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    17 Wedding Gifts for Friends That Celebrate the Couple's Love

    Wedding Gifts for Friends can be a tricky thing to navigate.

    You want to give them something they'll love and cherish, but you also want it to be meaningful and thoughtful.And when your close friends get hitched, you want to go the extra mile to ensure your gift stands out.

    We recently conducted a survey in which we asked newly married couples about the best wedding gifts they received from their friends.

    Based on their responses, we have compiled a list of the 17 best wedding gifts for friends that are personalized and thoughtful.

     17 Heartfelt Wedding Gifts for Friends!

    1. Charcuterie Board

    A charcuterie board is a practical and stylish great wedding gift. This sweet and personal present will be a treasured addition to any couple's home, perfect for hosting a cozy night in or impressing guests.

    This Cheese Board is 20.5" long and is made from acacia wood. It even includes a leather strap for hanging when not in use!

    But what makes this wedding gift special is the ability to personalize it with an engraved message.

    2. Infinite Wedding Frame

     If you want something special to gift your friend on their wedding day, an Infinite Love Personalized Wedding Frame is a fantastic choice.

    These best wedding gifts for friends feature the couple's family name and wedding date on a beautifully crafted wooden frame.

    The wood material of the frame also gives it a classic and elegant look that can be easily incorporated into any home decor.

    3. Wine and Whiskey Gift Set

    The Wine and Whiskey Gift Set is a perfect wedding gift option for couples who love to toast to their love with a glass of wine or a smooth glass of whiskey.

    This wine glasses set includes two beautifully etched glasses with the couple's wedding date. The glasses are crafted from high-quality glass material, each with a thick base sturdy enough to support a large amount of liquid.

    The whiskey and wine glasses come with foam that protects them during transit and keeps them safe during storage.

    4. Bride and Groom Mugs

    These adorable Ceramic Mugs are the perfect way to celebrate the happy couple at their wedding party!

    Each wedding gift mug can hold up to 11 fluid ounces and features the bride and groom's names and dates.

    Imagine the happy couple enjoying coffee or tea in these mugs. These best wedding gift ideas for friends are the perfect way to start their day on the right foot!

    5. Luggage Tags & Passport Holder

    One of the most exciting parts of getting married is the honeymoon. Help your friends travel in style with a set of Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags and a Matching Passport Holder.

    These best wedding gifts for friends can easily attach to suitcases, backpacks, or any other travel bag, while the passport holder keeps their most important travel document safe and organized.

    This durable vegan leather set is a sweet reminder of their newlywed status.

    6. Personalized Street Sign

    If your friends are moving into a new home after getting married, a Personalized Street Sign is a thoughtful and unique wedding gift idea they will appreciate.

    These best wedding gifts for friends are a great decorative piece for their new home and a great way to celebrate their love and a new chapter in life.

    This awesome wedding gift can be customized with the couple's names and "EST" for the year of their wedding.

    7. Just Married Hats

    Married Hats make a perfect gift for the fun-loving and adventurous couple. The iconic scene from the hit TV show FRIENDS inspires these hats.

    These unforgettable wedding gifts are perfect for any newlywed couple to flaunt their love for each other during their honeymoon or a casual day out.

    The hats come in a classic 6-panel low-profile, comfortable, and stylish design. They are made from high-quality materials that will last long after the wedding bells stop ringing.

    8. Champagne Flutes

    A classic and timeless gift every couple would love to receive for their wedding is a set of Champagne Flutes.

    These champagne flutes can be used to toast their love and celebrate their new beginning together. However, adding a personal touch can make this gift extra special.

    One way to personalize this wedding shower gift is by engraving their names and date on the flutes.

    9. Chocolate Fondue Kit

    If you are looking for a sweet and indulgent wedding gift for your friends, a Chocolate Fondue Kit is a great option. These best wedding gifts for friends are perfect for couples who love to host parties and enjoy sweet treats.

    With a temperature control feature, detachable serving trays, and four roasting forks, this fondue kit is the perfect addition to any romantic night.

    With these wedding gift ideas for friends, they can create a romantic atmosphere at home and indulge in delicious chocolate fondue.

