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    New Beginnings Retire-Mint Favor

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    Our retirement party favors are a delightful way to celebrate the retiree's journey into a new chapter of life. Each elegantly wrapped life saver mint carries a playful message - 'retire-mint' - a sweet play on words that captures the essence of this milestone. As you bid farewell to the working world, share these mints with friends and loved ones, symbolizing the fresh start that retirement brings.

    Let the cool and refreshing taste of 'Retire-Mint' serve as a reminder that every moment in retirement is meant to be savored. So, mint a fresh beginning, savor the memories, and embrace the sweetness of this exciting new adventure!


    • Individually packaged life saver mints
    • Labels come pre-assembled
    • Label message comes standard with "Happy Retire-Mint!"
    • Each label can be personalized with a name