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    15 Sunflower Inspired Wedding Favors to Brighten Up Your Big Day

    Whether your wedding happens to land during the spring or summer, the sunflower is one of the best flowers to have in such an event. It may be the bouquet of choice, the floral decoration, or the theme for the entire wedding.

    In case you want your special day to be filled with a flower that blooms most beautifully in the presence of sunlight, here is a list of 15 Best Sunflower Wedding Favors you may choose from to give to your wedding bride tribe, guests, and loved ones. 

    15. Sunflower Flameless Candle

    Make your guests enjoy the cozy vibe of a candle-lit environment without the scent of a burning wick with this Sunflower Flameless Candle. Line up a number of these flameless candles and watch as it doubles as a decorative addition to your venue. It’s also ideal for Christmas decorations, altars, and even during bath time. The safe flameless, no fume, and no wax mess characteristic of this candle makes it all the more fitting for all-year-round use. Battery life lasts for more than 120 hours so it will save money on batteries. No one will miss out on the flicker of a real one as this candle is made with premium flickering IC and bright LEDs

    14. Sunflower Soap Favor

    Begin the day with a refreshing bath using this visually vibrant Sunflower Soap Favor. It is a beautiful flower of sunny color with a chocolate heart and petals full of brightness and joy of yellow-orange colors. If you are planning an autumn or sunflower bridal shower, you can create a mood in the bathroom by placing this shower essential. Each sunflower favor is handmade to order according to your choice of colors and aromas and each set is made specifically for your order so that you get a fresh and pleasantly smelling set. Also, each soap is packaged separately put into a little plastic bag, and tied with a ribbon.

    13. Sunflower Necklace

    This Sunflower Necklace is crafted by artisans on metal and the message “You are my sunshine” is hidden in the sunflower locket necklace, making a simple but interesting statement. It is perfect for everyday wear as the sun shines every day matching the flower pendant. The bright yellow fake sunflower looks like a real flower. It never fades, never goes moldy, and smells good too. It can be preserved for years so your bride tribe can use it longer. It comes with a gift card so you may individually write your love and gratefulness to your squad before handing them this awesome token.

    12. Sunflower Chocolate Favor

    Scatter these Sunflower Chocolate Favor around your reception tables and you will have given your guests a Sunflower chocolate-covered Oreos as a treat and as a wedding favor. Each will come individually wrapped with ribbons with colors you can choose from. Nothing beats an edible and thematic decoration or favor for guests during a wedding especially if it is made from a well-loved cookie, Oreo. You may opt to put it in a box or treat bag before giving it away. After all, regardless of the packaging, the sumptuous chocolate will always be an enjoyable treat.

    11. Black Sunflower Bridesmaids Robes 

    Perhaps all your wedding peripherals are already aligned to your sunflower theme and that is awesome! But wait, before your special day, your bridal shower shall commence. Give each of your bride squads this Black Sunflower Bridesmaids Robes  and make them look gorgeous even as they prepare for make-up on your wedding day. The sizes available are from extra small to 4XL. It can even be done according to one’s height and length preference. Your ladies shall shine bright like you as they support you on your special day with these lovely floral robes.

    10. Flatyz Sunflower Candle

    Principal Sponsors will love a “Thank You” token that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. This Flatyz Sunflower Candle captures the idea of having a well-lit candle at home to make it cozier or to add more light in the room while adding beauty as it stands alone unlit. Each candle is hand-poured and hand-painted. Flatyz candles feature two organic cotton wicks, paraffin, and safety-certified paints. These candles are smoke-free so you and your guests can enjoy the look and comfort of the candles without the smokey mess.

    9. Sunflower Lollipops

    Suck up all the fun and joy on your wedding and let your guests lick and suck the saccharine goodness of these Sunflower Lollipops. Stunning and delightfully sweet, this clear candy with a hand-cut sunflower, surrounded by classic gold sparkle flakes and a dash of gold edible glitter will make every guest giggle with joy as they witness your special day. It comes individually wrapped with matching ribbons so gift-giving is easier. It can be added to a treat bag, a gift box, or a jar. You may also select from the flavor choices available.

