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    57 Unique Wedding Favors That Will Impress Your Guests

    Although wedding favors are usually small, choosing what to give is abigdecision! Aside from being a reminder of this milestone in your life, it also serves as a token of appreciation to your guests who celebrated this special day with you. Consider the following questions when picking out what wedding favors to give:

    • Is it something that you’d want to receive if you were in your guests’ shoes?
    • Is it inexpensive but still impressive?
    • Will it make your guests think of you and your partner?

    In this guide, we’ve put together 57 of the best unique wedding favors you can give that allow your personality as a couple to shine through, from the classic to the unconventional!

    57. The Traveling Couple - Compass Favor

    Help them not to lose track and the direction using your Compass Souvenir. Perfect for travel-themed or nautical-themed weddings and for more adventures to come. The Mini Compass with the green, fluorescent pointer is made of aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable. Rich exquisite look with gold and black color finishing. It comes in a set of 50 pieces with Do-It-Yourself kraft paper tags you can list your wedding details, guest names, or their table numbers.

    56. The Do It All Couple - Coaster & Bottle Opener

    A coaster and a bottle opener in one. Dual-purpose it is. Add your personal touch with your names, last name, and your wedding date on this wooden Coaster Bottle Opener! These quality 4x4" bamboo coasters have a good heavy feel to them and are made from water-resistant synthetic leather material. Helpful to prevent ugly water rings and marks from ending up on the tables.

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    55. The Savory Couple - Unique Tea Favors

    Do not spill the tea yet. Send them home warm with a Wedding Pear Bottle Tea Favors. These glass cork vials/jars are filled with 11 different teas such as chamomile, jasmine, hibiscus, sage, linden, lemon balm, rose, rosehip, mallow tea, green tea, and mix tea.

    54. The Spicy Couple - Hot Sauce Wedding Favors


    Smoking hot night? Give the guest something to heat up the night and start to the spice of life with these Hot Sauce Wedding Favors. The labels can be completely customized. The sauce is a mild cooked sauce that is unique and full of flavor. It is made with fresh cayenne peppers, onions, garlic, sugar, and many more spices to make the perfect sauce for any food. 

    53. The Musicians –Music Note Bottle Opener

    If you and your partner met through the power of music, or if you just have that one love song that describes your relationship to a T, then this is the perfect giveaway for you! Get your guests humming to that tune every time they pop open a bottle with this opener.

    52. The Duo On The Go –Foil Mini Mint Favors

    Elegant and handy, this will surely remind guests of the couple that just can’t sit still. If you and your partner are always on the go and often find yourselves needing to freshen up in a jiffy, these mints will be a lifesaver.

    51. The Elegant Twosome –Wedding Streamers

    Elegance doesn’t have to be expensive! These wedding streamers are easy for your guests to bring home and display. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to match your color motif. Giving these out and having your guests wave them will make for great photos when you and your partner are heading into your reception venue as well. Win-win for everyone!

    50. The Poker Champs –Two Of A Kind Heart-Shaped Playing Cards

    There are playing cards and there are playing cards. A unique take on something so classic will make perfect wedding party favors for the couple that enjoys poker or other card games. This deck will have your guests talking for days!

    49. The Programmers –Keys To Love Keyboard Magnets

    If we’re talking about unique wedding favor ideas, these keyboard magnets will surely tickle anyone’s fancy. This is the perfect wedding favor for a couple of programmers or lovebirds that met online. These magnets come in a plastic case and look great on refrigerators.

    48. The Outdoorsy Newlyweds –Sunscreen With Personalized Labels

    If you’re a couple that loves to go camping, hiking, or just being in the great outdoors, you might find yourselves wanting to stash a few bottles of these away for yourselves! Even if your friends and family don’t share your hobby, this gift can be used for a day at the beach or at the park.

