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    Unique Wedding Card Holder Ideas for Your Special Day

    Wedding card holders are a lovely way to make your special day more memorable.

    Whether looking for something traditional, unique, or simply stunning, countless wedding card holders can add that perfect touch to your big day.

    This blog post will explore gorgeous wedding card holders that will take your breath away and make your wedding reception even more beautiful.

    32 Best Wedding Card Holders for Your Reception!

    1. Pressed Glass Vases with Stationery Holders

    These Vintage Inspired Glass Vases with Holders will be perfect if you are going for a vintage or rustic wedding theme! These vases are made of glass and metal wire and come in 4 assorted shapes.

    The vases are perfect for holding flowers or candles and double as a place to hold your guests' cards and notes.

    Slip the card into the wire holder, and voila! You have a beautiful and functional card holder.

    2. Double Heart Place Card Holder - Gold

    These Double Heart Placewedding card holder will surely make your guests love to collect wedding cards!

    You will certainly do that if you can thank them with all your heart and even with a double heart.

    Add that sweet touch to your gift table wedding card boxes with these lovely heart design works and let your guests take them home too.  

    3. Shining Sails 

    Let these Shining Sails lead your guests to their seats. Create the ambiance only a beach wedding reception can inspire with this wedding card box.

    These silvery metal sailboats wedding card boxes or photos, measure 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 1/2", and are sold as four sets. 

    This wedding inspiration shining sails are the best way to collect wedding cards!

    4. Gold Elephant Place Card Holders

    Are you seeking a unique and elegant wedding card holder that will catch everyone's attention? Look no further than the stunning Elephant Place Card Holders in gold!

    These antique gold resin finish holders feature beautiful embossed decorative details that will add a touch of sophistication to any wedding reception.

    Each set includes six holders, perfect for seating a small wedding party.

    5. Magical Tea Cup and Tea Pot 

    It is available in sets of 6. Add a delightful touch to your tea party table wedding decor with these Magical Tea Cups and Tea Pots.

    Each wedding card box comes with three teapots and three teacup-shaped bases, all crafted with sturdy resin to keep the matching floral place cards upright for all to see. 

    6. Nautical Place Card Holders

    Make this gorgeous wedding card box your way of showing gratitude to family and friends for making your wedding reception extraordinary.

    Direct your guest to their seats but let it be the very thing they get to take home as a special thank-you gift from you.

    Your beach wedding reception will be perfectly accentuated with these Nautically Inspired Weigh Anchors

    7. Real Shell Holders

    It beautifully decorates your table with different shapes and sizes of natural sea shells. You will remember your beach wedding reception with these Shell Holders wedding card box.

    This wedding card box also comes with matching designer place cards. Guests would happily bring home this perfect souvenir.  

    8. Travel The World With Me 

    This Travel The World With Me is perfect for a themed guest gift as they walk into your venue to collect wedding cards.

    This wedding card box features a double stack of pink and blue suitcases and matching white place cards with gold foil details.

    This wedding inspiration card is one valuable and memorable guest gift.

    9. Pumpkin Shaped Place Card Holder

    Simply perfect for your fall wedding and a memorable wedding favor for your friends and loved ones.

    This beautiful wedding card box gift comes in six Gold Resin Pumpkin-shaped wedding card boxes with coordinating place cards.

    This wedding card box gift will direct your guests to their seats and delight them as they get to take one home and decorate them as home decor item!

    10. Rustic Wood Set

    This wedding favor comes in a set of 4. Natural and organic defines your rustic wedding theme and nothing comes close to that than these Rustic Wood wedding card box.

    This circular, natural wood has visible age circles on it. This wood card box comes with a slit to firmly hold your place card or photo.   

    11. Starfish Photo Frame 

    This Wooden Starfish Photo Frame doubles up as a wedding card box.

    Place the name of your guests in the middle and your thank you note for making your wedding day extra special with their presence.

    These best wedding card boxes are simply perfect for your beach-themed wedding reception.

