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    Top 25 Anniversary Party Favors for Amazing Memories

    Regarding Anniversary Favors, finding something unique and special that won't break the bank can be challenging. But plenty of thoughtful and affordable ideas out there won't look cheap.

    This blog post will explore 25 of the most Budget-friendly Anniversary Favors that still make a significant impact. Keep reading to get inspired and find the perfect personalized favor for your special occasion!

    25 Anniversary Favors to Make Your Celebration Extra Special!

    1. Treat for the Heat Hand Fan

    One of the best things about wedding anniversaries is that they are usually celebrated during the warmer months. But if you plan a summer anniversary party, ensuring your guests stay cool and comfortable throughout your special event is essential. That is where the Treat for the Heat Hand Fan comes in!

    These anniversary party favors are made from high-quality bamboo and feature a handmade white fabric that is beautiful and breathable.

    2. Custom Seed Favors

    If you and your spouse share a love for nature, why not give your guests something that can grow with your love? Custom Seed Favors are a great way to symbolize the growth and blossoming of your marriage. The best part? They are both affordable and eco-friendly!

    These anniversary party favors are made of high-quality paper, wildflower seeds, and sealed bags to protect them from moisture.

    3. Mint to Be Favors

    If you are looking for a sweet treat that your guests will enjoy, consider Mint to Be party favors. These individually packaged lifesaver mints are a classic and affordable option. The label message comes with "Mint to Be", but the best part is that you can personalize the labels with names and a wedding date.

    Not only do these edible favors look cute for table decorations, but they are also practical for guests to take home and enjoy.

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    4. Pop'n Party Personalized Bottle Opener

    Pop'n Party Personalized Bottle Opener

    When the occasion calls for a toast, make sure you have the perfect companion in hand. Our Pop'n Party Personalized Bottle Opener is your ticket to effortless bottle-opening, with style and customization that sets it apart.

    5. Let Love Brew Burlap Bag

    If you and your spouse are coffee lovers, the Let Love Brew Burlap Bag is the perfect wedding anniversary favor to give your guests. This favor is made of high-quality burlap that's both durable and stylish.

    These wedding anniversary party favors are perfect for filling with your favorite coffee beans, tea leaves, or hot chocolate mix. It is a practical gift and shows your guests how much you appreciate them sharing on your big day.

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    6. Wreathed in Love Shot Glasses

    One great idea for wedding favors is to gift guests with Wreathed in Love shot glasses. These two-ounce shot glasses are the perfect size for guests to take home as a reminder of the special occasion. Plus, they are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

    The party favors have a wreath design, perfect for a bridal shower or 50th wedding anniversary year. 

    7. Anniversary Favor Tags

    Last but not least, adding Personalized Favor Tags to your wedding anniversary favors can take them to the next level. A simple and affordable addition, these tags can be printed with the couple's names, the wedding date, and a thank you message to their guests.

    There are endless options for design and layout, allowing you to match the theme of your 50th wedding anniversary year.

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    8. Simply in Love Candle Favors

    These Beautifully Designed Candles are made with all-natural soy wax, which ensures a cleaner burn and a longer-lasting scent.

    The cotton wicks provide a gentle and even burn, creating a warm and romantic ambiance for any room. These anniversary party favors have a burn time of 5-10 hours, making them ideal for your guests to use at home or to take with them on the go.

    9. Porcelain Favor Boxes

    Porcelain Favour Boxes are excellent for a timeless and elegant wedding anniversary favor.

    These anniversary party favors can hold small treats, jewelry, or other small items, and they are perfect for displaying on a mantel or bookshelf as a reminder of your big day. There are four different designs, each with its unique style and charm.

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    10. Thank You, Bubble Bliss

    Who doesn't love bubbles? These Thank You Bubble Bliss anniversary party favors are a playful and unique way to say thank you to your wedding anniversary guests.

    Each container contains 6oz of soap bubbles made with leak-proof, sturdy plastic. Not only will your guests enjoy this anniversary party favors themselves, but they'll also appreciate the cute and thoughtful packaging.

    11. Wedding Anniversary Magnet

    If you want a simple but thoughtful wedding anniversary favor, consider buying Personalized Magnets in bulk. They are practical and easy to make, and they'll remind your guests of your big day every time they see them on their fridge.

    These wedding anniversary favors are a budget-friendly option for your guests at the anniversary party.

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    12. Engraved Wooden Spoon

    Consider giving out Engraved Wooden Spoons for a unique and rustic touch to your wedding anniversary favors.

    These wedding anniversary party favors are functional and eco-friendly and make a thoughtful and personalized gift for your guests to remember your special day. They won't break the bank and can be purchased in bulk for larger guest lists.

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    13. Chocolate Anniversary Favors

    If you and your significant other are chocolate lovers, why not give out chocolate wedding anniversary favors? You can get creative with these anniversary party favors by choosing different types of chocolate and wrapping them in unique and personalized packaging.

    Order these Milk Chocolate Squares with your initials or anniversary date printed on them.

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    14. Engraved Heart Shaped Chopsticks

    Are you seeking a unique and practical anniversary party favor that your guests will love and use? Look no further than these beautiful engraved heart-shaped Wooden Chopsticks with silk pouches.

    These wedding anniversary party favors are a lovely addition to any dining set. Each set comes with a custom engraving and looks cute for table decorations.

    15. Anniversary Party Photo Tattoos

    If you want a unique way to commemorate your 50th wedding anniversary celebration, consider getting Custom Temporary Tattoos made with your favorite photos!