    47. The Stargazers –Under The Stars Glass Coasters

    These absolutely beautiful glass coasters are functional as they are gorgeous. They depict a starry sky on a dark blue background with a gold border, reminiscent of nights you and your partner might have spent looking up at the stars together. Share that experience with your guests with these coasters.

    46. The Duo That Loves To Unwind –Bath Bombs

    A relaxing soak in the tub isn’t quite complete without the perfect bath bomb. This is the perfect wedding favor if you’re a couple that loves to pamper yourselves at the end of a long, hard day and think that your guests deserve the same. With two color choices to match your wedding theme, this will be a great token of appreciation for your guests.

    45. The Fun Lovers –"Donut Mind If I Do" Donut Bags

    If you’re having trouble coming up with fun wedding favor ideas, try thinking outside the box! Or inside the box. The donut box. This is a great idea if you just want your guests to enjoy, have fun, and let loose a little. Who said weddings had to be stuffy affairs? And if you get offered a donut yourself, make sure to say, “Donut mind if I do.”

    44. The Pair That Loves Kids –Wedding Day Kids Activity Books

    There is nothing more challenging than getting kids to sit still during long events like weddings and receptions. We guarantee that your guests who have small children will forever love you if you hand these out at your reception. By giving the kids something to do, you also allow their parents to enjoy the night!

    43. The Globetrotters –“Travel The World With Me” Note Card Holders

    These cute note card holders are perfect for couples who love to travel and are having a destination wedding. Not only does it showcase your interest, but it can also be used as name card holders during your reception so your guests can find their seats easily. No additional packaging needed as well – your guests can just pick their respective holders up and bring them home at the end of the night.

    42. The Sweet Tooths –Salted Caramel Coffee Stirrers

    If you want your guests to be thinking about your wedding up to the day after, be part of their morning routine by giving them these salted caramel coffee stirrers. As a sweet pick-me-up in an otherwise bitter cup of coffee, this will bring a smile to your guests’ faces as they remember your special day.

    41. The Practical Partners –Floral Hand Sanitizers

    If you want to give something that you’re sure your guests can use, then you can’t go wrong with a hand sanitizer. With the current situation with the pandemic, everyone can’t get enough of this stuff! Practical and efficient, while still being thoughtful and economic – this gift will surely be appreciated.

    40. The Notetakers –Diamond Pens

    A little blingy but still very practical, these diamond-topped pens would be a welcome takeaway from your wedding. If you want to spruce them up a little more, you can pair them with apersonalized notepad so your guests can jot down notes wherever they may be.

    39. The Rustic Duo –Antler Bottle Stopper

    For the couple that loves rustic life (or just the aesthetic of it), this antler bottle stopper will evoke images of log cabins, the smell of pine, and the sounds of nature. It makes a great piece for any dining table, so your guests will never feel too far away from the simple life.

    38. The Seafarers –Nautical Dream Note Card Holder

    Anchors away! This holder fashioned out of rope tied into a “monkey’s fist” knot is simple but beautiful, perfect for couples that have their sea legs and know their way around a boat. Whether or not your wedding theme is nautical, this souvenir will be one that your guests will be happy to take home.

    37. The Fairytale Lovebirds –Fairytale Candle

    There are just some couples whose stories sound like they came straight out of a storybook or a fairytale. If you and your partner are that couple, then why not immortalize that with these adorable candles? The youthful flair of this wedding favor will make your magical night one to remember.

    36. The Vintage Twosome –Vintage Creamer Jugs

    If you and your partner frequent antique shops and flea markets, you’ll love to give your guests these vintage-inspired creamer jugs, just like the ones your grandmother has! These charming little jugs will be right at home at any tea party or garden event, making them both pretty and functional.

    35. The Caffeine Addicts –Coffee In Personalized Kraft Bags

    For the couple that bonds over their mutual inability to function before their first cup of joe in the morning, these personalized kraft bags are the perfect container to give your guests some grade-A coffee beans or grounds. If you two have a favorite blend that you’ve been wanting everyone you know to try, this is your chance.

