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    27 Best Wedding Favors for Your Outdoor Wedding

    Outdoor weddings are a magical way to celebrate your special day, and a great way to show your guests your appreciation is by providing unique outdoor wedding favors.

    Whether you are having a beach wedding, a backyard bash, or a garden soiree, there are plenty of creative and fun summertime wedding favors that you can give your guests to thank them for being part of your wedding celebration. 

    Here are 27 perfect outdoor wedding favors that your guests will love.

    27 Perfect Summertime Wedding Favors for Outdoor Weddings!

    1. A Treat to Help with the Heat Hand Fan

    If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you may want to consider offering guests a Hand Fan as a wedding favor. Hand fans are a great way to beat the heat and keep guests cool during the reception and ceremony.

    This garden wedding favor comes in various colors and materials, but a handmade fabric fan with bamboo sticks is a great choice for an outdoor wedding.

    2. Pashmina Shawl Favors

    As a popular and stylish wedding favor, Pashmina Shawl Favors are perfect for outdoor weddings. The lightweight pashmina fabric is made from cotton and viscose fibers, making them breathable and comfortable for guests to wear in spring weddings.

    You can have your shawls custom-made with your initials or your wedding date stitched into them.

    3. Love Sunglasses

    The Sebring Wood Grain Sunglasses are the perfect wedding favor for an outdoor wedding! Not only do they provide UV400 protection, but they also add a touch of stylish fun to your big day.

    This great summer wedding favor comes in various colors, from light to dark woodgrain, to match any style. They also feature polarized lenses to protect guests' eyes all summer long.

    4. Eucalyptus Soap Favors

    For outdoor weddings, you can give your guests a unique and refreshing treat with Eucalyptus Soap Favors. These soaps can be made by hand with natural ingredients or purchased from a store.

    The soaps can be used before and after the garden-themed wedding, making them a practical and thoughtful gift. Your guests are sure to enjoy these beautiful and aromatic favors!

    5. Floral Sunscreen

    If you have an outdoor wedding, providing your guests with Sunscreen is important. A great way to ensure they use it is to offer a personalized sunscreen that matches your wedding theme.

    A fun and unique way to do this is with floral sunscreen favors. You can have them personalized with your choice of design and color and add a message that reminds your guests to protect their skin from the sun.

    6. Personalized Flip-Flop Bottle Opener

    Flip flops are a summer staple, and if you are planning an outdoor wedding, chances are your guests will be wearing them. Show your appreciation for their effort by gifting them a personalized Flip-Flop Bottle Opener!

    These bottle openers are perfect for your beach-themed wedding or outdoor affair and will surely give good vibes to your guests.

    7. Happily Ever After Koozie

    These Koozie Wedding Favors are the perfect way to commemorate your special day. Laser engraved and made of faux leather, these koozies will keep your guests' drinks cold and their hands warm. Featuring your personalized design, these favors make a great addition to any wedding reception. Give them out as special keepsakes or as party favors, and your guests will be sure to remember your special day.


    8. Tealight Holders

    Tealight Holders are the perfect wedding favor for your outdoor wedding. These romantic and stylish holders provide a beautiful, warm light to enhance your outdoor ceremony and reception. They are also eco-friendly since they use no electricity or batteries.

    Wood Slice Candle Holders are perfect for rustic weddings. These holders come in different shapes and sizes and can be personalized with your name and the wedding date.

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    9. Rustic Garden Lip Balm

    We all know how easy losing your Chapstick can be! Gift your guests with a sweet wedding favor they're sure to use. With five different floral-design styles and seven color options to choose from, make these Rustic Garden Lip Balm favors a special memory for everyone who receives them.


    10. Floral Hand Sanitizer 

    These hand sanitizers are a very useful favor that all guests will love. Whether its a rustic or vintage themed wedding or a spring bridal shower these floral hand sanitizers are the perfect gift for your special occasion. Personalize the label with from the option of 3 different designs and 6 different colors. And to make it even more unique, add a personal note to your label! This product has a minimum order amount of 24. 

    11. Eucalyptus Wedding Water Labels

    If you are looking for an easy and stylish way to personalize your outdoor wedding, look no further than Eucalyptus Wedding Water Labels! These personalized labels are perfect for your guests, who will love the special touch they bring to your big day.

    Not only are these labels eye-catching and unique, but they are also practical, giving an extra touch to your edible favors!

    12. Seed Stick Favors

    If you are looking for a green and sustainable favor idea, look no further than Seed Stick Favors. These small favors come with planted seeds, so your guests can simply water the sticks and let nature do the rest!

    These favors make perfect additions to any outdoor wedding. These garden-themed wedding favor ideas are simple, affordable and an eco-friendly alternative to other traditional favors.

