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    17 Great Wedding Favors For Small Weddings

    A great wedding is not measured by how grand or lavish it is and how bountiful you are with the event and the party. Yet, it will be manageable to be a little generous with your wedding favor to leave your guest not just with a perfect impression but with a big smile on their faces to leave them a memory to last. Here are the 17 Great Wedding Favors For Small Weddings you can show them your benevolence of heart.

    17. Non-alcoholic Champagne Wine

    A perfect celebration of your wedding can also be extended to your guest’s home. Let them take home a 25.36 Fl Oz Non-alcoholic Champagne Wine. It will be perfect for creamy seafood pasta, sushi, fried chicken, nutty cheeses, and potato blinis with caviar or just a thirst quencher. The cascading bubbles and delicate effervescence of the alcohol-removed sparkling wine elevate any occasion. This bubbly drink is beautifully balanced with a dry and refreshing finish. Plus, it is safe to give guests of all ages and religions.

    16. Pine Seedling Wedding Favor 

    Most of us are now inclined in giving beneficial favor, this Pine Seedling Wedding Favor  will do both for our mother nature and future. Your wedding will surely be eventful with this prudent act of being mindful of the environment. The set comes with a transport tube, real metallic foil, weatherproof label, seedling, and an easy-to-follow planting instruction insert. You have a variety of options to choose from designs and font colors.

    15. Starbucks Gift Card

    The best present is to bestow your wedding guests a Starbucks Gift Card as they say it is one of the greatest gifts of all time and it does not require any occasion to give and use. Everyone now enjoys the benefit of a gift card plus, no one can say NO to a treat. The price varies from $25 up to $100 and you now have the option to send it electronically or through email and very easy to use.

    14. Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

    Cheers to your thoughtfulness in sharing this Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit wedding favor that adults will surely enjoy. Whether you like your drinks sweet or dry, Cocktail Kits 2 Go gives you the options you need to craft your favorite cocktail in the air, on the road, or just enjoying happy hour at home. Perfect for virtual happy hours - each cocktail kit makes 4 drinks so you can enjoy with a friend. Just mix the ingredients and add your favorite spirits. 

    13. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends

    Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends is amazing for aromatherapy, diffusing, massage, smell training kit, skincare, and beauty DIY. With this oil pack, you can have your guests experience therapeutic benefits and aromatherapy in the comfort of their home or office. You can imagine how happy everyone at your wedding will be as you hand over this. The set contains six 10 ML bottles that are the most popular essential oils such as Relaxation, Calming Sleep, Tranquility, Immunity, Breathe Easy, and Harmony which are all 100% pure and natural.

    12. DIY Gin Making Kit

    Some guests may only get tipsy or not be able to enjoy the mix of drinks allowed and what you may only offer or serve on the wedding day so give them this DIY Gin Making Kit. They can break free of standardized mixes and let their imagination and taste buds run wild with this exclusive kit. All the botanicals such as Cardamom, Hibiscus flowers, Coriander, Cubeb pepper, Lavender flowers, Bay leaf, orange peel, pink berries, and Licorice Juniper are all 100 % natural, freshly sourced, and come in glass tubes with real corks. The set includes two beautiful Italian-glass prep bottles and a high-grade funnel made of stainless steel.

    11. Olive Oil & Balsamic Mini Gift Set

    From your wedding night, give them a wonderful extension of their tastebuds with the Olive Oil & Balsamic Mini Gift Set. These beautiful assorted mini bottles are hand-filled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar to make a perfect Italian theme table decoration, cheese pairings, and to increase appetite. The set includes 1 bottle (2 fl oz) of A&A Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the first cold-pressed oil from Puglia, Italy, 1 bottle (2 fl oz) of A&A Crema Balsamica, a delicious reduction of balsamic vinegar of Modena, with a richer texture and sweet flavor than regular balsamic, and 2 burlap bags.

    10. Palo Santo Crystal Bundles

    Palo Santo is traditionally used as a natural remedy for colds and flu, as well as symptoms of stress. It is also known to relieve asthma, headaches, anxiety, and depression, and reduce inflammation. Allow your guest to experience the sensational scent of your wedding and enjoy the calming sensation as the smoke fills and purifies the environment with Palo Santo Crystal Bundles. The set includes 1 Palo Santo stick and 1 Clear Rose Quartz or Clear Crystal.

