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    17 Best Wedding Favors for a Holiday Wedding

    The season of cheer is coming near and the cold breeze that the holiday brings cannot bother two people who are in love. It may even be an added attraction and special reason to hold the ceremony during these times. People are extra happy; vacation leaves are easy to file, and it is easy to make everybody merrier. So, if your wedding is happening along with a holiday, you need to align your favors to the season. Choosing the most fitting ones might be tricky, so here is a list of 17 Best Holiday Wedding Favors you may gladly choose from.

    17. Reusable Flannel Hand Warmers


    On the day you chose to tie the knot and hold one hand for the rest of your life, will it not be equally awesome if you also warm the hands and heart of your guests? These Reusable Flannel Hand Warmers are made of soft flannel, filled with rice and was triple stitched to reinforce the seams. They are the eco-friendly way to keep the hands of your guests and loved ones toasty warm on a chilly afternoon and freezing evening.

    16. 'Tis the Season Holiday Gift Set

    Even on a cold day, people still take a bath. And the whole cleaning and “me” time session will be made more fun with bath bombs that are too pleasant to look at as they align to the holiday theme. This Tis the Season Holiday Gift Set is a shimmering glitter box with festive bath bombs and limited edition treats inside. For your wedding that falls on a holiday, this set is a dainty and decent favor you can give your guests and loved ones as a token of appreciation.

    15. Fireside Rum Coffee

    The cold winter breeze is easily lessened with a cup of hot beverage or liquor. This Fireside Rum Coffee will invite your guests and loved ones to indulge in the rich buttered rum flavors found in each mix as the gourmet coffee instantly captures your palate. A cup of coffee in hand that came from the newly wedded people makes the whole sipping and warming moment more memorable. So, let this treat be one of their favorite ways to savor the holidays, sip after sip.

    14. Pinecone Fire Starter

    Starting a fire in the fireplace or during camp to produce warmth on a cold day may be a bit challenging for most people. Since you are about to tie the knot to a forever burning love, let your guests keep their homes or their area free from the freezing breeze with this Pinecone Fire Starter. Not only does it align with bringing the beauty of nature into your holiday wedding theme, but also it will help them enjoy creating their own fire.  

    13. Holly Jolly Mini Massager


    Every person deserves a good massage occasionally, from an actual masseuse or a device. So for your holiday wedding, give away this Holly Jolly Mini Massager as a token of your gratitude and appreciation enveloped to relieve pains from tensed muscles or areas that are aching from the cold weather. This palm-sizes, portable and personal massager is lightweight and is designed to bring cheer for the holidays. The small loop on top is perfect for hanging or gift tags.

    12. Handmade Oversized "Ho Ho Ho" Glitter Christmas Coffee Mug

    Give away this Handmade Oversized "Ho Ho Ho" Glitter Christmas Coffee Mug to your guests and invite them to a day of hot beverage splurging. This handmade oversized coffee mug can hold up to 18 oz of coffee or tea and is sure to fill the stomach and cravings of anyone. In front of this see-through cup are the very famous catchphrase of the most familiar holiday character; “ho ho ho”. Subtle but impactful, this wedding favor suggestion will be a much-appreciated addition to your guests’ bar or kitchen.

    11. Silver Antler Bottle Opener Favor

    A bottle opener is probably one of the most popular wedding favors. It is handy, decorative, and functional especially during a season when a bottle of beer is a necessity to devour to get a little warmth on a chilly night. This Silver Antler Bottle Opener Favor not only serves the purpose of being a bottle opener but also it can be a thematic wedding favor and added decoration in the homes of the recipients. Made of metal, this bottle opener is sold in packages of 6 that are perfect for giving away purposes.

    10. Wedding Tea Favors

    Treat your wedding guests and loved ones to an amazing tea session with these Wedding Tea Favors. These glass cork vials are filled with 10 different teas. The teas inside are chamomile, jasmine, mallow, mystic, artisan, apple, lemon balm, rose, rose hip, and green tea. Each jar comes filled with tea, a tag, and a jute bow tie. You may write your customized information or message to the tag attached to each vial.