    34. The Bohemian Lovebirds –Scented Soy Wax Candles

    Give your guests’ homes a splash of color and a wonderful smell with these scented soy wax candles. Even unlit, they are beautiful pieces that come in colorful, patterned tins that will bring a sense of vibrancy to any room. With their fresh scents and evocative designs, these would make for great gifts.

    33. The Jetsetters –Sky Is The Limit Luggage Tag

    Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding or a local affair, these airplane-shaped luggage tags are a cute and functional favor idea. If you and your partner are frequent flyers or love traveling, these luggage tags will remind your friends, family, and loved ones of you every time they pack their bags as well.

    32. The Breakfast Lovers –Fruit Preserve Mini Jars

    Who doesn’t love breakfast? (Or brunch, for our late risers.) These small jars of fruit preserves are the perfect partner to freshly toasted bread – just like how you and your partner are perfect for each other! Dress these jars up with personalized labels and ribbons to really elevate the look of these wonderful wedding favors.

    31. The Aromatherapy Enthusiasts –Lavender Sachets

    These lavender sachets make for great wedding favors because of their wonderful scent that can soothe and relax your guests when they’re at home. Plus, lavender has many other benefits you might not expect. When inhaled, they are stress-reducing and can improve your sleep. These sachets can also be put inside closets and other spaces that can get musty over time, as they help prevent unwanted growths.

    30. The Foodies –Mini Swing-Top Glass Bottles

    These mini swing-top glass bottles are the perfect giveaway from the couple who spends most of their time in the kitchen. Good food and good company make for a scrumptious meal, and you can fill these with homemade salad dressing, vinegars, or even infused olive oil!

    29. The Spring Pair –Artificial Rose In A Jar

    Whether or not your guests are fans of Beauty and the Beast, this preserved rose in a jar is the perfect way to let them know they’ll always be special to you. Not only is this unique wedding favor a symbol of love, but it also represents well wishes and appreciation. Not to mention, you can use their personalization options to have wedding guests’ names engraved. 

    28. The Summer Couple –Sunflower Burlap Bags

    For couples celebrating their wedding day in the summer, there is no more suitable wedding favor than these sunflower burlap bags. Fill them with anything from delicious chocolates to essential oils or seed packets and tie them off with a personal note for an added thoughtful touch. Plus, wedding guests can reuse this bright and beautiful burlap as a decorative piece.

    27. The Fall Fledgelings –Fall Leaf Kissing Bell

    Nothing tops off your autumn wedding date like these romantic wedding favors. Not to mention, they make for the perfect place card at your reception. This bronze-finish kissing bell is complemented by delicate, openwork leaves, making it an ideal centerpiece for dining tables or fireplace mantles.

    26. The Winter Couple –Snowflake Candle

    If you’re hosting a winter wedding, these beautiful snowflake candles can bring a touch of flair to your table placements. Plus, they make for a clever and thematic party favor idea. Each wire snowflake is peppered with glistening rhinestones that will stand out under the light. During the winter season, guests can use this classic wedding favor as holiday decor. 

    25. The Tea Drinkers –Heart-Shaped Tea Infusers

    Tea enthusiasts know how wasteful tea bags can be. If your guests are big fans of an afternoon ‘cuppa, these heart-shaped tea infusers will sing to their delight. 

    Unlike traditional infusers, this wedding favor has extra-fine mesh holes, perfect for holding tea leaves intact. Lovers of white, black, oolong, or green tea will adore this beautifully designed tea time essential. 

    24. The Interactive Duo –Happily Ever After Pencils

    No wedding is complete without games. From the classic Newlywed Game to the more progressive Vow Mad Libs, there are so many ways to entertain your guests.

    For couples hosting paper-based games during the wedding reception, these Happily Ever After pencils are bound to put smiles on faces (and make jotting down answers so much easier). 

