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    17 Sweet Honey Favors for Your Wedding

    From the minute you fell in love up until the day you said “Yes” to the proposal, everything around you will be filled with sweetness beyond you can bear. So as you prepare for your wedding, a treat for your guests must be aligned to the saccharine moments you will be having. Sure, you can always opt for candies and chocolates, but for a healthier and more elegant choice, why not use Honey? Worry not as your options are not limited to just a jar and a dipper.

    Here are 17 Best Honey Wedding Favors you may choose from:

    17. Sweet As Can Be Mini Honey Pot Favor


    Sweeten the bridal tea party or your actual wedding day with this delightful Sweet As Can Be Mini Honey Pot Favor. Measuring 3" H x 2.75" in diameter, Each bee-utiful white ceramic beehive is decorated with delicately painted bumblebees and comes with a heart-topped wooden honey dipper. It comes packaged in a 3" x 3" x 3.25" clear gift box complete with a tiny garden of flowers and a "Sweet as Can Bee" message printed at the bottom. A sheer organza ribbon and flower-shaped "For you" tag will complete this sweet-as-honey ensemble.

    16. Lavender and Honey Marshmallows


    Prepare a lovely jar or a cute box and fill it with these Lavender and Honey Marshmallows that are simply delightful. Upon opening the container of your choice, guests will inhale the lavender scent that will all the more entice them to devour this treat immediately. Made using organic honey and pure essential lavender oil, these Marshmallows make for a unique gourmet gift and favor. Guests and loved ones will bring home a unique lavender treat as a reminder of how lavish and sweet your special day has been.

    15. Honey Stick Favors

    Fill favor stockings or treat bags with these Honey Stick Favors and you will make your wedding, a day to remember. These cute favors are completely handmade and personalized especially for your event! Each purchase includes 2 honey sticks, a custom tag, and an ivory tulle. Tags may be printed with Meant to Bee!, Love as Sweet as Honey!, You're so 'SWEET' for coming!, or a custom text as long as it will fit in the honeycomb tag.

    14. Rose & Honey Lollipop


    Combine the sweetest treats in the romance and you will make your guests bring home a favor they may giggle on as they eat it. This Rose & Honey Lollipop is a honey treat sprinkled with fresh organic ground rose petals that result in a perfect lollipop favor with a slight floral kick at the end. Each lollipop measures 1.45” by 1/2” thick, individually wrapped, and comes with our signature branded lollipop stick measuring 4 1/2”. Basic labels are bright and play off the color of the lollipop or feature a watercolor design to match the flavor.

    13. Beeswax, Shea and Honey Lip Balm


    Give a wholesome kiss of honey to your guests and loved ones with a touch of this Beeswax, Shea and Honey Lip Balm wedding favor. Made from Beeswax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sunflower oil, Flavor Oil, Honey, natural Vitamin E (-alpha-tocopherol), and mica (those that contain mica are listed below), this favor moisturizes and protects your lips with the natural goodness of such fusion. Medicated and Natural lip balms do not contain flavor oil or mica. They are flavored with various sourced, essential oils.

    12. 2 oz Honey Wedding Favors


    These 2 oz Honey Wedding Favors are a one-of-a-kind wedding thank you favor that your guests will love. This box comes with 25 - 2oz jars filled with the honey flavor of your choice, burlap topper, personalized label, and raffia ribbon. Wooden dippers are an optional addition. These delicious honey are locally-sourced, and come in its all-natural raw state or one of five decadently infused flavors. You can choose the color scheme, the message on the label, the flavor of the honey, and more.

    11. "Meant to Bee" Honey Soaps

    From your bridal shower to their showers, these "Meant to Bee" Honey Soaps make for great Engagement party favors. Made with nourishing coconut oil, palm oil, and safflower oil, all soaps are also colored with natural herbs, plants, clays, and minerals. No sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, or parabens are used in producing these favors so you can guarantee that your guests and loved ones will enjoy their next “honey” bath safely. Plus the visuals and scent are simply delightful.

