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    45 Awesome Engagement Party Favors to Delight Your Guests!

    Engagement Party Favors are both thoughtful and personal, so you want to make sure you choose the perfect one that reflects your tastes and those of the couple getting married.

    One of the best ways to let everyone know that you want them to be involved in your party planning is through thoughtful engagement party favors, which could be as elaborate or simple as you like!

    We have put together this handy guide to 45 excellent engagement party favors to give you some inspiration!

    45 Engagement Wedding Favors for a New Couple 

    1. Herbal Tea Favors


    Talk about leaving your engagement party and looking forward to your wedding, having a healthy tube of tea favors on your hands with these Herbal Tea Favors

    These engagement wedding favors are made in glass, you can customize these test tube vials filled with herbal tea favors with a label that will also serve as a decoration on the already vibrantly colored favors. 

    2. Butterfly Mirror Magnet

    This Butterfly Mirror Magnet is a beautifully crafted 7x10cm mirror with a back magnet that allows anyone to place it on their refrigerator or office desks to reflect their image while reminding them of your upcoming wedding. 

    You can also personalize it, so you may place names or particular messages on these favors if you wish to and make your giveaway a keepsake.

    3. Patterned Ceramic Bowls


    If versatility and functionality make a favor more appealing, these Patterned Ceramic Bowls will top the list. 

    The artistically crafted patterns of these ceramic wares make for an added decoration to your bachelor party and a perfect location for treats that your guests will love. 

     4. Mini Bottle Tags

    Make your guests know that the bottle displayed on a table is just a prelude to an actual celebration on your wedding day using these “Take a Shot We’re Tying the Knot” Mini Bottle Tags

    These engagement wedding favors are sold in sets of 12, which makes more bottles labelled and more recipients grateful.

    5. Wooden Tealight Holders

    For your upcoming rustic-themed wedding, align your engagement party favor to the theme with these Wooden Tealight Holders

    This wooden candle holder is crafted so artistically that one look will mesmerize the viewer and melt the heart of the one receiving it. 

    You may add your name, the wedding date, or a simple message for the guests on the wooden tag. The candle holder comes in a mini wedding gifts box.

     6. Mehndi Favor Boxes


    A unique addition to your engagement party that has visuals that resemble the traditional art of painting the hands, these Mehndi Favor Boxes will surely entice anyone who attends your rustic-themed party.

    Such design is often seen at Muslim parties, but great tradition and artwork may be a part of your event with these exquisite boxes.

    7. Personalized Shot Glass

    Use a shot glass that your guests can bring home after they drink your celebratory beverages with this Personalized Shot Glass

    You can even label these glasses so no one will pick a wrong shot tumbler, and everyone will get to take home a remembrance of your last party as a single individual.

    8. Engagement Chocolate Favors


    Beautifully wrapped chocolates such as these Engagement Chocolate Favors will not only melt in the mouth but will surely melt the hearts of those who will receive them at your engagement party. 

    You may personalize it with your names and your wedding date to serve as a dessert, an engagement party favor, and a dainty reminder of your wedding date.

    9. “He Popped the Question” Stickers


    He popped the question, and you said “Yes” Now, for your engagement party, heat that butter and pop those corn, pack them up, and label them with these “He Popped the Question” Stickers

    Guests will be munching on it in no time and will probably bring home a few packs with them. Either way, let these round labels do the trick of making your popcorn treats personal and clever.

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    10. Matching Couple Cozies

    Bring up your creative side by creating the most clever and innovative tags to be printed in these Matching Couple Cozies

    Now holding cold beverages will not bother your guests and will make them remember you and your wedding every time they use them.

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    11. Organic Lip Balm Favors


    Made with organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, and essential oils, these Organic Lip Balm Favors are useful engagement party favors that men and women will both appreciate. 

    Choose your colour and design to match the wedding theme and motif.

    12. Mr. & Mrs. Beer Bottle Cooler Sleeves

    No more warm or stale beers! These Mr. & Mrs. Beer Bottle Cooler Sleeves will keep their beer cool and fresh and their hands dry. 

    These engagement wedding favors set includes two beer bottle cooler sleeves, 1 for the bride and 1 for the groom! 

    Your engagement party guests are sure to love these insulated beer coolers.

      13. Personalized Tote with Silver Glitter

      They are sure part of the adventure you are about to begin. Gusts would be happy to bring home this Personalized Tote with Silver Glitter

      This tote is roomy, large enough to hold everything for the event day, and with a 23" reinforced fabric handle long enough for carrying over the shoulder. 

      This adorable black tote bag can be used for many adventures and holding all their essentials.

