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    Recover & Revive Kit

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    It's time to recover and revive with these hangover recovery kits! Add a thoughtful and practical addition to your celebration that ensures your guests bounce back from the festivities feeling refreshed and revitalized.

    This kit is designed to be a helping hand after a night of singing, dancing, and of course, drinking. Package up your favorite essential hangover recovery items that are sure to bring your guests back to life after a night of celebrating. These bags can be easily filled with your choice of hydration packets, makeup wipes, candies, Advil, and more! They also pair well with welcome bags, or as a favor to go on your guests way out from your reception!

    Choose from a variety of label options and personalize for an added touch to complete these useful and trendy favors that are sure to be loved (and much appreciated) by all.


    • Bag dimensions 3" x 5"
    • Label dimensions 1.5" diameter
    • Clear Resealable Cellophane bags
    • Some assembly required: placing labels on cellophane bags
    • Contents NOT included