    9. Christmas Wedding Can Cooler

    Just because your wedding guests want to drink something to keep them warm, does not mean their drinks should be drunk warm as well. This Christmas Wedding Can Cooler is a thematic favor for the holiday wedding celebration and it keeps the cans or bottles of beverages cool for longer. Your guests and loved ones will be able to enjoy the cold feeling in their mouths as the liquid warms their stomachs and their bodies. This koozie will also protect the hands from getting even colder as it hampers the moisture condensing from the can.

    8. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Wedding Favor

    What is a holiday season without the smell, the taste, and the experience of drinking hot cocoa? The mere mention of “hot chocolate” already ignites a sense of memory that is probably filled with joyous attachments. This Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Wedding Favor is a prefill hot chocolate mix in a tube that is ready to be poured into a mug or cup and warm the tummy. It comes with "Thank you" text on the test tube and couple names, wedding date on a kraft brown or ivory label.

    7. Tabletop Christmas Tree

    This Tabletop Christmas Tree will be an amazing wedding favor for your holiday wedding as it symbolizes the holiday spirit and cheers that your guests and loved ones will get to bring. This feathered Pine Tree features wispy branches with pinecones and a weighted burlap-wrapped base. It is available in three different sizes: 12", 18" and 24" so you may choose the one that fits your preference. . These mini Christmas trees sit perfectly on fireplaces, side tables, and any other spots that need a little extra holiday cheer.

    6. Snowflake Favor

    Your guests may not be able to catch a snowflake dropping and see its wondrous features but with this Snowflake Favor, they will get to enjoy its awesome visuals. Laser-cut from a birch ply, this place card can be printed with names, dates, or even table numbers. It doubles as a souvenir as the guests can gladly bring it home and add to their holiday decoration or even hang it on their trees as additional ornaments.

    5. Wedding Chapsticks

    Made from soybean oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, aloe vera, and natural color, this Wedding Chapsticks is a handy wedding favor that a couple can give their guests during a holiday wedding celebration. The cold wind is known to dry the skin, especially the lips and it will be nice for everyone in your wedding to have the arsenal to fight the wind burns and dry lips.

    4. Christmas Glass Ornaments 

    Your guests and wedding team will take part in your grand wedding during the holidays. It will be awesome to make them feel that they will forever be a part of your life as you let them bring home these Christmas Glass Ornaments. Being a part of something makes people feel important, and these glass ornaments and tree toppers will make everyone feel that they are bringing a piece of your Christmas tree decoration, hence a part of your holiday cheer.

    3. Winter Mug

    If you are having an outdoor wedding during the cold season, and you wish to keep the hands and stomach of your guests warm, then this Winter Mug will be a great wedding favor. Not only can your guests use it at your actual wedding, but also, they may also bring it home as a souvenir as the visuals are stunning. Given that, these cups may also be an added decoration to the venue of the wedding.

    2. Christmas Socks

    The likelihood of having your guests wearing socks already on a freezing wedding day may be high, but it never hurts to give away an added warmth to your loving guests and friends. These Christmas Socks are designed in alignment with the holiday season and are a guaranteed eye-catcher once they are placed on the giveaway table. You may opt to give it in advance so that your bride squad and groom crew may flaunt it as they walk down the aisle.

    1. Poinsettia Soap Christmas Favors


    This Poinsettia Soap Christmas Favors is a bold wedding giveaway idea as it screams the beauty of the holiday while encouraging everyone to take a bath in a cold season. Made of Goat's Milk or Shea Butter Soap Base, Premium Clear Glycerin Soap Base, Macadamia Oil, Colorant, and Fragrance, this soap is crafted beautifully to mimic the famous Christmas flower Poinsettia. It will surely be a tease in the shower room as its fragrance and beauty will make the recipients refuse to use it and just put it on display.