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    17 Gorgeous and Budget-Friendly Bridal Shower Decorations

    Are you looking for the perfect bridal shower decorations to create a beautiful yet budget-friendly setting for your special event? If so, you've come to the right place! We've compiled a list of 17 gorgeous Bridal Shower Decorations that will wow your guests without breaking the bank.

    From confetti-filled balloons to floral arrangements, you'll be able to find the perfect decoration to set the tone for your special day. Keep reading to find out more about these fantastic budget-friendly bridal shower decorations!

     Celebrate Your Favorite Bride-to-Be with these Bridal Shower Decorations!

    1. Bridal Shower Photo Prop

    Photo booths are a great way to capture memories and create lasting memories of a special day. If you want an inexpensive yet fun way to liven up your bridal shower, consider making a Photo Booth Frame.

    You can purchase or make these bridal shower decoration ideas using a digital file template from a craft store or online.

    2. Personalized Mrs Drink Stirrers

    Create a unique and personalized detail at your bridal shower with these Custom Drink Stirrers. You can choose any font and write "Mrs." with the bride-to-be's name.

    Use them for drinks or put them in mason jars for cute centerpieces. These simple but meaningful bridal shower decoration ideas will remind your guests how special this day is.

    3. Balloon Mosaic Ring

    Are you looking for a unique and eye-catching bridal shower decoration that will make an impact? Then consider creating a Balloon Mosaic Ring! This colorful and fun decoration will create stunning centerpieces for your bridal shower.

    This beautiful and budget-friendly bridal shower decoration will make an impact and create a festive atmosphere.

    4. Champagne Backdrop Curtains

    Champagne Backdrop Curtains are an excellent choice when creating a beautiful and memorable bridal shower. Not only do they provide the perfect background for your photos, but they also add an elegant touch and sparkle to any tea party.

    These bridal shower decorations can be hung from ceilings or draped over walls for a dramatic effect, or you can even use them as a room divider.

    5. Bachelorette Straws

    Nothing says "party time," like some Bachelorette Straws regarding bridal shower decorations. These bridal shower decorations are a great way to liven up the atmosphere at the party and bring some laughter.

    The penis and bride-themed straws are 10.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide, fitting perfectly in cocktail drinks and bachelorette cups.

    6. Engagement Ring Decoration

    Creating an Engagement Ring Decoration is a fun and easy way to spruce up your bridal shower! These bridal shower decorations are made of paper, string, glitter, and tape.

    Hang your engagement ring decoration on the ceiling or wall for all your wedding guests to see. This decoration's beautiful sparkle and 3D design will make it a stand-out piece at your bridal shower.

    7. Bridal Shower Welcome Sign

    Welcome your guests to the bridal shower in style with a Welcome Sign! This welcome sign is a great way to set the tone for a fun-filled wedding day.

    For a modern look, choose a digital file to print and hang at the entrance of the event space. Opt for a muted pink and white design to complement the color scheme decor to perfectly match your wedding party theme.

    8. Miss to Mrs Banner

    Adding a Miss to Mrs Banner to your bridal shower decorations is the perfect way to create a special atmosphere for your celebration.

    Whether going for a minimalist backdrop or something with more pizzazz, a Miss to Mrs Banner can help take your dazzling decor to the next level.

    9. Bride to Be Table Decor

    Whether you are planning a for your daughter, best friend or yourself, having the perfect bridal shower decorations for the table is essential. Our gold Bride-to-be Table Decor is a beautiful addition to your bridal shower themes.

    This set is perfect for bridal showers and will bring a smile to the guests' faces. All of the decor items in this set are made from top-quality materials and designed to last many years.

    10. Rose Gold Bride to Be Sash

    A beautiful and simple way to add a touch of glamour to any bridal shower is with a Rose Gold Bride to Be Sash. This wedding shower decoration looks gorgeous and adds an elegant, girly vibe to the shower. It also provides a great way for the bride to stand out from her guests.

    The soft blush color of the Sash helps create a feminine look that all will surely admire. The Sash for bridal showers features a delicate rose gold print and is adjustable for the perfect fit.

    11. Table Confetti Decor

    Adding a little sparkle is always a great idea, and Table Confetti bridal shower decorations are the perfect way. With the construction paper, they create beautiful and unique designs that will add an extra touch of glamour to your special event.

    Make sure they stay in place, and you can sprinkle a bit of glue or glitter glue on the backs of each piece. Then, when your guests arrive, they'll be greeted with an eye-catching display of shimmering confetti!

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    12. Diamond Donut Toppers

    Treat your bridal shower guests to a sparkly surprise with these eye-catching Diamond Donut Toppers! They are the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your event and make for unforgettable bridal showers.

    These diamond donut toppers will look fantastic adorning your favorite donuts. Place them on individual plates or make several tiers of donuts with the toppers on top.

    13. Bride to Be Balloons

    Adding a touch of sparkle and charm to your bridal shower is easy with Bride to Be Balloons! Make sure to choose six gold balloons with the words "Bride to Be" printed on them.

    Depending on the look you want, you can use helium or air to blow them up. Once air-filled, tie them off and hang them from the ceiling or on the wall for a stunning display.

    14. Chiffon Chiavari Cover

    If you want an elegant and unique addition to your bridal shower decorations, look no further than a Chiffon Chiavari Cover. A Chiavari chair cover is an eye-catching piece of furniture, usually found in event spaces like banquet halls, that can be dressed up to match any décor.

    Adding a sheer chiffon cover to the chair instantly lets you add a romantic, whimsical touch to the room.

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    15. Green Cheesecloth Table Runner

    If you want a unique and elegant way to decorate your bridal shower table, why not try a Green Cheesecloth table runner? This 13.3ft of beautiful fabric is perfect for adding texture and color to your celebration.

    The light, airy texture of the cheesecloth will create a soft and romantic atmosphere that is perfect for any bridal shower.

    16.Bride to Be Cake Topper

    Make the cake at your bridal shower a unique centerpiece with a stunning bride-to-be Cake Topper. This cake topper features a beautiful design of gold and silver, adding sparkle and shine to the cake table.

    Not only is it visually appealing, but the material is also lightweight, making it easy to place atop any cake for the perfect party.

    17. Bridal Garland

    ABridal Garland is a beautiful and unique way to decorate your upcoming nuptials. The floral garland will bring a romantic and elegant touch to your special day. The beauty of the garland is that it can be customized to fit your own personal style. 

    Hang the fresh flowers over an area you would like to highlight, such as the head table, near the string lights or reception area.


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