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    17 Great Mini Lantern Wedding Favors

    Your love for each other has served as a light to each others path. And because of that it has been a blessing to more and more people including your loved ones and guests. Let that love be taken home by giving them mini lanterns that can come in different colors and design. Have it accentuate your reception table and match your wedding theme and motif. Mini lanterns have a way of setting the mood and add that romantic feel to your special day. Let love fill the air and light up your wedding ambience with these awesome wedding favors.   

    Here are 17 of the best mini lantern wedding favors you can choose from:  

    17. Mini Moroccan Decorative Candle Lanterns

    These Mini Moroccan Decorative Candle Lanterns are not just candlelight. These lanterns are made from iron and glass and adds color, pattern and an exotic global vibe to your wedding reception. It has 3" glass panels and measures: 2.75" x 2.5" x 4.25" high. 5.25" with loop. It makes use of tea-light only however, for best effect use LED tealights. Its suitable for for hanging or use as a freestanding lamp. 

      16. Mini Tealight Lantern 

      These Mini Tealight Lanterns make a great home decor accent or centerpiece for many different styles and themes such as rustic, beach, nautical, coastal, or farmhouse. The glowing candle light makes you feel comfortable and bringing an enchanting glow into the surroundings. With a hook to hang or to carry that can be used to hang the lantern indoors or outdoors, its one thank you gift yiour guests will surely love to take home. 

      15. Vintage Decorative Mini Lantern

      This lantern has a distressed blue finish and makes a perfect centerpiece for your reception tables. They won’t just light up your table setting but these Vintage Decorative Mini Lanterns wedding favors are sure to add charm to your table setting. You may hang these lanterns or place them on your table setting as a free standing lamp.

      14. Mini Gold Mercury Glass Lanterns 

      Perfect for you gold themed wedding, these Mini Gold Mercury Glass Lanterns will make a stunning addition to your  guest's holiday decorations or add a little sparkle to their home all year. The speckled golden glass and a distressed finish creates a romantic, vintage-inspired look. Each lantern includes 5 warm white LEDs (2700 Kelvin) which glow through the textured mercury glass, creating a beautiful pattern of diffused light.

        13. Luminous Mini Lantern in White

        Guests will be delighted to know that they can bring one of these lovely, glossy white aluminum lanterns home as a thank you gift from you. This is a table accessory that will surely add elegance to your wedding. These charming and practical mini-lanterns are set to impress guests and provide that romantic mood and ambience as they light up your wedding venue. 

        12. Decoupage Green Mini Lantern

        Its a hand-painted Decoupage Green Mini Lantern. This candle lantern is painted aluminum with glass and is available in custom colors. You can even have them customized to your liking. Lantern opens up in front and includes a hanger if you'd like to hook them onto a tree. An LED candle can easily be added or you can choose to burn a tea candle in it. It is perfect for wedding centerpieces or something to light up your wedding walkway to add charm to your event. 

        11. Decorated Candle Mini Lanterns

        These Decorated Candle Mini Lanterns are made of sturdy metal including a white wax tea light, decorative patterned box, bow around the box with a printed thank you tag. Your guests and loved ones will certainly love these decorated candle mini lanterns. Choose from the available colors of your lantern - cream, black, silver, matte or gold. 

        10. Heart Cutout Lantern

        It comes in a set of 2- 4" high metal bucket with heart cutout. It can be the right gift for wedding or special occasions. These are just the right use for dry floral or greenery arrangements. It is made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage at every step of production. Guests would love to accent their home or office with this thank you gift.  

        9. Mini Lanterns Peacock Feathers

        These Mini Lanterns Peacock Feathers tea light holder is sure to add some wondrous illumination to your reception table. It will certainly be a fun accent to your guests room, or a unique decoration for their next event. It's one gift your guests would always remember your wedding by. 

          8. Vintage Mini Wedding Lantern

          Create a beautiful nautical theme for your wedding with these small decorative lanterns. These charming Vintage Mini Wedding Lanterns with distressed finish are perfect for decorating your wedding. The removable lid of this wedding table lantern makes it easy to light and replace the candle. It's one wedding favor that guest would be delighted to bring home. 

          7. Decorated Candle Mini Lanterns

          This lantern is made of sturdy  decorative patterned box, with a bow around the box with a printed thank you tag. Your guest and loved ones will certainly love these decorated candle mini lanterns. Choose from the available colors of your lantern - cream, black, silver, matte or gold.  Best part, it comes ready to be handed to your guests and loved ones.

          6. Succulent Wedding Favors

          Succulents and cactus are beautiful, fun, easy to grow and care for. Your guests and loved ones will certainly love these Succulent Wedding Favors encased in a mini glass container. Choose from the available colors of your lantern - cream, black, silver, matte or gold. This is one favor that will last beyond the event. 

          5. Vintage Antique Gold Distressed Lantern - Small

          These charming and practical vintage gold lanterns are set to impress guests and provide that romantic mood and ambiance as they light up your wedding venue. Elegant looking and definitely a table accessory that’s perfect for your rustic wedding set up. Rustic and vintage at the same time, guests will be delighted to know that they can bring one of these lovely lanterns home as a thank you gift

          4. Rustic Mini Lanterns 

          These Rustic Mini Lanterns is a set of 10 mini wedding candle holders, adorned with satin ribbon and mini artificial sunflowers.. (optional). It comes in bronze color  and is a great way to accentuate your reception table. Guests would really love to bring home this thank you gift from you. 

          3. Lighthouse Lanterns

          It comes in a set of 12 light cream colored mini lighthouse lanterns. These Lighthouse Lanterns are perfect for your wedding or beach party favors or to add to your floral centerpieces. They are made of sturdy metal and the handle is attached already. It also includes a decorative box, ribbon/bow around box with printed thank you tag, and white wax tea light.

          2. Mini Black Table Lantern 

          This Mini Black Table Lantern has a contemporary take on a classic romantic favor. It is the perfect wedding favor to set the mood at your wedding reception. Lanterns open up from top to place your candle. The versatile design makes it perfect for use as a hanging luminary, a table decoration or as a wedding favor for guests. 

          1. Angel Mini Lanterns 

          This Angel Mini Lanterns comes in a set of 60 cream colored angel mini lanterns. It includes white sheer ribbon, a single blossom in your choice of colors, white wax tea light candle and decorative turquoise gift box with thank you tag. This useful and attractive favor is sure to brighten up your guest's days and nights long after your event is over!