the venue. This Personalized Destination Wedding Room Key Holder and Itinerary – Palm may be the most useful and practical item you can include in your welcome bag. It will hold your guest’s room key, ID, cash, and it will keep them safe even when they suddenly decide to jump into the water because it’s waterproof. Of course, you will maximize such useful things and print them with your wedding itinerary so your guests will know exactly where they need to be at all times. 

    15. Personalized Sunglasses

    The sun is everywhere and its ray, especially during its peak can make anybody squint with its brightness. So, whether your guests are going to your destination wedding or traveling back, these Personalized Sunglasses will be a much-needed company for their sunny journey. Protect the eyes of your loved ones and guests while adding style to their outfits by topping it off with eyewear that can be printed with their names on the side. Let your creativity run and put the place of your destination wedding on the other side or you and your husband’s name. The power to choose is yours.

    14. Destination Wedding Lollipops

    You can get married anywhere you want and surprisingly these Destination Wedding Lollipops can be made to match the destination of your wedding. Each map image is 100% edible, using edible ink on edible sugar paper, which is encapsulated inside the lollipop. So, after reading the location of your special day, your guests and loved ones can enjoy the saccharine and unique treat they have been given. Lollipops are available in Almond, Apple, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Champagne, Peppermint, Strawberry, and Vanilla flavors.

    13. Personalized Mini Rolling Suitcase Favors

    As your guests and loved ones pack up their bags to travel to and from your destination wedding, let them carry one more piece of luggage that will not charge them in the airport. These Personalized Mini Rolling Suitcase Favors will let them take your love and your appreciation on the go. Each miniature piece of luggage features a handle and two rolling wheels. The suitcases are black with a clear cover and may be filled with candies, mints, jellybeans, or even small supplies of travel essentials. 

    12. Rustic Garden Lip Balm

    Add this Rustic Garden Lip Balm on your wedding welcome bag or give it away in advance to equip your traveling guests and loved ones as they go to your destination wedding. Their lips need to be moisturized whether it is a hot or cold season. They also need to be protected from the harsh ray of the sun as lips are one of the most sensitive skins of the body. Men and women will benefit from this lip care, and it can be personalized with a bold and script text with 20 characters each.

    11. Mini Globe Party Favor


    This Mini Globe Party Favor is an outstanding choice for a wedding favor to showcase the globetrotting couple’s passion for traveling. It offers a dainty and on-point way to convey the said passion to their guests while giving them goodies and treats. Made from plastic, this 4.35"H x 2" diameter globe can be filled with your choice of mints, candies, or even small travel essentials if you may. Add a custom label, ribbon, and tag to make it more unique.

    10. Leaf Wedding Party Face Masks

    The recent rules and mandates that sprung from the pandemic made wearing a mask a necessity and unbreakable law. Most likely, as your guests and loved one’s travel to your destination wedding, they will be wearing masks and bringing extra. But since you put a premium on the destination, you might as well push a little further to making the attendees look more festive as they celebrate your special day with you. Give each of them these Leaf Wedding Party Face Masks  and have them wear them during the ceremony. Your wedding photos will be more beautiful, and your guests shall bring home your protection and love for them.

    9. Personalized Wedding Hangover Recovery Kit Bag & Topper – Floral

    As you vow to be with your partner in sickness and in health, give your guests and loved ones the same hint that you have their backs in that area too with this Personalized Wedding Hangover Recovery Kit Bag & Topper – Floral. This kit includes a cellophane bag and a customized topper with a floral design, in your choice of 4 colors. Fill the bag with travel-size essentials from the local drugstore, the ones that can help them be sober or deal with a hangover, and then staple the topper. Put this hangover or recovery kit into a welcome bag for subtle care that you want them to carry anywhere.

