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    28 Mint to Be Wedding Favors: A Creative Way to Show Your Love

    Mint to Be Wedding Favors can help you add some special touches to show your guests that you care about them, too, not just your new spouse!

    These unique favors will keep your wedding green and eco-friendly, so everyone can enjoy the party!

    27 Mint to Be Wedding Favors for Your Wedding Guests

    1. Mint To Be Wedding Favors

    Indulge in pure delight with these irresistibly adorable wedding favor mints, designed to elevate your special day to new levels of cuteness! Nestled in a charming clear bag, these delectable treats are beautifully embellished with a whimsical greenery styled label that can be personalized with your names and wedding date. Prepare to shower your guests with gratitude as they savor these delightful mints. With each melt-in-your-mouth bite, these mints not only tickle the taste buds but also ignite joyful smiles that will light up the room. Thank your loved ones in the sweetest way and create memories that will be savored for a lifetime!

    2. Disney Mint to Be Wedding Favor

    Shout out to Disney fans as their events can be themed in such a motif and be complete with these Disney Mint to Be party favors.

    Each pack of DIY mint favors come with two gorgeous heart-shaped mints that will treat your guests to a little minty freshness after a meal and feast their eyes with cuteness.

    Not to mention, these mint favors have a "Mint to be" label that adds to its charm. 

    3. Mints in Glass Bottle

    Not all bottles have genies; some have mints.

    This Mints in Glass Bottle is a delightful favor for your guests because these mint favors bottles are refillable and customizable.

    Of course, the "Mint to be" wordings will be a resident message in front and the cap as they match the name of the content inside and the reality that the couple is meant to be.

    4. Dancing Starfish Life Savers Mints

    These Dancing Starfish unique favors will make your guests' mouths dance with freshness and joy.

    Show your guests just how sweet you think they are for sharing your joyous occasion and make them enjoy more extended conversations with these DIY mint favors that freshen their breaths.

    Each individually wrapped mint labeled with "Mint to be" and a dancing starfish image will look great sprinkled on your reception tables.

    5. Heart Mints

    Share the joy of your union with the one you are meant to be by giving away these Heart Mints with "Mint to be" labels.

    These refreshing heart-shaped mint favors are packed in A7-sized clear cellophane, showing their dainty visuals.

    You can personalize more than the already sweet pun for a tag, the sticker adhered to the pack with your name, date, or other texts you see fit.

    6. Rustic Wedding Mint Favor

    Treat your guests to a wrapped freshness with these Rustic Wedding Mint Favor unique favors.

    These DIY mint favors may even trick your friends and loved ones into believing they are receiving a candy except for the "Mint to be" label in front that gives it away in one glance.

    The color options for the wrapping are perfect for Rustic-themed weddings or parties.

    7. Mint To Be Mint book Matchbook Style

    Add a refreshing flavor to your wedding, engagement parties, or bridal shower with these Mint To Be Mint book Matchbook Style unique favors.

    This DIY mint to be wedding favor will be a cute and lovely way of saying "Thank You" to your guests and loved ones as they open a kraft cardstock and cellophane bag that reveals their well-known polo mints.

    Add it on a souvenir bag if you may, as long as they have a take-home from a union of a love that was "Mint to be"

    8. Mint to Be with Names, Hashtag, and Wedding Date

    Your wedding planning must have been set, and the date and hashtag are in place. Add this Mint to Be with Names, Hashtag, and Wedding Date wedding favor to the list, and everyone will know your official hashtag.

    Each tic tac mint favors are a tic tac mint with labels that says, "Mint to be," plus the name of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and the official wedding hashtag.

    A cute heart that may change color depending on your wedding theme is in the middle of the couple's name.

    9. Mint to Be Wedding Favor with Couple Silhouette

    Add some class and sweet silhouette to a refreshing favor with these Couple Silhouette unique favors.

    Each cellophane packs two polo mints and is embellished with a. personalized paper topper that says, "Mint to be."

    This DIY mint to bewedding favor may also contain the bride and groom's name, the wedding date, and the individual guest's name if you want.

    10. Floral Mint To Be Wedding Favors

    These delectable wedding favor mints are the perfect addition to your special day! These tasty mints come in a clear bag and are adorned with the floral styled label of your choice that you can personalize with your names and wedding date. The perfect way to thank your guests for sharing your special day, these mints make a great keepsake that your guests can take home and enjoy. Not only are these mints delicious, but they are also sure to bring a smile to your guests' faces!

    11. Fall or Winter Themed Mint Wedding Favors

    Your fall or winter-themed wedding has found one of the best wedding favors.

    These Fall or Winter Themed mint favors will add simple and modern detail to your special event, as the toppers are made with high-quality white card stock.

    These mint favors labels have "Mint to be" wordings in them, the couple's name, and a message of your choice.

    12. Watercolor Floral Mint Favors

    The watercolor theme is one of the most common wedding themes as it fits any season. However, choosing a favor that abides by such a motif may be a struggle.

    These Watercolor Floral DIY mint favors offer a variety of colors to accent the party or event. The white color of the topper will complement any color or theme.

