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    15 Best Keychain Wedding Favors

    Common but always trendy, keychain favors are some of the most loved giveaways of all time. Not only are they functional in holding keys together and adding style to totes and purses, but also the design has continued to evolve over the years. Materials used are also no longer limited to leather and metals. With evolution comes choices and decision-making. So, to help you chain the right key holder for your guests, let this list of 15 Best Keychain Wedding Favors unlock the door of great choices for you. 

    15. Keychain "Key" Bottle Opener 

    To be given a key is like being given an honor, a chance, and a license to be a part of something or to open something amazing. So, as you invite guests for your wedding, why not be creative and give away these Keychain "Key" Bottle Opener together with the information about your upcoming wedding. After all, no rule ever states that wedding favors can only be given after your special day. It comes in either silver or gold and since it is attached to a key chain, guests will always have it handy.

    14. Personalized Macrame Keychain

    Your boho-themed wedding deserves boho-inspired favors. This Personalized Macrame Keychain will be a cute giveaway for your guests as it not only exudes beauty and elegance, it is also a piece of art attached to a key holder. Handmade and eco-friendly, this keychain can be personalized with a name of your choice. Each letter of the name will be on a bead that will be attached to form the name and shall be braided along with the rest of the thread. 

    13. Flask Keychain

    When giving an actual flask may be too grand or too expensive, this Flask Keychain will be a soothing alternative. Available in Pink and Silver, this stainless steel hip flask may be personalized with your choice of message, names, and date. Each flask will be laser engraved for a delicate finish with long-lasting durability. Since it will come individually packaged in an organza bag, it will be ready to be handed to whoever’s name appear in front.

    12. Bridesmaid Acrylic Keychains

    These Bridesmaid Acrylic Keychains are made especially for your bride tribe. They make a great addition to a proposal gift box or treat bag and they may also be given as is. It can be printed with the names of each of your ladies in bright gold and it comes with a stainless steel gold key ring. Elegant and sleek, this keyring comes in two options: a single piece engraved with name and role in the wedding, or two pieces engraved with name and role separately.

    11. White Flower and Green Leaf Glossy Resin Initial Keychain

    The nature-inspired design of this White Flower and Green Leaf Glossy Resin Initial Keychain adds an elegant touch to any car key, purse, or tote. It can be a favorite for summer, fall or outdoor weddings and guests will be delighted to receive such a dainty piece of a giveaway. Since it comes in all letters of the alphabet, you may spread them on the souvenir table and let your guests pick their initials, or you may intentionally put it on each designated table with the designated initial.

    10. Leather Heart Keyring

    Leather is one of the most amazing materials for a keyring. It is timeless and elegant on its own rights. That is why for a wedding that is exquisite and stylish, this Leather Heart Keyring is a great wedding favor of choice. Made with Leatherette (Saffiano pattern), this key holder includes a metal ring, metal pin, and tassel. A minimalist style keychain such as this is a great giveaway, especially when printed with the initials or names of your wedding team. Ring color may be brass or silver, the pin may be brass, silver, or diamond while text and font color may be light gold, silver, or black.

    9. Wedding Keychains


    These Wedding Keychains bring the extra in the ordinary. Simple yet eye-catching, these key holders can easily be place holders in one snap. Simply place them in the designated seats of your wedding team with either their names or their roles and it will immediately become the center of their attention. Or you can simply put it in the giveaway table and let each grab the ones that scream their name and roles. It may either come plain or glittered and with tassel or not.

    8. Personalized Leather Keychain


    Professional-looking with a touch of metallic elegance, this Personalized Leather Keychain is a sleek wedding favor to look out for. Your groomsmen will not hesitate to grab one for themselves as it will make their keys organized while adding to their dashing attire. It may be personalized with your choice of names, initials, or messages. Made stainless steel, the keyring may come in Polished silver or Gold, or Matte Silver or Gold. Meanwhile, leather colors come in a wide variety of choices.

    7. Personalized Wine Cork Keyring

    This Personalized Wine Cork Keyring presents a simple yet clever version of a wedding key holder. Made of cork, this keychain may be designed in various ways depending on your wedding theme and motif. You may opt for a figure or name, date, initials, or monogram. The keyring color may either be rhodium or bronze. This unique wedding favor is perfect for wine-themed weddings and rustic-themed weddings. Or if the couple simply wants a cork-inspired favor, this one here is a bull’s eye.

    6. Engraved Leather Bottle Opener Keychain

    Bottle openers and key chains are great gift suggestions, but this Engraved Leather Bottle Opener Keychain puts the two amazing pieces into one great fusion. Words or design may be engraved on the leather while the stainless steel bottle-opening end serves its purpose. This one here is a great giveaway for the groomsmen and male principal sponsors. Not only will they be carrying a handy tool for their sudden and spontaneous drinking moments but also they will get to flaunt an elegant accessory that holds their keys.

    5. Engraved Mini Screwdrivers Keychain

    At first glance, this Engraved Mini Screwdrivers Keychain may seem like it is only fit for the groom crew. But if further analysis is placed, one may understand that women can use a screwdriver or two every so often too. So for the rest of the wedding tribe, let this keychain be a “thank you” and a handy tool token you can have them bring home after the wedding. Available in your choice of black or silver-coated stainless steel, this set includes both a flathead and Philips head screwdriver with an easy-to-use flattened grip. The circle tag is laser etched by our skilled artisans to ensure the engraved design never fades away.

    4. Spotify Code Special Song Keyring

    Search for your wedding song and get the code. Print it on this Spotify Code Special Song Keyring and your guests will always remember you and your amazing wedding every time they play the said song. In case they forget what song they heard during your wedding, they simply have to grab their purse or tote and scan this key holder in their Spotify app and the whole memory will come flooding back. You may choose from putting tassels or pompoms to make this keychain cuter. 

    3. Personalized Wedding Cake Keychain

    Whether your guests had a piece of your wedding cake or not, they will surely be bringing home a whole with this Personalized Wedding Cake Keychain. Handcrafted from pewter, this key holder will not tarnish or turn colors as the material is made to last forever. It comes with a pewter split ring on top for the keys to attach on while the cake part that measures 36mm x 39mm can be hand stamped with names and dates of your choice. This favor is an enticing choice but is certainly not edible.

    2. Bridesmaids Photo Keychain

    This Bridesmaids Photo Keychain ensures that in case the keys and keychain get lost or left someplace else, they will still be returned to the rightful owner, that is of course it is left in a location where people can recognize the face. Made from acrylic, this keyring is customizable as the image of your bridesmaids or wedding tribe can be placed in each charm. Whether you choose to give it before your wedding or after, with their wedding photos being showcased, this favor is a cute “thank you” token to your guests and loved ones. In case no one believes that the key belongs to the one whose face appears in it, the image will speak for itself.

    1. Gold Butterfly Key Chain

    Let your bridesmaids spread their wings and prepare to fly, not in the sky but to soar and do what they are supposed to do because their most valuable keys are safely held together with this Gold Butterfly Key Chain. This molded key chain is made of metal and finished with shiny rich gold plating. The butterfly has an intricate cut-out design that is accented with sparkling clear rhinestones and is attached to a gold key chain and key ring. This favor is packaged in a tangerine bottom box with a light peach stage inside for the item to rest on. The box has a clear acetate display top and is wrapped with a white organza ribbon wrap and bow.

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