    Not only are these tattoos a fun and creative way to celebrate your special day, but these anniversary party favors also serve as a lasting reminder of your love for each other.

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    16. Personalized Face Cookies

    What better way to make your 50th wedding anniversary celebration memorable than with a delicious and personalized treat? Personalized Face Cookies are a fun and unique way to show your love and appreciation for your significant other at your anniversary party.

    With these edible favors, you can print your favorite photo of the two of you onto a cookie.

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    17. Mercury Glass Tealight Holder

    Add romance to your wedding anniversary celebration with these stunning copper Mercury Glass Tealight Holders. The warm glow of the candlelight through the mercury glass creates an intimate ambiance, perfect for a special evening with your partner.

    These wine glasses holders are available from Beau-coup. They come in a set of four, making them perfect for anniversary party.

    18. Personalized Mini Mason Jar

    Are you seeking a unique and memorable party favor for your anniversary celebration? Look no further than the Personalized Mini Mason Jar.

    With its 4 oz size, these anniversary party favors are perfect for filling with small treats or trinkets. Plus, it can be printed with colored ink to match your party theme or include your names and anniversary date.You can create a personalized favor with so many designs that your guests will love and cherish.

    19. Personalized Royal Love Ace Opener

    Make your anniversary celebration even more special with the Personalized Royal Love Ace Opener.

    This stainless-steel anniversary favor features a sleek white finish and can be laser engraved with the couple's names and anniversary date. The personalization is done on one side only, adding a unique touch to this practical and stylish favor.

    Whether you are opening a bottle of champagne or your favorite craft beer, these anniversary party favors will serve as a constant reminder of the love and commitment you share.

    20. Still the One Tags for Edible Favors

    Regarding edible favors, nothing adds a personal touch quite like our "Still the One" Tags.

    These 2" diameter tags can be customized with the couple's names and anniversary date, making them the perfect addition to any delicious treat.

    Whether you are giving out homemade cookies or gourmet chocolates, these tags will add a special touch that your guests will appreciate. It is a sweet way to remind everyone that you're still the one after all these years.

    21. Personalized Leatherette Koozies

    Looking for a practical and stylish favor for your wedding anniversary party? Our Personalized Leatherette Koozies are the perfect choice.

    Made from high-quality faux leather with a 1/8" thickness, these koozies are durable and add a touch of sophistication to any beverage. Customize them with your names and anniversary date; your guests will have a keepsake they can use for years.

    These anniversary party favors are the ideal wedding anniversary party favors, combining functionality with a personalized touch.

    22. Personalized Photo Playing Cards

    Looking for a unique and personal party favor for your anniversary celebration? Our Personalized Photo Playing Cards are just the ticket!

    Made with coated paper cardstock and packed in individual plastic boxes, these anniversary party favors can be customized with your favorite photos of you and your spouse. Whether you showcase cherished memories or funny moments, your guests will love having their own deck of personalized playing cards.

    It is a fun and interactive favor that adds a personal touch to your anniversary party. Let the games begin!

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    23. We Still Do Kisses Jar Favors

    Look no further than our "We Still Do Kisses Jar Favors" for a sweet and sentimental anniversary favor. These adorable jars are made from thick glass and feature an airtight bamboo lid.

    An eight-fluid oz capacity makes them perfect for filling with your favorite candies or homemade treats. The best part? Each bamboo lid is laser engraved with the words "We Still Do", adding a personalized touch that your guests will love.

    These anniversary party favors are a heartfelt way to thank your loved ones for celebrating your special milestone with you. Grab a jar and spread the love!

    24. Geometric Greenery Wine Charms

    Add a touch of elegance and personalization to your anniversary party with Geometric Greenery Wine Charms.

    These beautiful wine charms feature Swarovski Crystals and are attached to custom cards, allowing you to add a personal message or the date of your special celebration. Your guests will love these unique and stylish favors for anniversaries or bridal shower that serve a practical purpose and add a touch of glamour to their wine glasses.

    These anniversary party favors are a perfect way to show your appreciation to your guests for being a part of your milestone anniversary.

    25. Fairy Tale Wedding Anniversary Coasters

    Looking to add a touch of fairy tale romance to your anniversary celebration? Our Fairy Tale Wedding Anniversary Coasters are the perfect choice.

    Each hand-painted ceramic tile features intricate and romantic designs that will transport your guests to a whimsical world of love. These anniversary party favors protect your furniture and serve as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

    Their fairy tale charm makes for a truly enchanting anniversary favor. Give your guests a piece of the magic and let your love story continue to unfold.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are some popular anniversary party favor ideas?

    Some popular anniversary party favor ideas include customized wine glasses or bottle openers, which can be practical and serve as a reminder of the celebration. Edible favors like chocolates or mini champagne bottles are also crowd-pleasers.

    Another idea is to create personalized photo frames or keychains, allowing your guests to cherish the memories long after the event.

    2. How many party favors should I order for my anniversary celebration?

    The number of party favors you should order for your anniversary celebration depends on the number of guests attending. Having enough favors for each guest to ensure everyone receives one is best. Consider the guest count and order accordingly, adding a few extra for unexpected guests or keepsakes.

    3. How should I distribute the party favors to guests during the celebration?

    Distributing party favors during the celebration can be done in several ways. You can place the favors at each guest's table setting, create a separate favor table for guests to grab on their way out, or have a designated person distribute the favors to each guest as they leave.

    Please choose the best method for your celebration and ensure that all guests receive their special gift.


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