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    27 Personalized Party Favors That Will Make Your Event Memorable

    Personalized party favors are a great way to add a special touch to your event and show your guests that you appreciate their presence.

    Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other special occasion, personalized favors can help make your celebration even more memorable.

    1. Leather Bottle Opener  


    Stag parties and bachelor's gigs will always have bottles to be opened. Whether beer or non-alcoholic beverage, the accessible party favors will always come in handy.

    So, before the wedding or even to the engagement party, give each of your guests these Leather Bottle Opener party supplies and personalize it with their names too.

    For birthdays, Graduations, and even Anniversaries, this personalized party favor will be an excellent fit for any occasion.

    2. Loose Leaf  Tea Favors

    Boil the water and set those cups and saucers; these Loose Leaf Tea party favors are not only a perfect part of the actual tea party but will also make for a great favor for guests to bring home.

    Since these personalizedparty supplies are commonly associated with good health, it can be a versatile favor even for birthdays and anniversaries.

    Each bottle may contain your choice of tea.

    3. Slate Coaster


    This Slate Coaster adds style and elegance to your anniversary or birthday parties.

    Let your guests' glasses rest on these personalizedparty supplies with the laser-engraved printing of their names. That drink on top of it is theirs, and they may also bring the coaster home.

    It is also perfect as a Personalized Wedding Favor because a coaster ensures a ring-stain-free table and a more elegant drinking session.

    4. Personalized Color Changing Tumblers With Straws

    Splash-proof and easy to clean, these Personalized Color Changing Tumblers with Straws party favors will be every child's fantasy and every mom's dream drink container for their kids.

    Made of high-quality food-grade materials, these 16 oz personalizedparty favors also come with a lid and straw.

    Now these personalizedparty supplies are treat for both kids and moms.

    5. Personalized Mason Jar Mug

    Bring out the beer barrels or open up those malt in bottles and be ready to pour it on these Mason Jar Mug personalizedparty supplies.

    Parties of all sorts will be made more heartwarming with a drinking mug such as this mason jar.

    These personalizedparty favors hold 16 ounces of beverage and may be personalized with your choice of name, monogram, or initials, plus a date if you may.

    6. Personalized Pillow

    Ready the pajamas, choose the movie, and add these Personalized Pillow party supplies to the slumber party.

    Since the Pandemic forced things to change, some things can remain the same with minor tweaks.

    For instance, kids can still have a slumber party, but their pillows will be theirs by the time they get in the door until they leave.

    7. Floral Hand Sanitizer


    At a time of global Pandemic, carrying alcohol or sanitizer is a must. That is why giving away this Floral Hand Sanitizer at any of your parties or events will surely be an appreciated gesture.

    A touch of floral visuals in these personalized party favors will be refreshing for rustic or vintage-themed occasions.

    Personalize the party supplies label with your choice of design and color.

    8. Floral Notebook Favors


    Are you graduating soon? Give away these Floral Notebook personalizedparty supplies and watch your guests go home gleefully.

    Who knows? Your party may be the first one they record in their journals.

    The personalizedparty favors come with a personalized label and pen, so the treat is doubled, and the thought is more heartwarming.

    9. Personalized Shot Glasses


    Pick your poison and your guests' drinks choice, then give them these Shot Glasses personalizedparty favors. Of course, they will have to drink on their shot glasses to ensure social distancing, but it does not mean you cannot do it your way.

    Personalize these 2 ounces, round shape and dishwasher-safe party favors with initials, message, relevant date, or any cleverer idea you can think of.

    10. Sleepover Party Favors

    Level up your appreciative gesture to those lovely ladies attending your bachelorette party or slumber party with these Sleepover Party supplies.

    Made of burlap, satin, and foam, these personalizedparty favors are perfectly joined together for a more enjoyable sleepover.

    You may choose one gift type or the entire set to give each of the attendees.

    11. Personalized Sunscreen – Tropical Design

    Beach-themed parties are always fun, but the sunburn it entails does not feel so great, which is why this Personalized Sunscreen will be one of the best party supplies you can give away for your bridal shower guests.

    These party favors offer an SPF30 rating and are packed in a cute white plastic squeeze bottle for easy access to sunscreen.

    12. Initial Crayons

    Kids will love these Initial Crayons party supplies, especially during Easter Egg feasts or as a Christmas stocking stuffer.

    Whatever party you may be celebrating, every kid who loves to color will appreciate getting these party favors in their initials.

    You may choose color patterns for boys, girls, or a mix.

