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    27 Vintage Wedding Favors for a Chic and Elegant Celebration

    You envisioned your vintage-themed wedding a long time ago! No wonder you are going the extra mile looking for a wedding favor that will go well with it. You are marrying the love of your life! It is one of the best things that can happen to anyone.

    Your vintage-themed wedding will mark the beginning of your life together. You definitely can only be lax on some details of this special day. Choose the sentimental, functional, and most vintage-looking wedding favors that impress and make your guests go home with big smiles because of your Vintage-inspired thank-you gift. 

    Vintage Wedding Favors are a timeless way to add a special touch to your wedding celebration. For couples looking for an elegant and chic celebration, these classic wedding favors are the perfect way to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence.

    Here are 27 vintage-theme wedding favors you can choose from:

    27 Creative Vintage Wedding Favors to Add a Touch of Retro Charm!

    1. White Rose Wedding Flower

    This White Rose Wedding Flower is a white ceramic rose with two blooms with rhinestones, and the leaves and stem are 24k plated. 

    This collection was created for car favors according to the dictates of the Florentine high Gold Smith. This is the translation from the tag we have that goes with it. This great-looking gift is a handmade piece.

    2. Vintage Floral Wedding Jingle Bells

    Their presence meant the world to you, and you have to let them know with this gorgeous vintage wedding favor. 

    These Vintage Floral Wedding Jingle Bells are miniature liberty bells in a set of 4. These are brightly painted metal liberty bells with clappers accented with yellow and red ribbon bows. These vintage party favors will accentuate your table setting. 

    3. The World Is A Box 

    It's vintage, has a kraft slide drawer, and is tied with a double, natural twine bow. There's nothing like a gift that lets the whole world know the gratitude inside your heart. 

    The World is a Box is a unique favor box with a map-print cover that can be varied. These boxes can also be personalized and are sold in sets of 24. 

    4. Vintage Wishing Bottle Stoppers

    It's a great favor and can double as a nice wedding decor for your vintage wedding tables. Once your guests see these, they'd love to bring them home. 

    These Vintage Wishing Bottles are suitable for jewelry making, altered art, and miniature art. You can set it as a bottle charm or a pendant with eye screws.

    5. Chic Personalized Lip Balm 

      Let this be the gift your guests will remember your wedding by. This lightly scented Lip Balm has a natural vanilla flavor.

      These vintage party favors can be personalized with your name and wedding dates printed on a stylish label.

      6. Wedding Vintage Folk Art Gift Matchbox

      These Wedding Vintage Folk Art Gift Matchboxes are handmade. It is specially made as a vintage wedding favor by the bride's friends and a family stash of costume jewelry. Light some candles and celebrate with these truly rare tokens. 

      7. Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag

      This tag is made from rubber with 3-D travel-inspired details and brown stripes. This Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag is a unique vintage wedding favor for your frequent flier guests. It comes with a decorative gift tag with a world map print. 

      Make it your way to thank friends and family for traveling to your special occasion. 

      8. Thistle Brass Vintage Horseshoe Wedding Favor

      This Thistle Brass Vintage Horseshoe Wedding Favor is a shiny horseshoe-shaped, vintage horse brass (the 40s/50s) measuring 6.5 x 8 cm. Unlike most other horse brasses, it is quite thin, so it could be handy for craft purposes, embellishments for a box, etc. 

      It also makes a thoughtful Scottish unique vintage wedding favor. It comes in an organza bag with a piece of bonny tartan ribbon.

      9. Mini Gold Mercury Glass Lanterns 

      Each lantern includes five warm white LEDs (2700 Kelvin), which glow through the textured mercury glass, creating a beautiful diffused pattern. The speckled golden glass and a distressed finish create a romantic, vintage-inspired look. 

      These Mini Gold Mercury Glass Lanterns will make a stunning addition to your guest's holiday decorations or add a little sparkle to their home all year. Perfect for your gold-themed vintage wedding.

      10. Vintage Floral Handkerchiefs


      These elegant floral handkerchiefs are decorated with floral embroidery and are crafted in a retro vintage style. 

      Add these Vintage Floral Handkerchiefs wedding favors in the welcome bags of your female guests so they have something to catch and wipe those happy tears.  

      11. Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

      You've given your man the key to your heart. Now give your guests this beautiful antique-style Key Bottle Opener to commemorate the bridal shower.

      Featuring high-quality metal, vintage-style varnish, and adorable packaging, complete with a luxurious purple satin gift ribbon. These bottle openers are functional and useful to your guests long after your vintage wedding day.

      12. Personalized Candle Tins 

      Let this vintage wedding favor complete the look of your vintage-themed wedding or baby shower.

      These Personalized Candle Tins have a whimsical adventure design, a compass dial, and a vintage decor map. Decorate your table setting with these lovely candle tins and let guests bring them home as a keepsake from your unforgettable wedding. 