      14. Mason Jars

      You prefer a DIY favor like your favorite fruit jam or baked cookies for your engagement party. There's no better way to package them than using these Mason Jars With A Cork Lid.

      These engagement wedding favors come complete with a label, and a string has a wide neck, and can easily store spices, candies, or candles. 

      15. Two of a Kind Playing Cards

      With these Playing Cards as an engagement party favour, they will be uniquely reminded of you and your future groom's special love for each other.

      Heart-shaped and designed with a "two-of-a-kind" quote at the back, and placed in a customized black box, this one is the perfect unique favor for that classy engagement party.    

      16. Wine Cork and Air Plant

      Go for a unique engagement party favor! These Wine Cork Air Plant Favor Magnets are set to impress your guests. 

      Air plants are the easiest to grow, as they require little soil and little care, and they can even self-propagate. 

      The ionantha air plant comes on a wine cork magnet with moss.

      17. Floral Candy Jar

      If you cannot decide, get all the candies you can think of and put in in this Floral Candy Jar

      These engagement wedding favors are customizable and can be ordered in bulk, so more of your engagement party guests will enjoy a saccharine favor from the two of you. 

      Choose your design and label colors to match the wedding motif and theme. 

      18. Colorful Square Candle Tins

      Your love story illuminates others' paths, whether you know it or not. 

      So let these Colorful Square Candle Tins be a symbolic engagement party favor you may give away to your guests before you blow your single candle off. 

      Splurge and share your light.

      19. It's Who You Have Beside You Luggage Tags

      These Recycled Leather Luggage Tags are a unique wedding favor for your guests. Choose the leather and foil stamp color that matches your wedding theme. 

      These engagement wedding favors come with a traveler's info card and a gold or silver buckle finish. 

      20. Thank You Magnets 

      Thank You Magnets are the perfect wedding favors as your guests remember the love and magic of your engagement party. 

      This hearty-shaped favor can be personalized and comes with a see-through protective envelope. 

      These party favors are sure to remind your guests of your beautiful engagement party.

      21. Personalized Silver Bottle Openers

      Give your guests these Personalized Silver Bottle Openers to your guests as you bring out the bottles of wine to celebrate the night away!

      Fun and functional, you can also personalize these party favors with your name or monogram placed in a rustic charm wedding sticker design, leaves, or lace.

      22. Eiffel Tower Shape Bookmark 

      Guests will remember how much you and your hubby love to travel and read books.

      Give them this Eiffel Tower Shaped bookmark as a thank you for being part of your engagement party. 

      This party favors are made of stainless steel and comes in silver with a tassel.

      23. Mini Mason Jars

      Aside from the rustic charm, it gives your setup; you can also use these Mini Mason Jars in many different ways. 

      Place your favorite jam, honey, or special candies in these mason jars.

      You may also place some tea lights, flowers, or succulents to create a romantic and rustic ambience for your engagement party. 

      24. Elegant Key Bottle Opener

      It is one charming and romantic engagement party. 

      Express your love for your wedding guest by giving this Elegant Key Bottle Opener as a wedding favor. 

      You can never go wrong with these beautiful and valuable engagement party favors.

      25. Pineapple Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

      This Pineapple Salt and Pepper Shaker Set will let your guests reminisce about your engagement party for a long time.

      Each pineapple piece stacks together as it is custom designed to sit atop one another. 

      This party favor is both functional and affordable. 

      26.  Butterfly Bottle Stopper

      This elegant-looking Butterfly Bottle Stopper is designed with a delicate butterfly on top. 

      These party favors are made of alloy metal and aluminum with chrome plating and comes with a printed box designed with a graphic floral pattern, tag, and ribbon.

      Your guests will surely treasure these engagement party favors. 

      27.  Handmade Soap Bars

      You are naturally thankful for their presence. So why not express that by giving them these engagement party favors: Handmade Soap Bars

      Choose the color closest to your party motif. You can even put a beeswax imprint. 

      You also have scents like fruity, herbal scent and floral fresh.

      28. Mini Heart Bubbles

      These Mini Heart Bubble Wands will add more fun as you celebrate your engagement party. 

      This wedding favor is made of high-quality plastic that's easy to dispose of and pre-filled with non-toxic, clear bubble liquid that is sure not to stain. 

      One party favour is a sure fun way to enhance the bridal shower.

      29. Personalized Stemless Wine Glass 

      Adorn your tables with this Personalized Stemless Wine Glass; you can be sure it will be one unforgettable engagement party. 

      Choose from fall-themed designs like acorn leaf and "Fall in Love." This stemless wine glass can hold a full 9oz of any favorite beverage. 

