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    15 of the Best Hand Sanitizer Wedding Favors

    The global pandemic has made everyone put premium on safety and health. People are forced or encouraged to bring with them or wear essentials that will protect them and others from the spread of the virus. One of the most effective ways in flattening the curve is keeping hands clean before and after it touches anything. This sprung the need to always carry alcohol, germicidal wipes, or hand sanitizers.

    Since then, events have taken advantage of such needs and maximized the appreciation of tokens than highlight care. No one can say “NO” to a free germ defense bundled with a great memory of a blessed union.

    So if you are planning on shielding your guests and loved ones from bacteria and hand transferred germs, here is a list of 15 Best Hand Sanitizer Wedding Favors for you to check.

    15. Touchland Power Mists

    Splash color into your special day with this rainbow-inspired Touchland Power Mists. It is a sweet-smelling sanitizer that is designed to hydrate and soften the hands as it also disinfects them. These hand sanitizers come in various colors and scents to treat your guests and loved ones in a wonderful display of visuals and scent as they protect them. Scent options are Aloe You, Citrus Grove, Frosted Mint, Vanilla Blossom, Velvet Peach, Lemon Lime Spritz, Applelicious, Pure Lavender, Rainwater, Wild Watermelon, Blue Sandalwood, and Berry Bliss. You may also opt for these to go unscented if you wish to.

    14. Floral Hand Sanitizer

    If your wedding is rustic, vintage, or floral-themed, this Floral Hand Sanitizer will be the most fitting hand sanitizer favor of choice. It holds 1 oz of protection in its dainty container and the design options will complement its personalization feature. Choose a word, a name, a date, or any text of your choice up to 20 characters per line so you get to touch their hearts without touching their hands. It comes in 3 different design options and 6 various color choices.

    13. Saltaire Pocket Hand Sanitizer

    If uniqueness is a factor, then this Saltaire Pocket Hand Sanitizer will not need to give you a second spray before you choose it. Like a beach vacation in a spray, its fragrance is relaxing and refreshing. The healing power of rich salt air that restores the soul and the celebration of the alluring rhythm of the sea is compacted in one 0.7 fluid oz container. Made from SD Alcohol 40-B, Water, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis, Leaf Juice, Fragrance, this protection spray eliminates 99.9% of germs.

    12. Hand Sanitizer – Tropical Design


    Planning a tropical-themed wedding? Seal the deal with this Hand Sanitizer – Tropical Design that will leave your guests and loved ones germ-free while carrying adorable little bottles aligned with the motif. This bottle of clear hand sanitizer comes in a 15ml size. It features a clear bottle with a white flip top that opens up for easy and secure access to the hand sanitizer liquid within. The bottle is small and compact, making them ideal for traveling and ready to use whenever one feels the need to disinfect his or her hands.

    11. “I Do” Crew Hand Sanitizer Favor


    Your wedding team deserves to be protected as they ensure the smooth planning and execution of your special day preparations. Handing each of them this “I Do” Crew Hand Sanitizer Favor before or after the wedding will be a much-appreciated gesture as it not only highlights how you appreciate their role in your union but also it promotes care for their protection. This 2 fluid oz hand sanitizer gel has 75% Ethyl alcohol kept in a flip-top bottle for easy access.

    10. Botanical Hand Sanitizer Favor


    If you are a plan of plants and have decided to make your wedding embellished with such visuals and materials, then this Botanical Hand Sanitizer Favor is the perfect giveaway in place. Slip it in your welcome bags or place it on souvenir tables, either way, the botanical visuals will add to the decoration of your venue. Personalize it with a name and date of your choice and be on your way to making guests feel safe and guarded against germs. 

    9. Bachelorette Hand Bling Hand Sanitizer Favor

    Keep your bride squad’s hands clean and disinfected by giving them this Bachelorette Hand Bling Hand Sanitizer Favor that is designed specifically to be given during your bridal shower. Intimate as it may be, no one cannot fully avoid the spread of germs, but as you spread protection thru these favors, it will lessen the threat. Oval shaped and measuring 2" diameter x 3.5" height, this sanitizer holds an active ingredient of 75% Ethyl Alcohol.

