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    Tiny Treasures: 29 Sweet Baby Shower Favors That Will Melt Your Heart

    Baby Shower Favors are great to thank your guests for celebrating your new bundle of joy.

    From thoughtful gifts to fun souvenirs, there are plenty of options to make your special day even more memorable.

    This blog post will share 29 unique Baby Shower Favors that will have your guests talking. Get ready to wow them with these fantastic ideas!

    1. Mommy To Bee Honey Jar Favor

    Thank your guests with this sweet sentiment on your big day. These jars can be filled with honey of any kind, and are sure to make all who bring them home smile every time they see them. Customize them with the mama to be's name and your shower date, these unique favors are one your guests will never forget!

    2.Mini Silver Gumball Machine

    Mini Silver Gumball Machines make excellent baby shower favors. These baby boy shower favor ideas will have your guests feeling nostalgic and entertaining.

    Not only are these favor ideas cute and practical, but you can also fill them with colorful gumballs or other small treats.

    These best baby shower favors will surely be a hit at the shower!

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    3. Baby's Poppin Treat Box

    Introducing our baby shower favor, Baby's Poppin' Treat Box! This charming snack box can be filled with an irresistible assortment of popcorn flavors, perfect for satisfying those cravings throughout the celebration. With its trendy packaging and delightful surprises inside, it's a wonderful treat that adds to the joyous atmosphere. Show your appreciation and let the party vibes linger with the Baby's Poppin' Treat Box. Treat your friends to a memorable popcorn indulgence and keep the magic of your baby shower alive!

    4.Personalized Butter Spreader

    A great baby shower favor idea is to give Personalized Butter Spreaders as gifts.

    Customize these cheap baby shower favors with the baby's name or the baby shower theme. Guests will love how thoughtful and unique these favors are!

    Not only are these favor ideas useful and practical, but they also make a cute addition to any table setting.

    5. Oh Baby Matches

    Oh Baby Matches are the perfect way to add a spark to your baby shower celebration! These stylish matchboxes make a great favor that will have guests talking and keep the memories of the special occasion alive for years to come.

    6. Bundle Of Joy Cake Jar

    Introducing our Bundle Of Joy Cake Jar, a delightful treat to celebrate the arrival of your little one! Designed with joy and cuteness in mind, this charming jar adds a touch of sweetness to your baby shower celebration. Fill it with delectable cake delights, capturing the essence of this special occasion. The Mini Mason Jar design brings a rustic and timeless elegance, making it a perfect keepsake or an adorable centerpiece. Let this Sweet Baby Shower Jar symbolize your love and anticipation, leaving a lasting impression on your loved ones as you celebrate the joyous moments leading up to the arrival of your bundle of joy.

    7.Baby Shower Frosted Cup

    Make your baby shower unique with a Frosted Cup! It is an easy and inexpensive way to personalize your cheap baby shower favors.

    These personalized baby shower favors are perfect for serving those yummy treats and drinks at the celebration.

    Each best baby shower cup is printed in multiple colors with your custom design or text.

    8. Blossoming Love Shot Glass

    Raise a toast on your wedding day with these simplistic personalized shot glasses. With the phrase "Let Love Grow"and personalized with 2 lines of text, these laser engraved shot glasses are sure to be a hit during any of your wedding festivities. 

    9.Personalized Eos Lip Balm Favors

    Eos Lip Balm has become one of the most popular beauty items in recent years. Not only is it known for its delicious scents and colors, but it is also incredibly moisturizing!

    Why not allow your guests to take home a personalized Eos lip balms favor for your baby shower?

    These baby shower favor ideas will surely be a hit at your baby shower party.

    10. Baby Shower Popcorn Bliss

    Introducing our baby shower favor, Baby Shower Popcorn Bliss! This charming snack bag can be filled with an irresistible assortment of popcorn flavors, perfect for satisfying those cravings throughout the celebration. With its trendy packaging and delightful surprises inside, it's a wonderful treat that adds to the joyous atmosphere. Show your appreciation and let the party vibes linger with the Baby Shower Popcorn Bliss. Treat your friends to a memorable popcorn indulgence and keep the magic of your baby shower alive!

    11.Baby Shower Seed Favors

    For those looking to give eco-friendly and unique baby shower favors, baby shower Seed Favors are an excellent choice.

    These personalized baby shower favors are perfect for handing out to guests as a lasting reminder of your special day.

    These cheap baby shower favor ideas are also great for being environmentally conscious, as many seeds can be grown from home with minimal effort.

    12.Baby Shower Cookies

    Baby Shower Cookies are a delightful addition to any baby shower.

    They are the perfect treat to serve your guests, and they feature four different designs and can be customized with your baby's name.

    This cheap baby shower favor idea is a sweet gift for your friends and family, and it will leave a lasting impression!

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    13. Baby Shower Koozies

    Baby Koozies make a perfect choice for a fun and functional baby shower party favor.

    These baby shower party favors are available in various colors and styles, so you can find something that matches your baby shower's theme.

    This cheap baby shower favor idea makes great keepsakes for guests to take home after the event.

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    14.Personalized Mason Jar

    If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to thank your guests for attending your baby shower, look no further than Personalized Mason Jar favors.

    You can personalize these baby shower party favors with your special message or the baby's name.

    Guests will love having a souvenir from your baby shower party that will bring a smile every time they open it.

    15.Macrame Rainbow Keychain

    Macrame Rainbow Keychain is an eye-catching cheap baby shower favor idea that will help your guests remember the day.