    12. Gold Kissing Bells Place Card

    Let these bells ring in unison and see the happy couple kiss each time. This wedding card box gift is simply perfect for your wedding reception.

    Guests would be more than delighted to bring these bells home as a thank-you wedding card box gift from you.

    These Gold Kissing Bells wedding card boxes also double as a placeholder that beautifully accentuates your table setup. 

    13. Original Animal Magnet

    You can customize this set of 50 full animal magnets as a place card or table number holder. These Cute Animal Magnets are not just any wedding favor.

    You can even use this wedding card box on your wedding cake. It can also function as an invitation holder and menu or food label holder.

    14. Small White Favor Vase/Card Holder 

    Not only does this wedding card box add a simple touch to the decoration, but it can also double as a favor for guests to bring home as a thank-you gift from you.

    Put this Small White Favor Vase or wedding card box on the centerpiece of a wedding table, add a personalized card with the table number and names, and you will have a beautiful place cardholder.  

    15. Beaded Card Box with Photo Frame

    Your table setting will stand out with this elegantly designed Beaded Photo Frame with a wedding card box.

    This beautiful gold glitter resin cube comes conveniently with a coordinating place card.

    It is a versatile wedding card box gift and a lovely wedding favor your guests will treasure. 

    16. Wedding Wine Cork Place Card Holders

    If you are looking for a fun and unique way to hold your wedding cards, then Wine Cork wedding card box are perfect.

    These charming little wedding card boxes add a rustic, vintage touch to your special day and will surely be a hit with all your guests.

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    17. Brass Stainless-Steel Card Holder

    If you are looking for a classic and timeless card holder that will never go out of style, then a Brass Stainless-steel wedding card box is a perfect choice.

    These sleek and stylish wedding card boxes are both elegant and functional. The stainless steel is durable to hold up to years of use.

    18. Pine Cone Card Holder

    If you are looking for a unique and creative way to display your wedding cards, look no further than the Pine Cone wedding card box!

    These wedding card boxes will surely add a rustic wedding theme, outdoorsy feel to your big day. Guests will be delighted to find out you placed their cards in such a unique and beautiful holder.

    19. Personalized Clear Acrylic Place Card Holders

    When it comes to wedding card holders, you can’t beat the elegance and beauty of Personalized Clear Acrylic wedding card box.

    Not only this wedding card box is perfect for adding a unique touch to your big day, but it also provides a great way to display your guests’ names.

    20. Mini Wooden Card Holder

    Consider The Mini Wooden wedding card box for a rustic yet classic touch to your wedding decor.

    These wedding card boxes combine vintage and modern styles and will add a charming accent to any wedding table.

    The sleek and stylish wood card box design ensures it will easily blend in with any wedding decor while standing out as a unique detail.

    21. Goth Wedding Place Card Holder

    The Goth Wedding card box is a perfect choice if you are looking for something different.

    This stylish and wedding card box is a great way to add dark drama to your wedding day.

    These Goth wedding card boxes are the perfect way to remind your guests of your special day.

    22. Gold Table Card Holders

    These Stunning Pieces make a stunning statement on any wedding table.

    You can use the gold color to complement any color palette and theme. With the many styles available, you are sure to find the perfect wedding card box for your special day.

    You can use gold table wedding card box to hold photos, wedding date cards, seating cards, or even as part of a giant centerpiece.

    23. Rustic Wood Place Card Holders with Swirl Wire

    Each Rustic Holder has been handcrafted from reclaimed wood and features a sturdy swirled iron wire to hold your cards in place securely.

    The delicate wire swirls have been lightly antiqued to give them an old-fashioned look and feel. The natural wood base is made of natural wood, giving the wedding card box a distinctive rustic wedding appeal.

    24. Wedding Mini Name Card Holder

    When it comes to displaying wedding cards in an adorable and eye-catching way, the Wedding Mini Name Card Holder for Centerpiece is the perfect solution.

    This elegant metal clip stand can showcase gift table numbers, escort cards, and wedding name cards.

    These wedding card boxes can also serve as a mini photo holder.