    8. DEFEND Moisturizing Argan Hand Sanitizer

    While cleansing is so important, maintaining the hands' moisture is a bonus that no one can resist when it comes to hand sanitizers. Good thing this DEFEND Moisturizing Argan Hand Sanitizer contains Argan oil that is known to replenish  skin with hydration and nutrients making hands nourished and protected. It also has Organic Essential Oils that infuse antioxidants into the skin reviving tired hands and invigorating the senses. Containing 65% alcohol that is both non-GMO and is sustainably sourced, this sanitizer is a powerful and safe cleanser for hands.

    7. Quarantined For Life Couple Hand Sanitizer Favor

    Since a wedding is a union of two people who will be living together for the rest of their lives now, it will be a funny message to put in the giveaways the term “Quarantined for Life!”. Since you want to also keep your guests and loved ones protected during quarantine, give each of them this Quarantined For Life Couple Hand Sanitizer Favor and whoever they are with during a lockdown will feel safe and guarded too. This 2 oz sanitizer contains 75% Ethyl Alcohol. Paper color may be changed based on available options as well as imprint foil colors. 

    6. Personalized Sanitizers in Refillable Atomizer

    This Personalized Sanitizers in Refillable Atomizer brings us to a simple choice of getting your dose of protection from 10 ml refillable atomizers. It is classic and will always be one of the best choices for a hand sanitizer. The spraying and releasing of antimicrobial sanitizers are easier and since the container is handy, disinfection can be brought everywhere. Plus, it is easily refillable making it usable more times. Aside from your power to personalize its label, the Swarovski Crystal that comes along with it makes it an elegant and dainty piece of a token.

    5. “Thank You” Multi-Language Favor

    If relatives from all around the globe intend to attend your wedding, be ready to show your gratitude in a language they will understand and appreciate. This “Thank You” Multi-Language Favor ensures a communicated “Thank You” as your guests and loved ones bring home 2 fluid oz of your gratefulness matched with care for their protection. Since it is fully customizable, decide what language version you will like to print on the label. Paper colors have more than 10 options and imprint foil colors may also vary.

    4. Lacore Gel Travel Size Hand Sanitizer

    Reduce the spread of bacteria during your wedding by giving away this Lacore Gel Travel Size Hand Sanitizer to your guests and loved ones. It is a single-use, portable hand sanitizer that anyone can carry in their shirt pockets, wallet, or even small purses. Light and easy to store, this pocket hand sanitizer is small enough to fit in the smallest of spaces but contains 1.2ml of 80% Alcohol enough to kill germs that may endanger the health. A typical small but terrible, on germs, kind of thing, this favor will sneak in the hearts of the recipients.

    3. Clisen Pocket Mini Credit Card Style Hand Sanitizer Spray


    A wacky, fun-looking but caring piece of favor such as this Clisen Pocket Mini Credit Card Style Hand Sanitizer Spray is a wedding must-have for couples who put premium on giggles and laughter during their special day. This Rinse-free and disposable hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of most common germs is a 24-hour defense that you can give to your guests and loved ones. It contains 75% alcohol and is clinically proven to maintain skin health. This refreshing spray that fights germs while keeping skin smooth can also be used to disinfect and clean automotive interiors, mobile phones, and other surfaces.

    2. Personalized Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner

    A shield that can be carried everywhere and accessed quickly when needed is a nice definition for this Personalized Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner. No assembly required, each travel-sized bottle includes a personalized label with the design the image of your choice. Now your guests can Wipe away unwanted germs while keeping hands soft with 1.5 ounces of fresh-scented aloe enriched hand sanitizer. Equipped with carabiner on top, this sanitizer will make sure that protection is one clip-on away.

    1. Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray

    Protection with a touch of gold is an elegant token that screams “Thank You” with a subtle whisper of “Stay Safe”. This Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray is specifically made for the purse. It has a spray nozzle and a gold-colored top. These hand sanitizer favors can be personalized for your wedding, bridal, shower, or event however you’d like. Made with at least 70-80% alcohol content, these sanitizers may be customized with up to 25 characters, including spaces, for both script and bold text