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    13. Rustic Wedding Coasters

    For a unique and rustic touch to your outdoor wedding, consider making Personalized Wedding Coasters for your guests. These coasters are made of wood, plywood, Baltic birch and even have a laser cut with a custom design.

    This great wedding favor is a unique way to add a personalized touch to your garden wedding and ensure your guests will remember the special day for years.

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    14. Colorful Bowl Favors

    If you want a unique and memorable wedding favor, colorful bowls can be perfect for your outdoor celebration. Colorful Bowls are a great way to bring extra fun and personality to your garden wedding.

    Not only do they look beautiful, but they make great keepsakes for your outdoor events.

    15. Bug Spray Favors

    Bug Spray Favors are a great way to keep guests comfortable at your garden wedding. Not only will they be grateful, but it is also an adorable addition to the decorations!

    These bug spray favors will come in handy during outdoor weddings when mosquitos start to swarm. Your guests will love this perfect favor idea!

    16. Wedding Ornaments

    When it comes to outdoor wedding favors, nothing is more special than Personalized Ornaments. Personalized wedding ornaments add an extra special touch to any outdoor wedding and are sure to bring a smile to your guests' faces.

    This summer wedding favor idea can be made with plexiglass and a laser beam for customization, making it a perfect favor for summer weddings.

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    17. Succulent Mini Pots

    Make your summer wedding favors extra special with these Succulent Mini Pots.

    These rustic, wooden mini planters are perfect for bridal shower or garden wedding in a natural setting or outdoors, as they can be personalized with your name and wedding date.

    18. White Heart Bubble Bash

    What could be more fun and romantic for a summer wedding than a White Heart Bubble Bash? With these beautiful, leakproof containers, you can provide your guests with a special surprise!

    Each container has a mini wand for blowing bubbles, allowing guests to enjoy summer weddings.


    19. Custom Keepsake Puzzle Favors

    Personalized Puzzle Favors are a great way to give your wedding guests a lasting reminder of your special day. A custom puzzle makes an excellent summer wedding favor, as it can be personalized with the couple's initials and wedding date.

    These summer wedding favors are also a fun activity for your guests to assemble and a great conversation starter for those who do not know each other well.

    20. Meant To Be Honey Jar Favor

    Thank your guests with this sweet sentiment on your big day. These jars can be filled with honey of any kind, and are sure to make all who bring them home smile every time they see them. Customized with the couples name and wedding date, these unique favors are one your guests will never forget!

    21. Miniature Pottery Vase

    If you want something more personalized for your summertime wedding favors, why not opt for a Miniature Pottery Vase?

    You can find these summer wedding favors at craft stores or even in bulk online. Clay vases can be molded into any shape and glazed in any color to match your wedding theme. You can even put summer flowers in them to decorate your reception!

    22. Blossoming Love Shot Glass

    Raise a toast on your wedding day with these simplistic personalized shot glasses. With the phrase "Let Love Grow" and personalized with 2 lines of text, these laser engraved shot glasses are sure to be a hit during any of your wedding festivities.

    23. Mr. & Mrs. Matches

    For couples looking for a unique and personal summer wedding favor, Custom Matchboxes are perfect. These minimalist, stylish matchboxes feature your initials and wedding date printed on the box and matches inside.

    These summer wedding favors are an adorable way to show your guests that you care, and the simple design will be an ideal choice for summer celebration.

    24. Rosemary Olive Oil Favors

    A rosemary olive oil favor is one of the most unique and thoughtful wedding favors you can give guests. Our Rosemary Olive Oil is sourced from our grove in Greece and made with the finest ingredients.

    These favors are perfect for any summertime wedding, as they will add a touch of sophistication and elegance.

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    25. Adventurous Love Luggage Tag

    Nothing screams summertime like a wedding favor that speaks of adventure! This stylish and fun favor is perfect for any summertime wedding. The Adventurous Love Luggage Tag features a laser engraved design with the phrase, "And So the Adventure Begins," and an airplane silhouette.

    Your guests will love these unique, thoughtful wedding favors as they embark on their adventure!

    26. Assorted Key Bottle Openers

    Nothing says "summer" quite like Key Bottle Openers regarding summertime wedding favors. These handy little tools make a great addition to any summer wedding tablescape and will surely be appreciated by your guests.

    This summer wedding favor is made of durable metal and come in various designs that add charm to your decor.

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    27. Tea Wedding Favors

    A perfect summertime wedding favor is the classic Tea Wedding Favor. They are cute, easy to assemble, and can be customized to suit your taste.

    This summer wedding favor is a unique way to give your guests something special to remember your big day and are also helpful! Your guests can enjoy a cup of tea anytime they like and reminisce about the memories made on your special day.

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