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    Who Gets Wedding Favors?

    Getting married is both an exciting and challenging endeavor. For women, it is a great excuse to go shopping and stay longer in stores hoping to find the best purchase of what they need. For men, the thrill of entering a new chapter of their lives supersedes all possible stress lining up in stores or merely waiting for their bride-to-be to get the perfect pick.

    Who Gets Wedding Favors

    Luckily, online shopping provides a great exit from all the line-up in stores. There are so many essential “must-haves” in a wedding list. Some of the main ones are the bridal gown, the groom’s coat or barong, wedding shoes, accessories, and the ceremony elements. If you are feeling extravagant, you may also want to buy some “proposal” gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, one item is usually on the bottom of the list: the wedding favor.

    What is it for anyway?

    While having wedding favors may not be as crucial as a wine or a cake, they can be a good addition to your purchase list. It speaks a message of gratitude to those who will take part in your wedding. Rather than going all through the tasks of listing down the sender of the gifts, checking the list of those who really attended and creating a “thank you” note then sending it one by one (though no one is keeping you from doing so), why not express your gratefulness by giving them a token to remember your wedding by? Also, wedding souvenirs preserves the experience of your guests. Every time the souvenirs are in the picture it spurs emotions that connect to the wedding they attended and the union they witnessed even the individual conversations they ventured into.

    Who is it intended for and who do we give it to?

    Usually, it is for the principal sponsors and secondary sponsors. More than a “thank you” for literally participating in your wedding, you would want them to bring home a memorabilia of the said participation. However, guests seem to expect a souvenir too, especially if your wedding is really something to remember. Which of course you will ensure by all means! It never hurts to multiply gratitude through a token so long as it serves the purpose. Hence, guests also deserve souvenirs. After all, you might want to thank them for dressing or grooming up and physically being there to witness your “I do.”

    Does each guest get a wedding favor?

    If your budget allows you to give everyone a souvenir, then why not?! In reality, you can never have too many memories of your amazingly put together wedding! Yes, wedding favors are for guests to remember your wedding every time they see the ones you gave out to them too! Not only does it materialize a voice of gratitude but also it serves as a reminder of how amazing your love story is, how wonderful your wedding was, and how delicious the food served was. Quite frankly, some souvenirs remind your guests how beautiful and handsome they were at your wedding. Hey, you might want them to positively associate their memory to your wedding favor right? So, the frank answer is, yes! Give each of your guests that treat!

    If the guest is a couple, do we give them one each?

    Now, this is a tricky question and the answer will truly depend on your budget and your gift choices. Let’s say, your gift is the Bear Hug Salt and Pepper Shaker, you will no longer need to give one each to the couple as they will already get a pair, like them. If you are being clever and if you have a thing for match-making, you may want to give one of the pair to a single woman and the other pair to a single man, and see what happens. Wink!

    If you are giving away tokens like the Sand and Shell Tea Light or the Merry Merry Champagne Flute, then you may be generous enough and give the couple each. Having two of these treats says “thank you” louder.

    Do you give wedding favors to children?

    Most weddings include children, a lot of them if we are being realistic. You are wondering if you will restrict your coordinator on the souvenir table in giving away the souvenirs to children, right?  This again is a tricky thing. Commonly, people think that children will not appreciate the wedding favors so the instant answer is, no. However, times have changed. Parent/s of the kids in your wedding might find it amusing to see their children carrying one of your souvenirs. If that is the case, a follow-up question will now come to view.

    Is it safe to hand them to children?

    Nowadays, these young ones are smarter and are becoming more independent. No longer are parents super anxious about what they get their hands to or what they play with especially during a wedding. However, the answer to this will depend on your souvenir of choice. If you are giving away gifts like the Natural Charm Notepad or the Vintage-Inspired Kraft Fan, then the answer is yes! Kids will be safe to get a hold of them, because they are neither sharp nor breakable nor a choking hazard. The only risk here is that the said cuties might get too amazed by these treats as they play with them. We all know a possible ending scenario for your souvenirs if that happens.

    Do we give separate wedding favors to single men and women and married couple?

    Honestly, the choice is totally up to you. If you are being creative and budget is not an issue, then splurge on various giveaways. Single women might be given a Pashmina Scarf each, while single men may be handed a Personalized Mason Jar Mug each, while a combination of such may be given to couples. Some couples still enjoy individual treats for each of them every so often.

    In summary, wedding favors may not be a do or die thing for a wedding but giving it away after the wedding is a great gesture. It sends out one of the most important messages you can cascade to all your guests and attendees: THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE ON OUR SPECIAL DAY. There is no stone-carved rule that mandates or states what you should and should not give away and to whom you shall or shall not give it too. Remember, this is your wedding and the two of you are the sole and ultimate decision-makers. So long as the souvenirs represent you and your love, are aligned with your wedding theme, are functional or useable, are edible and are simply trendy and stylish then you are good to go. There is also no gender or age limit as to who should and shouldn’t get your wedding favors. So, if you have a budget, go on and get that wedding favor and spread that memory and gratitude. Who gets to have a souvenir of your awesome wedding? Well, your entourage, your family, your friends, your guests, and everyone who attended. If you are feeling generous, give some even to your suppliers and everyone who worked on your wedding.