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    Blissful Birthday Matches

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    Light up the party with our Blissful Birthday Matches! Perfect as birthday favors, each matchbox is full of unique, hand-crafted designs to bring a blissful celebration with a one-of-a-kind touch. Sold in sets of 50, these matchboxes are a perfect favor prepared to be adored by your guests. Ready to light up the night? Get your Blissful Birthday Matches today!


    • Safety Matchsticks - White Tip Wood Matches In Cardboard Sliding Box
    • Set of Box Matches Measure: 2.1875" X 1.4375" X 0.375".
    • Includes approximately 15 Wooden Matchsticks
    • Features a custom label that will wrap 3 sides of the match box and a match strike strip on the 4th side.
    • The custom labels once applied will leave a small white border on the match books themselves.
    • Labels are customized for color + wording selection
    • Sold in bulk: intervals of 50 only!
    • Safety matches should be lit and held at a downward angle (not straight up and down).