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    Custom Lovebirds Koozie Sleeve

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    This sophisticated slim koozie, measuring 5 1/4" in height and 3 1/2" in width, is the perfect wedding accessory to hold a 12oz can. Its faux leather material exudes elegance while offering practical benefits: it's water-resistant, simple to clean, and durable. Designed as a bottomless sleeve holder, it combines practicality with a chic look, ensuring guests' drinks stay cool as the celebration heats up.

    The koozie's personal touch is its standout feature, with laser-engraved names and a special date commemorating the event. It's a lasting token from the day Josh & Lindsay united in marriage. Available in a palette of 12 colors, this koozie is not just a utility but a cherished keepsake, echoing the day's joy and the couple's unique story.

    How to Personalize:

    Personalize this slim koozie by choosing a color, then engraving the couple's names, family name and wedding date onto the durable faux leather for a lasting wedding keepsake.

    Product Details:

    📏 5 1/4" (H) x 3 1/2" (W)

    🧵 Material: Faux Leather

    💧 Water-resistant, 🧽 easy to clean, and 💪 durable

    🔍 Personalization: Laser engraved

    🥫 Holds 12oz can

    🎨 Choose from 12 color options

    👚 Style: Bottomless sleeve holder