    25.Infinity Sign Place Card Clips

    Look no further than Infinity Sign Wedding Seating Labels wedding card box for a modern, stylish, and practical wedding card holder.

    Not only does this wedding card box make your seating arrangements easier to manage, but they also add a touch of fun to your wedding reception decor.

    These wedding card boxes are perfect for easily holding seating cards, place cards, or even saving wedding date cards.

    26. Acrylic Diamond Place Card Holders

    Consider using Acrylic Diamond place card holders for elegance and glamour.

    These stunning holders are perfect for a modern and sophisticated wedding. Our favorite is the rose gold diamond-shaped holder, which adds a romantic and luxurious touch to your wedding décor.

    The clear acrylic base makes the diamond shimmer and sparkle in the light, creating a stunning display.

    27. Gold Triangle Shape Table Card Holder

    If you are looking for a modern and minimalist wedding card holder, the Gold Triangle Shape Table Card Holder might be just what you need.

    This elegant piece is perfect for those who prefer a contemporary style and a touch of glamour. The sleek design will impress your guests and add a sophisticated touch to your reception tables.

    These card holders are sturdy, durable, and made of high-quality metal with a shiny gold finish.

    28. Acrylic Gold Frames Table Number Holders

    When it comes to wedding decor, it is all about the details. One of those details that often goes overlooked is table numbers.

    But, with these Acrylic Gold Frames Table Number Holders, you'll ensure your guests can easily find their seats while adding a touch of elegance to your reception tables.

    These holders are made from high-quality acrylic and come in a chic gold color that pairs perfectly with any color scheme.

    29. Tree-Shaped Wooden Number Holder

    If you are having a nature-themed wedding, this Tree-Shaped Wooden Number Holder is perfect.

    It has a wooden base, an iron wire tree, and a holder for your guests' cards. The iron wire tree design is intricately woven, creating a rustic and elegant look.

    You can easily slot your guests' name cards or table numbers into the wire tree, making it simple for them to find their seats. The wooden base provides a sturdy foundation for the holder and ensures it won't topple over.

    30. Star-Shape with Resin Base Table Number Holder

    If you are looking for a unique wedding card holder that adds a touch of elegance and whimsy, look no further than the Star-Shape Table Number Holder.

    These holders feature a resin base that resembles marble or stone, with a sleek gold or silver star perched on top to hold your table numbers.

    These holders are perfect for a celestial-themed wedding or a glamorous Hollywood-inspired affair.

    31. Plane Shaped Table Number Holders

    These Plane-Shaped table number holders are a must-have for those planning a destination wedding or aviation-themed event!

    Made from sturdy metal, these holders are designed to mimic a miniature airplane, with a clip at the bottom to hold table numbers or place cards.

    These holders will help your guests find their assigned seats and add a playful touch to your wedding décor.

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    32. Mr & Ms Hearts Table Number Holders

    If you want a sweet and romantic touch to your wedding, consider using Mr & Ms Hearts Table Number Holders.

    These table number holders feature a metal wire frame with a heart-shaped base that holds the table number.

    The base also has a small, matching heart that adds elegance to the overall design. These table number holders are perfect for a wedding with love-themed decor.


    1. What is the purpose of a card box at a wedding?

      A wedding card box holds all the cards and gifts the bride and groom receive from their guests. It's a safe and organized way to collect and keep all the cards secure during the event.

      2. Do people have card boxes at weddings?

      Yes, having a card box at weddings is quite common. It helps guests know where to put their cards and gifts and keeps the cards clear and clear.

      3. How do you store wedding cards?

      Once all the cards are collected in the wedding card box, they should be kept in a safe and secure place until the couple has time to go through them. Keeping them in a cool, dry place, like a drawer or cabinet is recommended.

      4. What size is a wedding card box?

      The size of a wedding card box varies depending on how many guests attend. It's best to choose a box big enough to hold all the cards but not too big that it takes up too much space. A good size is around 12 inches by 12 inches, with a depth of 8-10 inches.


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