    They are also perfect for signing guest books and easy to hand out during your wedding day. They’ll also fit perfectly in pockets, so your guests will never have to worry about fishing through their purses for something to write with! 

    23. The Dancing Machines –Flip-Flops


    A beach wedding is the perfect opportunity for a barefoot reception – until everyone’s feet start to hurt and you wish you had a pair of flip flops! These wedding white flip flops are perfect for changing into after long hours kicking through the sand. 

    If you like to think ahead, they might even make the perfect bridal shower favors! Each flip flop comes with a size card, making it easier for wedding guests to pick and choose. 

    22. The Keep-It-Clean Newlyweds –Mini Soap Bars

    A safe environment makes for the best wedding party. You can never be too careful post-Covid with these bubble-emitting, delicious-smelling mini soap bars! Each soap bar is customizable – you can print each guest’s name with a short message below to thank them for standing by you. 

    21. The Nerdy Pair –Twenty-Sided Dice

    The best wedding favors should perfectly embody you as a couple. For fans of D&D, these twenty-sided dice will do more justice to your union than the typical bottle opener or keychain. Roll for romance, anyone?

    20. The Ones Who Found Each Other –Mini Compasses

    There’s nothing like reminiscing over the day you and your loved one crossed paths. Perhaps it was cinematic, unconventional, or might’ve just been at your local grocery store. Whatever the case, these mini compasses are a great way to celebrate your journey and thank your guests for being part of it. 

    Each compass is sturdy, durable, sleek, and perfectly functional. Use the kraft paper tags to jot down names and a quick note of appreciation.

    19. The Bakers –Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

    Everybody loves wedding cake – especially the bakers. If you and your newlywed partner love to bond over baking, these heart-shaped measuring spoons should make for a welcome addition to any kitchen. Peek a little closer and you’ll see that this unique wedding favor is engraved with the recipe to a blissful marriage!

    18. The Art Deco Lovers –Retro Luxe Foil Playing Cards

    For a Gatsby-themed wedding or Poker-playing enthusiasts, these Retro Luxe foil playing cards are sleek and customizable. Print your wedding date onto each card and your wedding guests can enjoy a blast from the past over games of Blackjack or Bridge.

    17. The Green Thumbs –Seed Packets

    If a tropical or forested wedding venue inspires you to give back to Mother Nature, guests will love these customized seed packets. Each comes with enough wildflower seeds to pretty up 20 square feet of land – a perfect way to commemorate your blooming romance! 

    16. The Beach Lovers –Seaside Shells

    As the saying goes, the rule of thumb for any beach wedding is to take nothing but pictures – that means leaving even the most beautiful seashells untouched. Instead, you can send guests home with these ethically sourced authentic shells wrapped in a clear glass tea light holder. That way, they can look fondly back at your summer ceremony, even away from the shore. 

    15. The Unconventional Pair –Hot Sauce

    Nothing spices up a wedding like a little bit of hot sauce! Self-proclaimed foodie couples or spicy food lovers can get their guests in on the fun with these dainty hot sauce bottles. If some people on your guest list want to take the spice down a notch, you can always replace its contents with something sweet – like maple syrup or honey!

    14. The Sweet Twosome –“Meant To Bee” Honey Jars

    If you love a good pun, these “Meant to Bee” honey jars deserve to make it into your wedding favor boxes. They are filled with clover honey, a delectable way to sweeten up hot tea or pair with a plate of blue cheese. 

    13. The Architects –Modern Geo Salt & Pepper Shakers


    Who says practical wedding favors have to be boring? These modern geo salt and pepper shakers double as stunning ornaments and contemporary cooking tools. Made with beautiful white porcelain, these geometrically mismatched shakers will last every kitchen a lifetime!

    12. The Wine Lovers –Personalized Wine Bottles

    If you have the budget for it, personalized wine bottles make for some of the best wedding favors. Pair them with a custom gift tag and bottle opener, and your loved ones will be more than happy to dedicate a toast to your new marriage!