      13. Sweet Sip Mason Jar

      Simple yet a gift your bridal shower guests will treasure and remember your vintage wedding. Surprise your guests and have their favorite drinks in this Sweet Sip Mason Jar that doubles as a wedding favor. 

      It is vintage-inspired, with a metallic white lid and an opening at the center for a straw. 

      14. Rustic Wedding Box

      Fill the wedding favor boxes with sweet treats or candy favors! This Rustic Wedding Box would be the perfect favor at any rustic, vintage, or country wedding! One look is all it will take for baby shower guests to remember when they carved their loved one's initials in a tree. Truly a memorable vintage wedding favor.

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      15. Vintage Inspired Creamers Vase Set

        These assorted Vintage-Inspired Creamers add that perfect accent to your vintage wedding decor. 

        Use them as tabletop displays filled with spring flowers, and you'll have a beautifully designed table setup. It doubles as a wedding favor and can be personalized through a tag to add a personal touch to your bridal shower.

        16. Vintage Decorative Mini Lantern

        You may hang these lanterns or place them on your table setting them as a free-standing lamp. They won't just light up your table setting, but these Vintage Decorative Mini Lanterns wedding favors will surely add charm to your table setting at bridal shower.

        This lantern has a distressed blue finish and makes a perfect centerpiece for your reception tables.

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        17. Vintage Pitcher

        This Vintage Pitcher will match your guests' love for anything shabby chic. It can also be used as packaging for your sweet treats. Adorn your tables at your bridal shower with this gorgeous thank-you gift, and friends and loved ones will surely remember your vintage wedding.

        18. Paper Hand Fans

        Paper Hand Fans are a timeless and stylish wedding favor for any vintage-inspired wedding. Not only are they practical and beautiful, but they are also an affordable way to add a touch of charm to your big day.

        These paper hand fans come with a bamboo wood handle and are available in five color options.

        19.Italian Lace Scallop Favor

        Consider giving your guests an Italian Lace Scallop favor for a timeless and romantic touch to your vintage wedding. This lovely detail will bring a touch of elegance to the festivities and can be tied to your wedding theme in various ways.

        For a beautiful presentation, give each bridal shower guest a scallop favor in the same fabric, personalized with their name or a special message from the bride and groom.

        20. Vintage Key Ornamental

        For a special and unique touch to your wedding favors, consider the Vintage Key Ornamental. This chic little favor is made from a zinc alloy and has a lovely aged bronze finish.

        It features a rubber stopper at the base of the key to ensure it doesn't move around and come apart. Guests at bridal shower will love this timeless reminder of your special day.

        21. Fiesta Hand-Woven Fans

        Adding a hint of Latin flair to your wedding is easy with these gorgeous Fiesta Hand-Woven Fans! These wedding favors are made from palm leaves and handcrafted by artisans.

        They come in various colors and designs to coordinate perfectly with your vintage-themed wedding. Each fan is slightly different, making them a truly unique and special memento for your baby shower guests to take home.

        22. Vintage Pink Glass

        Vintage-style Pink Glass is a perfect way to add a timeless touch to your bridal shower. Whether looking for tea light holders or other decorative pieces, vintage pink glass can make any room feel extra special.

        With their heirloom quality embossed design, these wedding favors will surely be treasured for years.

        23. Vintage Mix & Match Teacup

        Consider giving away Vintage Mix-and-match Teacups if you want a fun yet elegant wedding favor. These ceramic teacups come in various sizes and colors, allowing your bridal shower guests to mix and match them to their liking.

        Each cup has a capacity of 6 fluid ounces, perfect for holding tea or coffee.

        24. Alarm Clock Favors

        Alarm Clock Favors are a great way to bring vintage charm to any wedding or event. They have a timeless, vintage appeal, making your guests feel like they've stepped back in time. For a truly unique touch, why not choose an alarm clock favor for a pirate or Peter Pan-themed event?

        These wedding favors also make great gift ideas for your guests at baby shower.

        25. Plastic Swans Favors

        For a truly vintage wedding theme, consider giving your guests Plastic Swans as favors. The swans are perfect for an elegant and chic celebration, reminding your bridal shower guests of the beauty of nature.

        Plus, the swans are sure to make your wedding photos look incredible. Plastic swans can easily be tied with a ribbon or placed in a decorative box to give away as wedding favors.

        26. Vintage Playing Card Favors

        Vintage Playing Cards are a perfect choice for a truly unique and nostalgic wedding favor! Vintage Design Collection playing cards will add a classic touch to your vintage wedding celebration.

        With their timeless look and feel, these wedding favors make a fantastic favor for any occasion. Your guests will love them!

        27. Crochet Cotton Bells

        Why not give away Crochet Cotton Bells to your wedding guests for a truly vintage feel? These bells are perfect for adding a nostalgic feel to any event.

        Made from crochet cotton, these wedding favors come in various colors and sizes. They can be hung from your guest's necks as an ornament or attached to favor bags for a special touch.