    13. Floral Milk Bottles

    Fill these Floral Milk Bottles with treats, sweets, or small party essentials, and be on your way to giving away a memorable token.

    These birthdayparty favors can hold up to 8 fluid ounces, so you may also decide to fill them with juice or other drinks for bridal showers.

    Personalize the label with up to 20 characters for bold and scripted text.

    14. Personalized Reusable Straw 

    Apart from being hazardous to the environment, these birthdayparty favors tend to break easily and sometimes have a weird taste.

    Bring a whole new sipping experience to your guests with these Reusable Straw personalized party favors to enjoy life's celebrations.

    15. Hand Lotion 

    These Hand Lotion personalized party supplies are an excellent giveaway for occasions that fall in a cold or warm season.

    Lotions moisturize the hand anytime it feels dry; both seasons may give such an effect.

    Personalize these birthday party favors with your choice of colors, design, and message. You may print labels with up to 20 characters for both lines, scripted and bold.

    16. Personalized Slippers 

    Adult birthday parties, girl's getaways, bachelorette trips, spa-themed parties, destination weddings, and women's birthdays; these occasions and many more may need a part favor such as these Personalized Slippers.

    Made of polyester, padded 4mm EVA sole, and cardboard for extra comfort, these slippers are available in closed or open-toe style.

    17. Koozie Cool All 

    Regardless of the event, your guests will appreciate the can coolers, especially if the location is warm.

    These Koozie Cool All can coolers will keep their beverage cold and their hands dry and warm.

    Made of quality leatherette material, this birthday party favor is made to insulate and keep beverages chilled to perfection.

    18. Handmade Beach Wedding Sea Shell Candle Favor

    If you are looking for a unique and personalized party favor, you can’t go wrong with a Handmade Beach Wedding Seashell Candle Favor.

    These personalized party favors are perfect for any beach-themed wedding or baby shower.

    They will not only add charm and elegance to your occasion, but they also make lovely keepsakes that your guests can take home as a reminder of your special day.

    19. Rainbow Boho Macrame

    If you are looking for something special to give your baby shower guests that also adds a fun and creative touch to your party, Rainbow Boho Macrame is a great option!

    These personalizedparty favors come in a variety of colors and can be personalized with the names of each of your guests.

    Plus, the vibrant colors make them perfect for adding some extra color to any celebration.

    20. Personalized Shawl

    Make your party even more special with a Personalized Shawl party favors.

    It is a great favor for all of your guests, no matter what the occasion! These personalized gifts are a unique way to give each guest something special and memorable.

    You can find personalized birthday party shawls in different sizes and styles, as well as colors to match the theme of your event.

    21. Sun Visors

    If you are throwing a pool party, Sun Visors make the perfect personalized party favors!

    Guests will love these stylish and practical accessories that not only keep the sun out of their eyes but also add a touch to personalized birthday party.

    Personalize these personalizedparty favors with your guests' names.

    22. Personalized Chocolate with Photo

    If you are looking for a unique and memorable party favor, you can’t go wrong with Personalized Chocolates with a Photo.

    These custom party favors are always a hit at any gathering and having each favorite picture on them will make them extra special.

    23. Custom Heart Shaped Sunglasses

    Are you looking for a personalized favor that will make your party stand out? Custom Heart-shaped Sunglasses are the perfect way to show your guests how much you care.

    Not only are these personalized birthdayparty favors a fun and stylish addition to any party, but these personalized gifts are also an excellent way to show your appreciation.

    24. Personalized Silver Compact Mirror

    If you are looking for a truly special party favor, why not consider giving out Personalized Silver Compact Mirrors?

    These personalized gifts make a statement of appreciation to your guests and are sure to be treasured.

    The silver finish on these personalized party favors adds a touch of sophistication to any gift.

    25. Custom Fridge Magnet

    Adding a Custom Fridge Magnet to your party favor list is a great way to make sure your guests have a fun and memorable party.

    These custom party favors can be personalized with a name, phrase, or message, making it a unique and thoughtful gift.

    You can create a custom design with images or text to commemorate the event.

    26. Rustic Tealight Holder

    Tealight Holders are a perfect party favor for those looking to add a rustic flair to their bridal shower.

    Customize these party favors with names, initials, or wedding date, and give your guests something they can keep forever.

    27.Photo Temporary Tattoos

    One of the most unique and personal party favors you can give your guests are Photo Temporary Tattoos.You can even get creative with these personalized gifts and make it fit the theme of your bridal shower.These custom party favors are sure to make a lasting impression on your guests and bring some added fun to your event!

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