    13. Sunflower Themed Mint Wedding Favors

    Whether it is the season for this unique flower, this Sunflower Themed mint favors will bring a yellow floral delight to your wedding and refreshing touch to every conversation.

    Each pack of these DIY mint favors will be filled with a Life Saver mint and sealed with a topper that says, "Mint to be," along with a nice collection of sunflower visuals.

    14. Wrapped and Labelled Personalized Mint

    A pocket-fitting, individually wrapped and Personalized Mint unique favors may be something you want to give away at your wedding so guests and loved ones may have a critical and delightful piece of refreshing goodness in their possession.

    Such small mint favors fit even a purse or a small loot bag which you may distribute along with other treats.

    15. Mint Sweets in Glassine Bags

    Unique and classy, these Mint Sweets in Glassine unique favors are just a rare but delightful find for a mint to be wedding favor.

    You can pack the heart-shaped mint favors in glassine bags labeled with "Mint to be" and knots that create heart shapes on top and the bottom.

    A bonus heart in the middle of the couple's names is also printed with your choice of color to adapt to your wedding theme.

    16. Mints in Round Tins

    Make your wedding scream of class and modernity with these Mints in Round Tins wedding favors.

    This DIY mint to bewedding favor will be labeled with a sticker on top that says, "It was Mint to be." prolonged, but the message speaks the same as the couple was meant to be.

    Each round may have your choice of either mint imperials or Tic Tacs

    17. Sleeved Mints

    These Sleeved Mints may stand alone at each table, given individually, or placed in a gift bag along with other treats.

    This wedding favor is an 18g Mint Tic Tacs sleeved with a label that says, "Mint to be," plus the name of the couple and their wedding date.

    The DIY mint to be wedding sleeve comes in 6 colors to abide by the theme of your wedding.

    18. Mint to Be, Mint for Each Other

    Life Saver Mint Favors are a classy way of saying I love you that never goes out of style.

    You can personalize them with the couple's initials names or with a message like Mint for Each Other.

    The mint to be wedding favors come in clear tubes, which are perfect for bridal shower!

    19. Customized Andes Mints

    One of the most popular mint favors for weddings is Customized Andes Mints.

    These special mint favors are wrapped in a beautiful wrapper with your name, wedding date, or any other sentiment you want.

    Guests will be delighted to receive these mints as they walk out the door.

    20. Mints in Square Tin

    Give your guests a piece of this Mints in Square Tin, or add them to your welcome bag party favors.

    This wedding favor is perfect for weddings, birthdays, or events requiring extended conversations and vital connections.

    Each DIY mint favors will be presented with a glossy label that says, "Mint to be" and a few more characters of your choosing.

    21. Mint Flavored Gum

    Mint is a universally-loved flavor, which makes it the perfect choice for personalized wedding favors.

    We love this Mint-flavored Gum because it is so easy to customize! Just add your name and date of marriage on the labels.

    These are a great way to show your guests how much you love them!

    22. Clementine Tic Tac Mint

    DIY Mint is always a popular scent. It is refreshing and sweet, and it reminds us of summertime.

    The pieces of this mint to bewedding favor are perfect for your guests who have a sweet tooth or for someone who prefers savory foods over sugary ones.

    The Tic Tac Mints are bright white with stripes, giving them an elegant feel that matches many different themes.

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    23. Andes Mint Chocolate Wedding Favors

    Andes Mint Chocolate Weddings Favors are an elegant way to say "I love you" with a perfect mix of mint, chocolate, and love.

    Plus, Andes mint favors are one of the most popular flavors of mints, meaning your guests will love them!

    This DIY mint to be wedding favor is also the perfect size for sharing with your guests!

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    24. Rehearsal Dinner Favors

    The rehearsal dinner is a time to gather with family members and friends before the big day.

    What better way to thank your guests for coming than by giving them a thoughtful mint to be wedding favor from you?

    You can do so in many different ways, but this Rehearsal Wedding Favor is something they can use or keep afterward.

    25. Personalized Mint to Be Mint Tins 

    Whether you are looking for mint favors for a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, or other celebration, these personalized mint-to-be wedding favors are the perfect way to show your guests how much you love them.

    The Mint Tins mint favors come in classy tins that you can customize with your name, event date, title, or message at no extra charge.

    Plus, the DIY mint to be wedding tin is reusable when it is not full of delicious peppermint candies.

    26. Boho Mint to Be Candy

    Boho Candy Mint to Be wedding favors are a fun way to show your love!

    You can add mints in various flavors, including peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, and orange, but we recommend you choose which one best fits the theme of your wedding day.

    27. Mint to Be Mints Pack

    DIY Mint to Be is a collection of wedding favors that are both classy and creative.

    These Mint Packs come in many styles, including floral bouquets, single posy, green wreaths, and rustic arrows.

    Their mint to be wedding products are packaged beautifully in boxes designed specifically for wedding favors.

    28. Rustic Wedding Mints

    Mint-to-be favors are perfect for rustic wedding themes.

    These Rustic Wedding mint favors will leave a sweet, refreshing taste in guests' mouths that will remind them of your special day long after the last dance is over.

    These mint favors are one of the most inexpensive favors you can purchase, making it an easy way to show appreciation for those who have traveled far.

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