    8. Sunflower Keychain Gift Set

    Surely all your guests have bags and keys so they will enjoy, use and appreciate this Sunflower Keychain Gift Set. It comes with a keychain, an organza bag, and a paper card. All you need to do is assemble them and give them away to guests. Adults and children alike can use this keychain and it will fill your venue with sunflower embellished attendees. Made from high-quality, mild, non-toxic, and raw materials, this set will be a hit for parties and events. Because it is beautifully wrapped with a card, it may be given as it is but if you wish to add it up to a collection of other sunflower wedding favors, then do so.

    7. Sunflower Wedding Can Cooler

    Everybody loves a cold drink during fall or summer. So for your wedding that falls in autumn or summer, this Sunflower Wedding Can Cooler will be a thematic favor especially if sunflower is also in your theme. Apart from having a Sunflower design, this Koozie may also be personalized with your choice of names, last names, name initials, wedding date, hashtag, location, or any additional texts. Can coolers may either be made of foam or neoprene but both materials offer wide color choices. Prints also have color choices so you may mix and match whatever suits you best.

    6. Somersaults Sunflower Seed Bites

    Somersaults Sunflower Seed Bites are well-balanced, one-of-a-kind nourishing snack that is powered by sunflower seeds. It contains 5g of protein, 2g of fiber, and only 1g of sugar per serving and offers the same amount of protein as almonds, but with half the fat. Also, this snack is made of simple and all-natural ingredients. Worry not for guests with nut allergies as it is nut-free. It is Non-GMO Project Verified and is Certified Vegan. All this goodness in a sunflower snack that you can give to your wedding guests. You may wrap it and add a label for a more personalized approach or simply add it in a gift box and welcome bag.

    5. Sunflower Lip Balm

    Nourish the lips of your wedding tribe and guests with this Sunflower Lip Balm and make them enjoy the benefits of a sunflower beyond its beauty. Made with beeswax, sunflower oil, olive oil, peppermint, and lavender essential oils, this lip balm can moisturize and refresh in an instant. The sunflower oil moisturizes like none other, and the subtle peppermint and lavender refresh the lips. You may choose from the traditional .15 oz tube (recyclable), or the biodegradable .25 oz (compostable) push-up tube. Either way, sending sunflower goodness in the homes of your guests is a sunny joyful move.

    4. Sunflower Tealight Candles

    After the party and all the stress, treat your wedding tribe, guests, and loved ones to an aromatic experience with these Sunflower Tealight Candles. Popularly used in spas, this item made by a Thai artist is scented and smokeless, plus it has long light. Shower and my time, dinners, or even prayer moments will be made cozier with this sunflower favor. Treat a loved one to a massage by adding thing this candle for a complete massage parlor feels. Since this product comes with a paper box to prevent damage to the flower candle, it will be easier to give it away as a wedding favor.

    3. Sunflower Pens

    Create a beautiful scene of seemingly sending away your guests with a one-stemmed sunflower as they leave your wedding venue with this Sunflower Pens. It will feel like everyone picked a flower of your theme and carried it with them while they witness your exchange of vows. The ink of the pein is green to add a natural and fun touch to your party theme. There are 13 pens included in each purchase. Each pen is embellished with a small sunflower with a bee inside. Sit them in a cute container to add to the charm, making a sunflower bouquet.

    2. Sunflower Tumbler with Lid

    Needless to pound, this Sunflower Tumbler with Lid will be an appreciated “Thank You” token by your bride tribe who will undoubtedly get thirsty as they move around on your wedding day. Quench their thirst and ensure they will be hydrated throughout with this insulated tumbler. Made of 18/8 304 food-grade stainless steel with a BPA-free lid, this coffee tumbler is much healthier than those plastics. Plus its skinny built makes it easier to be held, more labor-saving, and suitable for women. 

    1. Sunflower Bracelet

    Say “thank you” or propose to your gal pals to be your bridesmaids at your wedding with this Sunflower Bracelet. Your lady friends will be moved with this piece of jewelry that has a sunflower charm, aligned to your wedding theme, the initial letter of their name, their birthstone that all hangs in an adjustable stainless steel bangle. This piece will not just be an accessory they can wear on your wedding day but also a reminder of how much you want to honor them with something classy and chic.