    This unique baby shower favor features a brightly colored macrame cord and rainbow-colored beads, making them a great addition to any baby shower.

    16.Baby Sachet Bags

    Baby Sachet Bags make a great favor to give at baby showers!

    Not only does this baby shower favor look beautiful, but you can fill them with various herbs and spices that will keep your guests feeling fresh and smelling great.

    Plus, these baby shower gift bags are reusable, so guests can enjoy their scented baby shower favor for years to come.

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    17.Baby Succulent Favors

    Succulents are popular for decorating as they require very little maintenance.

    Baby Succulents make an incredibly thoughtful baby shower favor. Each guest can take home a miniature plant that is a living reminder of the special day.

    Your green thumb guests will love these thoughtful baby shower favor ideas and be sure to remember the special day when they see this baby succulent thank-you gift.

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    18.Baby Shower Candle Favors

    Candles make a beautiful addition to any baby shower party and make great favors for your guests.

    For a memorable touch, consider giving out unique baby shower Candle Favors. They are also a great way to help expecting parents prepare for their little baby's arrival.

    Make sure to stock up on enough baby shower favors so everyone can take home one as a memento of the special day.

    19.Wire Stroller Favor

    If you are looking for an extra special baby shower favor, why not consider a Wire Stroller Favor?

    This cheap baby shower party favor is usually made from metal wire and can be decorated with beads, ribbons, and other decorative items for your baby showers.

    Not only does this baby shower favor look beautiful, but it is also practical and can be used after the event as a keepsake.

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    20. Elephant Baby Shower Cookies


    These Elephant Baby Shower Cookies are made with real butter, pure extracts, and high-quality flavorings that are sure to be enjoyed by the attendees. 

    The set includes an elephant, a onesie, a flower, and a curvy platform that says "Baby", so your guests may enjoy the cute collection of sumptuous cookies.

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    21. Blue Fillable Baby Blocks

    Share the joy and sweetness of parenthood by distributing a few saccharine representations of your happiness with friends and family, who will undoubtedly play an essential role in the upbringing and nurturing of your offspring. 

    Fill these Blue Fillable Baby Blocks with treats of your choice or other surprise gifts as a token of your appreciation for their presence and a reminder of the joyous event that will also lead to more triumphant moments in the years to come.

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    22. Vintage 3.8 oz. Milk Bottle Favor Jar

    Deliver a dainty bottle of treats in your guests' hands before you deliver your baby with this Vintage 3.8 oz. Milk Bottle Favor Jar

    These personalized baby shower favors have a round cork stopper to seal in the treats or surprise gifts you want to fill it with. It comes in many colors to match your baby shower theme.

    23. Baby Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener Gold

    Opening bottles or at least getting a tool to do so has just taken a cute turn, especially for expectant parents with this Baby Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener Gold. This virtual baby shower favor is usable and functional everywhere. 

    Made from durable gold-tone metal and featuring the phrase "Poppin Bottles", these baby shower favor ideas will surely open gladness in the hearts of your friends and loved ones.

    24. Silver Fillable Crown

    Fill the baby shower area with a touch of royalty and sweetness with this Silver Fillable Crown. Made with plastic, this crown favor holder will add a regal sheen to your dessert and token display with its sparkly and stunning metallic luster matched with its imperial crown-shaped formation. 

    Eccentric and appealing, these baby shower favor ideas are best for baby showers, bridal showers, or any other parties with a king and queen theme.

    25. Gender Neutral Baby Shower Hair Tie Favors 

    For your attendees who are kids or have kids, these Gender Neutral Baby Shower Hair Tie Favors will be an appreciated favor. Why not? It fixes the crowning glory of each kid present, whether they may be a baby girl or a boy. 

    Nowadays, it is no longer an issue when a baby boy has long hair and may need a dainty and functional hair tie.

    26. Jungle Animal Place Card Holders

    Let your guests be aware of the jungle while looking for their tables by using these Jungle Animal Place Card Holders. Now you can set the jungle scene on your table for your wildlife-themed baby shower or parties. 

    The set features four sturdy resin place cardholders in the shape of a monkey, an elephant, a tiger, and a giraffe. The attached wires hold the place cards or pictures so that these cuties may double as a decorative addition to your venue or souvenir tables.

    27. Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Favors

    Splash some fun at your baby shower and make your guests bring it home to enjoy when they shower with these Rubber Ducky baby shower favors. Grown-ups and kids enjoy a little playtime in the bathtub every once, and a while and a rubber ducky has been a favorite and constant companion and swimming buddy. 

    These baby shower party favors are classic yellow, with a bright red bill to ensure a playful and enjoyable time in your baby shower and theirs.

    28. Team Boy Plastic Fedora

    For your baby shower and gender reveal, add a twist by making your guests pick a team. Let the boys wear this Team Boy Plastic Fedora to make it more stylish. This lightweight hat says "Team Boy" on the hatband and has a pinched crown, just like an actual fedora. 

    The boys will look dapper, and the team for the male gender will stand out. It is an elegant accessory and a favor for the big reveal.

    29. Baby Shower Candle Favors

    Candles make an ideal favor for a baby shower. For a charming, personalized touch, you can make your candle favors. These Wooden Slice baby shower favors are made with dried flowers to create a simple, rustic look.

    These homemade wooden slice candles will surely bring the baby shower a beautiful, rustic feel. They make an excellent favor for the guests to take home and enjoy.