    11. The Chocolate Lovers –Hot Cocoa Packs

    When you picture your future, does it include cups of hot cocoa on a cozy winter Sunday? If so, this premium blend hot cocoa will make for the best – and sweetest – wedding favors. You can even throw in a whisk with a heart-shaped handle for an added touch of warmth.

    10. The Couple That Drinks Together –Heart-Shaped Drink Set

    If you think bottle openers are an overrated party favor, think again! You can give this popular party favor a twist with heart-shaped handles and a “tuxedo tie.” Each bottle opener set comes in a sleek black box with the print “Cheers to a great combination!”

    9. The Romantics –Typewriter Magnets

    For some couples, it takes an entire novel to capture their love story. If you and your beloved fall into this category, LOVE typewriter magnets make a charming party favor (and help keep grocery lists tacked onto the refrigerator). 

    8. The Classic Couple –Angel Champagne Flute Candle

    Finally solidifying your marriage can feel heavenly, so what better wedding favor to hand out than this angel champagne flute candle? This angelic design is perfectly pretty, complete with rhinestone accents and an illuminating candle. It’s chic, dainty, and memorable.

    7. The Kids At Heart –Mini Gumball Machine

    Weddings are a big step in your adult life, but some couples remain childlike at heart. If a quirky wedding favor captures your personality, this mini gumball machine is a step up from what you’ll typically find at the local mall. It’s bound to be a crowd-pleaser, and will definitely bring joy to the kids at home!

    6. The Perfect Match – Matchstick Bottles

    Wedding receptions don’t come cheap – so if you’re looking for the best wedding favors on a budget, these custom matchstick bottles are affordable and adorable! These tokens of gratitude come in gold, rose gold, and silver bottles with a personalized metallic foil label – the best way to commemorate a fiery love story!

    5. The Plant Parents –Succulents

    Not every couple shares a green thumb, but if you’re lucky, you’ll keep a succulent around for years! These fully rooted rose-shaped succulents are a romantic gift and come in many different colors. Plus, they’ll make the perfect complement to your garden-themed wedding party and a great addition to your home. 

    4. The Bookworms –Metal Bookmarks

    These laser-engraved metal bookmarks aren’t just convenient – they’re durable and sleek, ideal for bookish newlyweds (let’s just hope your vowsdon’tneed a bookmark). Engraved with “onto the next chapter,” this wedding favor also serves as a reminder to keep going – all in the name of love! 

    3. The Condiment Lovers –Maple Syrup

    If hot sauce and olive oil don’t seem to capture your kitchen favorites, why not try these maple syrup bottles? These ones feature a small finger loop, perfect for clipping onto a clutch when the wedding festivities are over. Think each bottle could use a little variety? Instead of maple syrup, you can fill a few bottles with honey, grenadine, or chocolate. Talk about asweetwedding favor!

    2. The Memory Keepers –Photo Booth Bookmarks

    Bookmarks are a timeless wedding favor, but they shouldn’t have to be plain and boring. If you don’t want to get your bookmarks engraved or prefer a more personal touch, why not use your photo booth pictures? These snapshot bookmarks come with protective sleeves that don’t yellow over time – perfect as miniature picture frames!

    1. The Pandemic Pair -Personalized Hand Sanitizing Spray

    In the Covid era, you can never go wrong with a trusty hand sanitizer. It’s thoughtful, practical, and the perfect way to say thank you amid the pandemic! These sanitizers have a 70% to 80% alcohol content, perfect for use throughout your wedding day. This wedding favor is the perfect size for throwing into a clutch or pocket and can be refilled for everyday use. 

    The Bottom Line

    When it comes to picking out the best wedding favors, there are so many options to choose from. The best wedding favors should be practical, unique, and something your guests can use again and again. Matching your gifts to your wedding theme is also bound to be a hit! 

    If you’re itching to get shopping,Forever Wedding Favors can help get you started on the best wedding favor ideas for your special day!