    10. Fun Touch Tic Game

    If you are looking for a wedding gift that is both fun and flirty, then the Fun Touch Tic Game is the perfect choice.

    This wedding night game includes 57 symbol cards representing different touch types. There are also 35 foreplay cheatsheet activities that range from naughty to nice. And when you are not in the mood for foreplay, 22 use-later activities will still make your partner say, "WOW."

    These best wedding gift ideas are designed to spice up your love life with exciting foreplay activities and romantic gestures.

    11. Personalized Wooden Spoon

    Another unique wedding gift idea that is both functional and sentimental is a Personalized Wooden Spoon. These thoughtful wedding gifts are perfect for couples who enjoy cooking together in the kitchen.

    As a bonus, we include a dish towel to accompany the wooden spoon. This way, they will have everything they need to cook right away.

    Make these friends' wedding gifts even more special by engraving their names or date on the spoon.

    12. Handmade Wedding Bowl

    Handmade Ceramic Bowl is a beautiful and special wedding gift that your friends will surely treasure.

    One of the significant advantages of gifting a handmade wedding bowl is that it can be personalized to include the names of the happy couple and their wedding date.

    These sentimental wedding gifts for friends can be used as a centerpiece for their dining table or to serve their favorite dish.

    13. Personalized Planter Pot

    Are you looking for a wedding gift that's both practical and sentimental? Look no further than a Personalized Planter Pot. This traditional wedding gift is perfect for newlyweds who love plants or gardening.

    Measuring 4.5 inches in both height and width, these best wedding gifts for friends have the perfect size for small succulents, herbs, or flowers.

    And what makes it even more unique is that it can be personalized with the couple's initials and wedding date.

    14. Restaurant Gift Card

    The Restaurant Gift Cards are the perfect wedding gifts for friends who enjoy trying out new restaurants and discovering unique cuisine.

    Giving them the special gift of a night out at a high-end restaurant can be an excellent way to celebrate your friend's wedding and start their married life with a delicious meal.

    When choosing the restaurant gift cards, it is essential to consider the couple's preferences and select a restaurant that fits their tastes.

    15. Customized Vinyl Frame

    For music lovers, a Customized Vinyl Frame is the perfect wedding gift.

    This best wedding gift is perfect for music lovers and constantly reminds them of their special day. It is also a great way to showcase their favorite song uniquely.

    These wedding gifts for friends are perfect for them to hang in their living room or bedroom and admire for years.

    16. Personalized Wall Clock

    Personalized Wall Clock is one of the best wedding gifts you can give your newly married friends.

    It is a practical marriage gift and can be a beautiful home decor piece. We recommend this slate clock with their family name and the date of their wedding day.

    These best wedding gift ideas are an excellent way for the couple to remember their special day and commemorate the start of their journey as a family.

    17. Tumblers Gift Box

    If your best friends love sipping their favorite beverages, a Tumbler Gift Box is ideal for their wedding day.

    These best wedding gifts for friends will be a perfect reminder of their special day and valuable for their future travels and outdoor adventures.

    A classic tumbler gift box has two black and white tumblers, more wedding gifts like can coolers, and one diamond bottle opener.


    1. What to gift friends at your wedding?

      Consider what your friends would love to receive and their needs and interests. Personalized and thoughtful gifts that have meaning to you, such as a keepsake, are always a great option.

      Or you could go with something practical, like kitchen gadgets or bar accessories.

      2. Is $300 a good wedding gift?

      $300 is a generous amount and can be a good option if you are close with the couple and can afford it. 

      The amount you spend on a wedding gift depends on your relationship with the couple, your budget, and the cost of the wedding itself.

      3. How much do I spend on my friend's wedding gift?

      There is no set amount to spend on a wedding gift for your friends. Consider your budget and how close you are to the couple.

      A thoughtful gift personal to your relationship is often more important than the amount spent.

      4. What to gift your best friend on her wedding affordable?

      Plenty of affordable options exist for gifting your best friend on her wedding day. Consider creating a sentimental keepsake or a thoughtful experience, like a spa day or wine tasting.

      Donating to a charity or the couple's honeymoon fund can also be a meaningful gift that keeps the bank intact.


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