    8. Destination Wedding Map Favors

    You can never go wrong with these Destination Wedding Map Favors as your welcome bag. It captures the whole vibe of traveling into a different location while carrying all the treats you want to give to your loved ones and guests as a show of gratitude and appreciation. Each bag will be cut from a different part of the map fabric, providing to each one, a unique and stunning look, so every piece is one of a kind with a random piece of the map on it. Not only is it useful, but it is also handy and stylish enough to be used for all the after-party stroll.

    7. Compass Favor with Personalized Label

    Classic and timeless, this Compass Favor with Personalized Label will never lead your guests astray, literally as it can lead them to the exact location of your destination wedding, well, if they have the right coordinates. But if you simply want this favor to be symbolic, then let it point everyone towards the direction of love, gratitude, and appreciation. Housed in brushed brass, this unique favor is an ideal choice for adventure lovers, travel bugs, and outdoor enthusiasts. Personalize it with a character, letter, or initial; one each on the left and the right. 

    6. Custom Aloe Vera Gel Lotion


    It is inevitable to be exposed to the sun especially when you travel in the daytime. Help soothe the skin of your guests and loved ones with this Custom Aloe Vera Gel Lotion that is made from unique aloe blend formula. It may also help soothe and moisturize sunburn soreness should everyone decide to prolong their sunbathing. The lotion is in a light green shade with a light scent placed in a clear bottle. Labels can be customized and are made of high quality, peel and stick waterproof vinyl and eco-solvent inks. Inks will not bleed or run, and labels stay adhered to the bottle.

    5. Mini Travel Suitcase Favor

    Vintage-themed and destination weddings are rare and this Mini Travel Suitcase Favor is a suitable giveaway for your guests who wish to travel in style and snacks, without carrying so much luggage. Each clear suitcase features colored corners and a sturdy handle to make the look come to life. Just fill it with your favorite candies, treats, or mini travel essentials to make carrying it more useful and lovely. Add a personalized tag or ribbon to make this favor box more unique. It comes in either gold or silver, so pick whichever matches your theme.

    4. Hand Sanitizer – Tropical Design

    Protection during a time of global pandemic will never go unappreciated. This Hand Sanitizer – Tropical Design will be a piece of your care placed in a beautifully personalized bottle. It features a clear bottle with a white flip top that opens for easy and secure access to the hand sanitizer liquid inside. The side of the bottle is the perfect place to stick your personalized label with a unique tropical, pineapple, or citrus theme. Choose from a huge selection of colors, exciting border styles, and titles, and add your name and date.

    3. Under the Stars 

    As you say “I do” under the beautiful sky and glaring stars, let your guests, and loved ones feel the power of bringing home those shining beauties with this Under the Stars coaster. It features a white star constellation design on a navy background with a gold border. Each coaster also includes three rubber feet underneath for sturdy hold and scratch protection. Should you wish to give it away earlier or after the wedding as a gift, you may do so as it includes a gold gift box with a clear lid, gold twine, and decorative gift tag featuring "Under the Stars" printed in gold foil. 

    2. Fame Tumbler

    This Fame Tumbler will make your destination wedding famous once all your guests and loved one’s drink from classy yet simple-looking water containers.  Made from BPA-free Acrylic, this tumbler can be included in the bridesmaid gift box, lined to the souvenir table, or placed on the reception table as a name card. Your attendees will find their designated seats by looking at the names printed on each tumbler, and they will drink safely using it without spreading viruses. That’s hitting a lot of birds in one stone.

    1. Personalized Sunscreen – Tropical Design

    What could be more fitting for a favor in a sun-filled beach or tropical-themed and destination wedding than this Personalized Sunscreen – Tropical Design? This quality sunscreen offers an SPF30 rating and comes packed in an innovative white plastic squeeze bottle. The design features an attached flip top, so you need never worry about misplacing the cap. It also has a hole molded into the top for the placement of a silver carabiner. This makes it extremely convenient to attach to your preferred carrier, where it will always be easily accessible. Offer protective sunscreen protection to your guests and loved ones and make it look this fabulous.