    9. Chakra Crystal Favors

    Everyone at the wedding will surely be looking forward to taking one of these Chakra Crystal Favors. As you place or hold a crystal over the body, it interacts with the body's chakras and promotes physical and mental wellness. It can also improve your concentration and creativity. Moreover, it promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing. These beautiful Chakra Crystal Favors in little glass bottles are filled with genuine tumbled rose quartz chips and sage leaves and topped with a cork stopper. The bottles are about inches tall and a half-inch wide with various weights. 

    8. Bottle of Coffee

    As a heartwarming gift, one of the best wedding favors you need to give is the Bottle of Coffee. Everyone will surely appreciate tea or coffee they can drink, plus, it will be an additional collection for coffee lovers and lonely Starbucks lovers as Swifty fans say. The mini coffee bean bottle is decorated with flowers and comes with a personalized tag.

    7. Succulent in a Personalized Mini Pot

    Everyone loves to see greeneries so you can give a Succulent in a Personalized Mini Pot. Succulents can contribute to reducing flu-like symptoms, headaches, fever, and coughs. Plus, it does not require a special skill to grow a succulent. It comes in a bulk sale so you can maximize how many you wish to give to every guest. You also have the option to select the pot decoration with just a Tile Pot, Mosaic Pot, Emoji Pot, and Burlap Style.

    6. Natural Soap with Dried Flower

    In the past couple of years, hand-washing with soap and water is a powerful weapon against diseases and viruses. Soap is one of those genuinely useful items so it is better to give Natural Soap with Dried Flower as the wedding favor of the century. It is made from organic and has natural tea tree and lavender that can last for years and the flowers are natural and dried. The soap measures Diameter: 2.36 inches - (6 cm), Depth: 0.39 inches - (1 cm) and comes in a cute box.

    5. Chocolate Favors

    Chocolate creates memories and traditions. It is symbolic of Love, Passion, Care, and Friendship, the reason why it has been a practice to give for most occasions, especially at weddings. Give them Chocolate Favors if you wish to be traditional yet sweet. It comes in a handmade white transparent decorated box with cinnamon, artificial flowers, and a personalized tag and you have scent options.

    4. Lighthouse Tea Light Holder

    After using the Lighthouse Tea Light Holder as an additional decoration to your wedding, you can give it as a wedding favor so it could be a dual purpose for the event. This tea light holder is an added adornment they can use at home, too. Made from sturdy metal, this tea light holder comes with a handle and a place at the base for a tea candle. It is cream-hued and is intricately designed with windows and railings around the lantern room at the top. Plus, a tea light candle is included (1 hour burn time). 

    3. Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray

    Another wedding favor of the century is the Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray. The hand sanitizer ingredients are ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, and water made with at least 70-80% alcohol content. It comes in a set of five 10 ml bottles and the material is a glass bottle with a gold metal cap that measures 0.6 inches W x 3.25 inches H. You can personalize the text for up to 25 characters including spaces.

    2. Map Design Bottle Opener

    Give them a durable handy Map Design Bottle Opener wedding they can take with them anywhere. The bottle opener is crafted from heavy solid cast metal and has an antique brass color finish. Placed under the clear epoxy dome is a vintage map showing North and South America, Europe, and Africa. This classy favor comes packaged in a postcard stamp design bottom box with a matching map design insert. It measures 3 1/8 inches x 1 5/8 inches.

    1. Handmade Turkish Floral-Patterned Bowl

    The Handmade Turkish Floral-Patterned Bowl is a distinctive wedding favor to give. The rustic ceramic bowl in Turkish floral pattern is handmade and suitable for all kinds of uses in the kitchen, for snacks, as an office accessory, or as home décor. It is dishwasher safe, microwave-safe, and lead-free and measures 3 inches – 4 inches W x 0.8 inches - 1.18 inches H. Bowls will be delivered in mixed colors and style patterns as the products are handmade and colors may vary to keep every item unique.