    10. Honeysickle - Quirky Yellow D&D Dice Set


    Treat your guests to a favor that looks like small balls of hardened honey with this Honeysickle - Quirky Yellow D&D Dice Set. Gamer or not, a dice is something that is dainty and cute for a keepsake. It features Warm yellow transparent dice, Numbers inked with white, and is a Standard 16mm set. Each 7 dice set includes 1d20, 1d12, 2d10, 1d8, 1d6, & 1d4. Include it in gift boxes or treat bags and the recipients will instantly turn into an old school gamer that will surely want to use this set maybe even during the wedding.

    9. Palmetto Honey


    Palmetto Honey is Pure raw honey from our beehives located in Tampa Bay Area Florida. The bees have gathered nectar from The wildflowers from spring and fall for our Wildflower Honey. Raw Palmetto Honey has so many medicinal things properties to name. Plus it’s a honey that does not change the taste of your coffee Tea or baking. The farm that produces this honey is committed to using no chemicals in their beehives. Refrigerating this honey is not recommended.

    8. Raw Gallberry Honey


    Let your wedding day guests savor a little bit of Raw Gallberry Honey and let them discover why it’s a true taste of the south. Gallberry honey is highly-prized mild honey but is also known for its unique woodsy, sweet, and spiced flavor. It’s also honey that resists granulation and has a low sucrose content much like tupelo honey. This superb honey is the perfect sweetener to add to your tea or coffee because it is light and mild enough to sweeten without altering the flavor of your drink! 

    7. Pure Raw Florida Honey 3 Pack Sampler


    Divide or give all these Pure Raw Florida Honey 3 Pack Sampler to your guests and they will have a taste of raw goodness made from beehives located in Central Florida. Such honey was made with no additives, chemicals, scents, or colors added so you can guarantee to have a pure, sweet taste, fragrant and natural-colored honey. This purchase is a 3 pack sampler set of honey with your choice of flavors. Each jar is consists of 7.5 of honey that is produced using no chemicals.

    6. Pure Honey Gingerbread Man


    If your wedding happens to fall on the Christmas season, then this Pure Honey Gingerbread Man will be a perfect fit. This favor doubles as a Christmas Ornament so you may either hang it on a tree, a fireplace or scatter it around the house for a holiday feel. As for your wedding, you may give this individually or place it in a treat bag. The bottle is imported from Italy and it holds 2 oz of the finest, pure, seasonal award-winning honey.

    5. Premium Amber HONEY LEMON Candy


    Made right from the farm, this Premium Amber HONEY LEMON Candy is a delicious and healthy treat for your guests and loved ones. The hives are organically raised and use no pesticide at all ever. This hard candy is made of raw honey and pure cane sugar but regardless of how sweet it may be, it is still a great favor as it has a healing capacity. It is soothing for a sore and scratchy throat as honey is a natural medicine for such. 

    4. Mini Honey Bear Favors 2oz

    Be a little creative and cute with your Honey wedding favors with this Mini Honey Bear Favors 2oz. It is a unique and dainty favor idea that even kids will love. Each jar will be filled with 2 oz of 100% raw honey. Choose the lid color from the variety of choices available to fit your wedding theme. You may line them up on a souvenir table, place them in a treat bag r give them individually. A cute bear, sweet honey, a perfect favor!

    3. Honey Roasted Sunflower Kernels


    Since not all kinds of honey come in a jar, this Honey Roasted Sunflower Kernels is a treat they can munch on after they enjoyed your wedding. It is perfect for a fall or summer wedding as the sunflower part seals the deal to the theme. Each purchase will give you 20 Packs of this snack and each bag serves your guests 6g of protein and Vitamin E. Pack it up in a treat bag or a gift box and your guests will go home with a sweet honey-infused smile on their faces.

    2. Sicilian Honey


    Sicilian Honey as a favor on your wedding day is something that will not only add uniqueness and sweetness to the event but will also bring an elegant vibe. It’s not every day that your guests and loved ones get an Italy-made treat. It has an amber color with a spicy forest smell and has a delicious taste with caramel touches and is slightly spicy to the throat. Its origin speaks for itself when it comes to quality.

    1. Beehive Shaped Candles


    A natural Beehive Shaped Candles that measures 5cm in height and 4cm in diameter may be a fitting favor for your honey-inspired wedding and it can even double as an added decoration to your venue. Made with soy wax, scents, and colors, this dainty piece of the candle comes with a personalized tag so you may decide on what to say and write to your recipients. This product is also available in different colors so you may choose the most fitting one for your wedding theme.