      Place your names and event dates on it; guests would be thrilled to bring this home after bridal shower.

      30. Live Succulents

      These Live Succulents will have you send guests home with something that can adorn their gardens or living area. 

      These bridal shower favors are easy to grow and need very little maintenance to survive. 

      Guests can easily plant them in the ground, containers, and flower boxes. 

      31. Sunscreen- Floral


      Perhaps you planned a beach or outdoor wedding and want your guests to be protected from sunburn. 

      That being your concern, this Sunscreen- Floral is a perfect bridal shower giveaway as it not only screens the sun's damage but also screams your trouble and your secret message. 

      32. Floral Hand Sanitizer

      The minute the pandemic hit, alcohol and hand sanitizer became necessary for everyone.

      That is why giving away an engagement party favor such as this Floral Hand Sanitizer will not only be appreciated but will also ensure that your guests will be protected during your wedding and the days after.

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      33. Simple Floral Honey Jars


      Like honey, everybody knows your love is pure, healthy, and sweet. 

      So, for your engagement party, give away these Simple Floral Honey Jars and go all the way with your thematic wedding essentials. 

      Let this clover honey sweeten the food or drinks of your guests as they go home, and be reminded of how sweet your union is.

      34. Favor Boxes


      Imagine giving away a favor that resembles a book or a diary only to open it and reveal edible sweetness or valuable keepsakes. 

      These Favor Boxes will make that imagination into reality as these cuties look like a diary of your love story.

      However, the choice of what to put in them is endless. 

      35. Coffee and Chocolate Favors

      An engagement party favor as sleek as these Coffee and Chocolate Favors will never go unnoticed. 

      This token of appreciation is a hand and mouthful packed with Turkish ground coffee that is flavorful and aromatic and pebble chocolate that serves as sweet gratitude in a mini bottle.

      36. Miniature Pottery Vase

      It is always a good idea to have an engagement party favor on hand for your guests, especially when it is something that they can use on their own.

      These Miniature Pottery Vases are perfect because they come in many different colours and patterns, making them the ideal fit for any theme.

      37. Flower Magnet Favors

      You can give your guests many favors, but many are just too expensive.

      One option that is both affordable and useful is the flower magnet favor. These Flower Magnets make a great gift because they look gorgeous, and who wouldn't want to keep them?

      38. Personalized Sparkler Tags

      A great and inexpensive engagement party favor idea is to give your guests Personalized Sparkler Tags.

      You can customize these with the wedding date of the engagement party, their name, words of congratulations, or any other message you would like, and then wrap around the sparklers.

      39. Custom Fridge Magnets

      If you are looking for a fun and cheap way to say thank you to your guests, why not give them Custom Fridge Magnets?

      You can customize these fridge magnets with any text you want, perfect for bachelorette party or baby shower!

      It will be a perfect gift for your guests that they will be sure to keep forever.

      40. Favors Tic Tac Labels

      Tic Tac labels are the perfect favor for your guests. They are inexpensive, and they make a fun little souvenir.

      Label them to show appreciation for their hard work in helping you plan your bachelorette party.

      To make them more personal, you can customize these engagement party favors with the groom's and bride's names!

      41. Personalized Sunglasses

      Engagement parties are an excellent opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the couple's love for each other.

      One way to make an engagement party special is by giving Personalized Sunglasses as favors to your guests.

      These engagement party favors can be given out at the door as guests arrive or leave at bachelorette party.

      42. Personalized Macrame Keychain

      A Personalized Macrame Keychain is a unique, thoughtful, and inexpensive engagement party favor that you can customize with your couple's initials or wedding date.

      The macramé keychains are simple to make and come in various colours for you to pick from.

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      43. Personalized Beverage Napkins

      Personalized Beverage Napkins are the perfect solution if you are looking for a less expensive yet unique idea.

      They may not use it as an engagement party favor in the traditional sense, but they will never forget that they were part of your big day.

      The personalized touch will delight your guests and make them feel special at your dinner party.

       44. Mint Party Favors

      Mints are a fabulous engagement party favor for your guests.

      You can buy the Mints in Bulk and put them on the table next to the check-in area so guests can grab some before they leave the wedding party.

      If you want, you could even put them on the tables at each place setting so that everyone has one when they sit down.

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       45. Rosary in a Cone Box

      It is a Rosary in a Cone Box.  

      They are perfect favors for a wedding party, wedding shower, or engagement party because they are all religious-themed items.

      These are also good giveaways if you are trying to reach people who don't attend church regularly but still want to be involved in the festivities of your event.